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<!-- General -->
<!ENTITY calendar.calendar.label			"カレンダー">
<!ENTITY calendar.calendar.accesskey			"C">

<!ENTITY calendar.newevent.button.tooltip		"新しい予定を作成します" >
<!ENTITY calendar.newtask.button.tooltip		"新しい ToDo を作成します" >

<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.todoitems.label		" ToDo " >
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.showcompletedtodos.label	"完了した ToDo を表示">

<!ENTITY			"今日">
<!ENTITY calendar.tomorrow.button.label			"明日">
<!ENTITY calendar.soon.button.label			"1 週間以内">

<!ENTITY		"すべての予定">
<!ENTITY		"今日の予定">
<!ENTITY		"今後すべての予定">
<!ENTITY		"選択した日の予定">
<!ENTITY		"1 週間後までの予定">
<!ENTITY	"2 週間後までの予定">
<!ENTITY	"今後 1 カ月間の予定">
<!ENTITY	"今月の予定">

<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.done.label		"完了">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.priority.label		"重要度">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.title.label		"件名">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.percentcomplete.label	"&#37; 完了">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.startdate.label	"開始日時">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.enddate.label		"終了日時">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.duedate.label		"締切日時">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.completeddate.label	"完了日時">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.categories.label	"カテゴリ">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.location.label		"場所">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.status.label		"状態">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.calendarname.label	"カレンダー名">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.duration.label		"締切まで"><!-- (^a^) 残り時間、締切までの時間、締切まであと -->
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.close.tooltip		"予定検索と予定リストを閉じます">

<!ENTITY			"今日に移動します" >
<!ENTITY calendar.todaypane.button.tooltip		"Today ペインを表示します" >

<!ENTITY			"日表示に切り替えます" >
<!ENTITY calendar.week.button.tooltip			"週表示に切り替えます" >
<!ENTITY calendar.month.button.tooltip			"月表示に切り替えます" >
<!ENTITY calendar.multiweek.button.tooltip		"多週表示に切り替えます" >

<!-- (^a^) 基準は、今日/今週/今月 ではなくて 選択されている日/週/月 -->
<!ENTITY calendar.nextday.label				"次の日" >
<!ENTITY calendar.prevday.label				"前の日" >
<!ENTITY calendar.nextday.accesskey			"x" >
<!ENTITY calendar.prevday.accesskey			"s" >
<!ENTITY calendar.nextweek.label			"次の週" >
<!ENTITY calendar.prevweek.label			"前の週" >
<!ENTITY calendar.nextweek.accesskey			"x" >
<!ENTITY calendar.prevweek.accesskey			"s" >
<!ENTITY calendar.nextmonth.label			"次の月" >
<!ENTITY calendar.prevmonth.label			"前の月" >
<!ENTITY calendar.nextmonth.accesskey			"x" >
<!ENTITY calendar.prevmonth.accesskey			"s" >

<!ENTITY calendar.navigation.nextday.tooltip		"翌日へ進みます" >
<!ENTITY calendar.navigation.prevday.tooltip		"前日へ戻ります" >
<!ENTITY calendar.navigation.nextweek.tooltip		"翌週へ進みます" >
<!ENTITY calendar.navigation.prevweek.tooltip		"前週へ戻ります" >
<!ENTITY calendar.navigation.nextmonth.tooltip		"翌月へ進みます" >
<!ENTITY calendar.navigation.prevmonth.tooltip		"前月へ戻ります" >

<!ENTITY calendar.newevent.button.label			"新しい予定" >
<!ENTITY calendar.newtask.button.label			"新しい ToDo" >
<!ENTITY calendar.print.button.label			"印刷" >

<!ENTITY calendar.export.calendar			"カレンダーをエクスポート..." >

<!ENTITY			"日" >
<!ENTITY calendar.week.button.label			"週" >
<!ENTITY calendar.month.button.label			"月" >
<!ENTITY calendar.multiweek.button.label		"多週" >
<!ENTITY calendar.onlyworkday.checkbox.label		"勤務日のみ表示" >
<!ENTITY calendar.onlyworkday.checkbox.accesskey	"r" >
<!ENTITY calendar.displaytodos.checkbox.label		"ToDo を表示" >
<!ENTITY calendar.displaytodos.checkbox.accesskey	"k" >
<!ENTITY calendar.completedtasks.checkbox.label		"完了した ToDo を表示" >
<!ENTITY calendar.completedtasks.checkbox.accesskey	"c" >

<!ENTITY calendar.orientation.label			"表示を回転" >
<!ENTITY calendar.orientation.accesskey			"o" >

<!ENTITY		" に含まれる">

<!ENTITY calendar.list.header.label			"カレンダー">

<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.title.label		"表示">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.all.label			"すべて">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.all.accesskey		"A">
<!ENTITY		"今日">
<!ENTITY		"T">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.next7days.label		"1 週間後まで">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.next7days.accesskey	"N">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.notstarted.label		"未着手の ToDo">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.notstarted.accesskey	"a">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.overdue.label		"締め切りを越えた ToDo">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.overdue.accesskey		"O">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.completed.label		"完了した ToDo">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.completed.accesskey	"C">
<!ENTITY		"完了していない ToDo">
<!ENTITY		"m">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE(calendar.task.filter.current.label)
     "Current Tasks" will show all tasks, except those with a start date set
     that is after today and after the selected date. If a task repeats, a
     separate entry will be shown for each of the occurrences that happen on or
     before today (or the selected date, whichever is later). -->
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.current.label		"現在の ToDo">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.current.accesskey		"u">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.repeating.label		"繰り返す ToDo">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.repeating.accesskey	"R">

<!ENTITY calendar.task-details.title.label		"件名">
<!ENTITY calendar.task-details.organizer.label		"差出人">
<!ENTITY calendar.task-details.priority.label		"重要度">
<!ENTITY calendar.task-details.priority.low.label	"低">
<!ENTITY calendar.task-details.priority.normal.label	"標準">
<!ENTITY calendar.task-details.priority.high.label	"高">
<!ENTITY calendar.task-details.status.label		"状態">
<!ENTITY calendar.task-details.category.label		"カテゴリ">
<!ENTITY calendar.task-details.repeat.label		"周期">
<!ENTITY calendar.task-details.attachments.label	"添付">
<!ENTITY calendar.task-details.start.label		"着手日時">
<!ENTITY calendar.task-details.due.label		"締切日時">

<!ENTITY calendar.task.category.button.tooltip		"ToDo をカテゴリに分けます">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.complete.button.tooltip		"選択した ToDo を完了にします">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.priority.button.tooltip		"重要度を変更します">

<!-- Statusbar -->
<!ENTITY statusText.label				"ドキュメント: 完了">

<!-- Context Menu -->
<!ENTITY calendar.context.modifyorviewitem.label	"開く">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.modifyorviewitem.accesskey	"O">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.modifyorviewtask.label	"ToDo を開く...">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.modifyorviewtask.accesskey	"O">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.newevent.label		"新しい予定...">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.newevent.accesskey		"N">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.newtodo.label			"新しい ToDo...">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.newtodo.accesskey		"k">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deletetask.label		"ToDo を削除">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deletetask.accesskey		"l">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deleteevent.label		"予定を削除">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deleteevent.accesskey		"l">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.cutevent.label		"切り取り">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.cutevent.accesskey		"t">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.copyevent.label		"コピー">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.copyevent.accesskey		"C">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.pasteevent.label		"貼り付け">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.pasteevent.accesskey		"P">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.button.label			"Today ペイン" >
<!ENTITY calendar.context.button.accesskey		"T" >
<!ENTITY		"参加" >
<!ENTITY	"d" >
<!ENTITY calendar.context.attendance.occurrence.label	"この予定のみ" >
<!ENTITY calendar.context.attendance.all.label		"すべての予定" >

<!-- Task Context Menu -->
<!ENTITY calendar.context.progress.label		"進行状況">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.progress.accesskey		"P">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.priority.label		"重要度">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.priority.accesskey		"r">

<!ENTITY percnt						"&#38;#37;" ><!--=percent sign-->

<!ENTITY calendar.context.markcompleted.label		"完了にする">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.markcompleted.accesskey	"o">

<!ENTITY progress.level.0				"0&percnt; 完了">
<!ENTITY progress.level.0.accesskey			"0">
<!ENTITY progress.level.25				"25&percnt; 完了">
<!ENTITY progress.level.25.accesskey			"2">
<!ENTITY progress.level.50				"50&percnt; 完了">
<!ENTITY progress.level.50.accesskey			"5">
<!ENTITY progress.level.75				"75&percnt; 完了">
<!ENTITY progress.level.75.accesskey			"7">
<!ENTITY progress.level.100				"100&percnt; 完了">
<!ENTITY progress.level.100.accesskey			"1">

<!ENTITY priority.level.none				"指定なし">
<!ENTITY priority.level.none.accesskey			"s">
<!ENTITY priority.level.low				"低">
<!ENTITY priority.level.low.accesskey			"L">
<!ENTITY priority.level.normal				"標準">
<!ENTITY priority.level.normal.accesskey		"N">
<!ENTITY priority.level.high				"高">
<!ENTITY priority.level.high.accesskey			"H">

<!-- Task View -->
<!-- Note that the above *.context.* strings are currently used for the other
     task action buttons -->
<!ENTITY calendar.taskview.delete.label			"削除">
<!ENTITY calendar.taskview.delete.accesskey		"l">

<!-- Server Context Menu -->
<!ENTITY calendar.context.newserver.label		"新しいカレンダー...">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.newserver.accesskey		"N">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.findcalendar.label		"カレンダーを検索..." >
<!ENTITY calendar.context.findcalendar.accesskey	"F" >
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deleteserver.label		"カレンダーを削除">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deleteserver.accesskey	"D">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.synccalendars.label		"カレンダーを同期">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.synccalendars.accesskey	"S">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.publish.label			"カレンダーを公開...">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.publish.accesskey		"b">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.export.label			"カレンダーをエクスポート...">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.export.accesskey		"E">
<!ENTITY		"プロパティ">
<!ENTITY		"P">

<!ENTITY calendar.context.convertmenu.label		"変換">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.convertmenu.accesskey.mail	"n">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.convertmenu.accesskey.calendar	"v">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.convertmenu.event.label	"予定...">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.convertmenu.event.accesskey	"E">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.convertmenu.message.label	"メッセージ...">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.convertmenu.message.accesskey	"M">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.convertmenu.task.label	"ToDo...">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.convertmenu.task.accesskey	"T">

<!ENTITY calendar.tasks.view.minimonth.label		"日付選択">
<!ENTITY calendar.tasks.view.minimonth.accesskey	"M">

<!ENTITY calendar.tasks.view.calendarlist.label		"カレンダーリスト">
<!ENTITY calendar.tasks.view.calendarlist.accesskey	"L">

<!ENTITY calendar.tasks.view.filtertasks.label		"表示選択">
<!ENTITY calendar.tasks.view.filtertasks.accesskey	"F">

<!-- Calendar Alarm Dialog -->

<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.location.label			"場所:" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.details.label			"詳細..." >

<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snoozefor.label			"再通知する" > <!-- TODO -->
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snoozeallfor.label		"すべて再通知する" > <!-- TODO -->
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.title.label			"カレンダーアラーム" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.dismiss.label			"停止する" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.dismissall.label		"すべて停止する" >

<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snooze.5minutes.label		"5 分" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snooze.10minutes.label		"10 分" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snooze.15minutes.label		"15 分" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snooze.30minutes.label		"30 分" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snooze.45minutes.label		"45 分" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snooze.1hour.label		"1 時間" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snooze.2hours.label		"2 時間" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snooze.1day.label		"1 日" >

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (calendar.alarm.snooze.cancel)
     This string is not seen in the UI, it is read by screen readers when the
     user focuses the "Cancel" button in the "Snooze for..." popup of the alarm
     dialog. -->
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snooze.cancel			"スヌーズをキャンセルします">

<!-- Calendar Server Dialog -->
<!ENTITY calendar.server.dialog.title.edit		"カレンダーの編集">
<!ENTITY		"カレンダー名:">

<!-- Calendar Properties -->
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.color.label			"色:">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.webdav.label		"iCalendar (ICS)">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.caldav.label		"CalDAV">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.wcap.label			"Sun Java System Calendar Server (WCAP)">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.format.label		"フォーマット:">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.location.label		"場所:">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.refreshInterval.label	"カレンダーの更新:">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.refreshInterval.manual.label	"手動">
<!ENTITY			"名前:">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.readonly.label		"読み込み専用">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.firealarms.label		"アラーム通知する">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.cache2.label		"キャッシュ">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.enabled.label		"このカレンダーを有効にする">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.forceDisabled.label		"このカレンダーのプロバイダが見つかりませんでした。対象のアドオンが無効にされているかアンインストールされています。">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.unsubscribe.label		"登録解除">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.unsubscribe.accesskey	"U">

<!-- Calendar Publish Dialog -->
<!ENTITY calendar.publish.dialog.title			"カレンダーの公開">
<!ENTITY calendar.publish.url.label			"公開 URL">
<!ENTITY calendar.publish.publish.button		"公開">
<!ENTITY calendar.publish.close.button			"閉じる">

<!ENTITY calendar.publish.example.url.description	"例:">

<!-- Select Calendar Dialog -->
<!ENTITY			"カレンダーの選択">

<!-- Calendar Printing -->
<!ENTITY calendar.print.window.title			"カレンダーの印刷">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.title.label			"件名:">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.layout.label			"レイアウト:">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.range.label			"印刷範囲">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.currentView2.label		"現在の表示範囲">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.selectedEventsAndTasks.label	"選択した予定/ToDo">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.tasks.label			"ToDo">
<!ENTITY			"予定">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.selected.label			"選択した予定">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.custom.label			"期間を指定:">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.from.label			"開始日:">
<!ENTITY			"終了日:">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.settingsGroup.label		"印刷設定">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.optionsGroup.label		"オプション">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.taskswithnoduedate.label	"締め切りのない ToDo">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.completedtasks.label		"完了した ToDo">

<!-- Error reporting -->
<!ENTITY calendar.error.detail				"詳細...">
<!ENTITY calendar.error.code				"エラーコード:">
<!ENTITY calendar.error.description			"説明:">
<!ENTITY calendar.error.title				"エラーが発生しました">