l10n:Lij utf-8 fix
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l10n:Lij utf-8 fix
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/devtools/layoutview.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/devtools/layoutview.dtd
@@ -3,19 +3,19 @@
   - sidebar. -->
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE : FILE The correct localization of this file might be to
   - keep it in English, or another language commonly spoken among web developers.
   - You want to make that choice consistent across the developer tools.
   - A good criteria is the language in which you'd find the best
   - documentation on web development on the web. -->
-<!ENTITY elementSize.label      "Dimenscioýn de l'elemÚnto: ">
+<!ENTITY elementSize.label      "Dimenscio├Čn de l'elem├ęnto: ">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (*.tooltip): These tooltips are not regular tooltips.
   -  The text appears on the bottom right corner of the layout view when
   -  the corresponding box is hovered. -->
-<!ENTITY margins.tooltip        "zýnn-e">
-<!ENTITY borders.tooltip        "oexýn">
-<!ENTITY padding.tooltip        "pýn">
-<!ENTITY content.tooltip        "contegnűo">
+<!ENTITY margins.tooltip        "z├Čnn-e">
+<!ENTITY borders.tooltip        "oex├Čn">
+<!ENTITY padding.tooltip        "p├Čn">
+<!ENTITY content.tooltip        "contegn├╗o">
--- a/browser/webapprt/webapp.dtd
+++ b/browser/webapprt/webapp.dtd
@@ -6,44 +6,44 @@
    - which loads a webapp in a separate process from Firefox.  Webapps loaded
    - in this way have very little application chrome, but the runtime does
    - provide them with some default functionality, like the standard OS
    - menus/menuitems. -->
 <!ENTITY fileMenu.label                     "File">
 <!ENTITY fileMenu.accesskey                 "F">
-<!ENTITY quitApplicationCmdWin.label        "Sci˛rti">
+<!ENTITY quitApplicationCmdWin.label        "Sci├▓rti">
 <!ENTITY quitApplicationCmdWin.accesskey    "x">
-<!ENTITY quitApplicationCmd.label           "Sci˛rti">
+<!ENTITY quitApplicationCmd.label           "Sci├▓rti">
 <!ENTITY quitApplicationCmd.accesskey       "Q">
 <!-- On Mac, we create the Quit and Hide command labels dynamically,
    - using properties in window.properties, in order to include the name
    - of the webapp in the labels without creating a DTD file for it. -->
 <!ENTITY quitApplicationCmdMac.key          "Q">
 <!ENTITY hideThisAppCmdMac.key              "H">
-<!ENTITY hideOtherAppsCmdMac.label          "Ascˇndi i Ôtri">
+<!ENTITY hideOtherAppsCmdMac.label          "Ascóndi i âtri">
 <!ENTITY hideOtherAppsCmdMac.key            "H">
-<!ENTITY showAllAppsCmdMac.label            "VÚddi t¨tto">
+<!ENTITY showAllAppsCmdMac.label            "V├ęddi t├╣tto">
-<!ENTITY editMenu.label                     "CÓngia">
+<!ENTITY editMenu.label                     "Càngia">
 <!ENTITY editMenu.accesskey                 "C">
-<!ENTITY undoCmd.label                      "An¨lla">
+<!ENTITY undoCmd.label                      "An├╣lla">
 <!ENTITY undoCmd.key                        "Z">
 <!ENTITY undoCmd.accesskey                  "A">
-<!ENTITY redoCmd.label                      "Ripŕti">
+<!ENTITY redoCmd.label                      "Ripêti">
 <!ENTITY redoCmd.key                        "Y">
 <!ENTITY redoCmd.accesskey                  "R">
-<!ENTITY cutCmd.label                       "TÓggia">
+<!ENTITY cutCmd.label                       "Tàggia">
 <!ENTITY cutCmd.key                         "X">
 <!ENTITY cutCmd.accesskey                   "T">
-<!ENTITY copyCmd.label                      "C˛pia">
+<!ENTITY copyCmd.label                      "C├▓pia">
 <!ENTITY copyCmd.key                        "C">
 <!ENTITY copyCmd.accesskey                  "C">
-<!ENTITY pasteCmd.label                     "Inc˛lla">
+<!ENTITY pasteCmd.label                     "Inc├▓lla">
 <!ENTITY pasteCmd.key                       "V">
 <!ENTITY pasteCmd.accesskey                 "I">
-<!ENTITY deleteCmd.label                    "ScancÚlla">
+<!ENTITY deleteCmd.label                    "Scanc├ęlla">
 <!ENTITY deleteCmd.key                      "D">
 <!ENTITY deleteCmd.accesskey                "S">
-<!ENTITY selectAllCmd.label                 "Selešionn-a T¨tto">
+<!ENTITY selectAllCmd.label                 "Sele├žionn-a T├╣tto">
 <!ENTITY selectAllCmd.key                   "A">
 <!ENTITY selectAllCmd.accesskey             "T">
--- a/browser/webapprt/webapp.properties
+++ b/browser/webapprt/webapp.properties
@@ -5,13 +5,13 @@
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE: These are localized strings for the webapp runtime,
 # which loads a webapp in a separate process from Firefox.  Webapps loaded
 # in this way have very little application chrome, but the runtime does
 # provide them with some default functionality, like the standard OS
 # menus/menuitems.
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (quitApplicationCmdMac.label): %S will be replaced with
 # the name of the webapp.
-quitApplicationCmdMac.label=Sci˛rti da %S
+quitApplicationCmdMac.label=Sci├▓rti da %S
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (hideApplicationCmdMac.label): %S will be replaced with
 # the name of the webapp.
-hideApplicationCmdMac.label=Ascˇndi %S
+hideApplicationCmdMac.label=Asc├│ndi %S
--- a/dom/chrome/accessibility/AccessFu.properties
+++ b/dom/chrome/accessibility/AccessFu.properties
@@ -1,91 +1,91 @@
 # This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 # License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file,
 # You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/.
-menubar        =       bÔra do menű
-scrollbar      =       bÔra de scorimÚnto
-grip           =       prÚiza
-alert          =       alÓrme
-menupopup      =       menű popup
-document       =       documÚnto
-pane           =       riquÓddro
-dialog         =       barcˇn
-separator      =       separat˘
-toolbar        =       bÔra di strumÚnti
-statusbar      =       bÔra de stŠto
-table          =       tabÚlla
-columnheader   =       testÔ da col˛nna
-rowheader      =       testÔ da rţga
-column         =       col˛nna
-row            =       rţga
-cell           =       šÚlla
-link           =       colegamÚnto
-list           =       lýsta
-listitem       =       lýsta d'˛gÚtti
-outline        =       fŕua da lýnia
-outlineitem    =       ˛gÚtto fŕua da lýnia
-pagetab        =       tab da pÓgina
-propertypage   =       propietŠ da pÓgina
-graphic        =       grÓfico
-pushbutton     =       pomÚllo
-checkbutton    =       pomÚllo check
-radiobutton    =       pomÚllo radio
+menubar        =       bâra do menû
+scrollbar      =       b├óra de scorim├ęnto
+grip           =       pr├ęiza
+alert          =       alàrme
+menupopup      =       men├╗ popup
+document       =       docum├ęnto
+pane           =       riquàddro
+dialog         =       barc├│n
+separator      =       separat├┤
+toolbar        =       b├óra di strum├ęnti
+statusbar      =       b├óra de st├Žto
+table          =       tab├ęlla
+columnheader   =       testâ da colònna
+rowheader      =       testâ da rîga
+column         =       col├▓nna
+row            =       rîga
+cell           =       ├ž├ęlla
+link           =       colegam├ęnto
+list           =       l├Čsta
+listitem       =       l├Čsta d'├▓g├ętti
+outline        =       f├¬ua da l├Čnia
+outlineitem    =       ├▓g├ętto f├¬ua da l├Čnia
+pagetab        =       tab da pàgina
+propertypage   =       propiet├Ž da p├ágina
+graphic        =       gràfico
+pushbutton     =       pom├ęllo
+checkbutton    =       pom├ęllo check
+radiobutton    =       pom├ęllo radio
 combobox       =       combo box
-progressbar    =       bÔra do progrÚsso
+progressbar    =       b├óra do progr├ęsso
 slider         =       slider
-spinbutton     =       pomÚllo spin
-diagram        =       diagrÓmma
-animation      =       animašiˇn
-equation       =       ecoašiˇn
-buttonmenu     =       pomÚllo menu
-whitespace     =       spÓšio giÓnco
-pagetablist    =       lýsta di tab da pÓgina
+spinbutton     =       pom├ęllo spin
+diagram        =       diagràmma
+animation      =       anima├ži├│n
+equation       =       ecoa├ži├│n
+buttonmenu     =       pom├ęllo menu
+whitespace     =       sp├á├žio gi├ánco
+pagetablist    =       l├Čsta di tab da p├ágina
 canvas         =       canvas
-checkmenuitem  =       contr˛lla i ˛gÚtti do menű
-label          =       etichÚtta
-passwordtext   =       cÓnpo par˛lla segrÚtta
-radiomenuitem  =       ˛getti do menű radio
-textcontainer  =       contenit˘ de tÚsto
-togglebutton   =       pomÚllo toggle
-treetable      =       tabÚlla a Ŕrbo
-header         =       testÔ
-footer         =       fˇndo
-paragraph      =       parÓgrafo
-entry          =       intrÔ
-caption        =       týtolo
-heading        =       testÔ
-section        =       sešiˇn
+checkmenuitem  =       contr├▓lla i ├▓g├ętti do men├╗
+label          =       etich├ętta
+passwordtext   =       c├ánpo par├▓lla segr├ętta
+radiomenuitem  =       ├▓getti do men├╗ radio
+textcontainer  =       contenit├┤ de t├ęsto
+togglebutton   =       pom├ęllo toggle
+treetable      =       tab├ęlla a ├Ęrbo
+header         =       testâ
+footer         =       f├│ndo
+paragraph      =       paràgrafo
+entry          =       intrâ
+caption        =       t├Čtolo
+heading        =       testâ
+section        =       se├ži├│n
 form           =       da
-comboboxlist   =       lýsta de combo box
-comboboxoption =       inpostašioýn da combo box
-imagemap       =       mÓppa da inmÓgine
-listboxoption  =       inpostašioýn da list box
+comboboxlist   =       l├Čsta de combo box
+comboboxoption =       inposta├žio├Čn da combo box
+imagemap       =       màppa da inmàgine
+listboxoption  =       inposta├žio├Čn da list box
 listbox        =       list box
 flatequation   =       flat equation
-gridcell       =       šÚlla da grýglia
-note           =       n˛tta
-figure         =       figűa
+gridcell       =       ├ž├ęlla da gr├Čglia
+note           =       n├▓tta
+figure         =       fig├╗a
 # More sophisiticated object descriptions
-headingLevel   =       levÚllo da testÔ %S
+headingLevel   =       lev├ęllo da test├ó %S
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE: %1$S is the item's role name (e.g. "List item" or "Page tab"), %2$S is the position of the item n the set. %3$S is the total number of such items in the set. An expanded example would read "List item 2 of 5".
 objItemOf      =       %1$S %2$S de %3$S
-objChecked     =       control˛u %S
-objNotChecked  =       no control˛u %S
-objExpanded    =       espÓnso %S
-objCollapsed   =       colas˛u %S
+objChecked     =       control├▓u %S
+objNotChecked  =       no control├▓u %S
+objExpanded    =       espànso %S
+objCollapsed   =       colas├▓u %S
 # Invoked actions
-jumpAction     =      sÔt˛u
-pressAction    =      sciac˛u
-checkAction    =      selešion˛u
-uncheckAction  =      deselešion˛u
-selectAction   =      selešion˛u
-openAction     =      avŔrto
-closeAction    =      ser˛u
-switchAction   =      cangi˛u
-clickAction    =      sciac˛u
-collapseAction =      colas˛u
-expandAction   =      espÓnso
-activateAction =      ativ˛u
-cycleAction    =      cicl˛u
\ No newline at end of file
+jumpAction     =      sâtòu
+pressAction    =      sciac├▓u
+checkAction    =      sele├žion├▓u
+uncheckAction  =      desele├žion├▓u
+selectAction   =      sele├žion├▓u
+openAction     =      av├Ęrto
+closeAction    =      ser├▓u
+switchAction   =      cangi├▓u
+clickAction    =      sciac├▓u
+collapseAction =      colas├▓u
+expandAction   =      espànso
+activateAction =      ativ├▓u
+cycleAction    =      cicl├▓u
\ No newline at end of file