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<!ENTITY  validation.crlmanager.label             "Gestisci CRL">
<!ENTITY  validation.crlmanager.description       "Ste lìste di certificâti de revocaçión (CRL) son sarvæ into teu database di certificâti:">
<!ENTITY  validation.crlname.label                "Nómme">
<!ENTITY  validation.crllastupdate.label          "Ùrtimo Agiornaménto">
<!ENTITY  validation.crlnextupdate.label          "Pròscimo Agiórnamento">
<!ENTITY  validation.crlautoupdateenabled.label   "Agiornaménto aotomàtico">
<!ENTITY  validation.crlautoupdatestatus.label    "Agiornaménto aotomàtico do stato">
<!ENTITY  validation.deletecrl.label              "Scancélla">
<!ENTITY  validation.deletecrl.accesskey          "S">
<!ENTITY  validation.updatecrl.label              "Agiórna">
<!ENTITY  validation.updatecrl.accesskey          "A">
<!ENTITY  validation.advanced.label               "Inpostaçioìn">
<!ENTITY  validation.advanced.accesskey           "s">

<!ENTITY  validation.crl.autoupdate.title         "Agiórnamento aotomàtico de preferénse do CRL">
<!ENTITY  validation.crl.autoupdate.enable.label  "Abìlita o agiornaménto aotomàtico pe sto CRL">
<!ENTITY  validation.crl.autoupdate.time.label1   "Agiórna">
<!ENTITY  validation.crl.autoupdate.time.label2   "Giórni prìmma da proscìma dæta de agiornaménto">
<!ENTITY  validation.crl.autoupdate.freq.label1   "Agiórna ògni">
<!ENTITY  validation.crl.autoupdate.freq.label2   "Giórni">
<!ENTITY  validation.crl.autoupdate.url.label     "CRL saiâ inportòu da:">
<!ENTITY  crl.import.status.title                 "Inporta o stato do CRL">
<!ENTITY  crl.import.success.message              "A lìsta di certificâti de revocaçioìn (CRL) a l'é stæta inportâ.">
<!ENTITY  crl.issuer.label                        "CRL publicòu da:">
<!ENTITY                    "Organizaçión: ">
<!ENTITY  crl.issuer.orgunit.label                "Unitæ: ">
<!ENTITY  crl.import.nextupdate.label             "Pròscimo Agiórnamento O: ">
<!ENTITY           "Agiornaménti precedénti che son falî un derê a l'âtro: ">
<!ENTITY        "Detàlli de l'ùrtimo Agiornaménto falîo: ">
<!ENTITY  edit.button                             "Inpostaçioìn">