l10n:Lij new string for aurora7
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l10n:Lij new string for aurora7
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/downloads/downloads.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/downloads/downloads.dtd
@@ -16,12 +16,17 @@ file names and tall enough to hint that 
 <!ENTITY cmd.showMac.accesskey            "F">
 <!ENTITY cmd.goToDownloadPage.label       "Vànni a-a pàgina de descaregaménto">
 <!ENTITY cmd.goToDownloadPage.accesskey   "g">
 <!ENTITY cmd.copyDownloadLink.label       "Còpia o colegaménto do descaregaménto">
 <!ENTITY cmd.copyDownloadLink.accesskey   "c">
 <!ENTITY cmd.removeFromList.label         "Lêva da Lìsta">
 <!ENTITY cmd.removeFromList.accesskey     "e">
+<!ENTITY cmd.clearList.label              "Scancélla lìsta">
 <!ENTITY cmd.clearList.accesskey          "c">
+<!ENTITY cmd.retry.label                  "Prêuva tórna">
 <!ENTITY downloadshistory.label           "Fànni védde tùtti i descaregaménti">
 <!ENTITY downloadshistory.accesskey       "t">
+<!ENTITY indicator.tooltiptext            "Descaregaménti">
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/downloads/downloads.properties
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/downloads/downloads.properties
@@ -64,8 +64,22 @@ stateBlockedParentalControls=Blocòu dò-u Contròllo di poæ e moæ
 # with the display of this feature in Windows.  The following article can
 # provide a reference for the translation of "security zone" in various
 # languages:
 # http://support.microsoft.com/kb/174360
 stateBlockedPolicy=Blocòu da-a teu polìtica de zöna
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (stateDirty):
 # Indicates that the download was blocked after scanning.
 stateDirty=Blocòu: O poriéiva contegnî vìros ò spyware
+# LOCALIZATION NOTE (statusSeparator, statusSeparatorBeforeNumber):
+# These strings define templates for the separation of different elements in the
+# status line of a download item.  As a separator, by default we use the Unicode
+# character U+2014 'EM DASH' (long dash).  Examples of status lines include
+# "Canceled - 222.net", "1.1 MB - website2.com", or "Paused -  1.1 MB".  Note
+# that we use a wider space after the separator when it is followed by a number,
+# just to avoid visually confusing it with with a minus sign with some fonts.
+# If you use a different separator, this might not be necessary.  However, there
+# is usually no need to change the separator or the order of the substitutions,
+# even for right-to-left languages, unless the defaults are not suitable.
+statusSeparator=%1$S \u2014 %2$S
+statusSeparatorBeforeNumber=%1$S \u2014  %2$S