author Randell Jesup <rjesup@wgate.com>
Wed, 28 Sep 2022 02:10:18 +0000
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Bug 1791332: Add an OPFS-specific synchronous ordered cleanup queue r=asuth,dom-storage-reviewers The default test.add_cleanup() code from testharness.js in wpt executes the cleanups in parallel, and even if it wasn't in parallel it would be in FIFO order (the wrong order). This adds an OPFS-specific cleanup queue called once from the test cleanup list, and we process the list synchronously in LIFO order. Depends on D146203 Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D157606

<!DOCTYPE html>
function jsfuzzer() {
  document.execCommand("outdent", false);
function eventhandler2() {
  document.execCommand("styleWithCSS", false, true);
function eventhandler3() {
  document.execCommand("delete", false);
  var element1 = document.getElementById("element1");
  document.getSelection().setPosition(element1, 0);
  var element1 = document.getElementById("element2");
  element2.ownerDocument.execCommand("insertOrderedList", false);
  var element1 = document.getElementById("element3");
  element3.addEventListener("DOMSubtreeModified", eventhandler3);
  document.activeElement.setAttribute("contenteditable", "true");
<body onload=jsfuzzer()>
<i id="element1">
<audio i src="x"></audio>
<da id="element2">
<br id="element3" style="">
<svg onload="eventhandler3()">
<animate onbegin="eventhandler2()">