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Mon Nov 07 20:30:25 2016 +0000
24d97dc514d4b8fe608e9aee7527615c1e613606Ben Kelly — Bug 1300659 P5 Suspend a window if its main thread TaskQueue falls to far behind. r=smaug
2ff33f3c59d5782f460d03d28f91a0a2dce0b8f0Ben Kelly — Bug 1300659 P4 Use ThrottledEventQueue in workers. r=baku
00efae73e570689a72761918362c2e0e1e819183Ben Kelly — Bug 1300659 P3 Make setTimeout() and setInterval() use the TabGroup ThrottledEventQueue. r=smaug
a7b4c0d350ef04a8e33fcb98b680a8b103d453b8Ben Kelly — Bug 1300659 P2 Expose a ThrottledEventQueue on TabGroup and nsPIDOMWindow. r=smaug
537dea427441823141e1c83fc6b4dc215b94f063Ben Kelly — Bug 1300659 P1 Add the ThrottledEventQueue class. r=froydnj