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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

# The correct localization of this file might be to keep it in
# English, or another language commonly spoken among web developers.
# You want to make that choice consistent across the developer tools.
# A good criteria is the language in which you'd find the best
# documentation on web development on the web.

typeCssParser=Analizatô CSS:
errLine=Lìnia: %S
btnMutation=Mutoaçión DOM
tipMutation=Càngia a registraçión di evénti Mutoaçión DOM
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (btnPageLogging):
# This is used as the text of the "Logging" button on the toolbar. It
# shows or hides messages that the web developer inserted on the page for
# debugging purposes, using calls such console.log() and console.error().
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (tipPageLogging):
# This is used as the text of the tool tip for the "Logging" button on
# the toolbar.
btnGlobal=Notìçie globali
tipGlobal=Toggle DOM Mutation event logging
localConsole=Console locale
clearConsoleCmd.label=Polisci a Console
# This is used as the text of the "Clear" button for the toolbar. It clears the
# contents of the console.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE FOR `jsPropertyTitle` AND `jsPropertyInspectTitle`:
# The "PropertyPanel" is used to display a JS object to the user.
# If it is clear which object is being inspected (e.g., window, document object)
# the title of the panel is based on the `jsPropertyInspectTitle` string.
# If it isn't clear which object is being inspected, the `jsPropertyTitle` string
# gets used. This can be the case when the user logs an object to the WebConsole
# output using the console.log(aObjectToInspect) method.
# You can find a screenshot of the PropertyPanel here:
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (jsPropertyInspectTitle):
# The %S is replaced by the evaluated code the user clicked on in the console.
# Example: The user executed `window.document` in the WebConsole. The `document`
# object is written to the output. If the user clicks on the `document` output
# in the console, a PropertyPanel will show up. The title of the PropertyPanel
# is set to `Inspect: window.document` because the clicked `document` object was
# evaluated based on the `window.document` string.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (timestampFormat): %1$02S = hours (24-hour clock),
# %2$02S = minutes, %3$02S = seconds, %4$03S = milliseconds.

helperFuncUnsupportedTypeError=No ciamâ pprint in sce sto tîpo de ògétto.
NetworkPanel.label=Ispeçionn-a a domànda da ræ
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (NetworkPanel.deltaDurationMS):
# This string is used to show the duration between two network events (e.g
# request and respones header or response header and response body).
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (NetworkPanel.imageSizeDeltaDurationMS):
# This string is used to show the duration between the response header and the
# response body event. It also shows the size of the received or cached image.
# The first %S is replace by the width of the inspected image.
# The second %S is replaced by the height of the inspected image.
# The third %S is replaced by the duration between the response header and the
# response body event.
NetworkPanel.imageSizeDeltaDurationMS=%Sx%Spx, Δ%Sms
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (NetworkPanel.responseBodyUnableToDisplay.content):
# This string is displayed within the response body section of the NetworkPanel
# if the content type of the network request can't be displayed in the
# NetworkPanel. E.g. any kind of text is easy to display, but some audio or
# flash data received from the server can't be displayed.
# The %S is replaced by the content type, that can't be displayed, examples are
#  o application/x-shockwave-flash
#  o music/crescendo
NetworkPanel.responseBodyUnableToDisplay.content=No riêscio a fa védde e respóste de tîpo "%S"
ConsoleAPIDisabled=A Console Web ch'a régistra API (console.log,, console.warn, console.error) a l'é stæta dizabilitâ da 'n script de sta pàgina.

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (webConsoleWindowTitleAndURL): The Web Console floating
# panel title, followed by the web page URL.
# For RTL languages you need to set the LRM in the string to give the URL
# the correct direction.
webConsoleWindowTitleAndURL=Console Web- %S

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (scratchpad.linkText):
# The text used in the right hand side of the web console command line when
# Javascript is being entered, to indicate how to jump into scratchpad mode
scratchpad.linkText=Maióscolo+Invîo - Àrvi into blochetìn

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (gcliterm.instanceLabel): The console displays
# objects using their type (from the constructor function) in this descriptive
# string
gcliterm.instanceLabel=Istànsa de %S

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (stacktrace.anonymousFunction):
# This string is used to display JavaScript functions that have no given name -
# they are said to be anonymous. See stacktrace.outputMessage.

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (stacktrace.outputMessage):
# This string is used in the Web Console output to identify a web developer call
# to console.trace(). The stack trace of JavaScript function calls is displayed.
# In this minimal message we only show the last call.
stacktrace.outputMessage=Tràccia do Stack  da %S, fonçión %S, lìnia %S.

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (timerStarted):
# This string is used to display the result of the console.time() call.
# %S=name of timer
timerStarted=%S: reléuio inandiòu

# This string is used to display the result of the console.timeEnd() call.
# %1$S=name of timer, %2$S=number of milliseconds
timeEnd=%1$S: %2$Sms

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (Autocomplete.blank):
# This string is used when inputnode string containing anchor doesn't
# doesn't matches to any property in the content.
Autocomplete.blank=  <- nisciùn éxito

maxTimersExceeded=O nùmero màscimo de reléui o l'é stæto soperòu.
JSTerm.updateNotInspectable = L'ogétto o no se peu ciù analizâ dòppo che l'input de l'uténte o l'é stæto rivaloòu.

webConsoleMixedContentWarning = Contegnûo mescciòu

remoteWebConsolePromptTitle = Conesción remòtta
remoteWebConsolePromptMessage = Scrîvi o nómme host e-o nùmero de pòrta (host:pòrta)
remoteWebConsoleSelectTabTitle = Elénco féuggi - Conesción remòtta
remoteWebConsoleSelectTabMessage = Seleçionâ un di féuggi a-o quæ colegâse òpûre çèrne a console globâle.
listTabs.globalConsoleActor = *Console globâle*
longStringEllipsis = […]
NetworkPanel.fetchRemainingResponseContentLink = Repìggia i restànti %1$S byte
NetworkPanel.fetchRemainingRequestContentLink = Repìggia o còrpo de domànda (%1$S byte)
ToolboxWebconsole.tooltip = Console web
cmd.commandkey = k
connectionTimeout = Ténpo schéito pe-a conesción. Controlâ a Console di eroî da tùtte e pàrte pe védde che no ghe ségian di mesàggi d'erô. Àrvi tórna a Console web pe provâ tórna.
webConsoleCmd.accesskey = w

MenuWebconsole.label = Console web
ToolboxTabWebconsole.label = Console
emptyPropertiesList = Nisciùnn-a propietæ da védde
longStringTooLong = A strìnga che ti çèrchi da védde a l'é tròppo lónga pe-a Console web.
propertiesFilterPlaceholder = Fìltra propietæ

messageRepeats.tooltip2 = #1 repetiçión;#1 repetiçioìn
webConsoleMoreInfoLabel = Âtre informaçioìn

reflow.messageWithNoLink = reflow: %Sms
reflow.messageWithLink = reflow: %Sms\u0020
reflow.messageLinkText = fonçión %1$S, %2$S lìnia %3$S