Fixing Fennec
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Fixing Fennec
--- a/mobile/android/base/android_strings.dtd
+++ b/mobile/android/base/android_strings.dtd
@@ -146,19 +146,19 @@ size. -->
 <!ENTITY pref_private_data_cookies2 "Cookies e ingresos activos">
 <!ENTITY pref_private_data_passwords "Contraseñas guardadas">
 <!ENTITY pref_private_data_cache "Caché">
 <!ENTITY pref_private_data_offlineApps "Datos de sitios sin conexión">
 <!ENTITY pref_private_data_siteSettings2 "Opciones del sitio">
 <!ENTITY pref_private_data_downloadFiles "Archivos descargados">
-<!ENTITY pref_about_firefox "ACerca &brandShortName;">
+<!ENTITY pref_about_firefox "Acerca de &brandShortName;">
 <!ENTITY pref_vendor_faqs "FAQs">
-<!ENTITY pref_vendor_feedback "Dar opinicón">
+<!ENTITY pref_vendor_feedback "Dar opinión">
 <!ENTITY pref_dialog_set_default "Hacer predeterminado">
 <!ENTITY pref_dialog_default "Predeterminado">
 <!ENTITY pref_dialog_remove "Eliminar">
 <!ENTITY pref_search_last_toast "No se puede eliminar o deshabilitar el último buscador que queda.">
 <!ENTITY pref_panels_show "Mostrar">
--- a/mobile/android/base/sync_strings.dtd
+++ b/mobile/android/base/sync_strings.dtd
@@ -99,8 +99,120 @@
 <!-- Send tab to device. -->
 <!ENTITY 'Enviar pestaña a dispositivos'>
 <!ENTITY sync.button.send.label 'Enviar'>
 <!ENTITY sync.button.set.up.sync.label 'Configurar &syncBrand.shortName.label;'>
 <!ENTITY 'Configurar &syncBrand.shortName.label; para enviar pestañas'>
 <!ENTITY 'Configurar &syncBrand.fullName.label; en tu dispositivo para enviar pestañas a otros dispositivos.'>
 <!ENTITY '¡Tu pestaña fue enviada!'>
 <!ENTITY 'Hubo un problema enviando tu pestañasync.subtitle.connectlocatio.'>
+<!-- Firefox account strings. -->
+<!-- Localization note: these describe icons and graphics, and are
+     consumed by assistive devices. -->
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_checkbox_contentDescription2 'Firefox accounts checkbox graphic'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_icon_contentDescription2 'Icono de cuentas de Firefox'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_intro_contentDescription2 'Gráfico de introducción de cuentas de Firefox'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_mail_contentDescription2 'Gráfico de sobre de cuentas de Firefox'>
+<!-- Localization note: these are shown in all screens that query the
+     user for an email address and password. Hide and show are button
+     labels. -->
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_email_hint 'Correo electrónico'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_password_hint 'Contraseña'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_password_hide 'Ocultar'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_password_show 'Mostrar'>
+<!-- Localization note: these are shown in screens after the user has
+     created or signed in to an account, and take the user back to
+     Firefox. -->
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_back_to_browsing 'Volver a navegación'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_policy_linktos 'Términos del servicio'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_policy_linkprivacy 'Nota de privacidad'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_getting_started_welcome_to_sync 'Bienvenido a &syncBrand.shortName.label;'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_getting_started_description 'Sign in to sync your tabs, bookmarks, passwords &amp; more.'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_getting_started_get_started 'Comenzar'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_getting_started_old_firefox 'Usando una versión vieja de &syncBrand.shortName.label;?'>
+<!-- Localization note: the Firefox below should not change with the
+     particular version of Firefox installed (Release, Beta, Aurora,
+     etc).  The account remains a "Firefox" account. -->
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_create_account_header 'Crear una cuenta de Firefox'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_create_account_password_length_restriction 'Debe tener al menos  8 caracteres'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_create_account_year_of_birth 'Año de nacimiento'>
+<!-- Localization note: &formatS1; is fxaccount_policy_linktos, &formatS2; is fxaccount_policy_linkprivacy, both hyperlinked. -->
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_create_account_policy_text 'By proceeding, I agree to the &formatS1; and &formatS2; of Firefox online services.'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_create_account_button 'Next'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_create_account_choose_what_to_sync 'Choose what to sync'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_create_account_sign_in_instead 'Already have an account? Sign in'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_create_account_1990_or_earlier '1990 o anterior'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_create_account_unknown_error 'No se pudo crear la cuenta'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_account_create_not_allowed 'No se puede crear la cuenta'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_account_create_not_allowed_you_must_meet_certain_age_requirements 'You must meet certain age requirements to create an account.'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_account_create_not_allowed_learn_more 'Conocer más'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_confirm_account_header 'Confirmá tu cuenta'>
+<!-- Localization note: &formatS; is the Firefox account's email address. -->
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_confirm_account_verification_link 'Un enlace de verificación ha sido enviado a &formatS;'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_confirm_account_resend_email 'Reenviar correo'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_confirm_account_verification_link_sent2 'Correo de verificación enviado'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_confirm_account_verification_link_not_sent2 'No se pudo enviar el correo de verificación'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_sign_in_sub_header 'Sign in'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_sign_in_button_label 'Sign in'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_sign_in_forgot_password 'Forgot password?'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_sign_in_create_account_instead 'Crear una cuenta'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_sign_in_unknown_error 'Could not sign in'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_account_verified_sub_header 'Cuenta verificada'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_account_verified_description2 'Your data will begin syncing momentarily.'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_update_credentials_header 'Sign in'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_update_credentials_button_label 'Sign in'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_update_credentials_unknown_error 'Could not sign in'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_status_header 'Cuenta de Firefox'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_status_sync '&syncBrand.shortName.label;'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_status_sync_enabled '&syncBrand.shortName.label;: habilitado'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_status_needs_verification2 'Your account needs to be verified. Tap to resend verification email.'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_status_needs_credentials 'Cannot connect. Tap to sign in.'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_status_needs_upgrade 'You need to upgrade &brandShortName; to sign in.'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_status_bookmarks 'Marcadores'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_status_history 'Historial'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_status_passwords 'Contraseñas'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_status_tabs 'Pestañas abiertas'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_status_legal 'Legal' >
+<!-- Localization note: this is the name shown by the Android system
+     itself for a Firefox account. Don't localize this. -->
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_account_type_label 'Firefox'>
+<!-- Localization note: these are shown by the Android system itself,
+     when the user navigates to the Android > Accounts > [Firefox
+     Account] Screen. The link takes the user to the Firefox account
+     status activity, which lets them manage their Firefox
+     account. -->
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_options_title 'Opciones de &syncBrand.shortName.label;'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_options_configure_title 'Configurar &syncBrand.shortName.label;'>
+<!-- Localization note: these error messages are shown after a request
+     has been made to the remote server, and an error of some type has
+     been returned. -->
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_remote_error_UPGRADE_REQUIRED 'Necesitás actualizar Firefox'>
+<!-- Localization note: the format string will be fxaccount_sign_in_button_label, linkified. -->
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_remote_error_ATTEMPT_TO_CREATE_AN_ACCOUNT_THAT_ALREADY_EXISTS_2 'La cuenta ya existe. &formatS1;'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_remote_error_ATTEMPT_TO_ACCESS_AN_ACCOUNT_THAT_DOES_NOT_EXIST 'Invalid email or password'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_remote_error_INCORRECT_PASSWORD 'Invalid email or password'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_remote_error_ATTEMPT_TO_OPERATE_ON_AN_UNVERIFIED_ACCOUNT 'Account is not verified'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_remote_error_CLIENT_HAS_SENT_TOO_MANY_REQUESTS 'Servidor ocupado, intentá nuevamente'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_remote_error_SERVICE_TEMPORARILY_UNAVAILABLE_TO_DUE_HIGH_LOAD 'Servidor ocupado, intentá nuevamente'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_remote_error_UNKNOWN_ERROR 'Hubo un problema'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_remote_error_COULD_NOT_CONNECT 'Cannot connect to network'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_sync_sign_in_error_notification_title2 '&syncBrand.shortName.label; no está conectado'>
+<!-- Note to translators: the format string below will be replaced
+     with the Firefox account's email address. -->
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_sync_sign_in_error_notification_text2 'Tap to sign in as &formatS;'>