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sync calendar with aurora

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<!-- WARNING! This file contains UTF-8 encoded characters!
   - If this ==> … <== doesn't look like an ellipsis (three dots in a row),
   - your editor isn't using UTF-8 encoding and may munge up the document!

<!-- Tools menu -->
<!ENTITY lightning.taskLabel "Lightning">

<!-- New menu popup in File menu -->
<!ENTITY    "Acara…">
<!ENTITY     "Tugas…">
<!ENTITY "Kalender…">
<!ENTITY "n">

<!-- Open menu popup in File menu -->
<!ENTITY               "Buka">
<!ENTITY           "B">
<!ENTITY       "Simpanan Pesan…">
<!ENTITY   "S">
<!ENTITY      "Berkas Kalender…">
<!ENTITY  "k">

<!-- View Menu -->
<!ENTITY            "Kalender">
<!ENTITY        "K">
<!ENTITY               "Tugas">
<!ENTITY           "T">

<!-- Events and Tasks menu -->
<!ENTITY                "Acara dan Tugas">
<!ENTITY            "A">

<!-- Mode Toolbar -->
<!ENTITY lightning.toolbar.mail.label         "Email">
<!ENTITY lightning.toolbar.mail.accesskey     "E">
<!ENTITY lightning.toolbar.calendar.label     "Kalender">
<!ENTITY lightning.toolbar.calendar.accesskey "K">
<!ENTITY lightning.toolbar.calendar.tooltip   "Pindah ke tab kalender">
<!ENTITY lightning.toolbar.task.label         "Tugas">
<!ENTITY lightning.toolbar.task.accesskey     "T">
<!ENTITY lightning.toolbar.task.tooltip       "Pindah ke tab tugas">

<!-- Toolbar write button -->
<!ENTITY lightning.toolbar.newevent.label     "Acara">
<!ENTITY lightning.toolbar.newtask.label      "Tugas">

<!-- Messenger Toolbar -->
<!ENTITY                 "Hari">
<!ENTITY             "H">
<!ENTITY lightning.toolbar.week.label                "Minggu">
<!ENTITY lightning.toolbar.week.accesskey            "M">
<!ENTITY lightning.toolbar.multiweek.label           "Multiminggu">
<!ENTITY lightning.toolbar.multiweek.accesskey       "u">
<!ENTITY lightning.toolbar.month.label               "Bulan">
<!ENTITY lightning.toolbar.month.accesskey           "B">

<!-- properties dialog, calendar creation wizard -->
<!ENTITY lightning.calendarproperties.showevents.inagenda.label "Tampilkan Acara pada Panel Hari Ini">
<!ENTITY lightning.calendarproperties.showtasks.label           "Tampilkan Tugas pada Panel Hari Ini dan Mode Tugas">
<!ENTITY               "Email:">

<!-- iMIP Bar (meeting support) -->
<!ENTITY lightning.imipbar.description "Pesan in berisi undangan sebuah acara.">

<!-- Lightning specific keybindings -->
<!ENTITY lightning.keys.event.showCalendar.key "C">
<!ENTITY lightning.keys.event.showTasks.key "D">

<!-- Account Central page -->
<!ENTITY lightning.acctCentral.newCalendar.label "Buat kalender baru">

<!-- today-pane-specific -->
<!ENTITY todaypane.showMinimonth.label "Tampilkan Bulan-Mini">
<!ENTITY todaypane.showMinimonth.accesskey "m">
<!ENTITY todaypane.showMiniday.label "Tampilkan Hari-Mini">
<!ENTITY todaypane.showMiniday.accesskey  "H">
<!ENTITY todaypane.showNone.label "Tak Ada Tampilan">
<!ENTITY todaypane.showNone.accesskey "a">
<!ENTITY todaypane.showTodayPane.label "Tampilkan Panel Hari Ini">
<!ENTITY todaypane.showTodayPane.accesskey "i">
<!ENTITY todaypane.statusButton.label "Panel Hari Ini">