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<!ENTITY advancedJSDialog.title         "Inpostaçioìn avansæ pe JavaScript">
<!ENTITY window.width                   "37em">

<!ENTITY allowScripts.label             "Permétti a-i script de:">

<!ENTITY moveResizePopupWindows.label     "Mesciâ ò cangiâ e dimenscioìn di barcoìn de pop-up">
<!ENTITY moveResizePopupWindows.accesskey "M">
<!ENTITY raiseLowerWindows.label        "Alsâ ò abasâ i barcoìn">
<!ENTITY raiseLowerWindows.accesskey    "r">
<!ENTITY disableContextMenus.label      "Dizabilitâ ò rimpiasâ i menu">
<!ENTITY disableContextMenus.accesskey  "D">