Some cosmetic fixes
authorMarcelo Poli <>
Sat, 07 May 2011 16:07:41 -0300
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Some cosmetic fixes
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/privacy.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/privacy.dtd
@@ -30,17 +30,17 @@
 <!ENTITY  cookieExceptions.label        "Excepciones…">
 <!ENTITY  cookieExceptions.accesskey    "E">
 <!ENTITY  showCookies.label             "Mostrar cookies…">
 <!ENTITY  showCookies.accesskey         "S">
 <!ENTITY  historyHeader.pre.label          "&brandShortName;:">
-<!ENTITY  historyHeader.pre.accesskey      "F">
+<!ENTITY  historyHeader.pre.accesskey      "r">
 <!ENTITY  historyHeader.remember.label     "recordará el historial">
 <!ENTITY  historyHeader.dontremember.label "nunca recordará el historial">
 <!ENTITY  historyHeader.custom.label       "usará la configuración personalizada para el historial">
 <!ENTITY         "">
 <!ENTITY  rememberDescription.label      "&brandShortName; recordará las búsquedas, las descargas, los formularios y el historial de descargas y además, almacenará las cookies de los sitios web que visite.">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (rememberActions.pre.label): include a trailing space as needed -->
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/security.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/security.dtd
@@ -1,9 +1,9 @@
-<!ENTITY  warnAddonInstall.label        "Avisarme cuando sitios traten de instalar complementos">
+<!ENTITY  warnAddonInstall.label        "Avisarme cuando algún sitio trate de instalar complementos">
 <!ENTITY  warnAddonInstall.accesskey    "A">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (blockWebForgeries.label, blockAttackSites.label):
   The methods by which forged (phished) and attack sites will be detected by
   phishing providers will vary from human review to machine-based heuristics to a
   combination of both, so it's important that these strings and
   useDownloadedList.label convey the meaning "reported" (and not something like