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remove toolkit-erros, sync with en-US, use 'permanen' as pinTab

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE : FILE This file contains the browser main menu items -->
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE : FILE Do not translate commandkeys --> 

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (mainWindow.title): DONT_TRANSLATE -->
<!ENTITY mainWindow.title "&brandFullName;">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (mainWindow.titlemodifier) : DONT_TRANSLATE -->
<!ENTITY mainWindow.titlemodifier "&brandFullName;">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (mainWindow.titlemodifiermenuseparator): DONT_TRANSLATE -->
<!ENTITY mainWindow.titlemodifiermenuseparator " - ">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (mainWindow.titlePrivateBrowsingSuffix): This will be appended to the window's title
                                                                inside the private browsing mode -->
<!ENTITY mainWindow.titlePrivateBrowsingSuffix "(Mode Penjelajahan Pribadi)">

<!-- Tab context menu -->
<!ENTITY  reloadTab.label              "Muat Ulang Tab">
<!ENTITY  reloadTab.accesskey          "l">
<!ENTITY  reloadAllTabs.label          "Muat Ulang Semua Tab">
<!ENTITY  reloadAllTabs.accesskey      "M">
<!ENTITY  closeOtherTabs.label         "Tutup Tab Lainnya">
<!ENTITY  closeOtherTabs.accesskey     "L">
<!ENTITY  openTabInNewWindow.label     "Buka di Jendela Baru">
<!ENTITY  openTabInNewWindow.accesskey "J">
<!ENTITY  pinTab.label                 "Jadikan Tab Permanen">
<!ENTITY  pinTab.accesskey             "p">
<!ENTITY  unpinTab.label               "Jadikan Tab Normal">
<!ENTITY  unpinTab.accesskey           "d">
<!ENTITY  moveToGroup.label            "Pindahkan ke Kelompok Tab">
<!ENTITY  moveToGroup.accesskey        "K">
<!ENTITY  moveToNewGroup.label         "Kelompok Tab Baru">
<!ENTITY  bookmarkThisTab.label        "Buat Bookmark untuk Tab Ini">
<!ENTITY  bookmarkThisTab.accesskey    "k">
<!ENTITY  bookmarkAllTabs.label        "Buat Bookmark Semua Tab…">
<!ENTITY  bookmarkAllTabs.accesskey    "S">
<!ENTITY  undoCloseTab.label           "Batalkan Menutup Tab">
<!ENTITY  undoCloseTab.accesskey       "B">
<!ENTITY  closeTab.label         "Tutup Tab">
<!ENTITY  closeTab.accesskey         "u">

<!ENTITY  listAllTabs.label      "Daftar tab">

<!ENTITY tabCmd.label "Tab Baru">
<!ENTITY tabCmd.accesskey "T">
<!ENTITY tabCmd.commandkey "t">
<!ENTITY openLocationCmd.label "Buka Lokasi…">
<!ENTITY openLocationCmd.accesskey "L">
<!ENTITY openFileCmd.label "Buka Berkas…">
<!ENTITY openFileCmd.accesskey "B">
<!ENTITY openFileCmd.commandkey "o">
<!ENTITY printSetupCmd.label "Tata Laman…">
<!ENTITY printSetupCmd.accesskey "n">
<!ENTITY printPreviewCmd.label "Pratinjau Cetak">
<!ENTITY printPreviewCmd.accesskey "P">
<!ENTITY printCmd.label "Cetak…">
<!ENTITY printCmd.accesskey "C">
<!ENTITY printCmd.commandkey "p">
<!ENTITY import.label "Impor…">
<!ENTITY import.accesskey "I">

<!ENTITY goOfflineCmd.label "Bekerja Luring">
<!ENTITY goOfflineCmd.accesskey "L">

<!ENTITY menubarCmd.label "Bilah Menu">
<!ENTITY menubarCmd.accesskey "M">
<!ENTITY navbarCmd.label "Bilah Alat Navigasi">
<!ENTITY navbarCmd.accesskey "N">
<!ENTITY personalbarCmd.label "Bilah Alat Bookmark">
<!ENTITY personalbarCmd.accesskey "B">
<!ENTITY bookmarksToolbarItem.label "Nama Bookmark">
<!ENTITY taskbarCmd.label "Bilah Status">
<!ENTITY taskbarCmd.accesskey "a">

<!ENTITY pageSourceCmd.label "Kode Sumber Laman">
<!ENTITY pageSourceCmd.accesskey "S">
<!ENTITY pageSourceCmd.commandkey "u">
<!ENTITY pageInfoCmd.label "Informasi Laman">
<!ENTITY pageInfoCmd.accesskey "I">
<!ENTITY pageInfoCmd.commandkey "i">
<!ENTITY fullScreenCmd.label "Layar Penuh">
<!ENTITY fullScreenCmd.accesskey "P">
<!ENTITY fullScreenCmd.macCommandKey "f">
<!ENTITY showAllTabsCmd.label "Tampilkan Semua Tab">
<!ENTITY showAllTabsCmd.accesskey "S">

<!ENTITY fullScreenMinimize.tooltip "Kecilkan">
<!ENTITY fullScreenRestore.tooltip "Kembalikan">
<!ENTITY fullScreenClose.tooltip "Tutup">
<!ENTITY fullScreenAutohide.label "Sembunyikan Bilah Alat">
<!ENTITY fullScreenAutohide.accesskey "S">
<!ENTITY fullScreenExit.label "Keluar dari Mode Layar Penuh">
<!ENTITY fullScreenExit.accesskey "P">

<!ENTITY closeWindow.label "Tutup Jendela">
<!ENTITY closeWindow.accesskey "d">

<!ENTITY bookmarksMenu.label "Bookmark">
<!ENTITY bookmarksMenu.accesskey "m">
<!ENTITY bookmarkThisPageCmd.label "Buat Bookmark Laman ini">
<!ENTITY bookmarkThisPageCmd.commandkey "d">
<!ENTITY subscribeToPageMenupopup.label "Berlangganan Laman Ini">
<!ENTITY subscribeToPageMenuitem.label "Berlangganan Laman Ini…">
<!ENTITY addCurPagesCmd.label "Buat Bookmark Semua Tab…">
<!ENTITY organizeBookmarks.label "Kelola Bookmark…">
<!ENTITY bookmarkAllCmd.label "Buat Bookmark Semua Tab…">
<!ENTITY bookmarksToolbarChevron.tooltip "Tampilkan bookmark lainnya">

<!ENTITY backCmd.label                "Mundur">
<!ENTITY backCmd.accesskey            "d">
<!ENTITY backButton.tooltip           "Mundur satu laman">
<!ENTITY forwardCmd.label             "Maju">
<!ENTITY forwardCmd.accesskey         "j">
<!ENTITY forwardButton.tooltip        "Maju satu laman">
<!ENTITY backForwardMenu.tooltip      "Laman-laman terakhir">
<!ENTITY reloadCmd.label              "Muat ulang">
<!ENTITY reloadCmd.accesskey          "u">
<!ENTITY reloadButton.tooltip         "Muat ulang laman ini">
<!ENTITY stopCmd.label                "Berhenti">
<!ENTITY stopCmd.accesskey            "i">
<!ENTITY stopCmd.macCommandKey        ".">
<!ENTITY stopButton.tooltip           "Berhenti memuat laman ini">
<!ENTITY goEndCap.tooltip             "Pindah ke alamat di Bilah Lokasi">
<!ENTITY feedButton.tooltip           "Berlangganan laman ini…">
<!ENTITY printButton.label            "Cetak">
<!ENTITY printButton.tooltip          "Cetak laman ini">

<!ENTITY backForwardItem.title        "Maju/Mundur">
<!ENTITY locationItem.title           "Lokasi">
<!ENTITY searchItem.title             "Cari">
<!ENTITY throbberItem.title           "Indikator Aktivitas">
<!ENTITY bookmarksItem.title          "Bookmark">

<!-- Toolbar items --> 
<!ENTITY  homeButton.label            "Beranda">
<!ENTITY tabViewButton2.label          "Kelompok Tab">
<!ENTITY tabViewButton2.tooltip        "Kelompokkan tab peramban Anda">

<!ENTITY bookmarksButton.label          "Bookmark">
<!ENTITY bookmarksButton.tooltip        "Menampilkan bookmark Anda">
<!ENTITY bookmarksButton.accesskey  "B">
<!ENTITY bookmarksCmd.commandkey "b">

<!ENTITY bookmarksMenuButton.label          "Bookmark">
<!ENTITY bookmarksMenuButton.tooltip        "Tampilkan bookmark Anda">
<!ENTITY viewBookmarksSidebar.label         "Tampilkan di Bilah Samping">
<!ENTITY viewBookmarksToolbar.label         "Tampilkan Bilah Alat Bookmark">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (bookmarksSidebarGtkCmd.commandkey): This command
  -  key should not contain the letters A-F, since these are reserved
  -  shortcut keys on Linux. -->
<!ENTITY bookmarksGtkCmd.commandkey "o">
<!ENTITY bookmarksWinCmd.commandkey "h">

<!ENTITY historyButton.label            "Riwayat">
<!ENTITY historyButton.tooltip          "Menampilkan riwayat laman yang baru saja dilihat">
<!ENTITY historySidebarCmd.accesskey    "R">
<!ENTITY historySidebarCmd.commandKey   "h">

<!ENTITY toolsMenu.label              "Alat">
<!ENTITY toolsMenu.accesskey          "A"> 

<!ENTITY keywordfield.label           "Tambahkan Kata Kunci untuk Pencarian ini…">
<!ENTITY keywordfield.accesskey       "k">
<!ENTITY search.label                 "Cari di Web">
<!ENTITY search.accesskey             "C">
<!ENTITY downloads.label              "Unduhan">
<!ENTITY downloads.tooltip            "Tampilkan kemajuan proses unduhan yang sedang berjalan">
<!ENTITY downloads.accesskey          "U">
<!ENTITY downloads.commandkey         "j">
<!ENTITY downloadsUnix.commandkey     "y">
<!ENTITY addons.label                 "Pengaya">
<!ENTITY addons.accesskey             "P">

<!ENTITY errorConsoleCmd.label        "Konsol Kesalahan">
<!ENTITY errorConsoleCmd.accesskey    "K">
<!ENTITY errorConsoleCmd.commandkey   "j">

<!ENTITY webConsoleCmd.label          "Konsol Web">
<!ENTITY webConsoleCmd.accesskey      "W">
<!ENTITY webConsoleCmd.commandkey     "k">

<!ENTITY inspectMenu.label            "Inspeksi">
<!ENTITY inspectMenu.accesskey        "I">
<!ENTITY inspectMenu.commandkey       "I">

<!ENTITY inspectPanelTitle.label      "HTML">
<!ENTITY inspectButton.label          "Inspeksi">
<!ENTITY inspectButton.accesskey      "I">
<!ENTITY inspectNextButton.label      "Selanjutnya">
<!ENTITY inspectNextButton.accesskey  "n">
<!ENTITY inspectPreviousButton.label  "Sebelumnya">
<!ENTITY inspectPreviousButton.accesskey "m">
<!ENTITY inspectStyleButton.label     "Gaya">
<!ENTITY inspectStyleButton.accesskey "G">
<!ENTITY inspectStylePanelTitle.label  "Gaya">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (inspectDOMButton.label): This button label
  -  stands for Document Object Model and appears on the inspector's toolbar.
  -  It is used to open and closed the DOM panel. There is also a DOM label in
  - for the panel titlebar. -->
<!ENTITY inspectDOMButton.label       "DOM">
<!ENTITY inspectDOMButton.accesskey       "D">

<!ENTITY fileMenu.label         "Berkas"> 
<!ENTITY fileMenu.accesskey       "B">
<!ENTITY newNavigatorCmd.label        "Jendela Baru">
<!ENTITY newNavigatorCmd.key        "N">
<!ENTITY newNavigatorCmd.accesskey      "J">

<!ENTITY editMenu.label         "Ubah"> 
<!ENTITY editMenu.accesskey       "U"> 
<!ENTITY undoCmd.label            "Batal">  
<!ENTITY undoCmd.key            "Z">  
<!ENTITY undoCmd.accesskey          "B"> 
<!ENTITY redoCmd.label            "Ulangi">  
<!ENTITY redoCmd.key            "Y">  
<!ENTITY redoCmd.accesskey          "U"> 
<!ENTITY cutCmd.label           "Potong">  
<!ENTITY cutCmd.key             "X">  
<!ENTITY cutCmd.accesskey         "t"> 
<!ENTITY copyCmd.label            "Salin">  
<!ENTITY copyCmd.key            "C">  
<!ENTITY copyCmd.accesskey          "S"> 
<!ENTITY pasteCmd.label           "Tempel">  
<!ENTITY pasteCmd.key           "V">  
<!ENTITY pasteCmd.accesskey         "p"> 
<!ENTITY deleteCmd.label          "Hapus">  
<!ENTITY deleteCmd.key            "D">  
<!ENTITY deleteCmd.accesskey        "H"> 
<!ENTITY selectAllCmd.label         "Pilih Semua">  
<!ENTITY selectAllCmd.key         "A">  
<!ENTITY selectAllCmd.accesskey       "a"> 
<!ENTITY preferencesCmd.label       "Pengaturan…">
<!ENTITY preferencesCmd.accesskey     "g"> 
<!ENTITY preferencesCmdUnix.label       "Pengaturan">
<!ENTITY preferencesCmdUnix.accesskey     "g"> 

<!ENTITY clearRecentHistory.label               "Bersihkan Riwayat Terakhir">
<!ENTITY clearRecentHistory.accesskey           "B">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE : These two strings can share an access key beause they never appear together on the menu -->
<!ENTITY privateBrowsingCmd.start.label         "Mulai Mode Penjelajahan Pribadi">
<!ENTITY privateBrowsingCmd.start.accesskey     "M">
<!ENTITY privateBrowsingCmd.stop.label          "Hentikan Mode Penjelajahan Pribadi">
<!ENTITY privateBrowsingCmd.stop.accesskey      "M">
<!ENTITY privateBrowsingCmd.commandkey          "P">

<!ENTITY viewMenu.label         "Tampilan"> 
<!ENTITY viewMenu.accesskey       "T"> 
<!ENTITY showTabView2.label     "Kelompokkan Tab">
<!ENTITY showTabView2.accesskey     "n">
<!ENTITY viewToolbarsMenu.label       "Bilah Alat"> 
<!ENTITY viewToolbarsMenu.accesskey     "t"> 
<!ENTITY viewSidebarMenu.label "Bilah Samping">
<!ENTITY viewSidebarMenu.accesskey "m">
<!ENTITY viewCustomizeToolbar.label       "Suka-suka…"> 
<!ENTITY viewCustomizeToolbar.accesskey     "S">
<!ENTITY viewTabsOnTop.label            "Tab di bagian atas">
<!ENTITY viewTabsOnTop.accesskey        "a">

<!ENTITY historyMenu.label "Riwayat">
<!ENTITY historyMenu.accesskey "R">
<!ENTITY historyUndoMenu.label "Tab yang Baru Saja Ditutup">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (historyUndoWindowMenu): see bug 394759 -->
<!ENTITY historyUndoWindowMenu.label "Jendela yang Baru Saja Ditutup">

<!ENTITY historyHomeCmd.label "Beranda">
<!ENTITY showAllHistoryCmd2.label "Tampilkan Semua Riwayat">
<!ENTITY showAllHistoryCmd.commandkey "H">

<!ENTITY appMenuCustomize.label "Ubahsuai">
<!ENTITY appMenuToolbarLayout.label "Tata Letak Bilah Alat…">
<!ENTITY appMenuSidebars.label "Bilah Samping">
<!ENTITY appMenuFind.label "Cari…">
<!ENTITY appMenuUnsorted.label "Bookmark Belum Diurut">
<!ENTITY appMenuGettingStarted.label "Memulai">

<!ENTITY developerMenu.label "Pengembang">

<!ENTITY openCmd.commandkey           "l">
<!ENTITY urlbar.placeholder           "Kunjungi sebuah Situs Web">
<!ENTITY urlbar.accesskey             "d">
<!ENTITY urlbar.switchToTab.label     "Pindah ke tab:">

  Comment duplicated from

  Search Command Key Logic works like this:
  Unix: Ctrl+J (0.8, 0.9 support)
        Ctrl+K (cross platform binding)
  Mac:  Ctrl+K (cross platform binding)
  Win:  Ctrl+K (cross platform binding)
        Ctrl+E (IE compat) 

  We support Ctrl+K on all platforms now and advertise it in the menu since it is
  our standard - it is a "safe" choice since it is near no harmful keys like "W" as
  "E" is. People mourning the loss of Ctrl+K for emacs compat can switch their GTK
  system setting to use emacs emulation, and we should respect it. Focus-Search-Box
  is a fundamental keybinding and we are maintaining a XP binding so that it is easy
  for people to switch to Linux.

  Do *not* tamper with these values without talking to
<!ENTITY searchFocus.commandkey       "k">
<!ENTITY searchFocus.commandkey2      "e">
<!ENTITY searchFocusUnix.commandkey   "j">

<!ENTITY openLinkCmd.label            "Buka Tautan di Jendela Baru">
<!ENTITY openLinkCmd.accesskey        "J">
<!ENTITY openLinkCmdInCurrent.label     "Buka Tautan">
<!ENTITY openLinkCmdInCurrent.accesskey "a">
<!ENTITY openLinkCmdInTab.label       "Buka Tautan di Tab Baru">
<!ENTITY openLinkCmdInTab.accesskey   "T">
<!ENTITY openFrameCmd.label           "Buka Bingkai di Jendela Baru">
<!ENTITY openFrameCmd.accesskey       "i">
<!ENTITY openFrameCmdInTab.label      "Buka Bingkai di Tab Baru">
<!ENTITY openFrameCmdInTab.accesskey  "g">
<!ENTITY showOnlyThisFrameCmd.label     "Hanya Tampilkan Bingkai yang Ini">
<!ENTITY showOnlyThisFrameCmd.accesskey "n">
<!ENTITY reloadCmd.commandkey         "r">
<!ENTITY reloadFrameCmd.label         "Muatkan Bingkai Lagi">
<!ENTITY reloadFrameCmd.accesskey     "t">
<!ENTITY viewPartialSourceForSelectionCmd.label "Lihat Kode Sumber Teks yang Dipilih">
<!ENTITY viewPartialSourceForMathMLCmd.label    "Lihat Kode Sumber MathML">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (viewPartialSourceCmd.accesskey): This accesskey is used for both 
         viewPartialSourceForSelectionCmd.label and viewPartialSourceForMathMLCmd.label -->
<!ENTITY viewPartialSourceCmd.accesskey "l">
<!ENTITY viewPageSourceCmd.label      "Lihat Kode Sumber Laman">
<!ENTITY viewPageSourceCmd.accesskey  "h">
<!ENTITY viewFrameSourceCmd.label     "Lihat Kode Sumber Bingkai">
<!ENTITY viewFrameSourceCmd.accesskey "b">
<!ENTITY viewPageInfoCmd.label        "Lihat Informasi Laman">
<!ENTITY viewPageInfoCmd.accesskey    "i">
<!ENTITY viewFrameInfoCmd.label       "Lihat Informasi Bingkai">
<!ENTITY viewFrameInfoCmd.accesskey   "i">
<!ENTITY reloadImageCmd.label         "Muat Ulang Gambar">
<!ENTITY reloadImageCmd.accesskey     "u">
<!ENTITY viewImageCmd.label           "Lihat Gambar">
<!ENTITY viewImageCmd.accesskey       "G">
<!ENTITY viewImageInfoCmd.label       "Lihat Informasi Gambar">
<!ENTITY viewImageInfoCmd.accesskey   "m">
<!ENTITY viewVideoCmd.label           "Lihat Video">
<!ENTITY viewVideoCmd.accesskey       "V">
<!ENTITY viewBGImageCmd.label         "Lihat Gambar Latar Belakang">
<!ENTITY viewBGImageCmd.accesskey     "L">
<!ENTITY setDesktopBackgroundCmd.label      "Jadikan sebagai Latar Belakang Desktop…">
<!ENTITY setDesktopBackgroundCmd.accesskey  "d">
<!ENTITY bookmarkPageCmd2.label       "Buat Bookmark untuk Laman Ini">
<!ENTITY bookmarkPageCmd2.accesskey   "m">
<!ENTITY bookmarkThisLinkCmd.label      "Buat Bookmark untuk Tautan Ini">
<!ENTITY bookmarkThisLinkCmd.accesskey  "t">
<!ENTITY bookmarkThisFrameCmd.label      "Buat Bookmark untuk Bingkai Ini">
<!ENTITY bookmarkThisFrameCmd.accesskey  "m">
<!ENTITY sendPageCmd.label            "Kirim Tautan…">
<!ENTITY sendPageCmd.accesskey        "n">
<!ENTITY savePageCmd.label            "Simpan Laman dengan Nama…">
<!ENTITY savePageCmd.accesskey        "S">
<!-- alternate for content area context menu -->
<!ENTITY savePageCmd.accesskey2       "a">
<!ENTITY savePageCmd.commandkey       "s">
<!ENTITY saveFrameCmd.label           "Simpan Bingkai dengan Nama…">
<!ENTITY saveFrameCmd.accesskey       "g">
<!ENTITY printFrameCmd.label          "Cetak Bingkai…">
<!ENTITY printFrameCmd.accesskey      "i">
<!ENTITY saveLinkCmd.label            "Simpan Tautan dengan Nama…">
<!ENTITY saveLinkCmd.accesskey        "T">
<!ENTITY sendLinkCmd.label            "Kirim Tautan…"> 
<!ENTITY sendLinkCmd.accesskey        "r">
<!ENTITY saveImageCmd.label           "Simpan Gambar dengan Nama…">
<!ENTITY saveImageCmd.accesskey       "a">
<!ENTITY saveVideoCmd.label           "Simpan Video dengan Nama…">
<!ENTITY saveVideoCmd.accesskey       "S">
<!ENTITY saveAudioCmd.label           "Simpan Audio dengan Nama…">
<!ENTITY saveAudioCmd.accesskey       "S">
<!ENTITY sendImageCmd.label           "Kirim Gambar…">
<!ENTITY sendImageCmd.accesskey       "a">
<!ENTITY sendVideoCmd.label           "Kirim Video…">
<!ENTITY sendVideoCmd.accesskey       "K">
<!ENTITY sendAudioCmd.label           "Kirim Audio…">
<!ENTITY sendAudioCmd.accesskey       "K">
<!ENTITY copyLinkCmd.label            "Salin Lokasi Tautan">
<!ENTITY copyLinkCmd.accesskey        "S">
<!ENTITY copyImageCmd.label           "Salin Lokasi Gambar">
<!ENTITY copyImageCmd.accesskey       "o">
<!ENTITY copyImageContentsCmd.label   "Salin Gambar">
<!ENTITY copyImageContentsCmd.accesskey  "G"> 
<!ENTITY copyVideoURLCmd.label        "Salin Lokasi Video">
<!ENTITY copyVideoURLCmd.accesskey    "o">
<!ENTITY copyAudioURLCmd.label        "Salin Lokasi Audio">
<!ENTITY copyAudioURLCmd.accesskey    "o">
<!ENTITY copyEmailCmd.label           "Salin Alamat Email">
<!ENTITY copyEmailCmd.accesskey       "E">
<!ENTITY thisFrameMenu.label              "Bingkai Ini">
<!ENTITY thisFrameMenu.accesskey          "B">

<!-- Media (video/audio) controls -->
<!ENTITY mediaPlay.label             "Mainkan">
<!ENTITY mediaPlay.accesskey         "M">
<!ENTITY mediaPause.label            "Tunda">
<!ENTITY mediaPause.accesskey        "T">
<!ENTITY mediaMute.label             "Senyap">
<!ENTITY mediaMute.accesskey         "S">
<!ENTITY mediaUnmute.label           "Keraskan">
<!ENTITY mediaUnmute.accesskey       "K">
<!ENTITY mediaShowControls.label     "Tampilkan Kendali">
<!ENTITY mediaShowControls.accesskey "T">
<!ENTITY mediaHideControls.label     "Sembunyikan Kendali">
<!ENTITY mediaHideControls.accesskey "S">
<!ENTITY videoFullScreen.label       "Layar Penuh">
<!ENTITY videoFullScreen.accesskey   "P">

fullZoomEnlargeCmd.commandkey3, fullZoomReduceCmd.commandkey2 and
fullZoomResetCmd.commandkey2 are alternative acceleration keys for zoom.
If shift key is needed with your locale popular keyboard for them,
you can use these alternative items. Otherwise, their values should be empty.  -->

<!ENTITY fullZoomEnlargeCmd.label       "Perbesar">
<!ENTITY fullZoomEnlargeCmd.accesskey   "b">
<!ENTITY fullZoomEnlargeCmd.commandkey  "+">
<!ENTITY fullZoomEnlargeCmd.commandkey2 "="> <!-- + is above this key on many keyboards -->
<!ENTITY fullZoomEnlargeCmd.commandkey3 "">

<!ENTITY fullZoomReduceCmd.label        "Perkecil">
<!ENTITY fullZoomReduceCmd.accesskey    "k">
<!ENTITY fullZoomReduceCmd.commandkey   "-">
<!ENTITY fullZoomReduceCmd.commandkey2  "">

<!ENTITY fullZoomResetCmd.label         "Normal">
<!ENTITY fullZoomResetCmd.accesskey     "N">
<!ENTITY fullZoomResetCmd.commandkey    "0">
<!ENTITY fullZoomResetCmd.commandkey2   "">

<!ENTITY fullZoomToggleCmd.label        "Perbesar Teks Saja">
<!ENTITY fullZoomToggleCmd.accesskey    "T">
<!ENTITY fullZoom.label                 "Perbesaran">
<!ENTITY fullZoom.accesskey             "b">

<!ENTITY newTabButton.tooltip           "Buka tab baru">
<!ENTITY newWindowButton.tooltip        "Buka jendela baru">
<!ENTITY sidebarCloseButton.tooltip     "Tutup bilah samping">

<!ENTITY cutButton.tooltip              "Potong">
<!ENTITY copyButton.tooltip             "Salin">
<!ENTITY pasteButton.tooltip            "Tempel">
<!ENTITY fullScreenButton.tooltip       "Tampilkan jendela dalam mode layar penuh">

<!ENTITY quitApplicationCmdWin.label       "Keluar"> 
<!ENTITY quitApplicationCmdWin.accesskey   "K">
<!ENTITY goBackCmd.commandKey "[">
<!ENTITY goForwardCmd.commandKey "]">
<!ENTITY quitApplicationCmd.label       "Keluar"> 
<!ENTITY quitApplicationCmd.accesskey   "K">
<!ENTITY quitApplicationCmdMac.label    "Keluar dari &brandShortName;">
<!ENTITY quitApplicationCmdMac.key      "Q">

<!ENTITY closeCmd.label                 "Tutup">  
<!ENTITY closeCmd.key                   "W">  
<!ENTITY closeCmd.accesskey             "u">

<!ENTITY pageStyleMenu.label "Gaya Laman">
<!ENTITY pageStyleMenu.accesskey "G">
<!ENTITY pageStyleNoStyle.label "Tanpa Gaya">
<!ENTITY pageStyleNoStyle.accesskey "T">
<!ENTITY pageStylePersistentOnly.label "Gaya Standar Laman">
<!ENTITY pageStylePersistentOnly.accesskey "S">

<!ENTITY pageReportIcon.tooltip            "Ubah pengaturan pemblokir pop-up untuk situs web ini">

<!ENTITY allowPopups.accesskey "i">
<!-- On Windows we use the term "Options" to describe settings, but
     on Linux and Mac OS X we use "Preferences" - carry that distinction
     over into this string, which is used in the "popup blocked" info bar . -->
<!ENTITY editPopupSettingsUnix.label "Ubah Pengaturan Pemblokir Pop-up…">
<!ENTITY editPopupSettings.label "Ubah Pengaturan Pemblokir Pop-up…">
<!ENTITY editPopupSettings.accesskey "o">
<!ENTITY dontShowMessage.accesskey "J">

<!ENTITY bidiSwitchPageDirectionItem.label        "Ubah Arah Laman">
<!ENTITY bidiSwitchPageDirectionItem.accesskey    "a">
<!ENTITY bidiSwitchTextDirectionItem.label        "Ubah Arah Teks">
<!ENTITY bidiSwitchTextDirectionItem.accesskey    "T">
<!ENTITY bidiSwitchTextDirectionItem.commandkey   "X">

<!ENTITY findOnCmd.label     "Cari di Laman Ini…">
<!ENTITY findOnCmd.accesskey "C">
<!ENTITY findOnCmd.commandkey "f">
<!ENTITY findAgainCmd.label  "Cari Lagi">
<!ENTITY findAgainCmd.accesskey "i">
<!ENTITY findAgainCmd.commandkey "g">
<!ENTITY findAgainCmd.commandkey2 "VK_F3">

<!ENTITY spellAddDictionaries.label "Tambah kamus…">
<!ENTITY spellAddDictionaries.accesskey "T">

<!ENTITY editBookmark.done.label                     "Selesai">
<!ENTITY editBookmark.cancel.label                   "Batal">
<!ENTITY editBookmark.removeBookmark.accessKey       "H">
<!ENTITY editBookmark.undo.label                     "Batal">
<!ENTITY editBookmark.undo.accessKey                 "B">
<!ENTITY editBookmark.edit.label                     "Ubah…">
<!ENTITY editBookmark.edit.accessKey                 "U">

<!ENTITY identity.unverifiedsite2 "Situs web ini tidak menyediakan informasi identitas.">
<!ENTITY identity.connectedTo "Anda tersambung ke">
<!-- Localization note (identity.runBy) : This string appears between a
domain name (above) and an organization name (below). E.g.
which is run by
Example Enterprises, Inc.

The layout of the identity dialog prevents combining this into a single string with
substitution variables.  If it is difficult to translate the sense of the string
with that structure, consider a translation which ignores the preceding domain and
just addresses the organization to follow, e.g. "This site is run by " -->
<!ENTITY identity.runBy "yang dijalankan oleh">

<!ENTITY identity.moreInfoLinkText "Informasi lebih lanjut…">

<!ENTITY downloadMonitor2.tooltip "Klik untuk membuka jendela Unduhan">

<!ENTITY allTabs.filter.emptyText "Cari Tab">
<!-- Name for the tabs toolbar as spoken by screen readers.
     The word "toolbar" is appended automatically and should not be contained below! -->
<!ENTITY tabsToolbar.label "Tab peramban">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (syncTabsMenu.label): This appears in the history menu -->
<!ENTITY syncTabsMenu.label     "Tab dari Komputer Lain">

<!ENTITY syncBrand.shortName.label  "Sync">

<!ENTITY syncMenu.label               "&syncBrand.shortName.label;">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE ( This is part of the tools menu, so
                                              don't use a conflicting access key -->
<!ENTITY syncMenu.accesskey           "Y">
<!ENTITY syncSetup.label              "Setel &syncBrand.shortName.label;…">
<!ENTITY syncSetup.accesskey          "l">
<!ENTITY syncLogInItem.label          "Sambungkan">
<!ENTITY syncLogInItem.accesskey      "b">
<!ENTITY syncLogOutItem.label         "Putuskan">
<!ENTITY syncLogOutItem.accesskey     "p">
<!ENTITY syncSyncNowItem.label        "Sinkronisasikan Sekarang">
<!ENTITY syncSyncNowItem.accesskey    "S">