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Thu Aug 27 18:47:00 2009 +0000
afed41d3e169390b3e5f36f1c245a6a333f40c43Zbigniew Braniecki (zbraniecki — update example LocalSettings to remove skin dualism
d6c68c7c4b45499fec6e5f6f15926fddec5c0a0dZbigniew Braniecki (zbraniecki — update the theme, breadcrumbs use "/" as delim now, and TOC is extracted
759f2a7b14baf9f5480493458f71dc71da4f1838Zbigniew Braniecki (zbraniecki — update htaccess to the new theme
9c4f3d0ed668220e661f5e5cbc7eed77c0af5924Zbigniew Braniecki (zbraniecki — get "edit" mode into mediawiki skin