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Bug 1085622 - Fix E10S_TESTING_ONLY define so that it only ever applies when E10S_TESTING_ONLY config is true. r=ally,glandium. a=gavin. We were defining the E10S_TESTING_ONLY build-time define with the value of the E10S_TESTING_ONLY config variable, regardless of the value of E10S_TESTING_ONLY. Even if E10S_TESTING_ONLY in configure was blank, we'd still define E10S_TESTING_ONLY, which resulted in E10S_TESTING_ONLY ifdef'd code to be included when we didn't want it to. We now only ever define E10S_TESTING_ONLY iff NIGHTLY_BUILD is defined, and we do it globally. This also fixes a busted E10S_TESTING_ONLY ifdef that didn't have an endif.

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DIRS += ['communicator']