l10n:Lij Firefox Aurora 21 new strings3
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l10n:Lij Firefox Aurora 21 new strings3
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/browser.properties
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/browser.properties
@@ -284,28 +284,16 @@ safebrowsing.getMeOutOfHereButton.label=Pòrtime fêua de chi!
 safebrowsing.reportedWebForgery=A l'é stæta segnalâ 'na falsificaçión web!
 safebrowsing.notAForgeryButton.label=Sta chi a no l'é 'na falsificaçión web…
 safebrowsing.reportedAttackSite=O l'é stæto segnalòu cómme scîto de atàcco!
 safebrowsing.notAnAttackButton.label=Sto chi o no l'é 'n scîto de atàcco…
-# Private Browsing Confirmation dialog
-# LOCALIZATION NOTE (privateBrowsingMessage): %S will be replaced
-# by the name of the application.
-# LOCALIZATION NOTE (privateBrowsingYesTitle, privateBrowsingNoTitle, privateBrowsingNeverAsk):
-# Access keys are specified by prefixing the desired letter with an ampersand.
-privateBrowsingDialogTitle=Coménsa 'na navegaçión privâ
-privateBrowsingMessageHeader=Ti veu comensâ 'na navegaçión privâ?
-privateBrowsingMessage=%S o sarviâ i teu féuggi corénti pe uzâli quànde t'æ finîo a sesción de navegaçión privâ.
-privateBrowsingYesTitle=&Coménsa 'na navegaçión privâ
-privateBrowsingNeverAsk=&No fàmme védde sta notiçia
 # Ctrl-Tab
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (ctrlTab.showAll.label): #1 represents the number
 # of tabs in the current browser window. It will always be 2 at least.
 # See: http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Localization_and_Plurals
 ctrlTab.showAll.label=;Fànni védde tùtti i #1 féuggi
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (addKeywordTitleAutoFill): %S will be replaced by the page's title
 # Used as the bookmark name when saving a keyword for a search field.
@@ -393,18 +381,16 @@ getUserMedia.shareCameraAndMicrophone.message = T'eu condivìdde a teu fòtocamêraa e micròfono con %S?
 # The final space separates this text from the Learn More link.
 syncPromoNotification.addons.description=Ti peu acêde a-i teu conponénti azónti in sce i teu aparâti con %S.\u0020
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (syncPromoNotification.addons-sync-disabled.label):
 # This appears in the add-on install complete panel when Sync is set
 # but addons sync is not. %S will be replaced by syncBrandShortName.
 # The final space separates this text from the Learn More link.
 syncPromoNotification.addons-sync-disabled.description=Ti peu adêuviâ  o teu account %S pe scincronizâ i teu conponénti azónti fra tànti aparâti.\u0020
-social.remove.label=Scancèlla da %S
 social.remove.confirmationLabel=Te segûo de scancelâ %1$S pe %2$S?
 social.remove.confirmationOK=Scancèlla %S
 getUserMedia.denyRequest.label = No condivìdde
 getUserMedia.denyRequest.accesskey = N
 keywordPrompt.message = Òua ti adêuvi '%2$S' pe-e riçèrche da-a bâra di indirìssi. Repìggio o motô de riçèrca predefinîo (%3$S)?%1$0.S
 keywordPrompt.yesButton = Scì, adêuvia '%1$S'