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sync browser w/o devtools and metro

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   - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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<!ENTITY aboutNetworking.title                 "Tentang Jaringan">
<!ENTITY aboutNetworking.warning               "Fitur ini bersifat percobaab. Jangan menggunakan fitur ini tanpa bantuan ahli.">
<!ENTITY aboutNetworking.showNextTime          "Tampilkan lagi peringatan ini nanti">
<!ENTITY aboutNetworking.ok                    "Oke">
<!ENTITY aboutNetworking.http                  "Http">
<!ENTITY aboutNetworking.sockets               "Socket">
<!ENTITY aboutNetworking.dns                   "DNS">
<!ENTITY aboutNetworking.websockets            "WebSocket">
<!ENTITY aboutNetworking.refresh               "Segarkan">
<!ENTITY aboutNetworking.autoRefresh           "Segarkan otomatis tiap 3 detik">
<!ENTITY aboutNetworking.hostname              "Nama host">
<!ENTITY aboutNetworking.port                  "Port">
<!ENTITY aboutNetworking.spdy                  "SPDY">
<!ENTITY aboutNetworking.ssl                   "SSL">
<!ENTITY                "Aktif">
<!ENTITY aboutNetworking.idle                  "Menganggur">
<!ENTITY                  "Host">
<!ENTITY aboutNetworking.tcp                   "TCP">
<!ENTITY aboutNetworking.sent                  "Dikirim">
<!ENTITY aboutNetworking.received              "Diterima">
<!ENTITY                "Keluarga">
<!ENTITY aboutNetworking.addresses             "Alamat">
<!ENTITY aboutNetworking.expires               "Kedaluwarsa (Detik)">
<!ENTITY aboutNetworking.messagesSent          "Pesan Dikirim">
<!ENTITY aboutNetworking.messagesReceived      "Pesan Diterima">
<!ENTITY aboutNetworking.bytesSent             "Byte Dikirim">
<!ENTITY aboutNetworking.bytesReceived         "Byte Diterima">