Bug 839534 -[id] Many English strings added recently on Aurora - Desktop
authorRomi Hardiyanto <romihardiyanto@gmail.com>
Sat, 16 Feb 2013 18:47:04 +0100
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Bug 839534 -[id] Many English strings added recently on Aurora - Desktop
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/aboutHealthReport.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/aboutHealthReport.dtd
@@ -1,31 +1,31 @@
 <!-- This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
    - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
    - file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/. -->
 <!-- metrics.locale-direction instead of the usual local.dir entity, so RTL can skip translating page. -->
 <!ENTITY abouthealth.locale-direction "ltr">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (abouthealth.pagetitle): Firefox Health Report is a proper noun in en-US, please keep this in mind. -->
-<!ENTITY abouthealth.pagetitle "&brandShortName; Health Report">
-<!ENTITY abouthealth.header "&brandFullName; Health Report">
+<!ENTITY abouthealth.pagetitle "Laporan Kebugaran &brandShortName;">
+<!ENTITY abouthealth.header "Laporan Kebugaran &brandFullName;">
-<!ENTITY abouthealth.intro.title "What is &brandShortName; Health Report?">
+<!ENTITY abouthealth.intro.title "Apa itu Laporan Kebugaran &brandShortName;?">
-<!ENTITY abouthealth.intro-enabled "&brandFullName; collects some data about your computer and usage in order to provide you with a better browser experience.">
-<!ENTITY abouthealth.intro-disabled "You are currently not submitting usage data to &vendorShortName;. You can help us make &brandShortName; better by clicking the &quot;&abouthealth.optin;&quot; button.">
+<!ENTITY abouthealth.intro-enabled "&brandFullName; mengumpulkan beberapa data tentang komputer Anda untuk dapat meningkatkan pengalaman penjelajahan Anda.">
+<!ENTITY abouthealth.intro-disabled "Saat ini Anda tidak sedang mengirimkan data penggunakan ke &vendorShortName;. Anda dapat membantu menyempurnakan &brandShortName; dengan mengeklik tombol &quot;&abouthealth.optin;&quot;.">
-<!ENTITY abouthealth.optin "Help make &brandShortName; better">
-<!ENTITY abouthealth.optout "Turn Off Reporting">
+<!ENTITY abouthealth.optin "Bantu menyempurnakan &brandShortName;">
+<!ENTITY abouthealth.optout "Nonaktifkan Pelaporan">
-<!ENTITY abouthealth.optout.confirmationPrompt.title "Stop data submission?">
-<!ENTITY abouthealth.optout.confirmationPrompt.message "Are you sure you want to opt out and delete all your anonymous product data stored on &vendorShortName; servers?">
+<!ENTITY abouthealth.optout.confirmationPrompt.title "Hentikan pengiriman data?">
+<!ENTITY abouthealth.optout.confirmationPrompt.message "Yakin tidak ingin mengirimkan data dan menghapus data produk yang bersifat anonim yang tersimpan di server &vendorShortName;?">
 <!ENTITY abouthealth.show-raw-data "Tampilkan Detail">
 <!ENTITY abouthealth.hide-raw-data "Sembunyikan Detail">
-<!ENTITY abouthealth.show-report "Show &brandShortName; Report">
+<!ENTITY abouthealth.show-report "Tampilkan Laporan &brandShortName;">
-<!ENTITY abouthealth.details.description-start "This is the data &brandFullName; is submitting in order for &brandShortName; Health Report to function.   You can ">
-<!ENTITY abouthealth.details-link "learn more">
-<!ENTITY abouthealth.details.description-end " about what we collect and submit.">
-<!ENTITY abouthealth.no-data-available "There is no previous submission to display. Please check back later.">
+<!ENTITY abouthealth.details.description-start "Berikut adalah data &brandFullName; yang dikirimkan untuk &brandShortName; Health Report. Anda dapat ">
+<!ENTITY abouthealth.details-link "mempelajari lebih lanjut">
+<!ENTITY abouthealth.details.description-end " tentang data yang dikumpulkan dan dikirimkan.">
+<!ENTITY abouthealth.no-data-available "Tidak ada pengiriman data yang pernah dilakukan. Silakan kembali lagi dalam beberapa saat.">
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/baseMenuOverlay.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/baseMenuOverlay.dtd
@@ -17,18 +17,18 @@
 <!ENTITY aboutProduct.label       "Tentang &brandShortName;">
 <!ENTITY aboutProduct.accesskey   "T">
 <!ENTITY productHelp.label        "Bantuan &brandShortName;">
 <!ENTITY productHelp.accesskey    "B">
 <!ENTITY helpMac.commandkey       "?">
 <!ENTITY helpSafeMode.label       "Mulai Ulang dengan Pengaya Dinonaktifkan…">
 <!ENTITY helpSafeMode.accesskey   "n">
-<!ENTITY healthReport.label       "&brandShortName; Health Report">
-<!ENTITY healthReport.accesskey   "e">
+<!ENTITY healthReport.label       "Laporan Kebugaran &brandShortName;">
+<!ENTITY healthReport.accesskey   "o">
 <!ENTITY helpTroubleshootingInfo.label      "Informasi Pemecahan Masalah…">
 <!ENTITY helpTroubleshootingInfo.accesskey  "M">
 <!ENTITY helpFeedbackPage.label      "Kirim Saran…">
 <!ENTITY helpFeedbackPage.accesskey  "S">
 <!ENTITY preferencesCmdMac.label        "Pengaturan…">
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/browser.properties
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/browser.properties
@@ -347,19 +347,19 @@ syncPromoNotification.learnMoreLinkText=
 syncPromoNotification.addons.description=Anda dapat mengakses pengaya pada semua perangkat dengan %S.
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (syncPromoNotification.addons-sync-disabled.label):
 # This appears in the add-on install complete panel when Sync is set
 # but addons sync is not. %S will be replaced by syncBrandShortName.
 # The final space separates this text from the Learn More link.
 syncPromoNotification.addons-sync-disabled.description=Anda dapat menggunakan akun %S untuk menyinkronkan pengaya di berbagai perangkat. 
 # Mozilla data reporting notification (Telemetry, Firefox Health Report, etc)
-dataReportingNotification.message       = %1$S automatically sends some data to %2$S so that we can improve your experience.
-dataReportingNotification.button.label  = Choose What I Share
-dataReportingNotification.button.accessKey  = C
+dataReportingNotification.message       = %1$S mengirimkan beberapa jenis data ke %2$S agar kami dapat meningkatkan pengalaman Anda.
+dataReportingNotification.button.label  = Pilih yang Saya Bagikan
+dataReportingNotification.button.accessKey  = B
 # Keyword.URL reset prompt
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (keywordPrompt.message):
 #  - %1$S is brandShortName
 #  - %2$S is a host name (e.g. "somewebsearch.com") from the current value of keyword.URL
 #  - %3$S is the name of the default search engine (e.g. "Google")
 keywordPrompt.message = %1$S menggunakan '%2$S' untuk pencarian pada bilah lokasi. Ingin mengembalikan ke pencarian bawaan (%3$S)?
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/advanced.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/advanced.dtd
@@ -23,39 +23,39 @@
 <!ENTITY useSmoothScrolling.accesskey    "m">
 <!ENTITY allowHWAccel.label              "Gunakan akselerasi perangkat keras jika tersedia">
 <!ENTITY allowHWAccel.accesskey          "a">
 <!ENTITY checkSpelling.label             "Periksa ejaan saat mengetik teks">
 <!ENTITY checkSpelling.accesskey         "e">
 <!ENTITY systemDefaults.label            "Pengaturan Default Sistem">
-<!ENTITY alwaysCheckDefault.label        "Periksa apakah &brandShortName; adalah program peramban web default ketika memulai">
+<!ENTITY alwaysCheckDefault.label        "Periksa apakah &brandShortName; adalah program peramban web baku ketika memulai">
 <!ENTITY alwaysCheckDefault.accesskey    "w">
 <!ENTITY setDefault.label                "Jadikan &brandShortName; sebagai peramban baku">
 <!ENTITY setDefault.accesskey            "d">
 <!ENTITY isDefault.label                 "&brandShortName; adalah peramban baku Anda">
 <!ENTITY dataChoicesTab.label            "Data Choices">
-<!ENTITY healthReportSection.label       "&brandShortName; Health Report">
-<!ENTITY healthReportDesc.label          "Helps you understand your browser performance and shares data with &vendorShortName; about your browser health">
-<!ENTITY enableHealthReport.label        "Enable &brandShortName; Health Report">
-<!ENTITY enableHealthReport.accesskey    "R">
-<!ENTITY healthReportLearnMore.label     "Learn More">
+<!ENTITY healthReportSection.label       "Laporan Kebugaran &brandShortName;">
+<!ENTITY healthReportDesc.label          "Bantu kami memahami kinerja dengan berbagi data kebugaran peramban Anda bersama &vendorShortName;">
+<!ENTITY enableHealthReport.label        "Aktifkan Laporan Kebugaran &brandShortName;">
+<!ENTITY enableHealthReport.accesskey    "K">
+<!ENTITY healthReportLearnMore.label     "Pelajari Selengkapnya">
-<!ENTITY telemetrySection.label          "Telemetry">
-<!ENTITY telemetryDesc.label             "Shares performance, usage, hardware and customization data about your browser with &vendorShortName; to help us make &brandShortName; better">
-<!ENTITY enableTelemetry.label           "Enable Telemetry">
+<!ENTITY telemetrySection.label          "Telemetri">
+<!ENTITY telemetryDesc.label             "Berbagi data kinerja, penggunaan, perangkat keras, dan pengubahsuaian peramban Anda bersama &vendorShortName; untuk membuat &brandShortName; lebih baik">
+<!ENTITY enableTelemetry.label           "Aktifkan Telemetri">
 <!ENTITY enableTelemetry.accesskey       "T">
-<!ENTITY telemetryLearnMore.label        "Learn More">
+<!ENTITY telemetryLearnMore.label        "Pelajari Selengkapnya">
 <!ENTITY crashReporterSection.label      "Pelapor Kerusakan">
-<!ENTITY crashReporterDesc.label         "&brandShortName; submits crash reports to help &vendorShortName; make your browser more stable and secure">
-<!ENTITY enableCrashReporter.label       "Enable Crash Reporter">
+<!ENTITY crashReporterDesc.label         "&brandShortName; mengirimkan laporan kerusakan untuk membantu &vendorShortName; membuat peramban Anda lebih stabil dan aman">
+<!ENTITY enableCrashReporter.label       "Aktifkan Pelapor Kerusakan">
 <!ENTITY enableCrashReporter.accesskey   "C">
 <!ENTITY crashReporterLearnMore.label    "Learn More">
 <!ENTITY networkTab.label                "Jaringan">
 <!ENTITY connection.label                "Sambungan">
 <!ENTITY connectionDesc.label            "Atur cara &brandShortName; tersambung ke Internet">
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/preferences.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/preferences.dtd
@@ -2,19 +2,19 @@
    - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
    - file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/. -->
 <!ENTITY  prefWindow.titleWin     "Pengaturan">
 <!ENTITY  prefWindow.titleGNOME   "Pengaturan &brandShortName;">
 <!-- When making changes to prefWindow.styleWin test both Windows Classic and
      Luna since widget heights are different based on the OS theme -->
-<!ENTITY  prefWinMinSize.styleWin2      "width: 47em; min-height: 37.5em;">
-<!ENTITY  prefWinMinSize.styleMac       "width: 52em; min-height: 40em;">
-<!ENTITY  prefWinMinSize.styleGNOME     "width: 47em; min-height: 40.5em;">
+<!ENTITY  prefWinMinSize.styleWin2      "width: 50em; min-height: 37.5em;">
+<!ENTITY  prefWinMinSize.styleMac       "width: 55em; min-height: 40em;">
+<!ENTITY  prefWinMinSize.styleGNOME     "width: 50em; min-height: 40.5em;">
 <!ENTITY  paneGeneral.title       "Umum">
 <!ENTITY  paneTabs.title          "Tab">
 <!ENTITY  paneContent.title       "Isi">
 <!ENTITY  paneApplications.title  "Aplikasi">
 <!ENTITY  panePrivacy.title       "Privasi">
 <!ENTITY  paneSecurity.title      "Keamanan">
 <!ENTITY  paneAdvanced.title      "Canggih">