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Bug 792746 - MPL 2 upgrade: l10n for id

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<!ENTITY pref.mainbox.label "Pengaturan Umum" >
<!ENTITY pref.dateformat.label "Format Tanggal:" >
<!ENTITY pref.dateformat.accesskey "t">
<!ENTITY pref.dateformat.long "Panjang" >
<!ENTITY pref.dateformat.short "Short"  >
<!ENTITY pref.defaultlength.label "Lama Acara Default:" >
<!ENTITY pref.defaultlength.accesskey "a">
<!ENTITY pref.defaultsnoozelength.label "Lama Alarm Getar Default:" >
<!ENTITY pref.defaultsnoozelength.accesskey "G">

<!ENTITY pref.accessibility.label "Aksesibilitas" >
<!ENTITY pref.systemcolors.label "Optimalkan warna untuk aksesibilitas" >
<!ENTITY pref.systemcolors.accesskey "w">