l10n:Lij strings ff20 new strings2
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l10n:Lij strings ff20 new strings2
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/browser.properties
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/browser.properties
@@ -328,21 +328,16 @@ browser.menu.showCharacterEncoding=false
 # The final space separates this text from the Learn More link.
 syncPromoNotification.bookmarks.description=Ti peu intrâ a-i teu preferii in sce tutti i teu apægi con %S.\u0020
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (syncPromoNotification.passwords.label): This appears in
 # the remember password panel.  %S will be replaced by syncBrandShortName.
 # The final space separates this text from the Learn More link.
 syncPromoNotification.passwords.description=Ti peu acede a-e teu paròlle d'ordine in sce tutti i dispoxitivi con %S.\u0020
 syncPromoNotification.learnMoreLinkText=Pe savéine de ciù
-# Telemetry opt-out prompt for Aurora and Nightly
-# LOCALIZATION NOTE (telemetryOptOutPrompt): %1$S and %3$S will be replaced by
-# brandFullName, and %2$S by the value of the toolkit.telemetry.server_owner preference.
-telemetryOptOutPrompt = O %1$S o mànda informaçioìn in sce prestaçioìn, hardware, ûzo e personalizaçioìn a %2$S pe agiutâ a fâ 'n mêgio %3$S.
 # Webapps notification popup
 webapps.install = Instàlla
 webapps.install.accesskey = I
 #LOCALIZATION NOTE (webapps.requestInstall) %1$S is the web app name, %2$S is the site from which the web app is installed
 webapps.requestInstall = T'eu instalâ o "%1$S" dò-u scîto (%2$S)?
 fullscreen.entered = %S o l'é òua into mòddo a tùtto schèrmo.
 fullscreen.rememberDecision = Aregòrda a scélta pe %S