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#ifndef _nsDiskCacheBlockFile_h_
#define _nsDiskCacheBlockFile_h_

#include "nsILocalFile.h"

 *  nsDiskCacheBlockFile
 *  The structure of a cache block file is a 4096 bytes bit map, followed by
 *  some number of blocks of mBlockSize.  The creator of a
 *  nsDiskCacheBlockFile object must provide the block size for a given file.
class nsDiskCacheBlockFile {
           : mFD(nsnull)
           , mBlockSize(0)
           , mBitMap(nsnull)
           , mBitMapDirty(PR_FALSE)
    ~nsDiskCacheBlockFile() { (void) Close(PR_TRUE); }
    nsresult  Open( nsILocalFile *  blockFile, PRUint32  blockSize);
    nsresult  Close(PRBool flush);
     * Trim
     * Truncates the block file to the end of the last allocated block.
    nsresult  Trim() { return nsDiskCache::Truncate(mFD, CalcBlockFileSize()); }
    nsresult  DeallocateBlocks( PRInt32  startBlock, PRInt32  numBlocks);
    nsresult  WriteBlocks( void * buffer, PRUint32 size, PRInt32  numBlocks, 
                           PRInt32 * startBlock);
    nsresult  ReadBlocks( void * buffer, PRInt32  startBlock, PRInt32  numBlocks, 
                          PRInt32 * bytesRead);
    nsresult  FlushBitMap();
    PRInt32   AllocateBlocks( PRInt32  numBlocks);
    nsresult  VerifyAllocation( PRInt32 startBlock, PRInt32 numBLocks);
    PRUint32  CalcBlockFileSize();

 *  Data members
    PRFileDesc *                mFD;
    PRUint32                    mBlockSize;
    PRUint32 *                  mBitMap;      // XXX future: array of bit map blocks
    PRBool                      mBitMapDirty;

#endif // _nsDiskCacheBlockFile_h_