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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

nv_timeout=Ateíza tròppo lònga
openFile=Àrvi File

droponhometitle=Inpòsta cómme Pàgina Iniçiâ
droponhomemsg=T'eu che sto documénto o ségge a teu nêuva pàgina iniçiâ?

# context menu strings
contextMenuSearch = Riçèrca "%2$S" con %1$S
contextMenuSearch.accesskey = r

# bookmark dialog strings

bookmarkAllTabsDefault=[Nómme da cartélla]

xpinstallPromptWarning=%S o l'inpedìsce a quésto scîto (%S) de instalâ software in sciô teu computer.
# Accessibility Note:
# Be sure you do not choose an accesskey that is used elsewhere in the active context (e.g. main menu bar, submenu of the warning popup button)
# See for details
xpinstallDisabledMessageLocked=L'instalaçión do software a l'é stæta dizabilitâ dò-u teu aministratô do scistêma.
xpinstallDisabledMessage=L'instalaçión do software a l'é dizabilitâ. Sciàcca Abìlita e prêuva ancón.

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (addonDownloading, addonDownloadCancelled, addonDownloadRestart):
# Semi-colon list of plural forms. See:
# Also see for mockups
addonDownloading=Descàrego o conponénte azónto;Descàrego i conponénti azónti
addonDownloadCancelled=Descaregaménto do conponénte azónto scancelòu.;Descaregaménto di conponénti azónti scancelæ.
addonDownloadRestart=Fànni ripartî o descaregaménto;Fànni ripartî i descaregaménti;

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (addonsInstalled, addonsInstalledNeedsRestart):
# Semi-colon list of plural forms. See:
# #1 first add-on's name, #2 number of add-ons, #3 application name
addonsInstalled=#1 o l'é stæto instalòu bén.;#2 conponénti azónti son stæti instalæ bén.
addonsInstalledNeedsRestart=#1 saiâ instalòu dòppo che ti arvi tórna #3.;#2 conponénti azónti saiàn instalæ dòppo che ti àrvi tórna #3.
addonInstallRestartButton=Àrvi tórna Òua

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (addonError-1, addonError-2, addonError-3, addonError-4):
# #1 is the add-on name, #2 is the host name, #3 is the application name
# #4 is the application version
addonError-1=O conponénte azónto o no peu êse descarigòu perché a conesción a #2 a no fonçiónn-a.
addonError-2=O conponénte azónto de #2 o no peu êse instalòu perché no và d'acòrdio co-o conponénte azónto #3.
addonError-3=O conponénte azónto descarigòu da #2 o no peu êse instalòu perché o pâ aroinòu.
addonError-4=#1 o no peu êse instalòu perché o #3 o no peu modificâ in file.

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (addonLocalError-1, addonLocalError-2, addonLocalError-3, addonLocalError-4, addonErrorIncompatible, addonErrorBlocklisted):
# #1 is the add-on name, #3 is the application name, #4 is the application version
addonLocalError-1=Sto conponénte azónto o no peu êse instalòu perché o gh'é 'n'erô into scistêma di file.
addonLocalError-2=Sto conponénte azónto o no peu êse instalòu perché o no va bén co-o conponénte azónto #3.
addonLocalError-3=Sto conponénte azónto o no peu êse instalòu perché o pâ aroinòu.
addonLocalError-4=#1 o no peu êse instalòu perché o #3 o no peu modificâ in file.
addonErrorIncompatible=#1 no se peu instalâ perché o no l'é conpàtibile con #3 #4.
addonErrorBlocklisted=#1 no l'é stæto instalòu perché o gh'à 'n'èrto réizeigo de caozâ problêmi de stabilitæ ò de seguéssa.

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (lwthemeInstallRequest.message): %S will be replaced with
# the host name of the site.
lwthemeInstallRequest.message=Quésto scîto (%S) o l’à tentòu de instalâ 'n têma.

lwthemePostInstallNotification.message=L'é stæto instalòu un nêuvo têma.
lwthemePostInstallNotification.manageButton=Gestìsci i Têmi…

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (lwthemeNeedsRestart.message):
# %S will be replaced with the new theme name.
lwthemeNeedsRestart.message=%S o saiâ instalòu dòppo che àrvi tórna.
lwthemeNeedsRestart.button=Àrvi tórna Òua

popupAllow=Permétti i pop-up pe %S
popupBlock=Blòcca i pop-up pe %S
popupWarningDontShowFromMessage=No fâ védde sta notiçia quàndo i pop-up son blocæ
popupWarningDontShowFromLocationbar=No fâ védde a bâra de informaçioìn quànde i pop-up son blocæ
popupShowPopupPrefix=Fànni védde '%S'

# missing plugin installer
outdatedpluginsMessage.title=Quàrche plugin uzòu da sta pàgina o l'é tròppo vêgio.
outdatedpluginsMessage.updateButton.label=Agiornâ i plugin…
blockedpluginsMessage.title=Quàrche plugin ch'o l'é domàndòu da sta pàgina o l'é stæto blocòu da teu proteçión.
blockedpluginsMessage.searchButton.label=Agiornâ i plugin…
crashedpluginsMessage.title=O plugin %S o s'é ciantòu.
crashedpluginsMessage.reloadButton.label=Recaregaménto da pàgina
crashedpluginsMessage.submitButton.label=Segnâla un problêma
crashedpluginsMessage.learnMore=Pe savéine de ciù…
activatePluginsMessage.message=T'êu ativâ i plugin inte sta pàgina?

activateAllPluginsMessage.label=Atîva tùtti plugin

getUserMedia.noVideo.label = No vìdeo
getUserMedia.noAudio.label = No són

mixedContentBlocked.keepBlockingButton.label = Contìnoa a blocâ
mixedContentBlocked.keepBlockingButton.accesskey = C
mixedContentBlocked.message = Gh'é do contegnûo no segûo ch'o l'é stæto blocòu da %S.
mixedContentBlocked.unblock.label = Lêva a proteçión in sce quésta pàgina
mixedContentBlocked.unblock.accesskey = L

activatePluginsMessage.always=Atîva de lóngo i plugin de sto scîto
activatePluginsMessage.never=No ativâ mâi i plugin de sto scîto
activateSinglePlugin= Atîva
PluginClickToActivate = Atîva %S.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE - "vulnerable" indicates there is a security bug in the
# plugin that is being exploited by attackers.
PluginVulnerableUpdatable=Sto plugin o no l'é segûo e doviéiva êse agiornòu.
PluginVulnerableNoUpdate=Sto plugin o no l'é segûo.
vulnerableUpdatablePluginWarning=Versción vêgia!
vulnerableNoUpdatePluginWarning=Plugin no segûo!
vulnerablePluginsMessage=Quàrche plugin o l'é stæto dizativòu pe-a teu seguéssa.

# Sanitize
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (sanitizeDialog2.everything.title): When "Time range to
# clear" is set to "Everything", the Clear Recent History dialog's title is
# changed to this.  See UI mockup and comment 11 at bug 480169 -->
sanitizeDialog2.everything.title=Scancelâ tùtta a stöia
sanitizeButtonOK=Scancelâ Òua
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (sanitizeEverythingWarning2): Warning that appears when
# "Time range to clear" is set to "Everything" in Clear Recent History dialog,
# provided that the user has not modified the default set of history items to clear.
sanitizeEverythingWarning2=Tùtta a stöia a saiâ scancelâ.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (sanitizeSelectedWarning): Warning that appears when
# "Time range to clear" is set to "Everything" in Clear Recent History dialog,
# provided that the user has modified the default set of history items to clear.
sanitizeSelectedWarning=Tùtti i elementi seleçionæ saiàn scancelæ.

# Check for Updates in the About Dialog - button labels and accesskeys
# LOCALIZATION NOTE - all of the following update buttons labels will only be
# displayed one at a time. So, if a button is displayed nothing else will
# be displayed alongside of the button. The button when displayed is located
# directly under the Firefox version in the about dialog (see bug 596813 for
# screenshots).
update.checkInsideButton.label=Çèrca agiórnamenti
update.resumeButton.label=Repìggio do descaregaménto %S…
update.openUpdateUI.applyButton.label=Atîva l'agiornaménto…
update.openUpdateUI.upgradeButton.label=Agiórna òua…
update.restart.upgradeButton.label=Agiórna òua

# RSS Pretty Print
feedShowFeedNew=Abón-ite a '%S'…

menuOpenAllInTabs.label=Àrvi tùtto inti féuggi

# History menu
menuRestoreAllTabs.label=Repìggia Tùtti i Féuggi
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (menuRestoreAllWindows, menuUndoCloseWindowLabel, menuUndoCloseWindowSingleTabLabel):
# see bug 394759
menuRestoreAllWindows.label=Arvî tórna tùtti i barcoìn
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (menuUndoCloseWindowLabel): Semi-colon list of plural forms.
# See:
# #1 Window Title, #2 Number of tabs
menuUndoCloseWindowLabel=#1 (e #2 âtra scheda);#1 (e #2 âtra scheda)

# Unified Back-/Forward Popup
tabHistory.current=Stànni in sciâ pàgina
tabHistory.goBack=Vànni inderê
tabHistory.goForward=Vànni avànti

# URL Bar
pasteAndGo.label=Incòlla & Vànni

# Block autorefresh
refreshBlocked.refreshLabel=%S o l'inpedìsce o caregaménto aotomàtico da pàgina.
refreshBlocked.redirectLabel=%S o l'inpedìsce l'indirìssamento aotomàtico a-a âtre pàgine.

# Star button
starButtonOn.tooltip=Càngia quésto segnalìbbro
starButtonOff.tooltip=Azónzi quésta pàgina

# Offline web applications
offlineApps.available=Sto scîto web (%S) o veu sarvâ di dæti in sciô teu computer pe poéi êse uzòu fêa lìnia.
offlineApps.never=Mâi pe sto scîto
offlineApps.notNow=Òua No

offlineApps.usage=Quésto scîto web (%S) òua o sarva ciù de %SMB in sciô teu computer pe poéi êse uzòu fêua lìnia.
offlineApps.manageUsage=Fànni védde e inpostaçioìn

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (indexedDB.usage): %1$S is the website host name
# %2$S a number of megabytes.
indexedDB.usage=Sto scîto web (%1$S) o prêuva a sarvâ ciù de %2$S MB de dæti in sciô teu computer pe poéi êse uzòu fêua lìnia.

identity.identified.verifier=Verificòu da: %S
identity.identified.verified_by_you=T’æ azónto 'na eceçión de seguéssa pe quésto scîto.
identity.identified.state_and_country=%S, %S

identity.encrypted=A teu conesción a quésto scîto web a l'é criptâ pe evitâ che t'agoeitan.
identity.unencrypted=A teu conesción a sto scîto a no l'é criptâ.
identity.mixed_content=A teu conesción a quésto scîto web a l'é in pàrte criptâ e quésto o no evita che tì ti peu êse agoeitòu.

identity.unknown.tooltip=Sto scîto o no l'à informaçioìn d'identitæ.

identity.ownerUnknown2=(no conosciûo)

# Edit Bookmark UI
editBookmarkPanel.pageBookmarkedTitle=Pàgina azónta a-i segnalìbbri
editBookmarkPanel.pageBookmarkedDescription=%S o se aregòrdià quésta pàgina pe ti.
editBookmarkPanel.bookmarkedRemovedTitle=Segnalìbbro Scancelòu
editBookmarkPanel.editBookmarkTitle=Càngia quésto segnalìbbro

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (editBookmark.removeBookmarks.label)
# Semi-colon list of plural forms. Replacement for #1 is
# the number of bookmarks to be removed.
# If this causes problems with localization you can also do "Remove Bookmarks (#1)"
# instead of "Remove #1 Bookmarks".
editBookmark.removeBookmarks.label=Levâ da mêzo o segnalìbbro;Levâ da mêzo #1 segnalìbbro

# Post Update Notifications
# LOCALIZATION NOTE %S will be replaced by the short name of the application.
puNotifyText=O %S o l'é stæto agiornòu
puAlertTitle=%S Agiornòu
puAlertText=Sciàcca chi pe-i detàlli

# Geolocation UI

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (geolocation.shareLocation geolocation.alwaysShareLocation geolocation.neverShareLocation):
#If you're having trouble with the word Condivìddi, please use Allow and Block in your language.
geolocation.shareLocation=Condivìddi Indirìsso
geolocation.alwaysShareLocation=Condivìddi de lóngo st'indirìsso
geolocation.neverShareLocation=No condivìdde mâi st'indirìsso
geolocation.shareWithSite=T'eu condivìdde o teu indirìsso con %S?
geolocation.shareWithFile=T'eu condivìdde o teu indirìsso co-o file %S?
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (geolocation.learnMore): Use the unicode ellipsis char, \u2026,
# or use "..." if \u2026 doesn't suit traditions in your locale.
geolocation.learnMore=Pe savéine de ciù…

# Phishing/Malware Notification Bar.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (notAForgery, notAnAttack)
# The two button strings will never be shown at the same time, so
# it's okay for them to have the same access key
safebrowsing.getMeOutOfHereButton.label=Pòrtime fêua de chi!
safebrowsing.reportedWebForgery=A l'é stæta segnalâ 'na falsificaçión web!
safebrowsing.notAForgeryButton.label=Sta chi a no l'é 'na falsificaçión web…
safebrowsing.reportedAttackSite=O l'é stæto segnalòu cómme scîto de atàcco!
safebrowsing.notAnAttackButton.label=Sto chi o no l'é 'n scîto de atàcco…

# Ctrl-Tab
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (ctrlTab.showAll.label): #1 represents the number
# of tabs in the current browser window. It will always be 2 at least.
# See:
ctrlTab.showAll.label=;Fànni védde tùtti i #1 féuggi

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (addKeywordTitleAutoFill): %S will be replaced by the page's title
# Used as the bookmark name when saving a keyword for a search field.
addKeywordTitleAutoFill=Riçèrca %S

# TabView
tabview.title=%S - Amùggia i teu féuggi

extensions.{972ce4c6-7e08-4474-a285-3208198ce6fd}.description=O têma predefinîo.

# safeModeRestart
safeModeRestartPromptTitle=Àrvi tórna co-i conponénti azónti dizabilitæ
safeModeRestartPromptMessage=T'ê segûo che ti veu dizabilitâ tùtti i conponénti azónti e arvî tórna?
safeModeRestartButton=Àrvi tórna

# LOCALIZATION NOTE ( Set to the string
# "true" (spelled and capitalized exactly that way) to show the "Character
# Encoding" menu in the main Firefox button on Windows. Any other value will
# hide it. Regardless of the value of this setting, the "Character Encoding"
# menu will always be accessible via the "Web Developer" menu.
# This is not a string to translate; it just controls whether the menu shows
# up in the Firefox button. If users frequently use the "Character Encoding"
# menu, set this to "true". Otherwise, you can leave it as "false".

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (syncPromoNotification.bookmarks.label): This appears in
# the add bookmark star panel.  %S will be replaced by syncBrandShortName.
# The final space separates this text from the Learn More link.
syncPromoNotification.bookmarks.description=Ti peu intrâ a-i teu preferii in sce tutti i teu apægi con %S.\u0020
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (syncPromoNotification.passwords.label): This appears in
# the remember password panel.  %S will be replaced by syncBrandShortName.
# The final space separates this text from the Learn More link.
syncPromoNotification.passwords.description=Ti peu acede a-e teu paròlle d'ordine in sce tutti i dispoxitivi con %S.\u0020
syncPromoNotification.learnMoreLinkText=Pe savéine de ciù

# Webapps notification popup
webapps.install = Instàlla
webapps.install.accesskey = I
#LOCALIZATION NOTE (webapps.requestInstall) %1$S is the web app name, %2$S is the site from which the web app is installed
webapps.requestInstall = T'eu instalâ o "%1$S" dò-u scîto (%2$S)?

fullscreen.entered = %S o l'é òua into mòddo a tùtto schèrmo.
fullscreen.rememberDecision = Aregòrda a scélta pe %S
tabview.moveToUnnamedGroup.label=#1 e n'âtra in ciù;#1 e #2 in ciù

update.restart.updateButton.label = Àrvi tórna pe agiornâ
update.restart.updateButton.accesskey = r

social.error.message = Òua l'é Inposcìbile conétise a %2$S.%1$0.S
social.error.tryAgain.label = Prêuva tórna
social.error.tryAgain.accesskey = P
social.error.closeSidebar.label = Særa sta bâra de sciànco
social.error.closeSidebar.accesskey = S

webapps.install.success = L'aplicaçión a l'é instalâ

identity.termsOfService = Condiçioìn d'ûzo do servìçio
identity.privacyPolicy = Informaçioìn in sciâ privacy
identity.chooseIdentity.description = Acêdi a %S
identity.chooseIdentity.label = Adêuvia email existénte
identity.newIdentity.label = Adêuvia 'n'âtra email
identity.newIdentity.accessKey = n = Email
identity.newIdentity.description = Dìmme l'indirìsso email pe acêde a %S = Avànti = A
identity.loggedIn.description = Accésso cómme: %S
identity.loggedIn.signOut.label = Disconnétti
identity.loggedIn.signOut.accessKey = D

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (getUserMedia.shareCamera.message, getUserMedia.shareMicrophone.message, getUserMedia.shareCameraAndMicrophone.message): %S is the website origin (e.g.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (getUserMedia.shareMicrophone.message, getUserMedia.shareSpecificMicrophone.label): %S is the website origin (e.g.
getUserMedia.shareCamera.message = T'eu condivìdde a teu fòtocamêra con %S?
getUserMedia.shareMicrophone.message = T'eu condivìdde o teu micròfono con %S?
getUserMedia.shareCameraAndMicrophone.message = T'eu condivìdde a teu fòtocamêraa e micròfono con %S?

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (syncPromoNotification.addons.label): This appears in
# the add-on install complete panel when Sync isn't set.
# %S will be replaced by syncBrandShortName.
# The final space separates this text from the Learn More link.
syncPromoNotification.addons.description=Ti peu acêde a-i teu conponénti azónti in sce i teu aparâti con %S.\u0020
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (syncPromoNotification.addons-sync-disabled.label):
# This appears in the add-on install complete panel when Sync is set
# but addons sync is not. %S will be replaced by syncBrandShortName.
# The final space separates this text from the Learn More link.
syncPromoNotification.addons-sync-disabled.description=Ti peu adêuviâ  o teu account %S pe scincronizâ i teu conponénti azónti fra tànti aparâti.\u0020

getUserMedia.denyRequest.label = No condivìdde
getUserMedia.denyRequest.accesskey = N

social.turnOff.label = Dizatîva %S
social.turnOff.accesskey = D
social.turnOn.label = Atîva %S
social.turnOn.accesskey = A

getUserMedia.shareSelectedDevices.label = Condivìddi dispoxitîvo seleçionòu;Condivìddi dispoxitîvi seleçionæ
getUserMedia.shareSelectedDevices.accesskey = C
getUserMedia.sharingCamera.message = A fòtocàmera a l'é òua condivîza con %S.
getUserMedia.sharingMicrophone.message = O micròfono o lé òua condivîzo con %S.
getUserMedia.sharingCameraAndMicrophone.message = A fòtocàmera e o micròfono én òua condivîzi con %S.

dataReportingNotification.message = Çèrte informaçioìn se màndan aotomaticaménte a %2$S da %1$S pe megiorâne l'ûzo.
dataReportingNotification.button.label = Çèrni cöse condivìdde
dataReportingNotification.button.accessKey = s

slowStartup.message = O %S o pâ lénto inta fâze de inandiaménto
slowStartup.helpButton.label = Scrêvi cómme fâlo corî
slowStartup.helpButton.accesskey = S
slowStartup.disableNotificationButton.label = No dîmelo ciù
slowStartup.disableNotificationButton.accesskey = N

social.aria.toolbarButtonBadgeText = %1$S (%2$S)

pointerLock.alwaysAllow = Permétti de lóngo
pointerLock.alwaysAllow.accesskey = C
pointerLock.neverAllow = No ascónde mâi
pointerLock.neverAllow.accesskey = m

popupWarning.message = #1 o l'à inpedîo a sto scîto d'arvî un barcón de pop-up.;#1 o l'à inpedîo a sto scîto d'arvî #2 barcoìn de pop-up.

webNotifications.showForSession = Móstra sôlo inte sta sesción
webNotifications.showForSession.accesskey = s
webNotifications.alwaysShow = Móstra i avîzi de lóngo
webNotifications.alwaysShow.accesskey = v
webNotifications.neverShow = Blòcca i avîzi de lóngo
webNotifications.neverShow.accesskey = B
webNotifications.showFromSite = Mostrâ i avîzi da %S?

installPlugin.message = Instalâ o plugin domandòu pe védde i contegnûi moltimediâli in sta pàgina?
installPlugin.button.label = Instàlla %S
installPlugin.button.accesskey = I
installPlugin.ignoreButton.label = No domandâmelo ciù
installPlugin.ignoreButton.accesskey = N

pointerLock.allow2 = Ascóndi a fréccia do ràtto
pointerLock.allow2.accesskey = 
pointerLock.autoLock.title2 = %S o l'ascodiâ a fréccia do ràtto.

pointerLock.title2 = Permétte a-o navegatô d'ascónde a fréccia do ràtto in sce %S?
sanitizeButtonClearing = Són derê a scancelâ

service.install.description = Mostrâ i servìççi de %1$S inta bâra di struménti e inta bâra de sciànco de %2$S?
service.install.ok.label = Atîva i servìççi
service.install.ok.accesskey = a
service.install.learnmore = Âtre informaçioìn…

service.toolbarbutton.label = Servìççi
service.toolbarbutton.tooltiptext = Servìççi

social.markpage.label = Mànda pàgina a %S
social.unmarkpage.label = Scancèlla pàgina da %S
social.marklink.label = Mànda colegaménto a %S
social.unmarklink.label = Scancèlla colegaménto da %S