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# ***** END LICENSE BLOCK *****

SignedBy=Aotenticòu da %S
CertPassPrompt=Inserisci a paròlla segrétta prinçipâ pe %S.
# the following strings have special requirements:
# they must fit in a 32 or 64 byte buffer after being translated
# to UTF8.  Note to translator. It's not easy for you to figure
# whether the escaped unicode string you produce will fit in 
# the space allocated.
# 64 bytes long after conversion to UTF8
RootCertModuleName=Builtin Roots Module
# 32 bytes long after conversion to UTF8
# 32  bytes long after conversion to UTF8
LibraryDescription=PSM Internal Crypto Services
# 32 bytes long after conversion to UTF8
TokenDescription=Serviççi Generâli de criptaçión
# 32 bytes long after conversion to UTF8
PrivateTokenDescription=Aparâto Software de seguéssa
# 64 bytes long after conversion to UTF8
SlotDescription=PSM Internal Cryptographic Services
# 64 bytes long after conversion to UTF8
PrivateSlotDescription=Ciâve privâ PSM
# 32
Fips140TokenDescription=Aparâto Software de seguéssa (FIPS)
# 64
Fips140SlotDescription=FIPS 140, serviççi de criptaçión, de ciâve e certificâti
# 32
InternalToken=Aparâto Software de seguéssa
# End of size restriction.
VerifySSLClient=Certificâto SSL do Client
VerifySSLServer=SSL Server Certificate
VerifySSLStepUp=SSL Server with Step-up
VerifySSLCA=Aotoritæ de certificâto SSL
VerifyEmailSigner=Certificâto de miténte e-mail
VerifyEmailRecip=Certificâto de destìn e-mail
VerifyProtectObjSign=Firmatâio d'ògétto protezûo
VerifyObjSign=Firmatô de l'ògétto
VerifyUserImport=User Import Cert
VerifyCAVerifier=Verificatô CA
VerifyStatusResponder=Status Responder Certificate
VerifyAnyCA=Qualónque aotoritæ de certificâti
HighGrade=Gràddo èrto
MediumGrade=Gràddo mêzo
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (nick_template): $1s is the common name from a cert (e.g. "Mozilla"), $2s is the CA name (e.g. VeriSign)
nick_template=%1$s's %2$s ID
#These are the strings set for the ASN1 objects in a certificate.
CertDumpVersion1=Versción 1
CertDumpVersion2=Versción 2
CertDumpVersion3=Versción 3
CertDumpSerialNo=Nùmero de série
CertDumpOID=Identificatô d'ògétto
CertDumpMD2WithRSA=PKCS #1 MD2 With RSA Encryption
CertDumpMD5WithRSA=PKCS #1 MD5 With RSA Encryption
CertDumpSHA1WithRSA=PKCS #1 SHA-1 With RSA Encryption
CertDumpSHA256WithRSA=PKCS #1 SHA-256 With RSA Encryption
CertDumpSHA384WithRSA=PKCS #1 SHA-384 With RSA Encryption
CertDumpSHA512WithRSA=PKCS #1 SHA-512 With RSA Encryption
CertDumpDefOID=Identificatô d'ògétto (%S)
CertDumpRDN=Relative Distinguished Name
CertDumpATV=Tîpo d'atribûto e valô
CertDumpNotBefore=No prìmma
CertDumpNotAfter=No dòppo
CertDumpSPKI=Subject Public Key Info
CertDumpSPKIAlg=Subject Public Key Algorithm
CertDumpAlgID=Identificatô d'algorìtmo
CertDumpParams=Paràmetri d'algorìtmo
CertDumpRSAEncr=PKCS #1 RSA Encryption
CertDumpRSAPSSSignature=Firma PKCS #1 RSASSA-PSS
CertDumpRSATemplate=Modulus (%S bits):\n%S\nExponent (%S bits):\n%S
CertDumpECTemplate=Key size: %S bits\nBase point order length: %S bits\nPublic value:\n%S
CertDumpIssuerUniqueID=Identificaçión ùnica de l'emiténte
CertDumpSubjPubKey=Ciâve pùblica do sogétto
CertDumpSubjectUniqueID=Identificaçión ùnica do sogétto
CertDumpCertType=Netscape Certificate Type
CertDumpNSCertExtBaseUrl=Netscape Certificate Extension Base URL
CertDumpNSCertExtRevocationUrl=Netscape Certificate Revocation URL
CertDumpNSCertExtCARevocationUrl=Netscape Certificate Authority Revocation URL
CertDumpNSCertExtCertRenewalUrl=Netscape Certificate Renewal URL
CertDumpNSCertExtCAPolicyUrl=Netscape Certificate Authority Policy URL
CertDumpNSCertExtSslServerName=Netscape Certificate SSL Server Name
CertDumpNSCertExtComment=Netscape Certificate Comment
CertDumpNSCertExtLostPasswordUrl=Netscape Lost Password URL
CertDumpNSCertExtCertRenewalTime=NetscapeCertificate Renewal Time
CertDumpNetscapeAolScreenname=Nómme in sce AOL
CertDumpSubjectDirectoryAttr=Certificate Subject Directory Attributes
CertDumpSubjectKeyID=Certificate Subject Key ID
CertDumpKeyUsage=Certificate Key Usage
CertDumpSubjectAltName=Certificate Subject Alt Name
CertDumpIssuerAltName=Certificate Issuer Alt Name
CertDumpBasicConstraints=Certificate Basic Constraints
CertDumpNameConstraints=Certificate Name Constraints
CertDumpCrlDistPoints=CRL Distribution Points
CertDumpCertPolicies=Polìtica de certificâti
CertDumpPolicyMappings=Certificate Policy Mappings
CertDumpPolicyConstraints=Certificate Policy Constraints
CertDumpAuthKeyID=Certificate Authority Key Identifier
CertDumpExtKeyUsage=Extended Key Usage
CertDumpAuthInfoAccess=Acèsso a l'informaçión de l'aotoritæ
CertDumpAnsiX9DsaSignature=ANSI X9.57 DSA Signature
CertDumpAnsiX9DsaSignatureWithSha1=ANSI X9.57 DSA Signature with SHA1 Digest
CertDumpAnsiX962ECDsaSignatureWithSha1=ANSI X9.62 ECDSA Signature with SHA1
CertDumpEmailCA=Email Certificate Authority
CertDumpKUEnc=Key Encipherment
CertDumpKUDEnc=Data Encipherment
CertDumpKUKA=Contràtto da ciâve
CertDumpKUCertSign=Firmatô do certificâto
CertDumpKUCRLSigner=Firmatô do CRL
CertDumpNonCritical=No crìtico
CertDumpSigAlg=Algoritmo de fìrma do certificâto
CertDumpCertSig=Valô da fìrma do certificâto
CertDumpExtensionFailure=Error: Unable to process extension
CertDumpIsCA=A l'é unn'aotoritæ de certificâti
CertDumpIsNotCA=A no l'é unn'aotoritæ de certificâti
CertDumpPathLen=Maximum number of intermediate CAs: %S
CertDumpEKU_1_3_6_1_5_5_7_3_1=Aotenticaçión TSL do server web
CertDumpEKU_1_3_6_1_5_5_7_3_2=Aotenticaçión TSL do client web
CertDumpEKU_1_3_6_1_5_5_7_3_3=Fìrma do còdice
CertDumpEKU_1_3_6_1_5_5_7_3_4=Proteçión d'e-mail
CertDumpEKU_1_3_6_1_5_5_7_3_8=Stànpa do ténpo
CertDumpEKU_1_3_6_1_5_5_7_3_9=Fìrma OCSP
CertDumpEKU_1_3_6_1_4_1_311_2_1_21=Microsoft Individual Code Signing
CertDumpEKU_1_3_6_1_4_1_311_2_1_22=Microsoft Commercial Code Signing
CertDumpEKU_1_3_6_1_4_1_311_10_3_1=Microsoft Trust List Signing
CertDumpEKU_1_3_6_1_4_1_311_10_3_2=Microsoft Time Stamping
CertDumpEKU_1_3_6_1_4_1_311_10_3_3=Microsoft Server Gated Crypto
CertDumpEKU_1_3_6_1_4_1_311_10_3_4=Microsoft Encrypting File System
CertDumpEKU_1_3_6_1_4_1_311_10_3_4_1=Microsoft File Recovery
CertDumpEKU_1_3_6_1_4_1_311_10_3_5=Microsoft Windows Hardware Driver Verification
CertDumpEKU_1_3_6_1_4_1_311_10_3_10=Microsoft Qualified Subordination
CertDumpEKU_1_3_6_1_4_1_311_10_3_11=Microsoft Key Recovery
CertDumpEKU_1_3_6_1_4_1_311_10_3_12=Microsoft Document Signing
CertDumpEKU_1_3_6_1_4_1_311_10_3_13=Microsoft Lifetime Signing
CertDumpEKU_1_3_6_1_4_1_311_20_2_2=Microsoft Smart Card Logon
CertDumpEKU_1_3_6_1_4_1_311_21_6=Microsoft Key Recovery Agent
CertDumpMSCerttype=Microsoft Certificate Template Name
CertDumpMSNTPrincipal=Microsoft Principal Name
CertDumpMSCAVersion=Microsoft CA Version
CertDumpMSDomainGUID=Microsoft Domain GUID
CertDumpEKU_2_16_840_1_113730_4_1=Netscape Server Gated Crypto
CertDumpRFC822Name=Indirìsso e-mail
CertDumpDNSName=Nómme DNS
CertDumpX400Address=Indirìsso X.400
CertDumpDirectoryName=Nómme X.500
CertDumpEDIPartyName=EDI Party Name
CertDumpIPAddress=Indirìsso IP
CertDumpRegisterID=OID registrâ
CertDumpKeyID=ID ciâve
CertDumpVerisignNotices=Verisign User Notices
CertDumpUnused=Sénsa ûzo
CertDumpKeyCompromise=Key Compromise
CertDumpCACompromise=CA Compromise
CertDumpAffiliationChanged=Affiliation Changed
CertDumpCessation=Cessation of Operation
CertDumpHold=Certificate Hold
CertDumpCAIssuers=Emiténti da CA
CertDumpCPSPointer=Certification Practice Statement pointer
CertDumpPolicyOidEV=Extended Validation (EV) SSL Server Certificate
CertDumpUserNotice=Notiçia de l'uténte
CertDumpECPublicKey=Ciâve pùblica pe-e Cùrve Elìtiche
CertDumpECDSAWithSHA1=Fìrma X9.62 ECDSA con SHA1
CertDumpECprime192v1=Cùrve Elìtiche ANSI X9.62 prime192v1 (aka secp192r1, NIST P-192)
CertDumpECprime192v2=Cùrve Elìtiche ANSI X9.62 prime192v2
CertDumpECprime192v3=Cùrve Elìtiche ANSI X9.62 prime192v3
CertDumpECprime239v1=Cùrve Elìtiche ANSI X9.62 prime239v1
CertDumpECprime239v2=Cùrve Elìtiche ANSI X9.62 prime239v2
CertDumpECprime239v3=Cùrve Elìtiche ANSI X9.62 prime239v3
CertDumpECprime256v1=Cùrve Elìtiche ANSI X9.62  prime256v1 (aka secp256r1, NIST P-256)
CertDumpECsecp112r1=Cùrve Elìtiche SECG secp112r1
CertDumpECsecp112r2=Cùrve Elìtiche SECG secp112r2
CertDumpECsecp128r1=Cùrve Elìtiche SECG secp128r1
CertDumpECsecp128r2=Cùrve Elìtiche SECG secp128r2
CertDumpECsecp160k1=Cùrve Elìtiche SECG secp160k1
CertDumpECsecp160r1=Cùrve Elìtiche SECG secp160r1
CertDumpECsecp160r2=Cùrve Elìtiche SECG secp160r2
CertDumpECsecp192k1=Cùrve Elìtiche SECG secp192k1
CertDumpECsecp224k1=Cùrve Elìtiche SECG secp224k1
CertDumpECsecp224r1=Cùrve Elìtiche SECG secp224r1 (aka NIST P-224)
CertDumpECsecp256k1=Cùrve Elìtiche SECG secp256k1
CertDumpECsecp384r1=Cùrve Elìtiche SECG secp384r1 (aka NIST P-384)
CertDumpECsecp521r1=Cùrve Elìtiche SECG secp521r1 (aka NIST P-521)
CertDumpECc2pnb163v1=Cùrve Elìtiche ANSI X9.62  c2pnb163v1
CertDumpECc2pnb163v2=Cùrve Elìtiche ANSI X9.62 c2pnb163v2
CertDumpECc2pnb163v3=Cùrve Elìtiche ANSI X9.62 c2pnb163v3
CertDumpECc2pnb176v1=Cùrve Elìtiche ANSI X9.62 c2pnb176v1
CertDumpECc2tnb191v1=Cùrve Elìtiche ANSI X9.62 c2tnb191v1
CertDumpECc2tnb191v2=Cùrve Elìtiche ANSI X9.62 c2tnb191v2
CertDumpECc2tnb191v3=Cùrve Elìtiche ANSI X9.62 c2tnb191v3
CertDumpECc2onb191v4=Cùrve Elìtiche ANSI X9.62 c2onb191v4
CertDumpECc2onb191v5=Cùrve Elìtiche ANSI X9.62 c2onb191v5
CertDumpECc2pnb208w1=Cùrve Elìtiche ANSI X9.62 c2pnb208w1
CertDumpECc2tnb239v1=Cùrve Elìtiche ANSI X9.62 c2tnb239v1
CertDumpECc2tnb239v2=Cùrve Elìtiche ANSI X9.62 c2tnb239v2
CertDumpECc2tnb239v3=Cùrve Elìtiche ANSI X9.62 c2tnb239v3
CertDumpECc2onb239v4=Cùrve Elìtiche ANSI X9.62 c2onb239v4
CertDumpECc2onb239v5=Cùrve Elìtiche ANSI X9.62 c2onb239v5
CertDumpECc2pnb272w1=Cùrve Elìtiche ANSI X9.62 c2pnb272w1
CertDumpECc2pnb304w1=Cùrve Elìtiche ANSI X9.62 c2pnb304w1
CertDumpECc2tnb359v1=Cùrve Elìtiche ANSI X9.62 c2tnb359v1
CertDumpECc2pnb368w1=Cùrve Elìtiche ANSI X9.62 c2pnb368w1
CertDumpECc2tnb431r1=Cùrve Elìtiche ANSI X9.62 c2tnb431r1
CertDumpECsect113r1=Cùrve Elìtiche SECG sect113r1
CertDumpECsect113r2=Cùrve Elìtiche SECG sect113r2
CertDumpECsect131r1=Cùrve Elìtiche SECG elliptic curve sect131r1
CertDumpECsect131r2=Cùrve Elìtiche SECG sect131r2
CertDumpECsect163k1=Cùrve Elìtiche SECG sect163k1 (aka NIST K-163)
CertDumpECsect163r1=Cùrve Elìtiche SECG sect163r1
CertDumpECsect163r2=Cùrve Elìtiche SECG sect163r2 (aka NIST B-163)
CertDumpECsect193r1=Cùrve Elìtiche SECG sect193r1
CertDumpECsect193r2=Cùrve Elìtiche SECG sect193r2
CertDumpECsect233k1=Cùrve Elìtiche SECG sect233k1 (aka NIST K-233)
CertDumpECsect233r1=Cùrve Elìtiche SECG sect233r1 (aka NIST B-233)
CertDumpECsect239k1=Cùrve Elìtiche SECG sect239k1
CertDumpECsect283k1=Cùrve Elìtiche SECG sect283k1 (aka NIST K-283)
CertDumpECsect283r1=Cùrve Elìtiche SECG sect283r1 (aka NIST B-283)
CertDumpECsect409k1=Cùrve Elìtiche SECG sect409k1 (aka NIST K-409)
CertDumpECsect409r1=Cùrve Elìtiche SECG sect409r1 (aka NIST B-409)
CertDumpECsect571k1=Cùrve Elìtiche SECG sect571k1 (aka NIST K-571)
CertDumpECsect571r1=Cùrve Elìtiche SECG sect571r1 (aka NIST B-571)
CertDumpRawBytesHeader=Dimenscioìn:  %S Byte / %S Bit
VerifyProtectObjSign_p=Firmatâio d'ògétto protezûo
VerifyObjSign_p=Firmatô de l'ògétto
VerifyUserImport_p=User Import
VerifyCAVerifier_p=Verificatô CA
VerifyStatusResponder_p=Status Responder
PK11BadPassword=A paròlla segrétta a l'é sbaliâ.
SuccessfulP12Backup=Agiornòu i teu certificâti de seguéssa e ciâve privæ.
SuccessfulP12Restore=Repigiòu i teu certificâti de seguéssa e ciâve privæ.
PKCS12PasswordInvalid=Inposcìbile decodificâ l'archivio PKCS #12. Fòscia ti aviæ introdûto 'na paròlla d'órdine scorétta?
PKCS12DecodeErr=Inposcìbile decodificâ l'archivio. Ò o no l'é into formâto PKCS #12, ò o l'é corótto, ò a paròlla d'órdine a l'é scorétta.
PKCS12UnknownErrRestore=Inposcìbile arecuviâ l'archivio PKCS #12 pe de raxoìn sconosciûe.
PKCS12UnknownErrBackup=Inposcìbile fâ l'archivio d'agiornaménto do PKCS #12 pe de raxoìn sconosciûe.
PKCS12UnknownErr=A procedûa do PKCS #12 a l'é falîa pe de raxoìn sconosciûe.
PKCS12InfoNoSmartcardBackup=Inposcìbile agiornâ i certificâti da un apægio hardware de seguéssa cómme 'na smart card.
PKCS12DupData=O certificâto e a ciâve privâ exìstan za inte l'apægio de seguéssa.
AddModulePrompt=T'ê segûo de instalâ sto mòdolo de seguéssa?
AddModuleName=Nómme do mòdolo: %S
AddModulePath=Pércorso: %S
AddModuleSuccess=S'é instalòu un nêuvo mòdolo de seguéssa
AddModuleFailure=No riêscio a azónze o mòdolo
AddModuleDup=O mòdolo de seguéssa o l'exìste za
DelModuleBadName=Nómme do mòdolo no valido.
DelModuleWarning=T'ê segûo de scancelâ sto mòdolo de seguéssa?
DelModuleError=No riêscio a scancelâ o mòdolo
DelModuleIntSuccess=Mòdolo de seguéssa intèrno eliminòu coretaménte
DelModuleExtSuccess=Mòdolo de seguéssa estèrno eliminòu coretaménte
ForcedBackup1=Ti doviêsci fâ 'na còpia do teu nêuvo certificâto de seguéssa e a seu pròpia ciâve privâ.
ForcedBackup2=Se mâi no ti poêsci acêde a-a teu ciâve privâ perché ti æ scordòu a paròlla d'órdine, ò perché l'archìvio o l'é corótto, ti peu arecuviâ questa ciâve privâ da questa còpia.
ForcedBackup3=To make a copy, click OK. If possible, you should save your backup copy on a floppy disk that you keep in a safe location.
UnknownCertIssuer=(Emiténte sconosciûo)
UnknownCertOrg=(Organizaçión Sconosciûa)
AVATemplate=%S = %S

PSMERR_SSL_Disabled=No pòsso conétime in manêa segûa perché o protocòllo SSL o l'é stæto dizabilitòu.
PSMERR_SSL2_Disabled=No pòsso conétime in manêa segûa perché o protocòllo SSL l'é inte 'na versción vêgia e no segûa.
PSMERR_HostReusedIssuerSerial=Ti æ riçevûo un certificâto invàlido. Pe piaxéi, contàtta l'aministratô e dàgghe a segoénte informaçión:\n\nO teu certificâto o contêgne o mæximo nùmero che un âtro rilasciòu da l'aotoritæ di certificâti. Pe piaxéi pìgine un âtro ch'o l'àgge un nùmero ùnico.

SSLConnectionErrorPrefix=Gh'é stæto un erô durànte a conesción a %S.

certErrorIntro=%S ûza 'n certificâto de seguéssa che o no l'é valido.

certErrorTrust_SelfSigned=O certificâto o no l'é fidòu perché s'é firmòu da sôlo.
certErrorTrust_UnknownIssuer=O certificâto o no l'é fidòu perché o publicatô o l'é sconoisciûo.
certErrorTrust_MissingChain=O certificâto o no l'é fidòu perché no gh'é a cadénn-a di publicatô.
certErrorTrust_CaInvalid=O certificâto o no l'é fidòu perché o l'é publicòu da unn-a CA che a no l'é valida.
certErrorTrust_Issuer=O certificâto o no l'é fidòu perché o l'é publicòu da un publicatô no fidòu.
certErrorTrust_ExpiredIssuer=O certificâto o no l'é fidòu perché o publicatô l'é scadûo.
certErrorTrust_Untrusted=A fónte de questo certificâto a no l'é da fiâse.

certErrorMismatch=O certificâto o no l'é valido perché o nómme %S o no va bén.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (certErrorMismatchSingle2): Do not translate <a id="cert_domain_link" title="%1$S">%1$S</a>
certErrorMismatchSingle2=O certificâto o l'é valido sôlo pe <a id="cert_domain_link" title="%1$S">%1$S</a>
certErrorMismatchMultiple=O certificâto o l'é vàlido sôlo pe i segoénti nómmi:
certErrorMismatchNoNames=O certificâto o no l'é vàlido pe nisciùn nómme de server.

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (certErrorExpiredNow): Do not translate %1$S (date+time of expired certificate) or %2$S (current date+time)
certErrorExpiredNow=O certificâto o l'é scaæito o %1$S. Òua l'é o %2$S.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (certErrorNotYetValidNow): Do not translate %1$S (date+time certificate will become valid) or %2$S (current date+time)
certErrorNotYetValidNow=O certificâto o no saiâ valido prìmma do %1$S. Òua l'é o %2$S.

certErrorCodePrefix=(Erô còdice: %S)

CertInfoIssuedFor=Publicòu in sciô:
CertInfoIssuedBy=Publicòu da:
CertInfoStoredIn=Conservòu inte:
P12DefaultNickname=Certificâto inportòu
CrlImportFailure1x=The application cannot import the Certificate Revocation List (CRL).
CrlImportFailureExpired=A more recent version of this CRL is available.
CrlImportFailureBadSignature=CRL con fìrma invàlida.
CrlImportFailureInvalid=New CRL has an invalid format.
CrlImportFailureOld=New CRL is older than the current one.
CrlImportFailureNotYetValid=The CRL is not yet valid. You might want to check your system clock.
CrlImportFailureNetworkProblem=Descaregaménto do CRL falîa a càoza de problêmi inta ræ.
CrlImportFailureReasonUnknown=Error Importing CRL to local Database. Error Code:
CrlImportFailure2=Pe piaxéi domànda ascisténsa a l'aministratô do scistémma.
NSSInitProblemX=E mi no pòsso inandiâ o conponénte de seguéssa d'aplicaçión. A caoza a peu êse di problêmi co-i file inta teu cartélla do profî d'aplicaçión. Pe favô véddi in pö che sta cartélla a no l'agge de restriçioìn de letûa/scritûa e che o teu disco o no segge pìn ò vexìn a êse pìn. L'é racomandòu che ti scòrti d'aplicaçión e ti rizòlvi o problêma. Se ti continoi a dêuviâ sta seçión, ti poriæ scìnn-a védde di conportaménti sbaliæ quande se deve acède a de càrateristiche de seguéssa.
ProfileSwitchSocketsStillActive=The operation can not be completed because of an internal failure. A secure network communication has not been cleaned up correctly.
ProfileSwitchCryptoUIActive=This operation is impossible at the current time. Please complete the operation that requests your attention in one of the other open windows.
VerifyNotTrusted=<No Fiòu>
VerifyIssuerNotTrusted=<Publicatô No Fiòu>
VerifyIssuerUnknown=<Emiténte sconosciûo>
VerifyInvalidCA=<CA no vàlida>
VerifyUnknown=<no conosciûo>
CertUser=O teu Cert
CertCA=CA (Certificate Authority/Aotoritæ di Certificâti)
CertSSL=Server SSL
CertEmail=Peer S/MIME
CertUnknown=no conosciûo
CertNoNickname=(nisciùn nómme uténte)
CertNoEmailAddress=(nisciùn indirìsso email)
NicknameNotYetValid=(no l'é ancón vàlido)
CaCertExists=Questo certificâto o l'é za instalòu comme aotoritæ de certificâti.
NotACACert=This is not a certificate authority certificate, so it can't be imported into the certificate authority list.
NotImportingUnverifiedCert=Questo certificâto o no peu êse verificòu e o no saiâ inportòu. Chi o rilàscia o peu êse sconosciûo ò no êse da fiâ, peu dâse che o certificâto o ségge ezaorîo ò scancelòu, ò ch'o no ségge stæto aprovòu.
UserCertIgnoredNoPrivateKey=This personal certificate can't be installed because you do not own the corresponding private key which was created when the certificate was requested.
UserCertImported=Your personal certificate has been installed. You should keep a backup copy of this certificate.
CertOrgUnknown=(Nò-u conóscio)
CertNotStored=(No conservòu)