sync cal with beta
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sync cal with beta
--- a/calendar/chrome/calendar/calendar-event-dialog.dtd
+++ b/calendar/chrome/calendar/calendar-event-dialog.dtd
@@ -143,18 +143,18 @@
 <!ENTITY                  "Undang Peserta…">
 <!ENTITY              "U">
 <!ENTITY                 "Periksa Ejaan…">
 <!ENTITY             "e">
 <!ENTITY          "Periksa Ejaan Saat Mengetik ">
 <!ENTITY      "s">
 <!ENTITY                       "Tambah Tautan…">
 <!ENTITY                   "T">
-<!ENTITY                   "Zona Waktu">
-<!ENTITY               "Z">
+<!ENTITY                  "Tampilkan Zona Waktu">
+<!ENTITY              "Z">
 <!ENTITY                  "Prioritas">
 <!ENTITY              "P">
 <!ENTITY      "Tidak Ditentukan">
 <!ENTITY  "T">
 <!ENTITY               "Rendah">
 <!ENTITY           "R">
 <!ENTITY            "Normal">
 <!ENTITY        "N">
@@ -367,16 +367,17 @@
 <!ENTITY event.freebusy.legend.unknown          "Tidak ada keterangan" >
 <!ENTITY event.attendee.role.required           "Undangan yang Wajib">
 <!ENTITY event.attendee.role.optional           "Undangan yang Opsional">
 <!ENTITY event.attendee.role.chair              "Pimpinan">
 <!ENTITY event.attendee.role.nonparticipant     "Bukan Peserta">
 <!-- Timezone dialog -->
 <!ENTITY timezone.title.label            "Tentukan Zona Waktu">
+<!ENTITY event.timezone.custom.label     "Zona Waktu Lainnya…">
 <!-- Read-Only dialog -->
 <!ENTITY read.only.general.label         "Umum">
 <!ENTITY read.only.title.label           "Judul:">
 <!ENTITY read.only.event.start.label     "Tanggal Mulai:">
 <!ENTITY read.only.task.start.label      "Tanggal Mulai:">
 <!ENTITY read.only.event.end.label       "Tanggal Selesai:">
 <!ENTITY read.only.task.due.label        "Tanggal Selesai:">
--- a/calendar/chrome/calendar/calendar.dtd
+++ b/calendar/chrome/calendar/calendar.dtd
@@ -55,17 +55,17 @@
 <!ENTITY       "Hari Ini">
 <!ENTITY calendar.tomorrow.button.label       "Besok">
 <!ENTITY calendar.soon.button.label           "Segera">
 <!ENTITY "Semua Acara">
 <!ENTITY "Acara Hari Ini">
 <!ENTITY "Semua Acara yang Akan Datang">
 <!ENTITY "Hari yang Sedang Dipilih">
-<!ENTITY "Acara pada Tampilan Sekarang">
+<!ENTITY "Acara pada Tampilan Sekarang">
 <!ENTITY "Acara dalam 7 Hari ke Depan">
 <!ENTITY "Acara dalam 14 Hari ke Depan">
 <!ENTITY "Acara dalam 31 Hari ke Depan">
 <!ENTITY "Acara dalam Bulan Kalender ini">
 <!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.done.label          "Selesai">
 <!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.priority.label      "Prioritas">
 <!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.title.label         "Judul">
@@ -244,16 +244,19 @@
 <!ENTITY calendar.context.postpone.1hour.label      "1 Jam">
 <!ENTITY calendar.context.postpone.1hour.accesskey  "J">
 <!ENTITY calendar.context.postpone.1day.label       "1 Hari">
 <!ENTITY calendar.context.postpone.1day.accesskey   "H">
 <!ENTITY calendar.context.postpone.1week.label      "1 Minggu">
 <!ENTITY calendar.context.postpone.1week.accesskey  "M">
+<!ENTITY calendar.copylink.label       "Salin Lokasi Tautan">
+<!ENTITY calendar.copylink.accesskey   "S">
 <!-- Task View -->
 <!-- Note that the above *.context.* strings are currently used for the other
      task action buttons -->
 <!ENTITY calendar.taskview.delete.label     "Hapus">
 <!ENTITY calendar.taskview.delete.accesskey "H">
 <!-- Server Context Menu -->
 <!ENTITY calendar.context.newserver.label              "Kalender Baru…">
--- a/calendar/chrome/calendar/
+++ b/calendar/chrome/calendar/
@@ -164,16 +164,18 @@ tooltipLocation =Lokasi:
 # event date, usually an interval, such as
 #  Date: 7:00--8:00 Thu 9 Oct 2011
 #  Date: Thu 9 Oct 2000 -- Fri 10 Oct 2000
 tooltipDate     =Tanggal:
 # event calendar name
 tooltipCalName=Nama Kalender:
 # event status: tentative, confirmed, cancelled
 tooltipStatus   =Status:
+# event organizer
 # task/todo fields
 # start date time, due date time, task priority number, completed date time
 tooltipStart    =Mulai:
 tooltipDue      =Jatuh Tempo:
 tooltipPriority =Prioritas:
 tooltipPercent  =% Selesai:
--- a/calendar/chrome/lightning/lightning.dtd
+++ b/calendar/chrome/lightning/lightning.dtd
@@ -71,18 +71,16 @@
 <!ENTITY           "T">
 <!-- Events and Tasks menu -->
 <!ENTITY                "Acara dan Tugas">
 <!ENTITY            "A">
 <!-- properties dialog, calendar creation wizard -->
-<!ENTITY lightning.calendarproperties.showevents.inagenda.label "Tampilkan Acara pada Panel Hari Ini">
-<!ENTITY lightning.calendarproperties.showtasks.label           "Tampilkan Tugas pada Panel Hari Ini dan Mode Tugas">
 <!ENTITY               "Email:">
 <!-- iMIP Bar (meeting support) -->
 <!ENTITY lightning.imipbar.description "Pesan in berisi undangan sebuah acara.">
 <!-- Lightning specific keybindings -->
 <!ENTITY lightning.keys.event.showCalendar.key "C">
 <!ENTITY lightning.keys.event.showTasks.key "D">