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<!ENTITY onlineContactsHeader.label    "Kontak Daring">
<!ENTITY offlineContactsHeader.label   "Kontak Luring">
<!ENTITY conversationsHeader.label     "Percakapan">
<!ENTITY searchResultConversation.label "Hasil pencarian">
<!ENTITY chat.noConv.title             "Percakapan akan ditampilkan di sini.">
<!ENTITY chat.noConv.description       "Gunakan daftar kontak di panel kiri untuk memulai percakapan.">
<!ENTITY chat.noPreviousConv.description       "Saat ini &brandShortName; tidak memiliki data percakapan sebelumnya untuk kontak ini.">
<!ENTITY chat.noAccount.title             "Anda belum pernah menyetel akun ngobrol.">
<!ENTITY chat.noAccount.description       "Ikuti panduan &brandShortName; untuk menyiapkan akun ngobrol Anda.">
<!ENTITY chat.accountWizard.button       "Memulai">
<!ENTITY chat.noConnectedAccount.title             "Akun ngobrol Anda tidak tersambung.">
<!ENTITY chat.noConnectedAccount.description       "Anda dapat menyambung ke akun lewat dialog 'Status ngobrol':">
<!ENTITY chat.showAccountManager.button       "Tampilkan status ngobrol">

<!ENTITY chat.participants             "Peserta:">
<!ENTITY chat.previousConversations    "Percakapan Sebelumnya:">
<!ENTITY chat.ongoingConversation      "Percakapan Saat Ini">

<!ENTITY openConversationCmd.label     "Mulai Percakapan">
<!ENTITY openConversationCmd.accesskey "c">
<!ENTITY closeConversationCmd.label    "Tutup Percakapan">
<!ENTITY closeConversationCmd.accesskey "C">
<!ENTITY aliasCmd.label                "Ganti nama">
<!ENTITY aliasCmd.accesskey            "G">
<!ENTITY deleteCmd.label               "Hapus kontak">
<!ENTITY deleteCmd.accesskey           "h">

<!ENTITY openConversationButton.tooltip  "Mulai percakapan">
<!ENTITY closeConversationButton.tooltip "Tutup percakapan">

<!ENTITY addBuddyButton.label          "Tambahkan Kontak">
<!ENTITY joinChatButton.label          "Gabung ke Ngobrol">
<!ENTITY chatAccountsButton.label      "Tampilkan Akun">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (searchAllChatMessages.label.base):
     This is the base of the empty text for the chat search box.  We replace
     #1 with the contents of the appropriate search.keyLabel.* value for the
     platform (defined in messenger/messenger.dtd).
     The goal is to convey to the user that typing in the box will allow them
     to search for conversations and that there is a hotkey they can press
     to get to the box faster.  If the global indexer is disabled, the search
     box will be collapsed and the user will never see this message.
<!ENTITY searchAllChatMessages.label.base "Cari di semua percakapan… #1">

<!ENTITY status.available          "Tersedia">
<!ENTITY status.unavailable        "Tidak Tersedia">
<!ENTITY status.offline            "Luring">

<!ENTITY openLinkCmd.label            "Buka Tautan…">
<!ENTITY openLinkCmd.accesskey        "T">