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#ifndef nsTextControlFrame_h___
#define nsTextControlFrame_h___

#include "nsStackFrame.h"
#include "nsBlockFrame.h"
#include "nsIFormControlFrame.h"
#include "nsIAnonymousContentCreator.h"
#include "nsITextControlFrame.h"
#include "nsDisplayList.h"
#include "nsIScrollableFrame.h"
#include "nsStubMutationObserver.h"
#include "nsITextControlElement.h"

class nsIEditor;
class nsISelectionController;
class nsIDOMCharacterData;
class nsIAccessible;
class EditorInitializerEntryTracker;
class nsTextEditorState;

class nsTextControlFrame : public nsStackFrame,
                           public nsIAnonymousContentCreator,
                           public nsITextControlFrame

  nsTextControlFrame(nsIPresShell* aShell, nsStyleContext* aContext);
  virtual ~nsTextControlFrame();

  virtual void DestroyFrom(nsIFrame* aDestructRoot);

  virtual nsIScrollableFrame* GetScrollTargetFrame() {
    if (!IsScrollable())
      return nsnull;
    return do_QueryFrame(GetFirstChild(nsnull));

  virtual nscoord GetMinWidth(nsIRenderingContext* aRenderingContext);
  virtual nsSize ComputeAutoSize(nsIRenderingContext *aRenderingContext,
                                 nsSize aCBSize, nscoord aAvailableWidth,
                                 nsSize aMargin, nsSize aBorder,
                                 nsSize aPadding, PRBool aShrinkWrap);

  NS_IMETHOD Reflow(nsPresContext*          aPresContext,
                    nsHTMLReflowMetrics&     aDesiredSize,
                    const nsHTMLReflowState& aReflowState,
                    nsReflowStatus&          aStatus);

  virtual nsSize GetPrefSize(nsBoxLayoutState& aBoxLayoutState);
  virtual nsSize GetMinSize(nsBoxLayoutState& aBoxLayoutState);
  virtual nsSize GetMaxSize(nsBoxLayoutState& aBoxLayoutState);
  virtual nscoord GetBoxAscent(nsBoxLayoutState& aBoxLayoutState);
  virtual PRBool IsCollapsed(nsBoxLayoutState& aBoxLayoutState);

  DECL_DO_GLOBAL_REFLOW_COUNT_DSP(nsTextControlFrame, nsStackFrame)

  virtual PRBool IsLeaf() const;
  virtual already_AddRefed<nsAccessible> CreateAccessible();

#ifdef NS_DEBUG
  NS_IMETHOD GetFrameName(nsAString& aResult) const
    return NS_OK;

  virtual PRBool IsFrameOfType(PRUint32 aFlags) const
    // nsStackFrame is already both of these, but that's somewhat bogus,
    // and we really mean it.
    return nsStackFrame::IsFrameOfType(aFlags &
      ~(nsIFrame::eReplaced | nsIFrame::eReplacedContainsBlock));

  // nsIAnonymousContentCreator
  virtual nsresult CreateAnonymousContent(nsTArray<nsIContent*>& aElements);
  virtual void AppendAnonymousContentTo(nsBaseContentList& aElements);

  // Utility methods to set current widget state

  NS_IMETHOD SetInitialChildList(nsIAtom*        aListName,
                                 nsFrameList&    aChildList);

  virtual void SetFocus(PRBool aOn , PRBool aRepaint); 
  virtual nsresult SetFormProperty(nsIAtom* aName, const nsAString& aValue);
  virtual nsresult GetFormProperty(nsIAtom* aName, nsAString& aValue) const; 



  NS_IMETHOD    GetEditor(nsIEditor **aEditor);
  NS_IMETHOD    GetTextLength(PRInt32* aTextLength);
  NS_IMETHOD    CheckFireOnChange();
  NS_IMETHOD    SetSelectionStart(PRInt32 aSelectionStart);
  NS_IMETHOD    SetSelectionEnd(PRInt32 aSelectionEnd);
  NS_IMETHOD    SetSelectionRange(PRInt32 aSelectionStart, PRInt32 aSelectionEnd);
  NS_IMETHOD    GetSelectionRange(PRInt32* aSelectionStart, PRInt32* aSelectionEnd);
  NS_IMETHOD    GetOwnedSelectionController(nsISelectionController** aSelCon);
  virtual nsFrameSelection* GetOwnedFrameSelection();

  nsresult GetPhonetic(nsAString& aPhonetic);

   * Ensure mEditor is initialized with the proper flags and the default value.
   * @throws NS_ERROR_NOT_INITIALIZED if mEditor has not been created
   * @throws various and sundry other things
  virtual nsresult EnsureEditorInitialized();

//==== OVERLOAD of nsIFrame
  virtual nsIAtom* GetType() const;

  /** handler for attribute changes to mContent */
  NS_IMETHOD AttributeChanged(PRInt32         aNameSpaceID,
                              nsIAtom*        aAttribute,
                              PRInt32         aModType);

  nsresult GetText(nsString& aText);


public: //for methods who access nsTextControlFrame directly
  void FireOnInput();
  void SetValueChanged(PRBool aValueChanged);
  /** Called when the frame is focused, to remember the value for onChange. */
  nsresult InitFocusedValue();

  void SetFireChangeEventState(PRBool aNewState)
    mFireChangeEventState = aNewState;

  PRBool GetFireChangeEventState() const
    return mFireChangeEventState;

  // called by the focus listener
  nsresult MaybeBeginSecureKeyboardInput();
  void MaybeEndSecureKeyboardInput();

  class ValueSetter {
    ValueSetter(nsTextControlFrame* aFrame,
                PRBool aHasFocusValue)
      : mFrame(aFrame)
      , mInited(PR_FALSE)
      NS_ASSERTION(aFrame, "Should pass a valid frame");

      // This method isn't used for user-generated changes, except for calls
      // from nsFileControlFrame which sets mFireChangeEventState==true and
      // restores it afterwards (ie. we want 'change' events for those changes).
      // Focused value must be updated to prevent incorrect 'change' events,
      // but only if user hasn't changed the value.
      mFocusValueInit = !mFrame->mFireChangeEventState && aHasFocusValue;
    void Cancel() {
      mInited = PR_FALSE;
    void Init() {
      // Since this code does not handle user-generated changes to the text,
      // make sure we don't fire oninput when the editor notifies us.
      // (mNotifyOnInput must be reset before we return).

      // To protect against a reentrant call to SetValue, we check whether
      // another SetValue is already happening for this frame.  If it is,
      // we must wait until we unwind to re-enable oninput events.
      mOuterTransaction = mFrame->mNotifyOnInput;
      if (mOuterTransaction)
        mFrame->mNotifyOnInput = PR_FALSE;

      mInited = PR_TRUE;
    ~ValueSetter() {
      if (!mInited)

      if (mOuterTransaction)
        mFrame->mNotifyOnInput = PR_TRUE;

      if (mFocusValueInit) {
        // Reset mFocusedValue so the onchange event doesn't fire incorrectly.

    nsTextControlFrame* mFrame;
    PRPackedBool mFocusValueInit;
    PRPackedBool mOuterTransaction;
    PRPackedBool mInited;
  friend class ValueSetter;

#define DEFINE_TEXTCTRL_FORWARDER(type, name)                                  \
  type name() {                                                                \
    nsCOMPtr<nsITextControlElement> txtCtrl = do_QueryInterface(GetContent()); \
    NS_ASSERTION(txtCtrl, "Content not a text control element");               \
    return txtCtrl->name();                                                    \
#define DEFINE_TEXTCTRL_CONST_FORWARDER(type, name)                            \
  type name() const {                                                          \
    nsCOMPtr<nsITextControlElement> txtCtrl = do_QueryInterface(GetContent()); \
    NS_ASSERTION(txtCtrl, "Content not a text control element");               \
    return txtCtrl->name();                                                    \



  class EditorInitializer;
  friend class EditorInitializer;
  friend class nsTextEditorState; // needs access to UpdateValueDisplay

  class EditorInitializer : public nsRunnable {
    EditorInitializer(nsTextControlFrame* aFrame) :
      mFrame(aFrame) {}

    NS_IMETHOD Run() {
      if (mWeakFrame) {
        nsCOMPtr<nsIPresShell> shell =
        PRBool observes = shell->ObservesNativeAnonMutationsForPrint();
      return NS_OK;

    nsWeakFrame mWeakFrame;
    nsTextControlFrame* mFrame;

  class ScrollOnFocusEvent;
  friend class ScrollOnFocusEvent;

  class ScrollOnFocusEvent : public nsRunnable {
    ScrollOnFocusEvent(nsTextControlFrame* aFrame) :
      mFrame(aFrame) {}


    void Revoke() {
      mFrame = nsnull;

    nsTextControlFrame* mFrame;

  nsresult DOMPointToOffset(nsIDOMNode* aNode, PRInt32 aNodeOffset, PRInt32 *aResult);
  nsresult OffsetToDOMPoint(PRInt32 aOffset, nsIDOMNode** aResult, PRInt32* aPosition);

   * Find out whether this control is scrollable (i.e. if it is not a single
   * line text control)
   * @return whether this control is scrollable
  PRBool IsScrollable() const;

   * Update the textnode under our anonymous div to show the new
   * value. This should only be called when we have no editor yet.
   * @throws NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED if the div has no text content
  nsresult UpdateValueDisplay(PRBool aNotify,
                              PRBool aBeforeEditorInit = PR_FALSE,
                              const nsAString *aValue = nsnull);

   * Get the maxlength attribute
   * @param aMaxLength the value of the max length attr
   * @returns PR_FALSE if attr not defined
  PRBool GetMaxLength(PRInt32* aMaxLength);

   * Find out whether an attribute exists on the content or not.
   * @param aAtt the attribute to determine the existence of
   * @returns PR_FALSE if it does not exist
  PRBool AttributeExists(nsIAtom *aAtt) const
  { return mContent && mContent->HasAttr(kNameSpaceID_None, aAtt); }

   * We call this when we are being destroyed or removed from the PFM.
   * @param aPresContext the current pres context
  void PreDestroy();

  // Compute our intrinsic size.  This does not include any borders, paddings,
  // etc.  Just the size of our actual area for the text (and the scrollbars,
  // for <textarea>).
  nsresult CalcIntrinsicSize(nsIRenderingContext* aRenderingContext,
                             nsSize&              aIntrinsicSize);

  //helper methods
  nsresult SetSelectionInternal(nsIDOMNode *aStartNode, PRInt32 aStartOffset,
                                nsIDOMNode *aEndNode, PRInt32 aEndOffset);
  nsresult SelectAllOrCollapseToEndOfText(PRBool aSelect);
  nsresult SetSelectionEndPoints(PRInt32 aSelStart, PRInt32 aSelEnd);

  // accessors for the notify on input flag
  PRBool GetNotifyOnInput() const { return mNotifyOnInput; }
  void SetNotifyOnInput(PRBool val) { mNotifyOnInput = val; }

   * Return the root DOM element, and implicitly initialize the editor if needed.
  nsresult GetRootNodeAndInitializeEditor(nsIDOMElement **aRootElement);

  // these packed bools could instead use the high order bits on mState, saving 4 bytes 
  PRPackedBool mUseEditor;
  PRPackedBool mIsProcessing;
  PRPackedBool mNotifyOnInput;//default this to off to stop any notifications until setup is complete
  // Calls to SetValue will be treated as user values (i.e. trigger onChange
  // eventually) when mFireChangeEventState==true, this is used by nsFileControlFrame.
  PRPackedBool mFireChangeEventState;
  PRPackedBool mInSecureKeyboardInputMode;

#ifdef DEBUG
  PRPackedBool mInEditorInitialization;
  friend class EditorInitializerEntryTracker;

  nsString mFocusedValue;
  nsRevocableEventPtr<ScrollOnFocusEvent> mScrollEvent;