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# ***** END LICENSE BLOCK *****

# It is required to return(1) so that the parent script performing a "require()"
# on this file does not think that it failed.

sub StageProduct
  my($aDirSrcDist, $aDirStage, $aProductName, $aInOs) = @_;
  my($dirDistPackagesProductName) = "$aDirSrcDist/packages/$aProductName";
  my($dirStageProductName)        = "$aDirStage/$aProductName";
  my($dirMozRoot)                 = StageUtils::GetAbsPath("moz_root");
  my($dirMozPackager)             = StageUtils::GetAbsPath("moz_packager");

  if($aInOs =~ /^win$/i)
    $osPkg = "dos";
    $osPkgFile = "win";
    $osPkg = $aInOs;
    $osPkgFile = $aInOs;

  StageUtils::CleanupStage($aDirStage, $aProductName);
  StageUtils::CleanupDistPackages("$aDirSrcDist/packages", $aProductName);
  StageUtils::CopyAdditionalPackage("$dirMozPackager/xpcom-$osPkgFile.pkg",                              $dirDistPackagesProductName);
  StageUtils::CopyAdditionalPackage("$dirMozRoot/embedding/config/basebrowser-installer-$osPkgFile.pkg", $dirDistPackagesProductName);
  StageUtils::CopyAdditionalPackage("$dirMozRoot/embedding/config/gre-installer-$osPkgFile.pkg",         $dirDistPackagesProductName);

  mkdir("$aDirStage", 0775) if (!(-e "$aDirStage"));
  mkdir("$aDirStage/$aProductName", 0775) if (!(-e "$aDirStage/$aProductName"));
  mkdir("$aDirStage/$aProductName/gre", 0775) if (!(-e "$aDirStage/$aProductName/gre"));

  # Call pkgcp.pl on each of the package list
  system("perl \"$dirMozPackager/pkgcp.pl\" -s \"$aDirSrcDist\"     -d \"$dirStageProductName\" -f \"$dirDistPackagesProductName/xpcom-$osPkgFile.pkg\" -o $osPkg -v");
  system("perl \"$dirMozPackager/pkgcp.pl\" -s \"$aDirSrcDist/bin\" -d \"$dirStageProductName/gre\" -f \"$dirDistPackagesProductName/basebrowser-installer-$osPkgFile.pkg\" -o $osPkg -v");
  system("perl \"$dirMozPackager/pkgcp.pl\" -s \"$aDirSrcDist/bin\" -d \"$dirStageProductName/gre\" -f \"$dirDistPackagesProductName/gre-installer-$osPkgFile.pkg\" -o $osPkg -v");

  # consolidate the .xpt files for each xpi into one file
  system("perl \"$dirMozPackager/xptlink.pl\" --source \"$aDirSrcDist\" --destination \"$dirStageProductName\" --verbose");