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<!-- This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
   - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
   - file, You can obtain one at -->

<!-- extracted from am-addressing.xul -->

<!ENTITY addressing.label		"編集とアドレス入力">
<!ENTITY addressingGroupTitle.label	"アドレス入力">
<!ENTITY addressingText.label		"アドレスを自動補完する際に検索する LDAP サーバ:">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (override.label) : do not translate "LDAP" in below line -->
<!ENTITY useGlobal.label		"共通の LDAP サーバ設定を使用する">
<!ENTITY useGlobal.accesskey		"U">
<!ENTITY editDirectories.label		"LDAP サーバの編集...">
<!ENTITY editDirectories.accesskey	"E">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (directories.label) : do not translate "LDAP" in below line -->
<!ENTITY directories.label		"個別の LDAP サーバを指定する:">
<!ENTITY directories.accesskey		"d">
<!ENTITY directoriesNone.label		"None">

<!-- am-addressing.xul -->

<!ENTITY compositionGroupTitle.label	"編集">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (useHtml.label) : do not translate "html" in below line -->
<!ENTITY useHtml.label			"HTML 形式でメッセージを編集する">
<!ENTITY useHtml.accesskey		"C">
<!ENTITY autoQuote.label		"返信時には元のメッセージを自動的に引用する">
<!ENTITY autoQuote.accesskey		"m">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (then.label): This will concatenate with the 4 strings that follow. -->
<!ENTITY then.label			"キャレットの初期状態:">
<!ENTITY then.accesskey			"T">
<!ENTITY aboveQuote.label		"引用部の上">
<!ENTITY belowQuote.label		"引用部の下">
<!ENTITY selectAndQuote.label		"引用部を選択">
<!ENTITY place.label			"署名を挿入する位置:">
<!ENTITY place.accesskey		"s">
<!ENTITY belowText.label		"引用部の下 (推奨)">
<!ENTITY aboveText.label		"返信部の下 (引用部の上)">
<!ENTITY includeSigOnReply.label	"返信メッセージに自分の署名を挿入する">
<!ENTITY includeSigOnReply.accesskey	"I">
<!ENTITY includeSigOnForward.label	"転送メッセージに自分の署名を挿入する">
<!ENTITY includeSigOnForward.accesskey	"w">