Partial fix, more to come
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Partial fix, more to come
--- a/suite/chrome/common/bookmarks/addBookmark.dtd
+++ b/suite/chrome/common/bookmarks/addBookmark.dtd
@@ -30,22 +30,21 @@
    - use your version of this file under the terms of the MPL, indicate your
    - decision by deleting the provisions above and replace them with the notice
    - and other provisions required by the GPL or the LGPL. If you do not delete
    - the provisions above, a recipient may use your version of this file under
    - the terms of any one of the MPL, the GPL or the LGPL.
    - ***** END LICENSE BLOCK ***** -->
-<!ENTITY newBookmark.title          "File Bookmark">
+<!ENTITY newBookmark.title          "Crear marcador">
 <!ENTITY selectFolder.title         "Seleccionar carpeta">
 <!ENTITY name.label                 "Nombre:">
 <!ENTITY name.accesskey             "N">
 <!ENTITY url.label                  "Dirección:">
-<!ENTITY url.accesskey              "L">
-<!ENTITY shortcutURL.label          "Keyword:">
-<!ENTITY shortcutURL.accesskey      "K">
+<!ENTITY url.accesskey              "D">
+<!ENTITY shortcutURL.label          "Palabra clave:">
+<!ENTITY shortcutURL.accesskey      "P">
 <!ENTITY destination.label          "Destino:">
-<!ENTITY destination.accesskey      "D">
 <!ENTITY newFolder.label            "Nueva carpeta…">
-<!ENTITY newFolder.accesskey        "w">
+<!ENTITY newFolder.accesskey        "N">
 <!ENTITY addGroup.label             "Marcar este grupo de pestañas">
-<!ENTITY addGroup.accesskey         "B">
+<!ENTITY addGroup.accesskey         "M">
--- a/suite/chrome/common/bookmarks/bookmarks.dtd
+++ b/suite/chrome/common/bookmarks/bookmarks.dtd
@@ -33,89 +33,88 @@
    - decision by deleting the provisions above and replace them with the notice
    - and other provisions required by the GPL or the LGPL. If you do not delete
    - the provisions above, a recipient may use your version of this file under
    - the terms of any one of the MPL, the GPL or the LGPL.
    - ***** END LICENSE BLOCK ***** -->
 <!-- extracted from ./bookmarks.xul -->
-<!ENTITY menuBar.tooltip               "Menu Bar">
+<!ENTITY menuBar.tooltip               "Barra de menú">
 <!ENTITY bookmarkToolbar.tooltip       "Barra de marcadores">
-<!ENTITY bookmarksSearch.tooltip       "Bookmarks Search Toolbar">
 <!ENTITY menuitem.newBookmark.label    "Marcador">
-<!ENTITY command.newBookmark.accesskey "B">
+<!ENTITY menuitem.newBookmark.accesskey "M">
 <!ENTITY menuitem.newFolder.label      "Carpeta">
+<!ENTITY menuitem.newFolder.accesskey  "C">
 <!ENTITY button.newFolder.label        "Nueva carpeta">
 <!ENTITY button.newFolder.accesskey    "N">
-<!ENTITY command.newFolder.accesskey   "F">
 <!ENTITY menuitem.newSeparator.label   "Separador">
+<!ENTITY menuitem.newSeparator.accesskey "S">
 <!ENTITY button.newSeparator.label     "Nuevo separador">
-<!ENTITY button.newSeparator.accesskey  "o">
-<!ENTITY command.newSeparator.accesskey "S">
+<!ENTITY button.newSeparator.accesskey "o">
 <!ENTITY           "Abrir archivo de marcadores…">
-<!ENTITY       "O">
+<!ENTITY       "o">
 <!ENTITY menuitem.import.label         "Importar…">
-<!ENTITY menuitem.import.accesskey     "i">
+<!ENTITY menuitem.import.accesskey     "I">
 <!ENTITY menuitem.export.label         "Exportar…">
-<!ENTITY menuitem.export.accesskey     "e">
+<!ENTITY menuitem.export.accesskey     "E">
 <!ENTITY menuitem.find.label           "Buscar marcadores…">
+<!ENTITY menuitem.find.accesskey       "s">
+<!ENTITY menuitem.find.find.key        "F">
 <!ENTITY command.findBookmarks.label   "Buscar…">
-<!ENTITY menuitem.find.accesskey       "S">
-<!ENTITY edit.find.keybinding          "f">
-<!ENTITY      "Propiedades…">
-<!ENTITY  "P">
-<!ENTITY  "o">
-<!ENTITY    "i">
-<!ENTITY command.rename.label          "Renombrar…">
-<!ENTITY button.rename.accesskey      "R">
-<!ENTITY command.delete.label          "Borrar">
-<!ENTITY button.delete.accesskey      "D">
-<!ENTITY command.moveBookmark.label    "Mover marcador(es)…">
-<!ENTITY command.moveBookmarkShort.label "Mover…">
-<!ENTITY command.moveBookmark.accesskey "M">
+<!ENTITY     "Propiedades…">
+<!ENTITY "o">
+<!ENTITY       "Propiedades…">
+<!ENTITY   "P">
+<!ENTITY       "I">
+<!ENTITY button.rename.label           "Renombrar…">
+<!ENTITY button.rename.accesskey       "R">
+<!ENTITY button.delete.label           "Borrar">
+<!ENTITY button.delete.accesskey       "B">
+<!ENTITY menuitem.moveBookmark.label   "Mover marcador(es)…">
+<!ENTITY menuitem.moveBookmark.accesskey "M">
+<!ENTITY button.moveBookmark.label     "Mover…">
+<!ENTITY button.moveBookmark.accesskey "M">
 <!ENTITY command.addBookmark.label     "Agregar…">
 <!ENTITY command.manageBookmarks.label "Administrar">
 <!ENTITY command.sortFolder.label      "Ordenar carpeta…">
-<!ENTITY command.sortFolder.accesskey  "S">
-<!ENTITY edit.sortFolder.keybinding    "S">
+<!ENTITY command.sortFolder.accesskey  "O">
+<!ENTITY command.sortFolder.key        "S">
 <!ENTITY command.sortFolderByName.label "Ordenar carpeta por nombre">
-<!ENTITY command.sortFolderByName.accesskey "N">
+<!ENTITY command.sortFolderByName.accesskey "n">
 <!ENTITY menuitem.view.command.toolbar.label        "Barra de herramientas">
 <!ENTITY menuitem.view.command.toolbar.accesskey    "t">
-<!ENTITY menuitem.view.command.searchbar.label      "Barra de búsqueda">
-<!ENTITY menuitem.view.command.searchbar.accesskey  "S">
 <!ENTITY menuitem.view.show_columns.label           "Mostrar columnas">
 <!ENTITY menuitem.view.show_columns.accesskey       "c">
-<!ENTITY menuitem.newbookmarkfolder.label           "Set as New Bookmark Folder">
-<!ENTITY menuitem.newbookmarkfolder.accesskey       "b">
-<!ENTITY menuitem.newinternetsearchfolder.label     "Set as New Internet Search Folder">
-<!ENTITY menuitem.newinternetsearchfolder.accesskey "i">
-<!ENTITY menuitem.personaltoolbarfolder.label       "Set as Personal Toolbar Folder">
-<!ENTITY menuitem.personaltoolbarfolder.accesskey   "p">
+<!ENTITY menuitem.newbookmarkfolder.label           "Crear una carpeta nueva de marcadores">
+<!ENTITY menuitem.newbookmarkfolder.accesskey       "s">
+<!ENTITY menuitem.newinternetsearchfolder.label     "Establecer como nueva carpeta de búsquedas en Internet">
+<!ENTITY menuitem.newinternetsearchfolder.accesskey "S">
+<!ENTITY menuitem.personaltoolbarfolder.label       "Establecer como carpeta de barra de herramientas personal">
+<!ENTITY menuitem.personaltoolbarfolder.accesskey   "S">
 <!ENTITY             "Nombre">
-<!ENTITY         "n">
+<!ENTITY         "N">
 <!ENTITY           "Clic para ordenar por nombre">
 <!ENTITY treecol.url.label              "Dirección">
-<!ENTITY treecol.url.accesskey          "l">
+<!ENTITY treecol.url.accesskey          "D">
 <!ENTITY treecol.url.tooltip            "Clic para ordenar por dirección">
-<!ENTITY treecol.shortcut.label         "Keyword">
-<!ENTITY treecol.shortcut.accesskey     "k">
-<!ENTITY treecol.shortcut.tooltip       "Click to sort by keyword">
+<!ENTITY treecol.shortcut.label         "Palabra clave">
+<!ENTITY treecol.shortcut.accesskey     "P">
+<!ENTITY treecol.shortcut.tooltip       "Clic para ordenar por palabra clave">
 <!ENTITY treecol.description.label      "Descripción">
-<!ENTITY treecol.description.accesskey  "d">
+<!ENTITY treecol.description.accesskey  "D">
 <!ENTITY treecol.description.tooltip    "Clic para ordenar por descripción">
 <!ENTITY treecol.addedon.label          "Agregado">
-<!ENTITY treecol.addedon.accesskey      "a">
+<!ENTITY treecol.addedon.accesskey      "A">
 <!ENTITY treecol.addedon.tooltip        "Clic para ordenar por agregado">
 <!ENTITY treecol.lastmod.label          "Última modificación">
-<!ENTITY treecol.lastmod.accesskey      "m">
+<!ENTITY treecol.lastmod.accesskey      "Ú">
 <!ENTITY treecol.lastmod.tooltip        "Clic para ordenar por última modificación">
 <!ENTITY treecol.lastvisit.label        "Última visita">
-<!ENTITY treecol.lastvisit.accesskey    "b">
+<!ENTITY treecol.lastvisit.accesskey    "Ú">
 <!ENTITY treecol.lastvisit.tooltip      "Clic para ordenar por última visita">
 <!ENTITY bookmarksWindowTitle.label     "Administrador de marcadores">
-<!ENTITY search.label                     "Buscar">
-<!ENTITY search.accesskey                 "S">
+<!ENTITY search.emptytext               "Buscar marcadores">
+<!ENTITY search.key                     "B">
old mode 100755
new mode 100644
--- a/suite/chrome/common/bookmarks/
+++ b/suite/chrome/common/bookmarks/
@@ -36,73 +36,67 @@
 cmd_bm_open.label = Abrir
 cmd_bm_open.accesskey = A
 cmd_bm_expandfolder.label = Expandir
 cmd_bm_expandfolder.accesskey = x
 cmd_bm_collapsefolder.label = Colapsar
 cmd_bm_collapsefolder.accesskey = a
 cmd_bm_managefolder.label = Abrir en nueva ventana
-cmd_bm_managefolder.accesskey = W
+cmd_bm_managefolder.accesskey = A
 cmd_bm_cut.label = Cortar
-cmd_bm_cut.accesskey = u
+cmd_bm_cut.accesskey = C
 cmd_bm_copy.label = Copiar
 cmd_bm_copy.accesskey = C
 cmd_bm_paste.label = Pegar
 cmd_bm_paste.accesskey = P
 cmd_bm_delete.label = Borrar
 cmd_bm_delete.accesskey = B
 cmd_bm_movebookmark.label = Mover marcador(es)…
 cmd_bm_movebookmark.accesskey = M
 cmd_bm_rename.label = Renombrar…
 cmd_bm_rename.accesskey = R
 cmd_bm_properties.label = Propiedades
 cmd_bm_properties.accesskey = e
 cmd_bm_sortfolderbyname.label = Ordenar carpeta por nombre
-cmd_bm_sortfolderbyname.accesskey = N
+cmd_bm_sortfolderbyname.accesskey = n
 cmd_bm_sortfolder.label = Ordenar carpeta…
-cmd_bm_sortfolder.accesskey = S
+cmd_bm_sortfolder.accesskey = O
 cmd_bm_openinnewwindow.label = Abrir en nueva ventana
-cmd_bm_openinnewwindow.accesskey = W
-cmd_bm_openinnewtab.label = Abrir en nueva pestaña
-cmd_bm_openinnewtab.accesskey = T 
+cmd_bm_openinnewwindow.accesskey = A
+cmd_bm_openinnewtab.label = Abrir en nueva pestaña 
+cmd_bm_openinnewtab.accesskey = t
 cmd_bm_newfolder.label = Nueva carpeta…
-cmd_bm_newfolder.accesskey = F
+cmd_bm_newfolder.accesskey = N
 ile_newfolder = Nueva carpeta
-ile_newbookmark = Nuevo marcador
-newfolder_dialog_title = Crear nueva carpeta
-newfolder_dialog_msg = Crear nueva carpeta llamada:
 window_title = %S - Marcadores
 search_results_title = Resultados de búsqueda
-file_in = Archivo en "%S"
 bookmarks_default_root = Marcadores
 bookmarks_root = Marcadores para %S
 bookmarks_title = Administrador de marcadores
 status_foldercount = %S objeto(s)
 WebPageUpdated = La siguiente página web ha sido actualizada:
 WebPageTitle = Título:
 WebPageURL = URL:
-WebPageAskDisplay = Would you like to display it?
-WebPageAskStopOption = Stop checking for updates on this web page
+WebPageAskDisplay = ¿Querés verla?
+WebPageAskStopOption = Dejar de buscar actualizaciones en esta página
-pleaseEnterALocation = Ingrese una dirección
 pleaseEnterADuration = Ingrese una duración.
 pleaseSelectANotification = Ingrese al menos un método de notificación.
 SortMenuItem = Ordenado por %S
-ShortFindTitle = Find: '%S'
+ShortFindTitle = Buscar: '%S'
 FindTitle = Find: %S %S '%S' en %S
 ImportedIEFavorites = Favoritos importados de IE
 ImportedIEStaticFavorites = Favoritos importados de IE
 ImportedNetPositiveBookmarks = Marcadores importados de NetPositive
-DefaultPersonalToolbarFolder = Personal Toolbar Folder                          
+DefaultPersonalToolbarFolder = Carpeta de barra de herramientas personal
 SelectOpen = Abrir archivo de marcadores
 SelectImport = Importar archivo de marcadores
 EnterExport = Exportar archivo de marcadores
deleted file mode 100644
--- a/suite/chrome/common/bookmarks/bookmarksOverlay.dtd
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,22 +0,0 @@
-<!ENTITY  findABookmark.label               "Find a Bookmark…">
-<!ENTITY  findABookmark.accesskey           "f">
-<!ENTITY  newBookmark.label                 "New Bookmark…">
-<!ENTITY  newBookmark.accesskey             "n">
-<!ENTITY  newFolder.label                   "New Folder…">
-<!ENTITY  newFolder.accesskey               "e">
-<!ENTITY  newSeparator.label                "New Separator">
-<!ENTITY  newSeparator.accesskey            "s">
-<!ENTITY  setAsNewBookmarkFolder.label      "Set as new Bookmark folder">
-<!ENTITY  setAsNewBookmarkFolder.accesskey  "b">
-<!ENTITY  setAsNewSearchFolder.label        "Set as new Search Results folder">
-<!ENTITY  setAsNewSearchFolder.accesskey    "r">
-<!ENTITY  setAsNewToolbarFolder.label       "Set as new Personal Toolbar folder">
-<!ENTITY  setAsNewToolbarFolder.accesskey   "p">
-<!ENTITY  exportBookmarks.label             "Export…">
-<!ENTITY  exportBookmarks.accesskey         "x">
-<!ENTITY  importBookmarks.label             "Import…">
-<!ENTITY  importBookmarks.accesskey         "i">
--- a/suite/chrome/common/bookmarks/findBookmark.dtd
+++ b/suite/chrome/common/bookmarks/findBookmark.dtd
@@ -1,15 +1,17 @@
-<!ENTITY              "name">
-<!ENTITY search.url.label               "location">
-<!ENTITY search.shortcut.label          "keyword">
-<!ENTITY search.description.label       "description">
-<!ENTITY search.startswith.label        "starts with">
-<!ENTITY search.endswith.label          "ends with">
-<!ENTITY                "is">
-<!ENTITY search.isnot.label             "is not">
-<!ENTITY search.contains.label          "contains">
-<!ENTITY search.doesntcontain.label     "doesn't contain">
-<!ENTITY save.query.label               "Save query in bookmarks">
-<!ENTITY search.for.label               "Find Bookmarks whose">
-<!ENTITY findBookmark.title             "Find Bookmarks">
-<!ENTITY findButton.label               "Find">
+<!ENTITY              "nombre">
+<!ENTITY search.url.label               "ubicación">
+<!ENTITY search.shortcut.label          "palabra clave">
+<!ENTITY search.description.label       "descripción">
+<!ENTITY search.startswith.label        "comienza con">
+<!ENTITY search.endswith.label          "termina con">
+<!ENTITY                "es">
+<!ENTITY search.isnot.label             "no es">
+<!ENTITY search.contains.label          "contiene">
+<!ENTITY search.doesntcontain.label     "no contiene">
+<!ENTITY save.query.label               "Guardar consulta en marcadores">
+<!ENTITY save.query.accesskey           "s">
+<!ENTITY search.for.label               "Buscar marcadores cuyos">
+<!ENTITY findBookmark.title             "Buscar marcadores">
+<!ENTITY findButton.label               "Buscar">
+<!ENTITY findButton.accesskey           "B">
--- a/suite/chrome/common/bookmarks/sortFolder.dtd
+++ b/suite/chrome/common/bookmarks/sortFolder.dtd
@@ -1,20 +1,24 @@
-<!ENTITY window.title "Sort Folder">
+<!ENTITY window.title "Ordenar carpeta">
-<!ENTITY sortOptions.label "Sort options">
-<!ENTITY description.label "&brandShortName; can sort individual folders. Use these options to customize the sorting for this Folder.">
+<!ENTITY sortOptions.label "Opciones de orden">
+<!ENTITY description.label "&brandShortName; puede ordenar carpetas idenpendientemente. Use estas opciones pra personalizar el orden de esta carpeta.">
-<!ENTITY sortBy.label "Sort by:">
-<!ENTITY "Name">
+<!ENTITY sortBy.label "Ordenar por:">
+<!ENTITY sortBy.accesskey "O">
+<!ENTITY "Nombre">
 <!ENTITY sortBy.url.label "Location">
-<!ENTITY sortBy.shortcutUrl.label "Keyword">
-<!ENTITY sortBy.description.label "Description">
-<!ENTITY sortBy.bookmarkAddDate.label "Added">
-<!ENTITY sortBy.lastModifiedDate.label "Last Modified">
-<!ENTITY sortBy.lastVisitDate.label "Last Visited">
+<!ENTITY sortBy.shortcutUrl.label "Palabra clave">
+<!ENTITY sortBy.description.label "Descripción">
+<!ENTITY sortBy.bookmarkAddDate.label "Agregado">
+<!ENTITY sortBy.lastModifiedDate.label "Última modificación">
+<!ENTITY sortBy.lastVisitDate.label "Última visita">
-<!ENTITY sortOrder.label "Sort order:">
-<!ENTITY sortAscending.label "Ascending">
-<!ENTITY sortDescending.label "Descending">
+<!ENTITY sortOrder.label "Ordenamiento:">
+<!ENTITY sortOrder.accesskey "O">
+<!ENTITY sortAscending.label "Ascendente">
+<!ENTITY sortDescending.label "Descendente">
-<!ENTITY sortFoldersFirst.label "Sort folders first">
-<!ENTITY sortRecursively.label "Sort recursively">
+<!ENTITY sortFoldersFirst.label "Ordenar carpetas primero">
+<!ENTITY sortFoldersFirst.accesskey "d">
+<!ENTITY sortRecursively.label "Ordenar recursivamente">
+<!ENTITY sortRecursively.accesskey "c">
--- a/suite/chrome/common/contentAreaCommands.dtd
+++ b/suite/chrome/common/contentAreaCommands.dtd
@@ -1,112 +1,132 @@
 <!-- Context Menu -->
-<!ENTITY popupWindowRejectCmd.label     "Reject popup windows from this site">
-<!ENTITY popupWindowRejectCmd.accesskey "">
-<!ENTITY popupWindowAllowCmd.label      "Allow popup windows from this site">
-<!ENTITY popupWindowAllowCmd.accesskey  "">
-<!ENTITY openLinkCmd.label            "Open Link in New Window">
-<!ENTITY openLinkCmd.accesskey        "W">
-<!ENTITY openLinkCmdInTab.label       "Open Link in New Tab">
-<!ENTITY openLinkCmdInTab.accesskey   "T">
-<!ENTITY openLinkInWindowCmd.label    "Open">
-<!ENTITY openLinkInWindowCmd.accesskey "p">
-<!ENTITY openFrameCmd.label           "Open Frame in New Window">
-<!ENTITY openFrameCmd.accesskey       "W">
-<!ENTITY openFrameCmdInTab.label      "Open Frame in New Tab">
-<!ENTITY openFrameCmdInTab.accesskey  "T">
-<!ENTITY showOnlyThisFrameCmd.label     "Show Only This Frame">
-<!ENTITY showOnlyThisFrameCmd.accesskey "S">
-<!ENTITY addToBookmarksCmd.label      "Bookmark This Page">
-<!ENTITY addToBookmarksCmd.accesskey  "B">
-<!ENTITY goBackCmd.label              "Back">
-<!ENTITY goBackCmd.accesskey          "B">
-<!ENTITY goForwardCmd.label           "Forward">
-<!ENTITY goForwardCmd.accesskey       "F">
-<!ENTITY goUpCmd.label                "Up">
-<!ENTITY goUpCmd.accesskey            "U">
-<!ENTITY reloadCmd.label              "Reload">
+<!ENTITY popupWindowRejectCmd.label     "Rechazar ventanas emergentes de este sitio">
+<!ENTITY popupWindowRejectCmd.accesskey "R">
+<!ENTITY popupWindowAllowCmd.label      "Permitir ventanas emergentes de este sitio">
+<!ENTITY popupWindowAllowCmd.accesskey  "a">
+<!ENTITY openLinkCmd.label            "Abrir enlace en nueva ventana">
+<!ENTITY openLinkCmd.accesskey        "A">
+<!ENTITY openLinkCmdInTab.label       "Abrir enlace en nueva pestaña">
+<!ENTITY openLinkCmdInTab.accesskey   "t">
+<!ENTITY openLinkInWindowCmd.label    "Abrir">
+<!ENTITY openLinkInWindowCmd.accesskey "A">
+<!ENTITY openFrameCmd.label           "Abrir marco en nueva ventana">
+<!ENTITY openFrameCmd.accesskey       "A">
+<!ENTITY openFrameCmdInTab.label      "Abrir marco en nueva pestaña">
+<!ENTITY openFrameCmdInTab.accesskey  "t">
+<!ENTITY showOnlyThisFrameCmd.label     "Mostrar solamente este marco">
+<!ENTITY showOnlyThisFrameCmd.accesskey "s">
+<!ENTITY goBackCmd.label              "Atrás">
+<!ENTITY goBackCmd.accesskey          "A">
+<!ENTITY goForwardCmd.label           "Adelante">
+<!ENTITY goForwardCmd.accesskey       "A">
+<!ENTITY goUpCmd.label                "Arriba">
+<!ENTITY goUpCmd.accesskey            "A">
+<!ENTITY reloadCmd.label              "Recargar">
 <!ENTITY reloadCmd.accesskey          "R">
 <!ENTITY reloadCmd.commandkey         "r">
-<!ENTITY stopCmd.label                "Stop">
-<!ENTITY stopCmd.accesskey            "S">
-<!ENTITY reloadFrameCmd.label         "Reload Frame">
+<!ENTITY stopCmd.label                "Detener">
+<!ENTITY stopCmd.accesskey            "D">
+<!ENTITY reloadFrameCmd.label         "Recargar marco">
 <!ENTITY reloadFrameCmd.accesskey     "R">
-<!ENTITY viewPartialSourceForSelectionCmd.label "View Selection Source">
-<!ENTITY viewPartialSourceForMathMLCmd.label    "View MathML Source">
+<!ENTITY viewPartialSourceForSelectionCmd.label "Ver fuente de la selección">
+<!ENTITY viewPartialSourceForMathMLCmd.label    "Ver fuente MathML">
 <!ENTITY viewPartialSourceCmd.accesskey "e">
-<!ENTITY viewPageSourceCmd.label      "View Page Source">
+<!ENTITY viewPageSourceCmd.label      "Ver código fuente">
 <!ENTITY viewPageSourceCmd.accesskey  "V">
-<!ENTITY viewFrameSourceCmd.label     "View Frame Source">
+<!ENTITY viewFrameSourceCmd.label     "Ver fuente del marco">
 <!ENTITY viewFrameSourceCmd.accesskey "V">
-<!ENTITY viewPageInfoCmd.label        "View Page Info">
-<!ENTITY viewPageInfoCmd.accesskey    "I">
-<!ENTITY viewFrameInfoCmd.label       "View Frame Info">
-<!ENTITY viewFrameInfoCmd.accesskey   "I">
-<!ENTITY fitImageCmd.label            "Fit Image to Window">
-<!ENTITY fitImageCmd.accesskey        "F">
-<!ENTITY reloadImageCmd.label         "Reload Image">
+<!ENTITY viewPageInfoCmd.label        "Ver información de la página">
+<!ENTITY viewPageInfoCmd.accesskey    "i">
+<!ENTITY viewFrameInfoCmd.label       "Ver información del marco">
+<!ENTITY viewFrameInfoCmd.accesskey   "i">
+<!ENTITY fitImageCmd.label            "Encajar imagen en la ventana">
+<!ENTITY fitImageCmd.accesskey        "E">
+<!ENTITY reloadImageCmd.label         "Recargar imagen">
 <!ENTITY reloadImageCmd.accesskey     "e">
-<!ENTITY viewImageCmd.label           "View Image">
-<!ENTITY viewImageCmd.accesskey       "I">
-<!ENTITY viewBGImageCmd.label         "View Background Image">
-<!ENTITY viewBGImageCmd.accesskey     "w">
-<!ENTITY setWallpaperCmd.label        "Set As Wallpaper">
-<!ENTITY setWallpaperCmd.accesskey    "S">
-<!ENTITY bookmarkPageCmd.label        "Bookmark This Page">
-<!ENTITY bookmarkPageCmd.accesskey    "m">
-<!ENTITY bookmarkLinkCmd.label        "Bookmark This Link">
-<!ENTITY bookmarkLinkCmd.accesskey    "L">
-<!ENTITY bookmarkFrameCmd.label       "Bookmark This Frame">
-<!ENTITY bookmarkFrameCmd.accesskey   "m">
-<!ENTITY savePageAsCmd.label          "Save Page As…">
-<!ENTITY savePageCmd.label            "Save Page">
+<!ENTITY viewImageCmd.label           "Ver imagen">
+<!ENTITY viewImageCmd.accesskey       "i">
+<!ENTITY viewVideoCmd.label           "Ver video">
+<!ENTITY viewVideoCmd.accesskey       "i">
+<!ENTITY viewBGImageCmd.label         "Ver imagen de fondo">
+<!ENTITY viewBGImageCmd.accesskey     "V">
+<!ENTITY setWallpaperCmd.label        "Elegir como fondo de pantalla">
+<!ENTITY setWallpaperCmd.accesskey    "E">
+<!ENTITY bookmarkPageCmd.label        "Marcar esta página">
+<!ENTITY bookmarkPageCmd.accesskey    "M">
+<!ENTITY bookmarkLinkCmd.label        "Marcar este enlace">
+<!ENTITY bookmarkLinkCmd.accesskey    "l">
+<!ENTITY bookmarkFrameCmd.label       "Marcar este marco…">
+<!ENTITY bookmarkFrameCmd.accesskey   "M">
+<!ENTITY savePageAsCmd.label          "Guardar página como…">
+<!ENTITY savePageCmd.label            "Guardar página">
 <!ENTITY savePageCmd.accesskey        "a">
 <!ENTITY savePageCmd.commandkey       "s">
-<!ENTITY saveFrameAsCmd.label         "Save Frame As…">
-<!ENTITY saveFrameCmd.label           "Save Frame">
+<!ENTITY saveFrameAsCmd.label         "Guardar marco como…">
+<!ENTITY saveFrameCmd.label           "Guardar marco">
 <!ENTITY saveFrameCmd.accesskey       "m">
-<!ENTITY saveLinkAsCmd.label          "Save Link Target As…">
-<!ENTITY saveLinkCmd.label            "Save Link Target">
+<!ENTITY saveLinkAsCmd.label          "Guardar enlace como…">
+<!ENTITY saveLinkCmd.label            "Guardar enlace">
 <!ENTITY saveLinkCmd.accesskey        "r">
-<!ENTITY saveImageAsCmd.label         "Save Image As…">
-<!ENTITY saveImageCmd.label           "Save Image">
-<!ENTITY saveImageCmd.accesskey       "v">
-<!ENTITY copyCmd.label                "Copy">
+<!ENTITY saveImageAsCmd.label         "Guardar imagen como…">
+<!ENTITY saveImageCmd.label           "Guardar imagen">
+<!ENTITY saveImageCmd.accesskey       "G">
+<!ENTITY saveVideoCmd.label           "Guardar video como…">
+<!ENTITY saveVideoCmd.accesskey       "v">
+<!ENTITY saveAudioCmd.label           "Guardar audio como…">
+<!ENTITY saveAudioCmd.accesskey       "G">
+<!ENTITY copyCmd.label                "Copiar">
 <!ENTITY copyCmd.accesskey            "C">
-<!ENTITY selectAllCmd.label           "Select All">
-<!ENTITY selectAllCmd.accesskey       "A">
-<!ENTITY copyLinkCmd.label            "Copy Link Location">
+<!ENTITY selectAllCmd.label           "Seleccionar todo">
+<!ENTITY selectAllCmd.accesskey       "a">
+<!ENTITY copyLinkCmd.label            "Copiar dirección del enlace">
 <!ENTITY copyLinkCmd.accesskey        "C">
-<!ENTITY copyImageCmd.label           "Copy Image">
+<!ENTITY copyImageCmd.label           "Copiar imagen">
 <!ENTITY copyImageCmd.accesskey       "o">
-<!ENTITY metadataCmd.label            "Properties">
+<!ENTITY copyVideoURLCmd.label        "Copiar dirección del video">
+<!ENTITY copyVideoURLCmd.accesskey    "o">
+<!ENTITY copyAudioURLCmd.label        "Copiar dirección del audio">
+<!ENTITY copyAudioURLCmd.accesskey    "o">
+<!ENTITY metadataCmd.label            "Propiedades">
 <!ENTITY metadataCmd.accesskey        "P">
-<!ENTITY copyEmailCmd.label           "Copy Email Address">
-<!ENTITY copyEmailCmd.accesskey       "E">
-<!ENTITY pasteCmd.label               "Paste">
+<!ENTITY copyEmailCmd.label           "Copiar dirección de correo electrónico">
+<!ENTITY copyEmailCmd.accesskey       "e">
+<!ENTITY pasteCmd.label               "Pegar">
 <!ENTITY pasteCmd.accesskey           "P">
-<!ENTITY cutCmd.label                 "Cut">
+<!ENTITY cutCmd.label                 "Cortar">
 <!ENTITY cutCmd.accesskey             "t">
-<!ENTITY deleteCmd.label              "Delete">
-<!ENTITY deleteCmd.accesskey          "D">
-<!ENTITY undoCmd.label                "Undo">
-<!ENTITY undoCmd.accesskey            "U">
-<!ENTITY redoCmd.label                "Redo">
+<!ENTITY deleteCmd.label              "Cortar">
+<!ENTITY deleteCmd.accesskey          "C">
+<!ENTITY undoCmd.label                "Deshacer">
+<!ENTITY undoCmd.accesskey            "D">
+<!ENTITY redoCmd.label                "Rehacer">
 <!ENTITY redoCmd.accesskey            "R">
-<!ENTITY thisFrameMenu.label          "This Frame">
-<!ENTITY thisFrameMenu.accesskey      "h">
+<!ENTITY thisFrameMenu.label          "Este marco">
+<!ENTITY thisFrameMenu.accesskey      "E">
+<!ENTITY mediaPlay.label              "Reproducir">
+<!ENTITY mediaPlay.accesskey          "p">
+<!ENTITY mediaPause.label             "Pausa">
+<!ENTITY mediaPause.accesskey         "P">
+<!ENTITY mediaMute.label              "Mudo">
+<!ENTITY mediaMute.accesskey          "M">
+<!ENTITY mediaUnmute.label            "Escuchar">
+<!ENTITY mediaUnmute.accesskey        "E">
+<!ENTITY mediaShowControls.label      "Mostrar controles de medios">
+<!ENTITY mediaShowControls.accesskey  "a">
+<!ENTITY mediaHideControls.label      "Ocultar controles de medios">
+<!ENTITY mediaHideControls.accesskey  "a">
 <!ENTITY search.accesskey             "W">
-<!ENTITY bidiSwitchPageDirectionItem.label        "Switch Page Direction">
+<!ENTITY bidiSwitchPageDirectionItem.label        "Cambiar dirección de la página">
 <!ENTITY bidiSwitchPageDirectionItem.accesskey    "g">
-<!ENTITY bidiSwitchTextDirectionItem.label        "Switch Text Direction">
-<!ENTITY bidiSwitchTextDirectionItem.accesskey    "w">
-<!ENTITY spellAddToDictionary.label     "Add to Dictionary">
+<!ENTITY bidiSwitchTextDirectionItem.label        "Cambiar dirección del texto">
+<!ENTITY bidiSwitchTextDirectionItem.accesskey    "C">
+<!ENTITY spellAddToDictionary.label     "Agregar al diccionario">
 <!ENTITY spellAddToDictionary.accesskey "o">
-<!ENTITY spellIgnoreWord.label          "Ignore Word">
-<!ENTITY spellIgnoreWord.accesskey      "W">
-<!ENTITY spellCheckEnable.label         "Check Spelling">
-<!ENTITY spellCheckEnable.accesskey     "S">
-<!ENTITY spellNoSuggestions.label       "(No Spelling Suggestions)">
-<!ENTITY spellDictionaries.label        "Languages">
-<!ENTITY spellDictionaries.accesskey    "L">
-<!ENTITY spellAddDictionaries.label     "Download More Dictionaries…">
+<!ENTITY spellIgnoreWord.label          "Ignorar palabra">
+<!ENTITY spellIgnoreWord.accesskey      "I">
+<!ENTITY spellCheckEnable.label         "Revisar ortografía">
+<!ENTITY spellCheckEnable.accesskey     "s">
+<!ENTITY spellNoSuggestions.label       "(No hay sugerencias)">
+<!ENTITY spellDictionaries.label        "Idiomas">
+<!ENTITY spellDictionaries.accesskey    "I">
+<!ENTITY spellAddDictionaries.label     "Descargar más diccionarios…">
 <!ENTITY spellAddDictionaries.accesskey "D">
--- a/suite/chrome/common/
+++ b/suite/chrome/common/
@@ -1,29 +1,27 @@
 # context menu strings
-searchText=Search Web for "%S"
+searchText=Buscar en la web "%S"
-blockImage=Block Images from %S
+blockImage=Bloquear imágenes de %S
-unblockImage=Unblock Images from %S
+unblockImage=Desbloquear imágenes de %S
-SavePageTitle=Save Web Page
-SaveImageTitle=Save Image
-SaveLinkTitle=Save As
-SaveAttachmentTitle=Save Attachment
-WebPageCompleteFilter=Web Page, complete
-WebPageHTMLOnlyFilter=Web Page, HTML only
-WebPageXHTMLOnlyFilter=Web Page, XHTML only
-WebPageSVGOnlyFilter=Web Page, SVG only
-WebPageXMLOnlyFilter=Web Page, XML only
+SaveImageTitle=Guardar imagen
+SaveVideoTitle=Guardar video
+SaveAudioTitle=Guardar audio
+SaveLinkTitle=Guardar como
+SaveAttachmentTitle=Guardar adjunto
+WebPageCompleteFilter=Página web, completa
+WebPageHTMLOnlyFilter=Página web, solamente HTML
+WebPageXHTMLOnlyFilter=Página web, solamente XHTML
+WebPageSVGOnlyFilter=Página web, solamente SVG
+WebPageXMLOnlyFilter=Página web, solamente XML
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (filesFolder):
 #    This is the name of the folder that is created parallel to a HTML file 
 #    when it is saved "With Images". The %S section is replaced with the
 #    leaf name of the file being saved (minus extension).
-saveLinkErrorMsg=The link could not be saved.  The web page might have been removed or had its name changed.
-saveLinkErrorTitle=Save Link
--- a/suite/chrome/common/defaultClientDialog.dtd
+++ b/suite/chrome/common/defaultClientDialog.dtd
@@ -1,9 +1,10 @@
-<!ENTITY defaultClient.title  "Default Client">
-<!ENTITY defaultClient.intro  "Use &brandShortName; as the default client for:">
+<!ENTITY defaultClient.title  "Cliente predeterminado">
+<!ENTITY defaultClient.intro  "Usar &brandShortName; como el cliente predeterminado para:">
-<!ENTITY browser.label "Browser">
-<!ENTITY email.label "E-Mail">
-<!ENTITY newsgroups.label "Newsgroups">
+<!ENTITY browser.label "Navegador">
+<!ENTITY email.label "Correo electrónico">
+<!ENTITY newsgroups.label "Grupos de noticias">
+<!ENTITY feeds.label "Canales">
-<!ENTITY checkOnStartup.label "Always perform this check when starting &brandShortName;">
-<!ENTITY checkOnStartup.accesskey "A">
+<!ENTITY checkOnStartup.label "Siempre verificar ésto al iniciar &brandShortName;">
+<!ENTITY checkOnStartup.accesskey "a">
--- a/suite/chrome/common/history/history.dtd
+++ b/suite/chrome/common/history/history.dtd
@@ -1,35 +1,53 @@
-<!-- extracted from ./history.xul -->
+<!-- history.xul, history-panel.xul, placesOverlay.xul -->
+<!ENTITY historyWindowTitle.label       "Historial">
+<!ENTITY menuBar.tooltip                "Barra de menú">
+<!ENTITY searchBar.tooltip              "Barra de búsquedas">
+<!ENTITY search.emptytext               "Buscar en historial">
+<!ENTITY search.key                     "f">
+<!ENTITY view.label                     "Ver">
+<!ENTITY view.columns.label             "Mostrar columnas">
+<!ENTITY view.columns.accesskey         "c">
+<!ENTITY view.sortBy.label              "Ordenar por">
+<!ENTITY view.sortBy.accesskey          "O">
+<!ENTITY view.groupBy.label             "Agrupar por">
+<!ENTITY view.groupBy.accesskey         "g">
+<!ENTITY view.unsorted.label            "Sin ordenar">
+<!ENTITY view.unsorted.accesskey        "S">
+<!ENTITY view.sortAscending.label       "Ordenado A > Z">
+<!ENTITY view.sortAscending.accesskey   "A">
+<!ENTITY view.sortDescending.label      "Ordenado Z > A">
+<!ENTITY view.sortDescending.accesskey  "Z">
-<!ENTITY menuBar.tooltip            "Menu Bar">
-<!ENTITY fileMenu.label             "File">
-<!ENTITY closeCmd.label             "Close">
-<!ENTITY editMenu.label             "Edit"> 
-<!ENTITY undoCmd.label              "Undo">
-<!ENTITY redoCmd.label              "Redo">
-<!ENTITY cutCmd.label               "Cut">
-<!ENTITY copyCmd.label              "Copy">
-<!ENTITY pasteCmd.label             "Paste">
-<!ENTITY deleteCmd.label            "Delete">
-<!ENTITY deleteHostnameCmd.accesskey "H">
-<!ENTITY deleteDomainCmd.accesskey  "s">
-<!ENTITY selAllCmd.label            "Select All">
-<!ENTITY findHisCmd.label           "Search History…">
-<!ENTITY findHisCmd.commandkey      "f">
-<!ENTITY findHisCmd.accesskey       "S">
-<!ENTITY groupBy.label              "Group By">
-<!ENTITY groupBy.accesskey          "G">
-<!ENTITY groupByDay.label           "Day">
-<!ENTITY groupByDay.accesskey       "D">
-<!ENTITY groupBySite.label          "Site">
-<!ENTITY groupBySite.accesskey      "S">
-<!ENTITY groupByNone.label          "None">
-<!ENTITY groupByNone.accesskey      "N">
-<!ENTITY historyWindowTitle.label   "History">
-<!ENTITY menuitem.view.unsorted.label "Unsorted">
-<!ENTITY menuitem.view.unsorted.accesskey "u">
-<!ENTITY sortAscending.label         "Ascending">
-<!ENTITY sortAscending.accesskey     "A">
-<!ENTITY sortDescending.label        "Descending">
-<!ENTITY sortDescending.accesskey    "D">
-<!ENTITY menuitem.view.show_columns.label "Show columns">
-<!ENTITY menuitem.view.show_columns.accesskey "S">
+<!ENTITY view.groupNone.label           "Ninguno">
+<!ENTITY view.groupNone.accesskey       "N">
+<!ENTITY view.groupDay.label            "Día">
+<!ENTITY view.groupDay.accesskey        "D">
+<!ENTITY view.groupSite.label           "Sitio">
+<!ENTITY view.groupSite.accesskey       "S">
+<!ENTITY view.groupDayAndSite.label     "Fecha y sitio">
+<!ENTITY view.groupDayAndSite.accesskey "a">
+<!ENTITY                 "Abrir">
+<!ENTITY             "A">
+<!ENTITY cmd.open_window.label          "Abrir enlace en nueva ventana">
+<!ENTITY cmd.open_window.accesskey      "n">
+<!ENTITY cmd.open_tab.label             "Abrir enlace en nueva pestaña">
+<!ENTITY cmd.open_tab.accesskey         "A">
+<!ENTITY bookmarkLinkCmd.label          "Marcar este enlace…">
+<!ENTITY bookmarkLinkCmd.accesskey      "M">
+<!ENTITY bookmarkLinksCmd.label         "Marcar estos enlaces">
+<!ENTITY bookmarkLinksCmd.accesskey     "M">
+<!ENTITY col.title.label                "Título">
+<!ENTITY col.title.accesskey            "T">
+<!ENTITY col.url.label                  "Ubicación">
+<!ENTITY col.url.accesskey              "U">
+<!ENTITY col.lastvisit.label            "Última visita">
+<!ENTITY col.lastvisit.accesskey        "v">
+<!ENTITY col.visitcount.label           "Cantidad de visitas">
+<!ENTITY col.visitcount.accesskey       "C">
--- a/suite/chrome/common/
+++ b/suite/chrome/common/
@@ -1,23 +1,36 @@
-missingpluginsMessage.title=Additional plugins are required to display all the media on this page.
-missingpluginsMessage.button.label=Install Missing Plugins…
+missingpluginsMessage.title=Se requieren plugins adicionales para mostrar todos los medios en esta página.
+missingpluginsMessage.button.label=Instalar plugins faltantes…
-blockedpluginsMessage.title=Some plugins required by this page have been blocked for your protection.
+blockedpluginsMessage.title=Algunos plugins requeridos por esta página han sido bloqueados para su protección.
-blockedpluginsMessage.searchButton.label=Update Plugins…
+blockedpluginsMessage.searchButton.label=Actualizar plugins…
-popupWarning=%S prevented this site from opening a popup window.
-popupWarningMultiple=%S prevented this site from opening %S popup windows.
+popupWarning=%S evitó que este sitio abra una ventana emergente.
+popupWarningMultiple=%S evitó que este sitio abriera %S ventanas emergentes.
-xpinstallHostNotAvailable=unknown host
-xpinstallPromptWarning=%S prevented this site (%S) from asking you to install software on your computer.
-xpinstallPromptInstallButton=Install Software…
+xpinstallHostNotAvailable=servidor desconocido
+xpinstallPromptWarning=%S evitó que este sitio (%S) le pida instalar software en su computadora.
+xpinstallPromptInstallButton=Instalar software…
-xpinstallDisabledMessageLocked=Software installation has been disabled by your system administrator.
-xpinstallDisabledMessage=Software installation is currently disabled. Click Enable and try again.
+xpinstallDisabledMessageLocked=La instalación de software ha sido deshabilitada por su administrador de sistemas.
+xpinstallDisabledMessage=La instalación de software está actualmente deshabilitada. Haga clic en Habilitar e intente nuevamente.
+# Geolocation UI
+# LOCALIZATION NOTE (geolocation.shareLocation geolocation.dontShareLocation): 
+#If you're having trouble with the word Share, please use Allow and Block in your language.
+geolocation.shareLocation=Compartir ubicación
+geolocation.dontShareLocation=No compartir
+geolocation.siteWantsToKnow=%S quiere conocer su ubicación.
+# LOCALIZATION NOTE (geolocation.learnMore): Use the unicode ellipsis char, \u2026,
+# or use "..." unless \u2026 doesn't suit traditions in your locale.
+geolocation.learnMore=Saber más…
+geolocation.remember=Recordar para este sitio
--- a/suite/chrome/common/permissions/cookieViewer.dtd
+++ b/suite/chrome/common/permissions/cookieViewer.dtd
@@ -1,33 +1,45 @@
 <!ENTITY     tab.cookiesonsystem.label      "Cookies guardadas">
-<!ENTITY     tab.bannedservers.label        "Cookie Sites">
-<!ENTITY     div.bannedservers.label        "Manage sites that can and cannot store cookies on your computer.">
-<!ENTITY     div.cookiesonsystem.label      "View and remove cookies that are stored on your computer.">
-<!ENTITY     treehead.cookiename.label      "Cookie Name">
+<!ENTITY     tab.bannedservers.label        "Sitios de cookies">
+<!ENTITY     div.bannedservers.label        "Elige los sitios que pueden y cuales no pueden guardar cookies en tu computadora.">
+<!ENTITY     div.cookiesonsystem.label      "Ver y eliminar cookies que se guardan en su computadora.">
+<!ENTITY     treehead.cookiename.label      "Nombre de cookie">
 <!ENTITY     treehead.cookiedomain.label    "Sitio"> 
 <!ENTITY     treehead.cookieexpires.label   "Expira"> 
-<!ENTITY     treehead.infoselected.label    "Information about the selected Cookie">
+<!ENTITY     treehead.infoselected.label    "Información acerca de la cookie seleccionada">
 <!ENTITY     button.removecookie.label      "Eliminar cookie">
+<!ENTITY     button.removecookie.accesskey  "E">
 <!ENTITY     button.removeallcookies.label  "Eliminar todas las cookies">
+<!ENTITY     button.removeallcookies.accesskey "E">
+<!ENTITY     search.emptytext               "Buscar cookies">
+<!ENTITY     focusSearch.key                "f">
+<!ENTITY     windowClose.key                "w">
 <!ENTITY               "Nombre:">
 <!ENTITY     props.value.label              "Contenido:">
 <!ENTITY     props.domain.label             "Servidor:">
 <!ENTITY     props.path.label               "Ruta:">
 <!ENTITY             "Enviar a:">
 <!ENTITY     props.expires.label            "Expira:">
 <!ENTITY     treehead.sitename.label        "Sitio">
 <!ENTITY     treehead.status.label          "Estado">
 <!ENTITY     windowtitle.label              "Administrador de cookies">
 <!ENTITY     buttonaccept.label             "Cerrar">
+<!ENTITY     buttonaccept.accesskey         "C">
 <!ENTITY     blockSite.label                "Bloquear">
+<!ENTITY     blockSite.accesskey            "B">
 <!ENTITY     allowSite.label                "Permitir">
+<!ENTITY     allowSite.accesskey            "P">
 <!ENTITY     allowSiteSession.label         "Sesión">
+<!ENTITY     allowSiteSession.accesskey     "S">
 <!ENTITY     removepermission.label         "Eliminar sitio">
+<!ENTITY     removepermission.accesskey     "E">
 <!ENTITY     removeallpermissions.label     "Eliminar todos los sitios">
+<!ENTITY     removeallpermissions.accesskey "E">
-<!ENTITY     canSet.label                   "can set cookies">
-<!ENTITY     cannotSet.label                "cannot set cookies">
+<!ENTITY     futureCookies.label            "No permitir que los sitios que hayan guardado cookies que se borraron guardar nuevas cookies">
+<!ENTITY     futureCookies.accesskey        "d">
-<!ENTITY     checkbox.label                 "Don't allow sites that set removed cookies to set future cookies">
+<!ENTITY     selectAll.key        "">
\ No newline at end of file
--- a/suite/chrome/common/permissions/
+++ b/suite/chrome/common/permissions/
@@ -32,24 +32,30 @@
 # and other provisions required by the GPL or the LGPL. If you do not delete
 # the provisions above, a recipient may use your version of this file under
 # the terms of any one of the MPL, the GPL or the LGPL.
 # ***** END LICENSE BLOCK *****
 # note this section of the code may require some tinkering in other languages =(
 # format in dialog: site [can/cannot] set cookies
-can=site can set cookies
-cannot=site cannot set cookies
-canSession=site can set session cookies
-domain=Domain for which this cookie applies:
-host=Server which set the cookie:
-forSecureOnly=Encrypted connections only
-forAnyConnection=Any type of connection
-AtEndOfSession = at end of session
-deleteAllCookies=Are you sure you want to delete all the cookies?
-deleteAllCookiesTitle=Remove All Cookies
-deleteAllCookiesSites=Are you sure you want to delete all of the cookie sites?
-deleteAllSitesTitle=Remove All Sites
+can=el sitio puede establecer cookies
+cannot=el sitio no puede establecer cookies
+canSession=el sitio puede establecer cookies de sesión
+domain=Dominio de esta cookie:
+host=Servidor que estableció la cookie:
+forSecureOnly=Sólo conexiones cifradas
+forAnyConnection=Cualquier tipo de conexión
+expireAtEndOfSession=Al finalizar la sesión
+deleteAllCookies=¿Seguro desea borrar todas las cookies?
+deleteAllCookiesTitle=Eliminar todas las cookies
+deleteAllCookiesSites=¿Está seguro de querer borrar todos los sitios con cookies?
+deleteAllSitesTitle=Eliminar todos los sitios
+deleteSelectedCookies=¿Está seguro de querer borrar las cookies seleccionadas?
+deleteSelectedCookiesTitle=Eliminar cookies seleccionadas
+deleteSelectedCookiesSites=¿Seguro desea borrar los sitios de cookies seleccionados?
+deleteSelectedSitesTitle=Eliminar sitios seleccionados
--- a/suite/chrome/common/permissions/permissionsManager.dtd
+++ b/suite/chrome/common/permissions/permissionsManager.dtd
@@ -1,14 +1,15 @@
-<!ENTITY windowtitle.label              "Exceptions">
-<!ENTITY treehead.sitename.label        "Site">
-<!ENTITY treehead.status.label          "Status">
-<!ENTITY remove.label                   "Remove Site">
-<!ENTITY remove.accesskey               "R">
-<!ENTITY removeall.label                "Remove All Sites">
-<!ENTITY removeall.accesskey            "e">
-<!ENTITY address.label                  "Address of web site:">
-<!ENTITY block.label                    "Block">
+<!ENTITY windowtitle.label              "Excepciones">
+<!ENTITY treehead.sitename.label        "Sitio">
+<!ENTITY treehead.status.label          "Estado">
+<!ENTITY remove.label                   "Eliminar sitio">
+<!ENTITY remove.accesskey               "r">
+<!ENTITY removeall.label                "Eliminar todos los sitios">
+<!ENTITY removeall.accesskey            "E">
+<!ENTITY address.label                  "Dirección del sitio web:">
+<!ENTITY address.accesskey              "D">
+<!ENTITY block.label                    "Bloquear">
 <!ENTITY block.accesskey                "B">
-<!ENTITY session.label                  "Allow for Session">
-<!ENTITY session.accesskey              "S">
-<!ENTITY allow.label                    "Allow">
-<!ENTITY allow.accesskey                "A">
+<!ENTITY session.label                  "Permitir por esta sesión">
+<!ENTITY session.accesskey              "s">
+<!ENTITY allow.label                    "Permitir">
+<!ENTITY allow.accesskey                "P">
--- a/suite/chrome/common/permissions/permissionsNavigatorOverlay.dtd
+++ b/suite/chrome/common/permissions/permissionsNavigatorOverlay.dtd
@@ -1,45 +1,42 @@
 <!-- the following is for the task menu overlay -->
-<!ENTITY cookieMessageTitle.label "Cookie Permissions Changed">
-<!ENTITY cookieDisplayCookiesCmd.label "Manage Stored Cookies">
-<!ENTITY cookieDisplayCookiesCmd.accesskey "M">
-<!ENTITY cookieAllowCookiesCmd.label "Allow Cookies from This Site">
-<!ENTITY cookieAllowCookiesCmd.accesskey "A">
-<!ENTITY cookieAllowCookiesMsg.label "Cookies from this site will always be allowed.">
-<!ENTITY cookieAllowSessionCookiesCmd.label "Allow Session Cookies from This Site">
-<!ENTITY cookieAllowSessionCookiesCmd.accesskey "S">
-<!ENTITY cookieAllowSessionCookiesMsg.label "This site will be able to set cookies for the current session only.">
-<!ENTITY cookieCookiesDefaultCmd.label "Use Default Cookie Permissions">
+<!ENTITY cookieMessageTitle.label "Permisos de cookie cambiados">
+<!ENTITY cookieDisplayCookiesCmd.label "Administrar cookies guardadas">
+<!ENTITY cookieDisplayCookiesCmd.accesskey "m">
+<!ENTITY cookieAllowCookiesCmd.label "Permitir cookies de este sitio">
+<!ENTITY cookieAllowCookiesCmd.accesskey "P">
+<!ENTITY cookieAllowCookiesMsg.label "Las cookies de este sitio serán siempre permitidas.">
+<!ENTITY cookieAllowSessionCookiesCmd.label "Permitir cookies de sesión de este sitio">
+<!ENTITY cookieAllowSessionCookiesCmd.accesskey "s">
+<!ENTITY cookieAllowSessionCookiesMsg.label "Este sitio podrá guardar cookies sólo en la sesión actual.">
+<!ENTITY cookieCookiesDefaultCmd.label "Usar los permisos predeterminados de cookies">
 <!ENTITY cookieCookiesDefaultCmd.accesskey "U">
-<!ENTITY cookieCookiesDefaultMsg.label "Cookies from this site will be accepted or rejected based on default settings.">
-<!ENTITY cookieBlockCookiesCmd.label "Block Cookies from This Site">
+<!ENTITY cookieCookiesDefaultMsg.label "Las cookies de este sitio serán aceptadas o rechazadas según las opciones predeterminadas.">
+<!ENTITY cookieBlockCookiesCmd.label "Bloquear cookies de este sitio">
 <!ENTITY cookieBlockCookiesCmd.accesskey "B">
-<!ENTITY cookieBlockCookiesMsg.label "Cookies from this site will always be rejected.">
+<!ENTITY cookieBlockCookiesMsg.label "Las cookies de este sitio serán rechazadas siempre.">
-<!ENTITY cookieImageMessageTitle.label "Image Permissions Changed">
-<!ENTITY cookieDisplayImagesCmd.label "Manage Image Permissions">
-<!ENTITY cookieDisplayImagesCmd.accesskey "M">
-<!ENTITY cookieAllowImagesCmd.label "Allow Images from This Site">
-<!ENTITY cookieAllowImagesCmd.accesskey "A">
-<!ENTITY cookieAllowImagesMsg.label "Images from this site will always be downloaded.">
-<!ENTITY cookieImagesDefaultCmd.label "Use Default Image Permissions">
+<!ENTITY cookieImageMessageTitle.label "Permisos de imagen cambiados">
+<!ENTITY cookieDisplayImagesCmd.label "Administrar permisos de imágenes">
+<!ENTITY cookieDisplayImagesCmd.accesskey "m">
+<!ENTITY cookieAllowImagesCmd.label "Permitir imágenes de este sitio">
+<!ENTITY cookieAllowImagesCmd.accesskey "P">
+<!ENTITY cookieAllowImagesMsg.label "Las imágenes de este sitio serán descargadas siempre.">
+<!ENTITY cookieImagesDefaultCmd.label "Usar los permisos predeterminados para imágenes">
 <!ENTITY cookieImagesDefaultCmd.accesskey "U">
-<!ENTITY cookieImagesDefaultMsg.label "Images from this site will be downloaded based on default settings.">
-<!ENTITY cookieBlockImagesCmd.label "Block Images from This Site">
+<!ENTITY cookieImagesDefaultMsg.label "Las imágenes de este sitio serán descargadas de acuerdo a las opciones predeterminadas.">
+<!ENTITY cookieBlockImagesCmd.label "Bloquear imágenes de este sitio">
 <!ENTITY cookieBlockImagesCmd.accesskey "B">
-<!ENTITY cookieBlockImagesMsg.label "Images from this site will never be downloaded.">
+<!ENTITY cookieBlockImagesMsg.label "Las imágenes de este sitio no serán descargadas nunca.">
-<!ENTITY cookieAllowPopupsCmd.label                  "Allow Popups from This Site">
-<!ENTITY cookieAllowPopupsCmd.accesskey              "A">
-<!ENTITY cookieManagePopups.label                    "Manage Popups">
-<!ENTITY cookieManagePopups.accesskey                "M">
+<!ENTITY cookieAllowPopupsCmd.label                  "Permitir ventanas emergentes de este sitio">
+<!ENTITY cookieAllowPopupsCmd.accesskey              "a">
+<!ENTITY cookieManagePopups.label                    "Administrar ventanas emergentes">
+<!ENTITY cookieManagePopups.accesskey                "m">
-<!ENTITY cookieTutorialCmd.label "Understanding Privacy">
-<!ENTITY cookieTutorialCmd.accesskey "u">
-<!ENTITY cookieCookieManager.label "Cookie Manager">
+<!ENTITY cookieCookieManager.label "Administrador de cookies">
 <!ENTITY cookieCookieManager.accesskey "c">
-<!ENTITY cookieImageManager.label "Image Manager">
+<!ENTITY cookieImageManager.label "Administrador de imágenes">
 <!ENTITY cookieImageManager.accesskey "i">
-<!ENTITY cookiePopupManager.label "Popup Manager">
+<!ENTITY cookiePopupManager.label "Administrador de ventanas emergentes">
 <!ENTITY cookiePopupManager.accesskey "o">
--- a/suite/chrome/common/pref/pref-applications.dtd
+++ b/suite/chrome/common/pref/pref-applications.dtd
@@ -1,11 +1,10 @@
 <!--LOCALIZATION NOTE : FILE The Applications prefs dialog -->
-<!ENTITY pref.applications.title "Helper Applications">
+<!ENTITY pref.applications.title "Aplicaciones">
-<!ENTITY typeColumn.label        "Content Type">
+<!ENTITY typeColumn.label        "Tipo de contenido">
 <!ENTITY typeColumn.accesskey    "T">
-<!ENTITY actionColumn2.label     "Action">
+<!ENTITY actionColumn2.label     "Acción">
 <!ENTITY actionColumn2.accesskey "A">
-<!ENTITY filter.label            "Search:">
-<!ENTITY filter.accesskey        "S">
+<!ENTITY search.emptytext        "Buscar Tipos y Acciones">
--- a/suite/chrome/common/pref/
+++ b/suite/chrome/common/pref/
@@ -1,30 +1,30 @@
 #### Applications
-fileEnding=%S file
-saveFile=Save File
+fileEnding=archivo %S
+saveFile=Guardar archivo
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (useApp, useDefault): %S = Application name
-useApp=Use %S
-useDefault=Use %S (default)
+useApp=Usar %S
+useDefault=Usar %S (predeterminado)
-useOtherApp=Use other…
-fpTitleChooseApp=Select Helper Application
-manageApp=Application Details…
-webFeed=Web Feed
-videoPodcastFeed=Video Podcast
+useOtherApp=Usar otra…
+fpTitleChooseApp=Seleccionar aplicación
+manageApp=Detalles de la aplicación…
+webFeed=Canal Web
+videoPodcastFeed=Podcast de video
-alwaysAsk=Always ask
+alwaysAsk=Siempre preguntar
 # %1$S = plugin name (for example "QuickTime Plugin-in 7.2")
 # %2$S = brandShortName from (for example "Minefield")
-usePluginIn=Use %S (in %S)
+usePluginIn=Usar %S (en %S)
-# LOCALIZATION NOTE (previewInApp, addLiveBookmarksInApp): %S = brandShortName
-previewInApp=Preview in %S
-addLiveBookmarksInApp=Add Live Bookmarks in %S
+# LOCALIZATION NOTE (previewInApp, addNewsBlogsInApp): %S = brandShortName
+previewInApp=Vista previa en %S
+addNewsBlogsInApp=Suscribirse en %S
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (typeDescriptionWithType):
 # %1$S = type description (for example "Portable Document Format")
 # %2$S = type (for example "application/pdf")
 typeDescriptionWithType=%S (%S)
old mode 100755
new mode 100644
--- a/suite/chrome/common/pref/pref-certs.dtd
+++ b/suite/chrome/common/pref/pref-certs.dtd
@@ -31,23 +31,21 @@
    - use your version of this file under the terms of the MPL, indicate your
    - decision by deleting the provisions above and replace them with the notice
    - and other provisions required by the GPL or the LGPL. If you do not delete
    - the provisions above, a recipient may use your version of this file under
    - the terms of any one of the MPL, the GPL or the LGPL.
    - ***** END LICENSE BLOCK ***** -->
-<!ENTITY  resetsettings.label      "Reset Settings">
-<!ENTITY  resetpreferences.label   "Reset Preferences…">
-<!ENTITY  managecerts.caption      "Manage Certificates">
-<!ENTITY  managecerts.text         "Use the Certificate Manager to manage your personal certificates, as well as those of other people and certificate authorities.">
-<!ENTITY  managecerts.button       "Manage Certificates…">
+<!ENTITY  managecerts.caption      "Administrar certificados">
+<!ENTITY  managecerts.text         "Usar el Administrador de certificados para administrar sus certificados personales, así como los de otras personas y los de las autoridades certificantes.">
+<!ENTITY  managecerts.button       "Administrar certificados…">
 <!ENTITY  managecerts.accesskey    "M">
-<!ENTITY  managedevices.caption    "Manage Security Devices">
-<!ENTITY  managedevices.text       "Use this button to manage your security devices, such as smart cards.">
-<!ENTITY  managedevices.button     "Manage Security Devices…">
+<!ENTITY  managedevices.caption    "Administrar dispositivos de seguridad">
+<!ENTITY  managedevices.text       "Usar este boton para administrar sus dispositivos de seguridad, como smart cards.">
+<!ENTITY  managedevices.button     "Administrar dispositivos de seguridad…">
 <!ENTITY  managedevices.accesskey  "S">
 <!ENTITY  ssl.label                "SSL">
-<!ENTITY  pref.certs.title         "Certificates">
-<!ENTITY  certs.label              "Certificates">
+<!ENTITY  pref.certs.title         "Certificados">
+<!ENTITY  certs.label              "Certificados">
--- a/suite/chrome/common/pref/pref-download.dtd
+++ b/suite/chrome/common/pref/pref-download.dtd
@@ -1,31 +1,36 @@
-<!ENTITY            "Downloads">
-<!ENTITY downloadBehavior.label         "When starting a download">
-<!ENTITY downloadLocation.label         "When saving a file">
-<!ENTITY finishedBehavior.label         "When a download completes">
-<!ENTITY openDM.label                   "Open the download manager">
+<!ENTITY            "Descargas">
+<!ENTITY downloadBehavior.label         "Cuando comience una descarga">
+<!ENTITY focusWhenStarting.label        "Parpadear el administrador de descargas si ya está abierto, de no ser así:">
+<!ENTITY focusWhenStarting.accesskey    "P">
+<!ENTITY openDM.label                   "Abrir el administrador de descargas">
 <!ENTITY openDM.accesskey               "m">
-<!ENTITY openProgressDialog.label       "Open a progress dialog">
-<!ENTITY openProgressDialog.accesskey   "O">
-<!ENTITY doNothing.label                "Don't open anything">
-<!ENTITY doNothing.accesskey            "D">
-<!ENTITY promptDownload.label           "Prompt for download location and default to">
-<!ENTITY promptDownload.accesskey       "P">
-<!ENTITY lastLocation.label             "Last download folder">
-<!ENTITY lastLocation.accesskey         "L">
-<!ENTITY specifiedLocation.label        "Specified download folder">
-<!ENTITY specifiedLocation.accesskey    "e">
-<!ENTITY autoDownload.label             "Automatically download files to specified download folder">
-<!ENTITY autoDownload.accesskey         "A">
-<!ENTITY downloadFolder.label           "Current Download Folder:">
-<!ENTITY chooseDownloadFolder.label     "Choose Folder…">
-<!ENTITY chooseDownloadFolder.accesskey "C">
-<!ENTITY playSound.label                "Play a sound">
+<!ENTITY openProgressDialog.label       "Abrir un diálogo de progreso">
+<!ENTITY openProgressDialog.accesskey   "o">
+<!ENTITY doNothing.label                "No abrir nada">
+<!ENTITY doNothing.accesskey            "d">
+<!ENTITY downloadLocation.label         "Cuando guarda un archivo">
+<!ENTITY saveTo.label                   "Guardar archivos en">
+<!ENTITY saveTo.accesskey               "v">
+<!ENTITY chooseDownloadFolder.label     "Seleccionar carpeta…">
+<!ENTITY chooseDownloadFolder.accesskey "c">
+<!ENTITY alwaysAsk.label                "Siempre preguntarme dónde guardar archivos">
+<!ENTITY alwaysAsk.accesskey            "a">
+<!ENTITY downloadRetention.label        "Retención de descargas">
+<!ENTITY removeDownloads.label          "Eliminar descargas">
+<!ENTITY removeDownloads.accesskey      "r">
+<!ENTITY whenCompleted.label            "Cuando se hayan completado">
+<!ENTITY whenQuittingApp.label          "Al salir de &brandShortName;">
+<!ENTITY neverRemove.label              "Nunca">
+<!ENTITY finishedBehavior.label         "Cuando se completa una descarga">
+<!ENTITY playSound.label                "Reproducir sonido">
 <!ENTITY playSound.accesskey            "s">
-<!ENTITY showAlert.label                "Show an alert">
+<!ENTITY showAlert.label                "Mostrar una alerta">
 <!ENTITY showAlert.accesskey            "n">
-<!ENTITY browse.label                   "Browse…">
-<!ENTITY browse.accesskey               "B">
-<!ENTITY preview.label                  "Preview">
-<!ENTITY preview.accesskey              "v">
-<!ENTITY soundURL.label                 "Sound URL:">
-<!ENTITY soundURL.accesskey             "U">
+<!ENTITY browse.label                   "Examinar…">
+<!ENTITY browse.accesskey               "E">
+<!ENTITY preview.label                  "Vista previa">
+<!ENTITY preview.accesskey              "V">
--- a/suite/chrome/common/pref/pref-fonts.dtd
+++ b/suite/chrome/common/pref/pref-fonts.dtd
@@ -1,80 +1,70 @@
 <!-- extracted from content/pref-fonts.xul -->
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE : FILE 'Fonts' prefs dialog -->
-<!ENTITY  pref.fonts.title                        "Fonts">
+<!ENTITY  pref.fonts.title                        "Tipografía">
-<!ENTITY  language.label                          "Fonts for:">
-<!ENTITY  language.accesskey                      "t">
+<!ENTITY  language.label                          "Tipos para:">
+<!ENTITY  language.accesskey                      "T">
-<!ENTITY  typefaces.label                         "Typeface">
-<!ENTITY  sizes.label                             "Size (pixels)">
+<!ENTITY  typefaces.label                         "Tipo de letra">
+<!ENTITY  sizes.label                             "Tamaño (pixels)">
-<!ENTITY  proportional.label                      "Proportional:">
+<!ENTITY  proportional.label                      "Proporcional:">
 <!ENTITY  proportional.accesskey                  "P">
 <!ENTITY  serif.label                             "Serif:">
-<!ENTITY  serif.accesskey                         "s">
+<!ENTITY  serif.accesskey                         "S">
 <!ENTITY  sans-serif.label                        "Sans-serif:">
 <!ENTITY  sans-serif.accesskey                    "n">
 <!ENTITY  monospace.label                         "Monospace:">
-<!ENTITY  monospace.accesskey                     "m">
+<!ENTITY  monospace.accesskey                     "M">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (fantasy.label): 'Fantasy' means 'Ornate' -->
-<!ENTITY  fantasy.label                           "Fantasy:">
-<!ENTITY  fantasy.accesskey                       "f">
-<!ENTITY  cursive.label                           "Cursive:">
-<!ENTITY  cursive.accesskey                       "c">
-<!ENTITY  fontsize.units                          "pixels">
+<!ENTITY  fantasy.label                           "Ornamental:">
+<!ENTITY  fantasy.accesskey                       "O">
+<!ENTITY  cursive.label                           "Cursiva:">
+<!ENTITY  cursive.accesskey                       "C">
-<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.latin1                   "Western">
-<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.latin2                   "Central European">
-<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.japanese                 "Japanese">
-<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.trad-chinese             "Traditional Chinese(Taiwan)">
-<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.simpl-chinese            "Simplified Chinese">
-<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.trad-chinese-hk          "Traditional Chinese(Hong Kong)">
-<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.korean                   "Korean">
-<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.cyrillic                 "Cyrillic">
-<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.baltic                   "Baltic">
-<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.el                       "Greek">
-<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.turkish                  "Turkish">
-<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.unicode                  "Other Languages">
-<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.user-def                 "User Defined">
-<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.thai                     "Thai">
-<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.hebrew                   "Hebrew">
-<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.arabic                   "Arabic">
+<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.latin1                   "Occidental">
+<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.latin2                   "Centroeuropeo">
+<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.japanese                 "Japonés">
+<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.trad-chinese             "Chino tradicional (Taiwan)">
+<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.simpl-chinese            "Chino simplificado">
+<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.trad-chinese-hk          "Chino tradicional (Hong Kong)">
+<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.korean                   "Coreano">
+<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.cyrillic                 "Cirílico">
+<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.baltic                   "Báltico">
+<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.el                       "Griego">
+<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.turkish                  "Turco">
+<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.unicode                  "Otros idiomas">
+<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.user-def                 "Definido por el usuario">
+<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.thai                     "Tailandés">
+<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.hebrew                   "Hebreo">
+<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.arabic                   "Árabe">
 <!ENTITY  font.langGroup.devanagari               "Devanagari">
 <!ENTITY  font.langGroup.tamil                    "Tamil">
-<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.armenian                 "Armenian">
-<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.bengali                  "Bengali">
-<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.canadian                 "Unified Canadian Syllabary">
-<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.ethiopic                 "Ethiopic">
-<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.georgian                 "Georgian">
+<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.armenian                 "Armenio">
+<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.bengali                  "Bengalí">
+<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.canadian                 "Silabario canadiense unificado">
+<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.ethiopic                 "Etíope">
+<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.georgian                 "Georgiano">
 <!ENTITY  font.langGroup.gujarati                 "Gujarati">
 <!ENTITY  font.langGroup.gurmukhi                 "Gurmukhi">
 <!ENTITY  font.langGroup.khmer                    "Khmer">
-<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.malayalam                "Malayalam">
+<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.malayalam                "Malayo">
 <!-- Minimum font size -->
-<!ENTITY minSize.label                            "Minimum font size:">
-<!ENTITY minSize.accesskey                        "z">
-<!ENTITY minSize.none                             "None">
+<!ENTITY minSize.label                            "Tamaño mínimo de fuente:">
+<!ENTITY minSize.accesskey                        "o">
+<!ENTITY minSize.none                             "Ninguno">
 <!-- default font type -->
-<!ENTITY  useDefaultFontSerif.label               "Serif">
-<!ENTITY  useDefaultFontSansSerif.label           "Sans Serif">
+<!ENTITY  useDefaultFontSerif.label               "serif">
+<!ENTITY  useDefaultFontSansSerif.label           "sans-serif">
-<!ENTITY  newLanguages.label                      "New languages can be configured using the Languages Panel.">
-<!ENTITY  useDocumentFonts.label                  "Allow documents to use other fonts">
+<!ENTITY  useDocumentFonts.label                  "Permitir a los documentos usar otra tipografía">
 <!ENTITY  useDocumentFonts.accesskey              "o">
 <!-- leaving this stuff in for now -->
-<!ENTITY  header2                                 "When a webpage chooses its own fonts">
-<!ENTITY  useDefaultFont.label                    "Use my default fonts, ignoring the fonts the page has chosen">
-<!ENTITY  useDefaultFont.accesskey                "u">
-<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (useDocFontNonDynamic): Translate 'Dynamic Fonts' according to Netscape Glossary -->
-<!ENTITY  useDocFontNonDynamic.label              "Use the fonts chosen by the page">
-<!ENTITY  useDocFontNonDynamic.accesskey          "p">
-<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (useDocFontDynamic): Translate 'Dynamic Fonts' according to Netscape Glossary -->
-<!ENTITY  useDocFontDynamic.label                 "Use all the fonts chosen by the page">
-<!ENTITY  useDocFontDynamic.accesskey             "a">
+<!ENTITY  header2                                 "Cuando una página elige sus propias tipografías">
+<!ENTITY  useDefaultFont.label                    "Usar mis tipografías, ignorando las que eligió la página">
+<!ENTITY  useDefaultFont.accesskey                "U">
--- a/suite/chrome/common/pref/pref-history.dtd
+++ b/suite/chrome/common/pref/pref-history.dtd
@@ -1,15 +1,26 @@
-<!ENTITY  pref.history.title                "History">
+<!ENTITY  pref.history.title                "Historial">
-<!ENTITY  pref.history.caption              "Browsing History">
-<!ENTITY  historyPages.label                "History is a list of previously visited pages.">
-<!ENTITY  pageHis.label                     "Remember visited pages for the last">
-<!ENTITY  pageHis.accesskey                 "a">
-<!ENTITY  days.label                        "days">
-<!ENTITY  clearHistory.label                "Clear History">
-<!ENTITY  clearHistory.accesskey            "r">
+<!ENTITY  pref.history.caption              "Historial de navegación">
+<!ENTITY  historyPages.label                "Historial es una lista de las páginas visitadas previamente.">
+<!ENTITY  expireDaysMin1.label              "Siempre recordar las páginas visitadas por al menos">
+<!ENTITY  expireDaysMin1.accesskey          "a">
+<!ENTITY  expireDaysMin2.label              "días">
+<!ENTITY  expireDays1.label                 "Recordar las páginas visitadas hasta">
+<!ENTITY  expireDays1.accesskey             "e">
+<!ENTITY  expireDays2.label                 "días">
+<!ENTITY  expireSites1.label                "Recordar hasta">
+<!ENTITY  expireSites1.accesskey            "R">
+<!ENTITY  expireSites2.label                "páginas visitadas">
+<!ENTITY  clearHistory.label                "Borrar Historial">
+<!ENTITY  clearHistory.accesskey            "s">
-<!ENTITY  locationBarHistory.caption        "Location Bar History">
-<!ENTITY  clearLocationBar.label            "Clear the list of sites stored in the location bar menu.">
-<!ENTITY  clearLocationBarButton.label      "Clear Location Bar">
-<!ENTITY  clearLocationBarButton.accesskey  "b">
+<!ENTITY  locationBarHistory.caption        "Historial de la barra de navegación">
+<!ENTITY  clearLocationBar.label            "Borrar el listado de sitios guardados en el menú de la barra de navegación.">
+<!ENTITY  clearLocationBarButton.label      "Borrar barra de navegación">
+<!ENTITY  clearLocationBarButton.accesskey  "B">
+<!ENTITY  formfillHistory.caption           "Historial de formularios y búsquedas">
+<!ENTITY  enableFormfill.label              "Habilitar historial de formularios y búsquedas">
+<!ENTITY  enableFormfill.accesskey          "H">
+<!ENTITY  formfillExpire.label              "Recordar el historial de formularios y búsquedas hasta">
+<!ENTITY  formfillExpire.accesskey          "f">
+<!ENTITY  formfillDays.label                "días">
--- a/suite/chrome/common/pref/pref-images.dtd
+++ b/suite/chrome/common/pref/pref-images.dtd
@@ -1,26 +1,25 @@
-<!ENTITY pref.images.title              "Images">
+<!ENTITY pref.images.title              "Imágenes">
-<!ENTITY imageBlocking.label            "Image Acceptance Policy">
+<!ENTITY imageBlocking.label            "Política para aceptar imágenes">
 <!--LOCALIZATION NOTE (onStartLegend.label): Don't translate "&brandShortName;".
     Place "&brandShortName;" in the phrase where the name of the application should
-<!ENTITY imageDetails                   "Specify how &brandShortName; handles images.">
+<!ENTITY imageDetails                   "Especifique como &brandShortName; debe manejar las imágenes.">
-<!ENTITY accAllImagesRadio.label        "Accept all images">
+<!ENTITY accAllImagesRadio.label        "Aceptar todas las imágenes">
 <!ENTITY accAllImagesRadio.accesskey    "A">
-<!ENTITY accOrgImagesRadio.label        "Accept images that come from the originating server only">
+<!ENTITY accOrgImagesRadio.label        "Aceptar únicamente las imágenes que provengan del servidor originante">
 <!ENTITY accOrgImagesRadio.accesskey    "r">
-<!ENTITY disableImages.label            "Do not load any images">
-<!ENTITY disableImages.accesskey        "n">
-<!ENTITY viewImagesExplanation.label    "View list of sites about which image acceptance information is stored">
-<!ENTITY viewImages.label               "Manage Image Permissions">
-<!ENTITY viewImages.accesskey           "P">
-<!ENTITY animLoopingTitle.label         "Animated images should loop">
-<!ENTITY animLoopAsSpecified.label      "As many times as the image specifies">
+<!ENTITY disableImages.label            "No cargar imágenes">
+<!ENTITY disableImages.accesskey        "N">
+<!ENTITY viewImages.label               "Administrar permisos de imágenes">
+<!ENTITY viewImages.accesskey           "p">
+<!ENTITY animLoopingTitle.label         "Las imágenes animadas deben hacer loop">
+<!ENTITY animLoopAsSpecified.label      "Tantas veces como especifique la imagen">
 <!ENTITY animLoopAsSpecified.accesskey  "m">
-<!ENTITY animLoopOnce.label             "Once">
-<!ENTITY animLoopOnce.accesskey         "O">
-<!ENTITY animLoopNever.label            "Never">
-<!ENTITY animLoopNever.accesskey        "v">
+<!ENTITY animLoopOnce.label             "Una vez">
+<!ENTITY animLoopOnce.accesskey         "U">
+<!ENTITY animLoopNever.label            "Nunca">
+<!ENTITY animLoopNever.accesskey        "c">
--- a/suite/chrome/common/pref/pref-languages.dtd
+++ b/suite/chrome/common/pref/pref-languages.dtd
@@ -1,45 +1,32 @@
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE : FILE 'Languages' preferences dialog -->
-<!ENTITY  languages.customize.prefLangDescript          "Web pages are sometimes available in more than one language. Choose languages for displaying web pages, in order of preference.">
-<!ENTITY languages.customize.lHeader                    "Languages">
-<!ENTITY languages.customize.rHeader                    "Languages in which webpages are displayed">
-<!ENTITY langtitle.label                                "Languages for Web Pages">
-<!ENTITY languages.customize.prefAddLangDescript        "Select the language(s) you would like to add.">
-<!ENTITY languages.customize.engOrder.label             "1">
-<!ENTITY languages.customize.engOption.label            "English">
-<!ENTITY languages.customize.addButton.label            "Add…">
+<!ENTITY languages.customize.prefLangDescript           "Las páginas web pueden estar disponibles en más de un idioma. Elija el orden de preferencia de idiomas para que se muestre un sitio web.">
+<!ENTITY languages.customize.title                      "Idiomas">
+<!ENTITY langtitle.label                                "Idiomas para páginas web">
+<!ENTITY languages.customize.prefAddLangDescript        "Eliga el/los idioma(s) que quiere agregar.">
+<!ENTITY languages.customize.addButton.label            "Agregar…">
 <!ENTITY languages.customize.addButton.accesskey        "A">
-<!ENTITY languages.customize.deleteButton.label         "Remove">
-<!ENTITY languages.customize.deleteButton.accesskey     "R">
-<!ENTITY languages.customize.title.label			    "Customize Languages">
-<!ENTITY languages.customize.add.title.label		    "Add Languages">
-<!ENTITY languages.customize.left.header			    "Character Encoding">
-<!ENTITY charset.customize.right.header		    "Select Supported Character Encodings">
-<!ENTITY languages.customize.available.label            "Languages:">
-<!ENTITY               "Languages in order of preference:">
-<!ENTITY languages.customize.reorder.label              "Reorder">
-<!ENTITY languages.customize.remove.label               "Remove">
-<!ENTITY languages.customize.additional.label           "Available Charactersets">
-<!ENTITY languages.customize.add.label                  "Add">
-<!ENTITY languages.customize.others.label               "Others:">
+<!ENTITY languages.customize.deleteButton.label         "Eliminar">
+<!ENTITY languages.customize.deleteButton.accesskey     "r">
+<!ENTITY languages.customize.add.title.label            "Agregar idioma">
+<!ENTITY languages.customize.available.label            "Idiomas:">
+<!ENTITY               "Idiomas en orden de preferencia:">
+<!ENTITY           "I">
+<!ENTITY languages.customize.others.label               "Otros:">
 <!ENTITY languages.customize.others.accesskey           "O">
-<!ENTITY languages.customize.Charset.grouplabel         "Character Encoding">
-<!ENTITY languages.customize.DefaultCharset.label       "Default Character Encoding:">
+<!ENTITY languages.customize.Charset.grouplabel         "Codificación de caracteres">
+<!ENTITY languages.customize.DefaultCharset.label       "Codificación predeterminada:">
 <!ENTITY languages.customize.DefaultCharset.accesskey   "C">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE  Character Encoding Preferences Dialog: Do NOT localize the terms "en-bz, ar-jo"  -->
-<!ENTITY languages.customize.others.examples            "e.g.: en-bz, ar-jo">
-<!ENTITY languages.customize.cancel.label		            "Cancel">
-<!ENTITY                 "Save">
-<!ENTITY languages.customize.ok.label                   "OK">
-<!ENTITY                 "Please restart the browser for changes to take effect…">
-<!ENTITY languages.customize.moveUp.label               "Move Up">
+<!ENTITY languages.customize.others.examples            "ejem.: en-bz, ar-jo">
+<!ENTITY languages.customize.moveUp.label               "Subir">
 <!ENTITY languages.customize.moveUp.accesskey           "u">
-<!ENTITY languages.customize.moveDown.label             "Move Down">
-<!ENTITY languages.customize.moveDown.accesskey         "d">
+<!ENTITY languages.customize.moveDown.label             "Bajar">
+<!ENTITY languages.customize.moveDown.accesskey         "B">
-<!ENTITY spelling.label                                 "Spelling">
-<!ENTITY checkSpelling.label                            "When typing check my spelling:">
-<!ENTITY checkSpelling.accesskey                        "W">
-<!ENTITY dontCheckSpelling.label                        "Never">
-<!ENTITY multilineCheckSpelling.label                   "In multiline boxes">
-<!ENTITY alwaysCheckSpelling.label                      "All boxes">
+<!ENTITY spelling.label                                 "Ortografía">
+<!ENTITY checkSpelling.label                            "Verificar ortografía mientras escriba:">
+<!ENTITY checkSpelling.accesskey                        "V">
+<!ENTITY dontCheckSpelling.label                        "Nunca">
+<!ENTITY multilineCheckSpelling.label                   "En cajas de texto multilínea">
+<!ENTITY alwaysCheckSpelling.label                      "Todas las cajas">
--- a/suite/chrome/common/pref/pref-locationbar.dtd
+++ b/suite/chrome/common/pref/pref-locationbar.dtd
@@ -1,22 +1,34 @@
 <!--LOCALIZATION NOTE : FILE The Location Bar prefs panel -->
-<!ENTITY pref.locationBar.title                "Location Bar">
+<!ENTITY pref.locationBar.title                "Barra de navegación">
-<!ENTITY autoComplete.label                    "Autocomplete">
-<!ENTITY enableAutoComplete.label              "Autocomplete from your browsing history as you type">
+<!ENTITY autoComplete.label                    "Autocompletar">
+<!ENTITY enableAutoComplete.label              "Autocompletar  desde su historia de navegación mientras escribe">
 <!ENTITY enableAutoComplete.accesskey          "A">
-<!ENTITY autoCompleteAutoFill.label            "Automatically prefill the best match">
+<!ENTITY autoCompleteAutoFill.label            "Llenar con la mejor coincidencia automáticamente">
 <!ENTITY autoCompleteAutoFill.accesskey        "u">
-<!ENTITY autoCompleteShowPopup.label           "Show list of matching results">
-<!ENTITY autoCompleteShowPopup.accesskey       "S">
-<!ENTITY autoCompleteMatchOnlyTyped.label      "Match only websites you've typed previously">
-<!ENTITY autoCompleteMatchOnlyTyped.accesskey  "M">
+<!ENTITY autoCompleteShowPopup.label           "Mostrar la lista de resultados coincidentes">
+<!ENTITY autoCompleteShowPopup.accesskey       "s">
+<!ENTITY autoCompleteMatchOnlyTyped.label      "Coincidir solamente con sitios que haya escrito previamente">
+<!ENTITY autoCompleteMatchOnlyTyped.accesskey  "o">
+<!ENTITY autoCompleteMatchOnlyURLs.label       "Coincidencia sólo con URL, no títulos de sitios">
+<!ENTITY autoCompleteMatchOnlyURLs.accesskey   "n">
+<!--LOCALIZATION NOTE (autoCompleteMatch.label): This is the common leading
+  part of the menulist items listed below, mainly to make the control available
+  via the accesskey
+<!ENTITY autoCompleteMatch.label               "Coincidir">
+<!ENTITY autoCompleteMatch.accesskey           "C">
+<!ENTITY autoCompleteMatchAnywhere             "Cualquier lugar de la URl o el título">
+<!ENTITY autoCompleteMatchWordsFirst           "Cualquier lugar pero preferiblemente en los límites de la palabra">
+<!ENTITY autoCompleteMatchWords                "Sólo en los límites de la palabra">
+<!ENTITY autoCompleteMatchStart                "Sólo al principio de la URL o el título">
-<!ENTITY searchEngine.label                    "Internet Search Engine">
-<!ENTITY showSearchEngine.label                "Show default search engine">
+<!ENTITY searchEngine.label                    "Motor de búsqueda en Internet">
+<!ENTITY showSearchEngine.label                "Mostrar motor de búsqueda predeterminado">
 <!ENTITY showSearchEngine.accesskey            "e">
-<!ENTITY unknownLocations.label                "Unknown Locations">
-<!ENTITY domainGuessing.label                  "Add &quot;www.&quot; and &quot;.com&quot; to the location if a web page is not found">
+<!ENTITY unknownLocations.label                "Ubicaciones desconocidas">
+<!ENTITY domainGuessing.label                  "Agregar &quot;www.&quot; y &quot;.com&quot; a la dirección si no se encontró la página web">
 <!ENTITY domainGuessing.accesskey              "d">
-<!ENTITY keywords.label                        "Perform a web search when entered text is not a web location">
-<!ENTITY keywords.accesskey                    "P">
+<!ENTITY keywords.label                        "Realizar una búsqueda en Internet si el texto ingresado no es una direción web">
+<!ENTITY keywords.accesskey                    "R">
--- a/suite/chrome/common/pref/pref-navigator.dtd
+++ b/suite/chrome/common/pref/pref-navigator.dtd
@@ -1,47 +1,42 @@
-<!ENTITY pref.navigator.title           "Browser">
+<!ENTITY pref.navigator.title           "Navegador">
-<!ENTITY navRadio                       "Display on">
-<!ENTITY navStartPageMenu.label         "Browser Startup">
-<!ENTITY newWinPageMenu.label           "New Window">
-<!ENTITY newTabPageMenu.label           "New Tab">
+<!ENTITY navRadio.label                 "Mostrar en">
+<!ENTITY navRadio.accesskey             "n">
+<!ENTITY navStartPageMenu.label         "Inicio del navegador">
+<!ENTITY newWinPageMenu.label           "Ventana nueva">
+<!ENTITY newTabPageMenu.label           "Pestaña nueva">
-<!ENTITY blankPageRadio.label           "Blank page">
-<!ENTITY blankPageRadio.accesskey       "B">
-<!ENTITY homePageRadio.label            "Home page">
-<!ENTITY homePageRadio.accesskey        "m">
-<!ENTITY lastPageRadio.label            "Last page visited">
-<!ENTITY lastPageRadio.accesskey        "L">
+<!ENTITY blankPageRadio.label           "Página en blanco">
+<!ENTITY blankPageRadio.accesskey       "b">
+<!ENTITY homePageRadio.label            "Página de inicio">
+<!ENTITY homePageRadio.accesskey        "P">
+<!ENTITY lastPageRadio.label            "Última página visitada">
+<!ENTITY lastPageRadio.accesskey        "l">
+<!ENTITY restoreSessionRadio.label      "Restaurar sesión previa">
+<!ENTITY restoreSessionRadio.accesskey  "R">
-<!ENTITY header2.label                  "Home Page">
-<!ENTITY homePageIntro.label            "Clicking the Home button takes you to this group of pages:">
-<!ENTITY useCurrent.label               "Use Current Page">
+<!ENTITY header2.label                  "Página de inicio">
+<!ENTITY homePageIntro.label            "El botón Inicio lo llevará a este grupo de páginas:">
+<!ENTITY useCurrent.label               "Usar página actual">
 <!ENTITY useCurrent.accesskey           "U">
-<!ENTITY useCurrentGroup.label          "Use Current Group">
-<!ENTITY useCurrentGroup.accesskey      "G">
-<!ENTITY browseFile.label               "Choose File…">
+<!ENTITY useCurrentGroup.label          "Usar grupo actual">
+<!ENTITY useCurrentGroup.accesskey      "g">
+<!ENTITY browseFile.label               "Seleccionar archivo…">
 <!ENTITY browseFile.accesskey           "C">
-<!ENTITY useDefault.label               "Restore Default">
+<!ENTITY useDefault.label               "Restaurar predeterminado">
 <!ENTITY useDefault.accesskey           "R">
-<!ENTITY toolbarIntro.label             "Select the buttons you want to see in the toolbars:">
-<!ENTITY navToolbarIntro.label          "Navigation Toolbar">
-<!ENTITY goButton.label                 "Go">
-<!ENTITY goButton.accesskey             "o">
-<!ENTITY searchButton.label             "Search">
-<!ENTITY searchButton.accesskey         "S">
-<!ENTITY printButton.label              "Print">
-<!ENTITY printButton.accesskey          "P">
+<!ENTITY toolbarIntro.label             "Seleccione los botones que quiere ver en la barra de herramientas:">
-<!ENTITY persToolbarIntro.label         "Personal Toolbar">
-<!ENTITY homeButton.label               "Home">
-<!ENTITY homeButton.accesskey           "e">
-<!ENTITY bookmarksButton.label          "Bookmarks">
-<!ENTITY bookmarksButton.accesskey      "k">
+<!ENTITY navToolbarIntro.label          "Barra de navegación">
+<!ENTITY goButton.label                 "Ir">
+<!ENTITY goButton.accesskey             "I">
+<!ENTITY searchButton.label             "Buscar">
+<!ENTITY searchButton.accesskey         "s">
-<!ENTITY defaultBrowserGroup.label      "Default Browser">
-<!ENTITY defaultBrowserButton.label     "Set Default Browser">
-<!ENTITY defaultBrowserButton.accesskey "D">
-<!ENTITY alreadyDefaultText             "&brandShortName; is already your default browser.">
-<!ENTITY defaultPendingText             "&brandShortName; will be set as your default browser when you click OK.">
-<!ENTITY makeDefaultText                "Set &brandShortName; as your default browser.">
+<!ENTITY defaultBrowserGroup.label      "Navegador predeterminado">
+<!ENTITY defaultBrowserButton.label     "Establecer navegador predeterminado">
+<!ENTITY defaultBrowserButton.accesskey "d">
+<!ENTITY alreadyDefaultText             "&brandShortName; ya es su navegador predeterminado.">
+<!ENTITY defaultPendingText             "&brandShortName; será configurado como su navegador predeterminado cuando haga clic en Aceptar.">
+<!ENTITY makeDefaultText                "Establecer &brandShortName; como su navegador predeterminado.">
--- a/suite/chrome/common/pref/pref-popups.dtd
+++ b/suite/chrome/common/pref/pref-popups.dtd
@@ -1,27 +1,33 @@
-<!ENTITY pref.popups.title              "Popup Windows">
-<!ENTITY pref.popups.caption            "Popup Windows">
+<!ENTITY pref.popups.title              "Ventanas emergentes">
-<!ENTITY popupDesc.label                "Specify how to handle popup windows that appear on top of or under the current browser window:">
+<!ENTITY pref.popups.caption            "Ventanas emergentes">
-<!ENTITY popupBlock.label               "Block unrequested popup windows">
+<!ENTITY popupBlock.label               "Bloquear ventanas emergentes no solicitadas">
 <!ENTITY popupBlock.accesskey           "B">
-<!ENTITY popupExceptions.label          "Allowed Sites…">
-<!ENTITY popupExceptions.accesskey      "A">
+<!ENTITY popupExceptions.label          "Sitios permitidos…">
+<!ENTITY popupExceptions.accesskey      "S">
-<!ENTITY whenBlock.description          "When a popup window has been blocked:">
-<!ENTITY playSound.label                "Play a sound:">
-<!ENTITY playSound.accesskey            "s">
+<!ENTITY whenBlock.description          "Cuando una ventana emergente ha sido bloqueada:">
+<!ENTITY playSound.label                "Reproducir un sonido:">
+<!ENTITY playSound.accesskey            "p">
+<!ENTITY systemSound.label              "Bip del sistema">
+<!ENTITY systemSound.accesskey          "s">
+<!ENTITY customSound.label              "Archivo de sonido personalizado">
+<!ENTITY customSound.accesskey          "c">
-<!ENTITY selectSound.label              "Browse…">
-<!ENTITY selectSound.accesskey          "r">
-<!ENTITY previewSound.label             "Preview">
-<!ENTITY previewSound.accesskey         "P">
-<!ENTITY selectSound.title              "Select Popup Block Sound">
+<!ENTITY selectSound.label              "Examinar…">
+<!ENTITY selectSound.accesskey          "E">
+<!ENTITY previewSound.label             "Vista previa">
+<!ENTITY previewSound.accesskey         "V">
+<!ENTITY selectSound.title              "Seleccione el sonido de bloqueo de ventana emergente">
+<!ENTITY selectSound.filter             "Sonidos">
-<!ENTITY displayIcon.label              "Display an icon in the browser status bar">
-<!ENTITY displayIcon.accesskey          "D">
+<!ENTITY displayIcon.label              "Mostrar un ícono en la barra de estado del navegador">
+<!ENTITY displayIcon.accesskey          "d">
-<!ENTITY popupNote.description          "Note: Blocking all popups may prevent important features of some websites from working, such as login windows for banks and shopping sites. For details of how to allow specific sites to use popups while blocking all others, click Help. Even if blocked, sites may use other methods to show popups.">
+<!ENTITY displayNotification.label      "Mostrar una barra de notificación en la parte superior del área de contenidos">
+<!ENTITY displayNotification.accesskey  "d">
+<!ENTITY popupNote.description          "Nota: Bloquear todas las ventanas emergentes puede impedir que funcionen partes importantes de algunos sitios, como por ejemplo ventanas para identificarse en sitios de compras o bancos. Para más detalles de cómo permitir a determinados sitios el uso de ventanas emergentes al tiempo que se bloquean en todos los demás, haga clic en Ayuda. Incluso si están bloqueados, los sitios pueden usar otros métodos para mostrar ventanas emergentes.">
--- a/suite/chrome/common/pref/pref-scripts.dtd
+++ b/suite/chrome/common/pref/pref-scripts.dtd
@@ -1,20 +1,24 @@
 <!-- extracted from content/pref-scripts.xul -->
-<!--LOCALIZATION NOTE : FILE The 'Scripts & Plug-ins' preferences dialog -->
-<!ENTITY pref.scripts.title              "Scripts &amp; Plugins">
+<!--LOCALIZATION NOTE : FILE The 'Scripts & Plugins' preferences dialog -->
+<!ENTITY pref.scripts.title              "Scripts y plugins">
-<!ENTITY navigator.label                 "Browser">
-<!ENTITY navigator.accesskey             "B">
+<!ENTITY navigator.label                 "Navegador">
+<!ENTITY navigator.accesskey             "N">
 <!--LOCALIZATION NOTE (enableJavaScript.label): 'JavaScript' should never be translated -->
-<!ENTITY enableJavaScript.label          "Enable JavaScript for">
-<!ENTITY allowScripts.label              "Allow scripts to:">
+<!ENTITY enableJavaScript.label          "Habilitar JavaScript para">
+<!ENTITY allowScripts.label              "Permitir a los scripts:">
 <!ENTITY allowScripts.accesskey          "s">
-<!ENTITY allowWindowMoveResize.label     "Move or resize existing windows">
-<!ENTITY allowWindowFlip.label           "Raise or lower windows">
-<!ENTITY allowWindowStatusChange.label   "Change status bar text">
-<!ENTITY allowWindowImageSrcChange.label "Change images">
-<!ENTITY allowContextmenuDisable.label   "Disable or replace context menus">
-<!ENTITY allowHideStatusBar.label        "Hide the status bar">
+<!ENTITY allowWindowMoveResize.label     "Mover o cambiar tamaño de ventanas existentes">
+<!ENTITY allowWindowFlip.label           "Subir o bajar las ventanas">
+<!ENTITY allowWindowStatusChange.label   "Cambiar el texto de la barra de estado">
+<!ENTITY allowWindowImageSrcChange.label "Cambiar imágenes">
+<!ENTITY allowContextmenuDisable.label   "Deshabilitar o reemplazar menús contextuales">
+<!ENTITY allowHideStatusBar.label        "Ocultar la barra de estado">
-<!ENTITY enablePlugin.label              "Enable Plugins for">
+<!ENTITY enablePlugin.label              "Habilitar plugins para">
+<!ENTITY whenPluginsRequired.label       "Cuando se necesiten plugins adicionales">
+<!ENTITY displayNotification.label       "Mostrar una barra de notificación en la parte superior del área de contenidos">
+<!ENTITY displayNotification.accesskey   "d">
old mode 100755
new mode 100644
--- a/suite/chrome/common/pref/pref-ssl.dtd
+++ b/suite/chrome/common/pref/pref-ssl.dtd
@@ -31,37 +31,35 @@
    - use your version of this file under the terms of the MPL, indicate your
    - decision by deleting the provisions above and replace them with the notice
    - and other provisions required by the GPL or the LGPL. If you do not delete
    - the provisions above, a recipient may use your version of this file under
    - the terms of any one of the MPL, the GPL or the LGPL.
    - ***** END LICENSE BLOCK ***** -->
-<!ENTITY  SSLProtocolVersions.caption       "SSL Protocol Versions">
-<!ENTITY  SSLWarnings.caption               "SSL Warnings">
-<!ENTITY  SSLClientAuthMethod.caption       "Client Certificate Selection">
+<!ENTITY  SSLProtocolVersions.caption       "Versiones de protocolo SSL">
+<!ENTITY  SSLWarnings.caption               "Advertencias de SSL">
+<!ENTITY  SSLClientAuthMethod.caption       "Selección de certificado cliente">
 <!ENTITY pref.ssl.title                     "Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)">
-<!ENTITY enable.ssl3                        "Enable SSL version 3">
+<!ENTITY enable.ssl3                        "Habilitar SSL versión 3">
 <!ENTITY enable.ssl3.accesskey              "3">
-<!ENTITY enable.tls                         "Enable TLS">
+<!ENTITY enable.tls                         "Habilitar TLS">
 <!ENTITY enable.tls.accesskey               "T">
-<!ENTITY warn.description                   "&brandShortName; can alert you to the security status of the web page you are viewing. Set &brandShortName; to show a warning and ask permission before:">
-<!ENTITY warn.enteringsecure                "Loading a page that supports encryption">
-<!ENTITY warn.enteringsecure.accesskey      "L">
-<!ENTITY warn.enteringweak                  "Loading a page that uses low-grade encryption">
-<!ENTITY warn.enteringweak.accesskey        "o">
-<!ENTITY warn.insecurepost                  "Sending form data from an unencrypted page to an unencrypted page">
-<!ENTITY warn.insecurepost.accesskey        "S">
-<!ENTITY warn.leavingsecure                 "Leaving a page that supports encryption">
+<!ENTITY warn.description                   "&brandShortName; puede alertarlo acerca del estado de la seguridad de la página web que está viendo. Hacer que &brandShortName; muestre una advertencia y pida permiso antes de:">
+<!ENTITY warn.enteringsecure                "Cargar una página que soporta cifrado">
+<!ENTITY warn.enteringsecure.accesskey      "C">
+<!ENTITY warn.enteringweak                  "Cargar una página que usa cifrado de baja calidad">
+<!ENTITY warn.enteringweak.accesskey        "b">
+<!ENTITY warn.insecurepost                  "Enviar datos de una página sin cifrar a otra página sin cifrar">
+<!ENTITY warn.insecurepost.accesskey        "s">
+<!ENTITY warn.leavingsecure                 "Dejar una página que soporta cifrado">
 <!ENTITY warn.leavingsecure.accesskey       "a">
-<!ENTITY warn.secureredirect                "Redirecting from one encrypted page to another">
-<!ENTITY warn.secureredirecttoinsecure      "Redirecting from an encrypted page to an unencrypted page">
-<!ENTITY warn.viewmixed                     "Viewing a page with an encrypted/unencrypted mix">
+<!ENTITY warn.viewmixed                     "Ver una página con una mezcla de cifrado/sin cifrar">
 <!ENTITY warn.viewmixed.accesskey           "V">
-<!ENTITY certselect.description             "Decide how &brandShortName; selects a security certificate to present to web sites that require one:">
-<!ENTITY                    "Select Automatically">
-<!ENTITY          "A">
-<!ENTITY certselect.ask                     "Ask Every Time">
-<!ENTITY certselect.ask.accesskey           "E">
+<!ENTITY certselect.description             "Decidir cómo &brandShortName; selecciona un certificado de seguridad para presentar a los sitios web que requieran uno:">
+<!ENTITY                    "Seleccionar automáticamente">
+<!ENTITY          "a">
+<!ENTITY certselect.ask                     "Preguntar cada vez">
+<!ENTITY certselect.ask.accesskey           "e">
--- a/suite/chrome/common/pref/pref-tabs.dtd
+++ b/suite/chrome/common/pref/pref-tabs.dtd
@@ -1,26 +1,28 @@
-<!ENTITY tabHeader.label "Tabbed Browsing">
-<!ENTITY tabDisplay.label "Tab Display">
-<!ENTITY autoHide.label "Hide the tab bar when only one tab is open">
+<!ENTITY tabHeader.label "Navegación con pestañas">
+<!ENTITY tabDisplay.label "Mostrar pestaña">
+<!ENTITY autoHide.label "Ocultar la barra de pestañas cuando haya una sola abierta">
 <!ENTITY autoHide.accesskey "d">
-<!ENTITY background.label "Switch to new tabs opened from links">
-<!ENTITY background.accesskey "S">
-<!ENTITY loadGroup.label "When opening a bookmark group">
-<!ENTITY loadGroupAppend.label "Add tabs">
+<!ENTITY background.label "Cambiar a las nuevas pestañas abiertas desde enlaces">
+<!ENTITY background.accesskey "s">
+<!ENTITY warnOnClose.label "Avisarme cuando cierre una ventana con múltiples pestañas">
+<!ENTITY warnOnClose.accesskey "n">
+<!ENTITY loadGroup.label "Al abrir un grupo de marcadores">
+<!ENTITY loadGroupAppend.label "Agregar pestañas">
 <!ENTITY loadGroupAppend.accesskey "A">
-<!ENTITY loadGroupReplace.label "Replace existing tabs">
+<!ENTITY loadGroupReplace.label "Reemplazar pestañas existentes">
 <!ENTITY loadGroupReplace.accesskey "R">
-<!ENTITY openTabs.label "Open tabs instead of windows for">
+<!ENTITY openTabs.label "Abrir pestañas en vez de ventanas para">
-<!ENTITY newWindow.label "Link open behavior">
-<!ENTITY newWindowDescription.label "Open links meant to open a new window in">
-<!ENTITY external.label "Links from other applications">
-<!ENTITY externalDescription.label "Open links passed from other applications in">
-<!ENTITY openCurrent.label "The current tab/window">
+<!ENTITY newWindow.label "Comportamiento al abrir un enlace">
+<!ENTITY newWindowDescription.label "Abrir enlaces que deban abrirse en nueva ventana en">
+<!ENTITY external.label "Enlaces desde otras aplicaciones">
+<!ENTITY externalDescription.label "Abrir enlaces enviados de otras aplicaciones en">
+<!ENTITY openCurrent.label "La pestaña/ventana actual">
 <!ENTITY newWindowGroupCurrent.accesskey "c">
 <!ENTITY externalGroupCurrent.accesskey "u">
-<!ENTITY openTab.label "A new tab in the current window">
-<!ENTITY newWindowGroupTab.accesskey "n">
+<!ENTITY openTab.label "Una nueva pestaña en la ventana actual">
+<!ENTITY newWindowGroupTab.accesskey "t">
 <!ENTITY externalGroupTab.accesskey "e">
-<!ENTITY openWindow.label "A new window">
+<!ENTITY openWindow.label "Una nueva ventana">
 <!ENTITY newWindowGroupWindow.accesskey "w">
 <!ENTITY externalGroupWindow.accesskey "o">
--- a/suite/chrome/common/pref/
+++ b/suite/chrome/common/pref/
@@ -1,19 +1,10 @@
-cachefolder=Choose Cache Folder
-choosehomepage=Choose Home Page
-choosefile=Choose a file
-downloadfolder=Choose a Download Folder
-choosesound=Choose a sound
+cachefolder=Seleccionar carpeta de caché
+choosehomepage=Seleccionar página de inicio
+downloadfolder=Seleccionar una carpeta de descargas
+choosesound=Seleccionar un sonido
-oldTheme=You have selected a theme which was designed for an earlier version of %brand% and is incompatible with your current %brand% version. Please check %brand% theme sites for an updated version of the theme. You can uninstall this theme by clicking \"Uninstall Theme\" button.
-languageAlert=Please restart %brand% to use the new preferred language or region setting.
-languageTitle=Change Language
-prefSaveFailedAlert=Failed to save the preferences file. Any preference changes will be lost at the end of this session.
-prefSaveFailedTitle=Save Error
-labelDefaultFont=Default (%font_family%)
+labelDefaultFont=Predeterminada (%font_family%)
--- a/suite/chrome/common/sanitize.dtd
+++ b/suite/chrome/common/sanitize.dtd
@@ -1,21 +1,23 @@
 <!ENTITY sanitizeDialog.title            "Borrar datos privados">
 <!ENTITY sanitizeItems.label             "Borrar los siguientes ítems ahora:">
 <!ENTITY itemHistory.label               "Historial de navegación">
-<!ENTITY itemHistory.accesskey           "B">
+<!ENTITY itemHistory.accesskey           "H">
+<!ENTITY itemUrlBar.label                "Historial de la barra de direcciones">
+<!ENTITY itemUrlBar.accesskey            "l">
 <!ENTITY itemDownloads.label             "Historial de descargas">
-<!ENTITY itemDownloads.accesskey         "D">
-<!ENTITY itemFormSearchHistory.label     "Historial de formularios y búsquedas">
-<!ENTITY itemFormSearchHistory.accesskey "F">
+<!ENTITY itemDownloads.accesskey         "d">
+<!ENTITY itemFormSearchHistory.label     "Historial de búsquedas y formularios">
+<!ENTITY itemFormSearchHistory.accesskey "f">
 <!ENTITY itemCache.label                 "Caché">
 <!ENTITY itemCache.accesskey             "a">
 <!ENTITY itemCookies.label               "Cookies">
 <!ENTITY itemCookies.accesskey           "C">
-<!ENTITY itemOfflineApps.label           "Offline Website Data">
-<!ENTITY itemOfflineApps.accesskey       "O">
+<!ENTITY itemOfflineApps.label           "Datos de sitios web sin conexión">
+<!ENTITY itemOfflineApps.accesskey       "o">
 <!ENTITY itemPasswords.label             "Contraseñas guardadas">
-<!ENTITY itemPasswords.accesskey         "P">
+<!ENTITY itemPasswords.accesskey         "C">
 <!ENTITY itemSessions.label              "Sesiones autenticadas">
 <!ENTITY itemSessions.accesskey          "S">
 <!ENTITY sanitizeButton.label            "Borrar datos privados ahora">
old mode 100755
new mode 100644
--- a/suite/chrome/common/search/search-panel.dtd
+++ b/suite/chrome/common/search/search-panel.dtd
@@ -31,25 +31,20 @@
    - decision by deleting the provisions above and replace them with the notice
    - and other provisions required by the GPL or the LGPL. If you do not delete
    - the provisions above, a recipient may use your version of this file under
    - the terms of any one of the MPL, the GPL or the LGPL.
    - ***** END LICENSE BLOCK ***** -->
 <!ENTITY search.button.label      "Buscar">
-<!ENTITY       "Aplicar">
-<!ENTITY      "Opciones para ">
 <!ENTITY allengines.label         "Todos los buscadores">
 <!ENTITY within.label             "dentro de">
 <!ENTITY using.label              "usando">
 <!ENTITY choose.label             "Seleccione el buscador y haga clic en Buscar">
 <!ENTITY results.label            "Resultados de búsqueda">
 <!ENTITY engine.column.label      "Buscadores">
-<!ENTITY checkbox.column.label    "Usar">
-<!ENTITY stop.button.label        "Detener">
-<!ENTITY customize.menuitem.label   "Editar categorías…">
-<!ENTITY savesearch.button.label  "Marcar esta búsqueda">
+<!ENTITY customize.menuitem.label "Editar categorías…">
 <!ENTITY next.button.label        "Próximo">
 <!ENTITY previous.button.label    "Anterior">
 <!ENTITY next.button.tooltip      "Mostrar el próximo resultado de la búsqueda">
 <!ENTITY previous.button.tooltip  "Mostrar el resultado anterior de la búsqueda">