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Bug 1054977 - Mention TBPL EOL in README


TBPL has now been end-of-lifed:

Please see its replacement, Treeherder:


This is TBPL (aka TinderboxPushLog):

Some links:

 - Official Firefox instance:
 - Repository:
 - All bugs:
 - File a bug:


Clone the hg repository:
hg clone path/to/tbpl


TBPL has a client-side and a server-side component.

Testing the client-side is really simple - just open index.html from the local filesystem
and we will use the backend on production TBPL automatically.

If you would like a standalone instance of TBPL with your own server-side component, the
requirements are a little higher. Data is stored in a MySQL database, which is accessed by
both python (dataimport/ and PHP scripts. However, there is now a
fully-automated method for setting up a TBPL server in a virtual machine (highly recommended!)
see README.vagrant for instructions.

If you would rather set up the TBPL server environment manually, you will need:

 - a webserver (e.g. Apache)
 - MySQL 5.1
 - PHP 5.3 with PDO
 - Python 2.6 or better with the packages mysqldb, pytz and simplejson

Then to set everything up:

 1) Make sure MySQL is running & that you have created a DB/user for TBPL.
 2) cd path/to/tbpl
 3) Copy php/config.php.example to php/config.php
 4) Make sure the database name/user/password/host is set correctly in config.php
 5) Optionally: Set the TBPLBot email address & password in config.php so you can submit
    bug comments when starring.
 6) Import schema.sql into your MySQL Database.
 7) Start the initial import (this will take a while):
    python26 dataimport/ -d 2
    (in this case imports the last two days)
 8) In order to keep the run data in the database up to date, the import script needs to
    be run periodically. You can do this with cron by editing your crontab file using the
    command "crontab -e" and adding this line:
    */5 * * * * python26 /path/to/tbpl/dataimport/
    This will run dataimport/ every 5 minutes.

If any of this doesn't work, or if you have any other questions, pester mstange/edmorley, or file a TBPL bug.

Test server instance:

There is a staging installation of TBPL at which gets all of the
changes pushed to the TBPL repository every 15 minutes. If you commit code to the TBPL repository,
please use the test instance to make sure that you have not broken anything before making your
changes live on For access to that instance, ping philor or edmorley on IRC.