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<!-- This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
   - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
   - file, You can obtain one at -->

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE: The text in some of these strings is supposed to be
     fun and playful. Please feel free to adjust the tone as works best in
     your language and/or locale. More detailed notes below. -->

<!ENTITY pageTitle                 "Masukan &brandShortName;">

<!ENTITY intro.header              "Punya waktu sebentar?">
<!ENTITY intro.message             "Beri tahu kami apa pendapat Anda tentang &brandShortName; untuk Android hingga saat ini.">
<!ENTITY intro.happyLink           "Suka sekali">
<!ENTITY intro.sadLink             "Saya menemukan masalah">
<!ENTITY intro.maybeLater          "Nanti saya yaaa…">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (support.pre): Include a trailing space as needed. -->
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE ( Avoid leading/trailing spaces, this text is a link. -->
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE ( Include a starting space as needed. -->
<!ENTITY support.pre3              "Kunjungi ">
<!ENTITY support.link2             "Layanan Dukungan">
<!ENTITY support.post3             " kami untuk mendapatkan jawaban atas masalah yang umum terjadi.">

<!ENTITY happy.header              "Kami gembira sekali mendengarnya!">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (happy.message): "share the love" — This feels purposely exaggerated in English,
     but essentially it means that we want you to let others know how much you love Firefox. -->
<!ENTITY happy.message             "Ingin berbagi rasa suka cita dengan memberi peringkat 5 bintang di Google Play?">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (happy.finePrint): "feels great" — Another exaggeration where we're trying to
     get people to rate us by playfully telling them there's a benefit in it for them as well. -->
<!ENTITY happy.finePrint           "Cuma sebentar tapi rasakan hebatnya.">

<!ENTITY happy.ratingLink          "Ya, buka Google Play">
<!ENTITY happy.maybeLater2         "Nanti saja">
<!ENTITY happy.noThanks            "Tidak, trims.">

<!ENTITY sad.header                "Waduh!">
<!ENTITY sad.message               "Kami mohon maaf jika Anda menemukan masalah tentang &brandShortName;. Mohon beri tahu kami apa yang terjadi agar kami dapat memperbaikinya.">
<!ENTITY sad.placeholder           "Masukkan saran Anda di sini">
<!ENTITY sad.lastSite2             "Sertakan situs terakhir yang dikunjungi">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (sad.urlPlaceholder): Placeholder text that appears in "Last visited site" input box when there is no text. -->
<!ENTITY sad.urlPlaceholder        "http://">
<!ENTITY sad.thanksHeader2         "Terima kasih.">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (sad.thanksMessageTop): "real people" — We're stating that an actual human will look at the feedback
     and that it doesn't just go to some automated system that looks for keywords, or something like that. -->
<!ENTITY sad.thanksMessageTop      "Kami selalu bekerja keras untuk membuat &brandShortName; menjadi lebih baik. Saran Anda akan kami baca dan kami akan berusaha sebaik mungkin untuk mengatasi masalah Anda.">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (sad.thanksMessageBottom): We're suggesting that there will be consequences for the people working
     on Firefox if they don't resolve the user's problem, like "or if they don't fix it, we'll fire them." If this doesn't
     work in your language, you can change it to something like "no matter what" or just remove it entirely. -->
<!ENTITY sad.thanksMessageBottom   "">

<!ENTITY feedback.privacy2         "Untuk privasi Anda, jangan sertakan informasi yang dapat mengidentifikasi orang pada saran Anda.">
<!ENTITY feedback.send             "Kirim Saran">