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Bug 1105851 - Unbreak non-unified non-SPS build after 1054498. r=jcj, a=sledru

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#include "RootCertificateTelemetryUtils.h"

#include "prlog.h"
#include "" // Note: Generated by genRootCAHashes.js
#include "ScopedNSSTypes.h"
#include "mozilla/ArrayUtils.h"

// Note: New CAs will show up as UNKNOWN_ROOT until
// is updated to include them. 0 is reserved by
// genRootCAHashes.js for the unknowns.
#define UNKNOWN_ROOT  0
#define HASH_FAILURE -1

namespace mozilla { namespace psm { 

#if defined(PR_LOGGING)
PRLogModuleInfo* gPublicKeyPinningTelemetryLog =

// Used in the BinarySearch method, this does a memcmp between the pointer
// provided to its construtor and whatever the binary search is looking for.
// This implementation assumes everything to be of HASH_LEN, so it should not
// be used generically.
class BinaryHashSearchArrayComparator
  explicit BinaryHashSearchArrayComparator(const uint8_t* aTarget, size_t len)
    : mTarget(aTarget)
    NS_ASSERTION(len == HASH_LEN, "Hashes should be of the same length.");

  int operator()(const CertAuthorityHash val) const {
    return memcmp(mTarget, val.hash, HASH_LEN);

  const uint8_t* mTarget;

// Perform a hash of the provided cert, then search in the data
// structure for a matching bin number.
RootCABinNumber(const SECItem* cert)
  Digest digest;

  // Compute SHA256 hash of the certificate
  nsresult rv = digest.DigestBuf(SEC_OID_SHA256, cert->data, cert->len);
  if (NS_WARN_IF(NS_FAILED(rv))) {
    return HASH_FAILURE;

  // Compare against list of stored hashes
  size_t idx;

  PR_LOG(gPublicKeyPinningTelemetryLog, PR_LOG_DEBUG,
           ("pkpinTelem: First bytes %02hx %02hx %02hx %02hx\n",
            digest.get().data[0], digest.get().data[1], digest.get().data[2], digest.get().data[3]));

  if (mozilla::BinarySearchIf(ROOT_TABLE, 0, ArrayLength(ROOT_TABLE),
            reinterpret_cast<const uint8_t*>(digest.get().data), digest.get().len),
         &idx)) {

    PR_LOG(gPublicKeyPinningTelemetryLog, PR_LOG_DEBUG,
          ("pkpinTelem: Telemetry index was %lu, bin is %d\n",
           idx, ROOT_TABLE[idx].binNumber));
    return (int32_t) ROOT_TABLE[idx].binNumber;

  // Didn't match.
  return UNKNOWN_ROOT;

// Attempt to increment the appropriate bin in the provided Telemetry probe ID. If
// there was a hash failure, we do nothing.
AccumulateTelemetryForRootCA(mozilla::Telemetry::ID probe, 
  const CERTCertificate* cert)
  int32_t binId = RootCABinNumber(&cert->derCert);

  if (binId != HASH_FAILURE) {
    Accumulate(probe, binId);

} // namespace psm
} // namespace mozilla