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--- a/browser/chrome/browser/devtools/
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/devtools/
@@ -97,28 +97,28 @@ nodeParseNone=Niscìunn-a corispondensa
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (helpDesc): A very short description of the 'help'
 # command. This string is designed to be shown in a menu alongside the command
 # name, which is why it should be as short as possible. See helpManual for a
 # fuller description of what it does.
 helpDesc=Dànni in pö de agiùtto in sci comândi che ghe son
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (helpManual): A fuller description of the 'help' command.
 # Displayed when the user asks for help on what it does.
-helpManual=Provide help either on a specific command (if a search string is provided and an exact match is found) or on the available commands (if a search string is not provided, or if no exact match is found).
+helpManual=Te dâ agiùtto in sciô 'n  comàndo specifico (se a stringa de riçerca trêuva quarcösa) ò in sci comàndi disponibili (se a stringa de riçerca no trêuva nìnte).
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (helpSearchDesc): A very short description of the 'search'
 # parameter to the 'help' command. See helpSearchManual for a fuller
 # description of what it does. This string is designed to be shown in a dialog
 # with restricted space, which is why it should be as short as possible.
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (helpSearchManual): A fuller description of the 'search'
 # parameter to the 'help' command. Displayed when the user asks for help on
 # what it does.
-helpSearchManual=A search string to use in narrowing down the list of commands that are displayed to the user. Any part of the string can match, regular expressions are not supported.
+helpSearchManual='Na stringa de riçerca da adêuviâ inta çerca di comàndi che son mostræ a l'ùtente. Tùtte e pàrti da stringa van bén ma e esprescioìn regolâri no se pêuan adêuviâ.
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (helpManSynopsis): A heading shown at the top of a help
 # page for a command in the console It labels a summary of the parameters to
 # the command
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (helpManDescription): A heading shown in a help page for a
 # command in the console. This heading precedes the top level description.
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/devtools/styleeditor.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/devtools/styleeditor.dtd
@@ -8,41 +8,41 @@
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (window.title): This is the default title for Style Editor
      main window. NB: the property chromeWindowTitle in
      is used to dynamically update the Style Editor window title with the title
      of the web page it is editing. -->
 <!ENTITY window.title               "Editô do stîle">
 <!ENTITY newButton.label            "Nêuvo">
-<!ENTITY newButton.tooltip          "Create and append a new style sheet to the document">
+<!ENTITY newButton.tooltip          "Crea e azónzi 'n nêuvo féuggio de stîle a-o documénto">
 <!ENTITY newButton.accesskey        "N">
 <!ENTITY newButton.commandkey       "N">
 <!ENTITY importButton.label         "Inpòrta…">
-<!ENTITY importButton.tooltip       "Import and append an existing style sheet to the document">
+<!ENTITY importButton.tooltip       "Inpòrta e azónzi 'n nêuvo féuggio de stîle a-o documénto">
 <!ENTITY importButton.accesskey     "I">
 <!ENTITY importButton.commandkey    "I">
-<!ENTITY searchInput.tooltip        "Filter style sheets by name">
-<!ENTITY searchInput.placeholder    "Find style sheet">
+<!ENTITY searchInput.tooltip        "Fìltra i féuggi de stîle pe nómme">
+<!ENTITY searchInput.placeholder    "Trêuva féuggio de stîle">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE  (searchNoResults): This is shown when searching a term
      that is not found in any stylesheet or stylesheet name. -->
-<!ENTITY searchNoResults.label      "No matching style sheet has been found.">
+<!ENTITY searchNoResults.label      "Nisciùn féuggio de stîle trovòu.">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE  (searchClearButton): This button clears the search input
      box and is visible only when a search term has been typed. -->
 <!ENTITY searchClearButton.label    "Polisci">
-<!ENTITY visibilityToggle.tooltip   "Toggle style sheet visibility">
+<!ENTITY visibilityToggle.tooltip   "Invèrti a vizibilitæ do féuggio de stîle">
 <!ENTITY visibilityToggle.accesskey "V">
 <!ENTITY saveButton.label           "Sarva">
-<!ENTITY saveButton.tooltip         "Save this style sheet to a file">
+<!ENTITY saveButton.tooltip         "Sarva sto féuggio de stîle inte 'n file">
 <!ENTITY saveButton.accesskey       "S">
 <!ENTITY saveButton.commandkey      "S">
 <!-- LOCALICATION NOTE  (scoped.label): This is shown in a stylesheets list item
      when the stylesheet uses the scoped attribute on the <style> element. -->
 <!ENTITY scoped.label               "Anbito.">
 <!ENTITY editorTextbox.placeholder  "Scrîvi o CSS chi.">
@@ -52,12 +52,12 @@
 <!ENTITY noStyleSheet.label         "Sta pàgina a no l'à féggio de stîle.">
 <!-- LOCALICATION NOTE  (noStyleSheet-tip-start.label): This is the start of a
      tip sentence shown when there is no stylesheet. It suggests to create a new
      stylesheet and provides an action link to do so. -->
 <!ENTITY noStyleSheet-tip-start.label  "Fòscia ti ti veu ">
 <!-- LOCALICATION NOTE  (noStyleSheet-tip-action.label): This is text for the
      link that triggers creation of a new stylesheet. -->
-<!ENTITY noStyleSheet-tip-action.label "append a new style sheet">
+<!ENTITY noStyleSheet-tip-action.label "azónzi 'n nêuvo féuggio de stîle">
 <!-- LOCALICATION NOTE  (noStyleSheet-tip-end.label): End of the tip sentence -->
 <!ENTITY noStyleSheet-tip-end.label    "?">
--- a/security/manager/chrome/pipnss/
+++ b/security/manager/chrome/pipnss/
@@ -4,25 +4,25 @@ SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP=Cannot commu
 SSL_ERROR_NO_CERTIFICATE=Unable to find the certificate or key necessary for authentication.
 SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERTIFICATE=Unable to communicate securely with peer: peers's certificate was rejected.
 SSL_ERROR_BAD_CLIENT=The server has encountered bad data from the client.
 SSL_ERROR_BAD_SERVER=O client o l'à trovòu dæti che no son validi dò-u server.
 SSL_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_CERTIFICATE_TYPE=Tîpo de certificâto no valido.
 SSL_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_VERSION=Peer using unsupported version of security protocol.
 SSL_ERROR_WRONG_CERTIFICATE=Client authentication failed: private key in key database does not match public key in certificate database.
 SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN=Unable to communicate securely with peer: requested domain name does not match the server's certificate.
-SSL_ERROR_SSL2_DISABLED=Peer only supports SSL version 2, which is locally disabled.
-SSL_ERROR_BAD_MAC_READ=SSL received a record with an incorrect Message Authentication Code.
+SSL_ERROR_SSL2_DISABLED=O peer sopòrta sôlo a versción 2 do SSL, ch'a l'é dizabilitâ in locale.
+SSL_ERROR_BAD_MAC_READ=O SSL l'à reçevûo 'n record con 'na còdice de aotenticaçión da notiçia.
 SSL_ERROR_BAD_MAC_ALERT=O SSL peer l'à trovòu che gh'é 'na notiçia de còdice aotenticaçión sbaliâ.
 SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_ALERT=O SSL peer no peu verificâ o teu certificâto.
 SSL_ERROR_REVOKED_CERT_ALERT=O SSL peer l'à refuòu o teu cerficâto cómme revocòu.
 SSL_ERROR_EXPIRED_CERT_ALERT=O SSL peer l'à refuòu o teu cerficâto cómme scæito.
 SSL_ERROR_SSL_DISABLED=No pòsso conétime: SSL dizabilitòu.
 SSL_ERROR_FORTEZZA_PQG=No pòsso conétime: SSL peer inte n'âtro dominio FORTEZZA.
-SSL_ERROR_UNKNOWN_CIPHER_SUITE=An unknown SSL cipher suite has been requested.
+SSL_ERROR_UNKNOWN_CIPHER_SUITE=L'é domandâ 'na cipher suite SSL ch'a no l'é conosciûa.
 SSL_ERROR_NO_CIPHERS_SUPPORTED=No cipher suites are present and enabled in this program.
 SSL_ERROR_BAD_BLOCK_PADDING=O SSL o l'à resevûo in record co-in blòcco ch'o no l'é valido.
 SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG=O SSL o l'à resevûo in record co-inna longhéssa tròppo âta.
 SSL_ERROR_TX_RECORD_TOO_LONG=O SSL o l'à provòu a mandâ 'n record ch'o l'à subacòu a longhéssa mascìma.
 SSL_ERROR_RX_MALFORMED_HELLO_REQUEST=O SSL o l'à resevûo 'na domanda Hello do handshake no valida.
 SSL_ERROR_RX_MALFORMED_CLIENT_HELLO=O SSL o l'à resevûo 'na domanda Hello do handshake dò-u Client no valida.
 SSL_ERROR_RX_MALFORMED_SERVER_HELLO=O SSL o l'à resevûo 'na domanda Hello do handshake dò-u Server no valida.
 SSL_ERROR_RX_MALFORMED_CERTIFICATE=O SSL o l'à resevûo 'na notiçia de handshake mâ fæta.
@@ -50,43 +50,43 @@ SSL_ERROR_RX_UNEXPECTED_CHANGE_CIPHER=O SSL o l'à resevûo in record Change Cipher Spec inaspetòu.
 SSL_ERROR_RX_UNEXPECTED_ALERT=O SSL o l'à resevûo in record Alert inaspetòu.
 SSL_ERROR_RX_UNEXPECTED_HANDSHAKE=O SSL o l'à resevûo in record Handshake inaspetòu.
 SSL_ERROR_RX_UNEXPECTED_APPLICATION_DATA=O SSL o l'à resevûo in record Application Data inaspetòu.
 SSL_ERROR_RX_UNKNOWN_RECORD_TYPE=O SSL o l'à resevûo in record co-in tîpo de contegnûo sconosciûo.
 SSL_ERROR_RX_UNKNOWN_HANDSHAKE=O SSL o l'à resevûo 'na notiçia Handshake co-in tîpo de contegnûo sconosciûo.
 SSL_ERROR_RX_UNKNOWN_ALERT=O SSL o l'à resevûo in record de alàrme co-inna descriçión sconosciûa.
 SSL_ERROR_CLOSE_NOTIFY_ALERT=O SSL peer o l'à seròu sta conesción.
 SSL_ERROR_HANDSHAKE_UNEXPECTED_ALERT=O SSL peer no aspetâva 'na notiçia de handshake ma a l'à reçevûa.
-SSL_ERROR_DECOMPRESSION_FAILURE_ALERT=SSL peer was unable to successfully decompress an SSL record it received.
-SSL_ERROR_HANDSHAKE_FAILURE_ALERT=SSL peer was unable to negotiate an acceptable set of security parameters.
-SSL_ERROR_ILLEGAL_PARAMETER_ALERT=SSL peer rejected a handshake message for unacceptable content.
-SSL_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_CERT_ALERT=SSL peer does not support certificates of the type it received.
-SSL_ERROR_CERTIFICATE_UNKNOWN_ALERT=SSL peer had some unspecified issue with the certificate it received.
-SSL_ERROR_GENERATE_RANDOM_FAILURE=SSL experienced a failure of its random number generator.
+SSL_ERROR_DECOMPRESSION_FAILURE_ALERT=O SSL peer no l'é ariêscio a deconprìmme 'n record reçevûo.
+SSL_ERROR_HANDSHAKE_FAILURE_ALERT=O SSL peer no l'é ariêscio a negoçiâ 'n set de paramétri de seguéssa che vàdan bén.
+SSL_ERROR_ILLEGAL_PARAMETER_ALERT=O SSL peer o l'à refuòu 'na notiçia handshake pe contegnûo inacétabile.
+SSL_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_CERT_ALERT=O SSL peer no sopòrta i certificâti do tîpo ch'a reçevûo.
+SSL_ERROR_CERTIFICATE_UNKNOWN_ALERT=O SSL peer o l'à quàrche problêma no specificòu co-o certificâto reçevûo.
+SSL_ERROR_GENERATE_RANDOM_FAILURE=O SSL o s'é atrovòu inte 'n erô co-o seu generatô de nùmeri a bréttio.
 SSL_ERROR_SIGN_HASHES_FAILURE=Unable to digitally sign data required to verify your certificate.
-SSL_ERROR_EXTRACT_PUBLIC_KEY_FAILURE=SSL was unable to extract the public key from the peer's certificate.
+SSL_ERROR_EXTRACT_PUBLIC_KEY_FAILURE=O SSL o no l'é ariêscio a pigiâse o ciâve pùblica dò-u certificâto.
 SSL_ERROR_SERVER_KEY_EXCHANGE_FAILURE=Unspecified failure while processing SSL Server Key Exchange handshake.
 SSL_ERROR_CLIENT_KEY_EXCHANGE_FAILURE=Unspecified failure while processing SSL Client Key Exchange handshake.
 SSL_ERROR_ENCRYPTION_FAILURE=Bulk data encryption algorithm failed in selected cipher suite.
 SSL_ERROR_DECRYPTION_FAILURE=Bulk data decryption algorithm failed in selected cipher suite.
 SSL_ERROR_SOCKET_WRITE_FAILURE=Attempt to write encrypted data to underlying socket failed.
 SSL_ERROR_MD5_DIGEST_FAILURE=Fonçión M5 digest no ariêscia.
 SSL_ERROR_SHA_DIGEST_FAILURE=Fonçión SHA-1 digest no ariêscia.
 SSL_ERROR_SYM_KEY_CONTEXT_FAILURE=Failure to create Symmetric Key context.
 SSL_ERROR_SYM_KEY_UNWRAP_FAILURE=Failure to unwrap the Symmetric key in Client Key Exchange message.
 SSL_ERROR_PUB_KEY_SIZE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED=SSL Server attempted to use domestic-grade public key with export cipher suite.
 SSL_ERROR_IV_PARAM_FAILURE=PKCS11 code failed to translate an IV into a param.
 SSL_ERROR_INIT_CIPHER_SUITE_FAILURE=Failed to initialize the selected cipher suite.
-SSL_ERROR_SESSION_KEY_GEN_FAILURE=Client failed to generate session keys for SSL session.
+SSL_ERROR_SESSION_KEY_GEN_FAILURE=O client o no l'é ariêscio a generâ e ciâvi de sesción pe-a sesción SSL.
 SSL_ERROR_NO_SERVER_KEY_FOR_ALG=Server has no key for the attempted key exchange algorithm.
 SSL_ERROR_TOKEN_INSERTION_REMOVAL=PKCS#11 token was inserted or removed while operation was in progress.
 SSL_ERROR_TOKEN_SLOT_NOT_FOUND=No PKCS#11 token could be found to do a required operation.
 SSL_ERROR_NO_COMPRESSION_OVERLAP=Cannot communicate securely with peer: no common compression algorithm(s).
-SSL_ERROR_HANDSHAKE_NOT_COMPLETED=Cannot initiate another SSL handshake until current handshake is complete.
+SSL_ERROR_HANDSHAKE_NOT_COMPLETED=No pòsso iniçiâ 'n'âtro SSL handshake prìmma ch'o corénte ségge finîo.
 SSL_ERROR_BAD_HANDSHAKE_HASH_VALUE=Received incorrect handshakes hash values from peer.
 SSL_ERROR_CERT_KEA_MISMATCH=The certificate provided cannot be used with the selected key exchange algorithm.
 SSL_ERROR_NO_TRUSTED_SSL_CLIENT_CA=No certificate authority is trusted for SSL client authentication.
 SSL_ERROR_SESSION_NOT_FOUND=Client's SSL session ID not found in server's session cache.
 SSL_ERROR_DECRYPTION_FAILED_ALERT=Peer was unable to decrypt an SSL record it received.
 SSL_ERROR_RECORD_OVERFLOW_ALERT=Peer received an SSL record that was longer than is permitted.
 SSL_ERROR_UNKNOWN_CA_ALERT=Peer does not recognize and trust the CA that issued your certificate.
 SSL_ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED_ALERT=Peer received a valid certificate, but access was denied.
@@ -99,43 +99,43 @@ SSL_ERROR_INTERNAL_ERROR_ALERT=Peer repo
 SSL_ERROR_USER_CANCELED_ALERT=Peer user canceled handshake.
 SSL_ERROR_NO_RENEGOTIATION_ALERT=Peer does not permit renegotiation of SSL security parameters.
 SSL_ERROR_SERVER_CACHE_NOT_CONFIGURED=SSL server cache not configured and not disabled for this socket.
 SSL_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_EXTENSION_ALERT=SSL peer does not support requested TLS hello extension.
 SSL_ERROR_CERTIFICATE_UNOBTAINABLE_ALERT=SSL peer could not obtain your certificate from the supplied URL.
 SSL_ERROR_UNRECOGNIZED_NAME_ALERT=SSL peer has no certificate for the requested DNS name.
 SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_STATUS_RESPONSE_ALERT=SSL peer was unable to get an OCSP response for its certificate.
 SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_HASH_VALUE_ALERT=SSL peer reported bad certificate hash value.
-SSL_ERROR_RX_UNEXPECTED_NEW_SESSION_TICKET=SSL received an unexpected New Session Ticket handshake message.
-SSL_ERROR_RX_MALFORMED_NEW_SESSION_TICKET=SSL received a malformed New Session Ticket handshake message.
-SSL_ERROR_DECOMPRESSION_FAILURE=SSL received a compressed record that could not be decompressed.
-SSL_ERROR_RENEGOTIATION_NOT_ALLOWED=Renegotiation is not allowed on this SSL socket.
+SSL_ERROR_RX_UNEXPECTED_NEW_SESSION_TICKET=O SSL o l'à reçevûo 'n bigétto pe 'na nêuva sesción handshake che no se l'aspetâva.
+SSL_ERROR_RX_MALFORMED_NEW_SESSION_TICKET=O SSL o l'à reçevûo 'n bigétto pe 'na nêuva sesción de handshake.
+SSL_ERROR_DECOMPRESSION_FAILURE=O SSL o l'à reçevûo 'n record conprésso che no se peu deconprìmme.
+SSL_ERROR_RENEGOTIATION_NOT_ALLOWED=A rinegoçiaçión a no l'é permìssa in sto socket SSL.
 SSL_ERROR_UNSAFE_NEGOTIATION=Peer attempted old style (potentially vulnerable) handshake.
-SSL_ERROR_RX_UNEXPECTED_UNCOMPRESSED_RECORD=SSL received an unexpected uncompressed record.
+SSL_ERROR_RX_UNEXPECTED_UNCOMPRESSED_RECORD=O SSL o l'à reçevûo 'n record conprésso che no se l'aspetâva.
 SSL_ERROR_WEAK_SERVER_EPHEMERAL_DH_KEY=SSL received a weak ephemeral Diffie-Hellman key in Server Key Exchange handshake message.
-SEC_ERROR_IO=An I/O error occurred during security authorization.
-SEC_ERROR_LIBRARY_FAILURE=security library failure.
-SEC_ERROR_BAD_DATA=security library: received bad data.
-SEC_ERROR_OUTPUT_LEN=security library: output length error.
-SEC_ERROR_INPUT_LEN=security library has experienced an input length error.
-SEC_ERROR_INVALID_ARGS=security library: invalid arguments.
-SEC_ERROR_INVALID_ALGORITHM=security library: invalid algorithm.
-SEC_ERROR_INVALID_AVA=security library: invalid AVA.
-SEC_ERROR_INVALID_TIME=Improperly formatted time string.
-SEC_ERROR_BAD_DER=security library: improperly formatted DER-encoded message.
-SEC_ERROR_BAD_SIGNATURE=Peer's certificate has an invalid signature.
-SEC_ERROR_EXPIRED_CERTIFICATE=Peer's Certificate has expired.
-SEC_ERROR_REVOKED_CERTIFICATE=Peer's Certificate has been revoked.
+SEC_ERROR_IO=Erô I/O fintànto ch'êo derê a l'aotorizaçión de seguéssa.
+SEC_ERROR_LIBRARY_FAILURE=erô da libràia de seguéssa.
+SEC_ERROR_BAD_DATA=libràia de seguéssa: reçevûi dæti no bónn-i.
+SEC_ERROR_OUTPUT_LEN=libràia de seguéssa: erô inta longhéssa de l'output.
+SEC_ERROR_INPUT_LEN=libràia de seguéssa: erô inta longhéssa de l'input.
+SEC_ERROR_INVALID_ARGS=libràia de seguéssa: argoménto no vàlidi.
+SEC_ERROR_INVALID_ALGORITHM=libràia de seguéssa: algorìtmo no vàlido.
+SEC_ERROR_INVALID_AVA=libràia de seguéssa: AVA no vàlido.
+SEC_ERROR_INVALID_TIME=Stringa de l'ôa mâ formatâ.
+SEC_ERROR_BAD_DER=libràia de seguéssa: notiçia DER-encoded mâ formatâ.
+SEC_ERROR_BAD_SIGNATURE=O certificâto do Peer gh'à 'na fìrma ch'a no va bén.
+SEC_ERROR_EXPIRED_CERTIFICATE=Certificâto do Peer scæito.
+SEC_ERROR_REVOKED_CERTIFICATE=Certificâto do Peer revocòu.
 SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER=Peer's Certificate issuer is not recognized.
 SEC_ERROR_BAD_KEY=Peer's public key is invalid.
 SEC_ERROR_BAD_PASSWORD=A paròlla segrétta de seguéssa l'é sbaliâ.
 SEC_ERROR_RETRY_PASSWORD=Nêuva paròlla segrétta sbaliâ. Prêuva ancón.
-SEC_ERROR_NO_NODELOCK=security library: no nodelock.
-SEC_ERROR_BAD_DATABASE=security library: bad database.
-SEC_ERROR_NO_MEMORY=security library: memory allocation failure.
+SEC_ERROR_NO_NODELOCK=libràia de seguéssa: no blòcco do gróppo (nodelock).
+SEC_ERROR_BAD_DATABASE=libràia de seguéssa: database catîvo.
+SEC_ERROR_NO_MEMORY=libràia de seguéssa: erô inta aloçión da memöia.
 SEC_ERROR_UNTRUSTED_ISSUER=Peer's certificate issuer has been marked as not trusted by the user.
 SEC_ERROR_UNTRUSTED_CERT=Peer's certificate has been marked as not trusted by the user.
 SEC_ERROR_DUPLICATE_CERT=Certificate already exists in your database.
 SEC_ERROR_DUPLICATE_CERT_NAME=Downloaded certificate's name duplicates one already in your database.
 SEC_ERROR_ADDING_CERT=Error adding certificate to database.
 SEC_ERROR_FILING_KEY=Error refiling the key for this certificate.
 SEC_ERROR_NO_KEY=The private key for this certificate cannot be found in key database
 SEC_ERROR_CERT_VALID=Questo certificâto o l'é vàlido.
 SEC_ERROR_CRL_EXPIRED=The CRL for the certificate's issuer has expired.  Update it or check your system date and time.
 SEC_ERROR_CRL_BAD_SIGNATURE=The CRL for the certificate's issuer has an invalid signature.
 SEC_ERROR_CRL_INVALID=New CRL has an invalid format.
 SEC_ERROR_EXTENSION_VALUE_INVALID=Certificate extension value is invalid.
 SEC_ERROR_EXTENSION_NOT_FOUND=Certificate extension not found.
 SEC_ERROR_CA_CERT_INVALID=Issuer certificate is invalid.
 SEC_ERROR_PATH_LEN_CONSTRAINT_INVALID=Certificate path length constraint is invalid.
 SEC_ERROR_CERT_USAGES_INVALID=Certificate usages field is invalid.
-SEC_INTERNAL_ONLY=**Internal ONLY module**
+SEC_INTERNAL_ONLY=**mòdolo SÔLO intérno**
 SEC_ERROR_INVALID_KEY=The key does not support the requested operation.
 SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_CRITICAL_EXTENSION=Certificate contains unknown critical extension.
 SEC_ERROR_OLD_CRL=New CRL is not later than the current one.
 SEC_ERROR_NO_EMAIL_CERT=Not encrypted or signed: you do not yet have an email certificate.
 SEC_ERROR_NO_RECIPIENT_CERTS_QUERY=Not encrypted: you do not have certificates for each of the recipients.
 SEC_ERROR_NOT_A_RECIPIENT=Cannot decrypt: you are not a recipient, or matching certificate and private key not found.
 SEC_ERROR_PKCS7_KEYALG_MISMATCH=Cannot decrypt: key encryption algorithm does not match your certificate.
 SEC_ERROR_PKCS7_BAD_SIGNATURE=Signature verification failed: no signer found, too many signers found, or improper or corrupted data.
@@ -169,20 +169,20 @@ XP_SEC_FORTEZZA_PERSON_NOT_FOUND=Personalitæ no atrovâ
 XP_SEC_FORTEZZA_NO_MORE_INFO=No ghe son ciù informaçioìn de sta personalitæ
 XP_SEC_FORTEZZA_BAD_PIN=Sto Pin no va bén
 XP_SEC_FORTEZZA_PERSON_ERROR=Couldn't initialize Fortezza personalities.
 SEC_ERROR_NO_KRL=No KRL for this site's certificate has been found.
 SEC_ERROR_KRL_EXPIRED=The KRL for this site's certificate has expired.
 SEC_ERROR_KRL_BAD_SIGNATURE=The KRL for this site's certificate has an invalid signature.
 SEC_ERROR_REVOKED_KEY=The key for this site's certificate has been revoked.
 SEC_ERROR_KRL_INVALID=New KRL has an invalid format.
-SEC_ERROR_NEED_RANDOM=security library: need random data.
-SEC_ERROR_NO_MODULE=security library: no security module can perform the requested operation.
+SEC_ERROR_NEED_RANDOM=libràia de seguéssa: servàn dæti a bréttio (random).
+SEC_ERROR_NO_MODULE=libràia de seguéssa: nisciùn mòdolo de seguéssa  peu fâ l'operaçión domandâ.
 SEC_ERROR_NO_TOKEN=The security card or token does not exist, needs to be initialized, or has been removed.
-SEC_ERROR_READ_ONLY=security library: read-only database.
+SEC_ERROR_READ_ONLY=libràia de seguéssa: database in sôla letûa.
 SEC_ERROR_NO_SLOT_SELECTED=No slot or token was selected.
 SEC_ERROR_CERT_NICKNAME_COLLISION=A certificate with the same nickname already exists.
 SEC_ERROR_KEY_NICKNAME_COLLISION=A key with the same nickname already exists.
 SEC_ERROR_SAFE_NOT_CREATED=error while creating safe object
 SEC_ERROR_BAGGAGE_NOT_CREATED=error while creating baggage object
 XP_JAVA_REMOVE_PRINCIPAL_ERROR=Couldn't remove the principal
 XP_JAVA_DELETE_PRIVILEGE_ERROR=Couldn't delete the privilege
 XP_JAVA_CERT_NOT_EXISTS_ERROR=This principal doesn't have a certificate
@@ -224,36 +224,36 @@ SEC_ERROR_JS_DEL_MOD_FAILURE=No riêscio a scancelâ o mòdolo
 SEC_ERROR_OLD_KRL=New KRL is not later than the current one.
 SEC_ERROR_CKL_CONFLICT=New CKL has different issuer than current CKL.  Delete current CKL.
 SEC_ERROR_CERT_NOT_IN_NAME_SPACE=The Certifying Authority for this certificate is not permitted to issue a certificate with this name.
 SEC_ERROR_KRL_NOT_YET_VALID=The key revocation list for this certificate is not yet valid.
 SEC_ERROR_CRL_NOT_YET_VALID=The certificate revocation list for this certificate is not yet valid.
 SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_CERT=The requested certificate could not be found.
 SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_SIGNER=The signer's certificate could not be found.
 SEC_ERROR_CERT_BAD_ACCESS_LOCATION=The location for the certificate status server has invalid format.
-SEC_ERROR_OCSP_UNKNOWN_RESPONSE_TYPE=The OCSP response cannot be fully decoded; it is of an unknown type.
+SEC_ERROR_OCSP_UNKNOWN_RESPONSE_TYPE=A rispósta OCSP no peu êse codificâ pe intrêgo; opû a l'é de 'n tîpo sconosciûo.
 SEC_ERROR_OCSP_BAD_HTTP_RESPONSE=O server OCSP l'à ritornòu di dæti HTTP inaspetæ ò no vàlidi.
-SEC_ERROR_OCSP_MALFORMED_REQUEST=The OCSP server found the request to be corrupted or improperly formed.
-SEC_ERROR_OCSP_SERVER_ERROR=The OCSP server experienced an internal error.
-SEC_ERROR_OCSP_TRY_SERVER_LATER=The OCSP server suggests trying again later.
-SEC_ERROR_OCSP_REQUEST_NEEDS_SIG=The OCSP server requires a signature on this request.
-SEC_ERROR_OCSP_UNAUTHORIZED_REQUEST=The OCSP server has refused this request as unauthorized.
+SEC_ERROR_OCSP_MALFORMED_REQUEST=O server OCSP l'à trovòu 'na domanda aroinâ ò mâ fæta.
+SEC_ERROR_OCSP_SERVER_ERROR=O server OCSP o s'é atrovòu inte 'n'erô intèrno.
+SEC_ERROR_OCSP_TRY_SERVER_LATER=O server OCSP o te conséggia de provâ tórna dòppo.
+SEC_ERROR_OCSP_REQUEST_NEEDS_SIG=O server OCSP o domanda 'na fìrma inte sta domanda.
+SEC_ERROR_OCSP_UNAUTHORIZED_REQUEST=O server OCSP o l'à refuòu sta domanda cómme no aotorizâ.
 SEC_ERROR_OCSP_UNKNOWN_RESPONSE_STATUS=O server OCSP m'à dæto in stæto iriconoscìbile.
 SEC_ERROR_OCSP_UNKNOWN_CERT=O server OCSP no gh'à stæti pe-o certificâto.
 SEC_ERROR_OCSP_NOT_ENABLED=Ti ti devi abilitâ l'OCSP prìmma de fâ sta operaçión.
 SEC_ERROR_OCSP_NO_DEFAULT_RESPONDER=Ti ti devi inpostâ o responditô predefinîo do OCSP prìmma de fâ sta operaçión.
-SEC_ERROR_OCSP_MALFORMED_RESPONSE=The response from the OCSP server was corrupted or improperly formed.
+SEC_ERROR_OCSP_MALFORMED_RESPONSE=A rispósta dò-u server OCSP a l'é aroinâ ò mâ fæta.
 SEC_ERROR_OCSP_UNAUTHORIZED_RESPONSE=The signer of the OCSP response is not authorized to give status for this certificate.
 SEC_ERROR_OCSP_FUTURE_RESPONSE=A rispòsta OCSP no l'é ancón vàlida (gh'à di dæti che saiàn vàlidi ciù avànti).
 SEC_ERROR_OCSP_OLD_RESPONSE=A rispòsta OCSP contegne dæti che no son inta dæta giùsta.
 SEC_ERROR_DIGEST_NOT_FOUND=O Digest CMS ò PKCS #7 no l'é stæto trovòu inte 'na notiçia firmâ.
 SEC_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_MESSAGE_TYPE=O tîpo de notiçia CMS ò PKCS #7 o no l'é soportòu.
 SEC_ERROR_MODULE_STUCK=O mòdolo PKCS #7 no peu êse eliminòu perché o l'é ancón in ûzo.
 SEC_ERROR_BAD_TEMPLATE=Could not decode ASN.1 data. Specified template was invalid.
-SEC_ERROR_CRL_NOT_FOUND=No matching CRL was found.
 SEC_ERROR_REUSED_ISSUER_AND_SERIAL=You are attempting to import a cert with the same issuer/serial as an existing cert, but that is not the same cert.
 SEC_ERROR_BUSY=NSS no peu asmortâse. L'ògétto o l'é ancón in ûzo.
 SEC_ERROR_EXTRA_INPUT=DER-encoded message contained extra unused data.
 SEC_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_EC_POINT_FORM=Form point da cùrva elìtica no soportâ.
 SEC_ERROR_UNRECOGNIZED_OID=Identificatô de l'ògétto iriconoscìbile.
 SEC_ERROR_OCSP_INVALID_SIGNING_CERT=Invalid OCSP signing certificate in OCSP response.
 SEC_ERROR_REVOKED_CERTIFICATE_CRL=Certificate is revoked in issuer's certificate revocation list.
--- a/security/manager/chrome/pipnss/
+++ b/security/manager/chrome/pipnss/
@@ -78,19 +78,19 @@ InternalToken=Aparâto Software de seguéssa
 VerifySSLClient=Certificâto SSL do Client
 VerifySSLServer=Certificâto SSL do Server
 VerifySSLStepUp=Server SSL con Step-up
 VerifySSLCA=Aotoritæ de certificâto SSL
 VerifyEmailSigner=Certificâto de miténte e-mail
 VerifyEmailRecip=Certificâto de destìn e-mail
 VerifyProtectObjSign=Firmatâio d'ògétto protezûo
 VerifyObjSign=Firmatô de l'ògétto
-VerifyUserImport=User Import Cert
+VerifyUserImport=Cert Inportòu da l'ùtente
 VerifyCAVerifier=Verificatô CA
-VerifyStatusResponder=Status Responder Certificate
+VerifyStatusResponder=Certificâto de Stæto do risponditô
 VerifyAnyCA=Qualónque aotoritæ de certificâti
 HighGrade=Gràddo èrto
 MediumGrade=Gràddo mêzo
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (nick_template): $1s is the common name from a cert (e.g. "Mozilla"), $2s is the CA name (e.g. VeriSign)
 nick_template=ID %1$s de %2$s
 #These are the strings set for the ASN1 objects in a certificate.
@@ -104,52 +104,52 @@ CertDumpMD5WithRSA=PKCS #1 MD5 con criptaçión RSA
 CertDumpSHA1WithRSA=PKCS #1 SHA-1 con criptaçión RSA
 CertDumpSHA256WithRSA=PKCS #1 SHA-256 con criptaçión RSA
 CertDumpSHA384WithRSA=PKCS #1 SHA-384 con criptaçión RSA
 CertDumpSHA512WithRSA=PKCS #1 SHA-512 con criptaçión RSA
 CertDumpDefOID=Identificatô d'ògétto (%S)
-CertDumpRDN=Relative Distinguished Name
+CertDumpRDN=Nómme relatîvo distìnto
 CertDumpATV=Tîpo d'atribûto e valô
 CertDumpNotBefore=No prìmma
 CertDumpNotAfter=No dòppo
-CertDumpSPKI=Subject Public Key Info
-CertDumpSPKIAlg=Subject Public Key Algorithm
+CertDumpSPKI=Informaçoìn in sciâ ciâve a ògétto pùblico
+CertDumpSPKIAlg=Algorìtmo a ciâve a ògétto pùblico
 CertDumpAlgID=Identificatô d'algorìtmo
 CertDumpParams=Paràmetri d'algorìtmo
-CertDumpRSAEncr=PKCS #1 RSA Encryption
+CertDumpRSAEncr=Criptaçión PKCS #1 RSA
 CertDumpRSAPSSSignature=Firma PKCS #1 RSASSA-PSS
 CertDumpRSATemplate=Mòdoli (%S bit):\n%S\nEsponénte (%S bit):\n%S
 CertDumpECTemplate=Key size: %S bits\nBase point order length: %S bits\nPublic value:\n%S
 CertDumpIssuerUniqueID=Identificaçión ùnica de l'emiténte
 CertDumpSubjPubKey=Ciâve pùblica do sogétto
 CertDumpSubjectUniqueID=Identificaçión ùnica do sogétto
 CertDumpCertType=Tîpo de certificâto Netscape
 CertDumpNSCertExtBaseUrl=Netscape Certificate Extension Base URL
 CertDumpNSCertExtRevocationUrl=URL de revocaçión do certificâto Netscape
 CertDumpNSCertExtCARevocationUrl=URL de aotoritæde revocaçión do certificâto Netscape
 CertDumpNSCertExtCertRenewalUrl=URL de rinoavaçión do certificâto Netscape
 CertDumpNSCertExtCAPolicyUrl=Netscape Certificate Authority Policy URL
-CertDumpNSCertExtSslServerName=Netscape Certificate SSL Server Name
+CertDumpNSCertExtSslServerName=Nómme Netscape do server do certificâto SSL
 CertDumpNSCertExtComment=Coménto do certificâto Netscape
 CertDumpNSCertExtLostPasswordUrl=Netscape Lost Password URL
 CertDumpNSCertExtCertRenewalTime=NetscapeCertificate Renewal Time
 CertDumpNetscapeAolScreenname=Nómme in sce AOL
 CertDumpSubjectDirectoryAttr=Certificate Subject Directory Attributes
 CertDumpSubjectKeyID=ID Ciâve do sogétto do certificâto
 CertDumpKeyUsage=Certificate Key Usage
 CertDumpSubjectAltName=Alt Name do sogétto do certificâto
@@ -224,17 +224,17 @@ CertDumpKeyCompromise=Conpromìsso da Ciâve
 CertDumpCACompromise=Conpromìsso CA
 CertDumpAffiliationChanged=Affiliation Changed
 CertDumpCessation=Interoçión da operaçión
 CertDumpHold=Hold do certificâto
 CertDumpCAIssuers=Emiténti da CA
 CertDumpCPSPointer=Certification Practice Statement pointer
-CertDumpPolicyOidEV=Extended Validation (EV) SSL Server Certificate
+CertDumpPolicyOidEV=Validaçión estêsa (EV) server do certificâto SSL
 CertDumpUserNotice=Notiçia de l'uténte
 CertDumpECPublicKey=Ciâve pùblica pe-e Cùrve Elìtiche
 CertDumpECDSAWithSHA1=Fìrma X9.62 ECDSA con SHA1
 CertDumpECprime192v1=Cùrve Elìtiche ANSI X9.62 prime192v1 (aka secp192r1, NIST P-192)
 CertDumpECprime192v2=Cùrve Elìtiche ANSI X9.62 prime192v2
 CertDumpECprime192v3=Cùrve Elìtiche ANSI X9.62 prime192v3
 CertDumpECprime239v1=Cùrve Elìtiche ANSI X9.62 prime239v1