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Bug 1080688 - Calculate SVG rect bounds using a simple rect transform rather than using a Moz2D Path. r=longsonr, a=lsblakk

# .hgignore - List of filenames hg should ignore

# Filenames that should be ignored wherever they appear

# Vim swap files.

# Emacs directory variable files.

# User files that may appear at the root

# Empty marker file that's generated when we check out NSS

# Build directories

# Build directories for js shell

# SpiderMonkey configury
# SpiderMonkey test result logs

# Java HTML5 parser classes

# SVN directories

# Ignore the files and directory that Eclipse IDE creates

# Ignore the directory that JetBrains IDEs create

# Python stuff installed at build time.

# Git repositories

# Ignore chrome.manifest files from the devtools loader

# git checkout of libstagefright

# Tag files generated by GNU Global

# Unit tests for Loop

# Git clone directory for updating web-platform-tests

# Loop web client build/deploy dependencies

# Loop legal content build/deploy artifacts

# XXX Once a grunt contrib-clean command has been added (bug 1066491), or
# once legal has centralized their ToS and PP hosting infrastructure,
# (expected Q4 2014) the legal doc build stuff for Loop can be removed,
# including the following three lines