Name Description Last modified    
android-pl unknown at 2011-12-12T14:21:48+00:00
bugxhibit-st unknown at 2009-08-03T09:44:38+00:00
clusterh Experiments with clustering algorithms for currently open tabs/pages at 2008-11-15T11:18:22+00:00
it-migr unknown at 2017-11-28T15:27:24+00:00
larch unknown at 2016-09-30T18:39:22+00:00
opinions A new survey tool at 2010-03-15T00:12:46+00:00
timeline Releases timeline at 2009-04-07T18:40:02+00:00
todo A todo manager app for the l10n dashboard written in Django at 2010-05-04T23:28:35+00:00
tools Tools and scripts (for the lazy). at 2009-10-09T10:45:44+00:00
transitions unknown at 2009-05-17T22:06:29+00:00
verbs unknown at 2009-05-29T06:05:13+00:00
version-control-tools unknown at 2017-09-04T16:39:24+00:00
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ci Firefox CI related repositories
experimental Playground for version control wizards
hgcustom Mercurial customizations
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l10n L10n infrastructure projects
l10n-central L10n repositories
gaia-l10n Gaia L10n repositories
labs Mozilla labs projects
projects Miscellaneous project repositories
qa QA projects and functional test repositories
integration Source code integration work
mozreview Archived repositories holding MozReview submissions
releases Release branches (use releases/l10n-branchname for l10n repos)
releases/gaia-l10n/v1_2 Gaia l10n v1_2 repositories
releases/gaia-l10n/v1_3 Gaia l10n v1_3 repositories
releases/gaia-l10n/v1_4 Gaia l10n v1_4 repositories
releases/gaia-l10n/v2_0 Gaia l10n v2_0 repositories
releases/gaia-l10n/v2_1 Gaia l10n v2_1 repositories
releases/gaia-l10n/v2_2 Gaia l10n v2_2 repositories
releases/gaia-l10n/v2_5 Gaia l10n v2_5 repositories
releases/l10n/mozilla-aurora Aurora l10n repositories
releases/l10n/mozilla-beta Beta l10n repositories
releases/l10n/mozilla-release Release l10n repositories
rewriting-and-analysis Rewriting & Analysis
SeaMonkey The SeaMonkey Project
services Code related to Mozilla services projects (Firefox sync, etc..)
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weave-l10n l10n repos for weave code
webtools Webtool projects like mxr, etc
www Code related to various mozilla websites