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This file documents the data collected, basic facts about the server and
client, including a complete list of endpoints, and their meaning.

## Client data sending overview

`navigator.sendBeacon` is used to send data without competing with the user's
web browsing.

Individual data points are POSTed to the endpoints specified below. The packet
contains just a single number in the request body, as usual with statsd data.
Each endpoint fully specifies the 'key' to which the request body corresponds
as a numeric 'value'.

## Server overview

Our statsd-over-http server is located at:

The server source code is located at:

The server's SSL cert is pinned in Firefox, along with all other
services.mozilla.com subdomains. See the 'services.mozilla.com' entry in the
'entries' object in this file:

Our server forwards the data points to datadog, a dashboarding service that
has been legally approved for non-personally identifiable data visualization.
It's used already by other services / cloud ops projects.

We use two statsd data types in our reporting: gauges and counters. The data
type is specified as part of the URL, by putting either /gauge/ or /count/ in
the URL itself (see below for examples).

* Gauges are decimal numbers representing arbitrary data values.
* Counters are whole number counts of events. We use them mostly for
  incrementing error event counters when something fails.

Learn more: http://docs.datadoghq.com/guides/dogstatsd/#metrics

## The complete set of endpoints

Every count has the number '1' as its request body, because the counts are
experiment-global counters of events, like errors.

### Search Provider Visit Percentage

The percentage of visits corresponding to a given search provider is sent to
one of these endpoints:


The request body is the percentage given as an integer.

### Search Provider Visit Percentage Errors

If we encounter errors in calculating a given provider's percentage of visits,
then we increment error counters corresponding to the failed provider:


### Total Number of Visits in History

The total number of visits is sent to this endpoint:


The request body contains the integer total number of visits.

### Participating Firefox Instance Counter

Each FF instance, when it sends data, also increments a count of the total number
of FF clients that have contributed data to the experiment, by pinging this endpoint:


### Startup Error Counter

If an error occurs during startup, the error message is discarded, as it might
well contain information that could identify the user, and this error counter is incremented:


### Experiment Error Counter

If an error occurs while the experiment is running, again, the error message is
discarded, and this error counter is incremented: