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l10n:Lij Correction on signalling by users

#LOCALIZATION NOTE (source.profile) add-ons installed by the user, this may be
# translated as "You" or "User" depending on the locale
#LOCALIZATION NOTE (source.bundled) add-ons shipped with the application, and thus
# treated as installed by the user. This may be
# translated as "You" or "User" depending on the locale
#LOCALIZATION NOTE (source.other) add-ons installed by other applications
# installed on the computer
source.other=Terçe pàrti

action.enabled=Saiâ abilitòu
action.disabled=Saiâ dizabilitòu
action.autoupdate=Saiâ agiornòu pe a conpatibiltæ
action.incompatible=Saiâ abilitòu quàndo o l'é conpàtibile
action.neededupdate=Agiórna pe a conpatibilitæ
action.unneededupdate=Agiornaménto no obligatòio