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Migrating aurora to beta for Firefox 17

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   - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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<!ENTITY dialog.title             "Personalizza Bâra">
<!ENTITY dialog.dimensions        "width: 92ch; height: 36em;">
<!ENTITY instructions.description "Ti peu azónze ò scancelâ i ògétti rebelàndoli inte ò fêua de-e bâre.">
<!ENTITY show.label               "Fànni védde:">
<!ENTITY iconsAndText.label       "Icone e Tésto">
<!ENTITY icons.label              "Icone">
<!ENTITY text.label               "Tésto">
<!ENTITY useSmallIcons.label      "Adêuvia icone picìnn-e">
<!ENTITY restoreDefaultSet.label  "Métti tórna predefinîo">
<!ENTITY addNewToolbar.label      "Azónzi Nêuva Bâra">
<!ENTITY saveChanges.label        "Fæto">
<!ENTITY undoChanges.label        "Anùlla i cangi">