Some accesskeys
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Some accesskeys
--- a/mail/chrome/messenger/AccountManager.dtd
+++ b/mail/chrome/messenger/AccountManager.dtd
@@ -11,11 +11,11 @@
 <!ENTITY duplicate.label "Duplicar">
 <!-- AccountManager.xul -->
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE : this is part of an inline-style attribute on the account
      setting dialog, which specifies the width and height in em units of the dialog.
      Localizers ONLY can increase these widths if they are having difficulty getting
      panel content to fit. 1em = the width of the letter 'm' in the selected font.
      XUL/FE DEVELOPERS: DO NOT MODIFY THIS VALUE. It represents the correct size of
      this window for en-US. -->
-<!ENTITY accountManager.size "width: 65em; height: 44em;">
-<!ENTITY macAccountManager.size "width: 65em; height: 44em;">
+<!ENTITY accountManager.size "width: 67em; height: 44em;">
+<!ENTITY macAccountManager.size "width: 68em; height: 44em;">
 <!ENTITY accountTree.width "width: 17em;">
--- a/mail/chrome/messenger/preferences/connection.dtd
+++ b/mail/chrome/messenger/preferences/connection.dtd
@@ -1,24 +1,24 @@
 <!ENTITY  connectionsDialog.title       "Opciones de conexión">
 <!ENTITY  window.width                   "37em">
 <!ENTITY  proxyTitle.label              "Configurar proxies para acceder a Internet">
 <!ENTITY  noProxyTypeRadio.label        "Sin proxy">
 <!ENTITY  noProxyTypeRadio.accesskey    "y">
 <!ENTITY  systemTypeRadio.label         "Usar la configuración de proxy del sistema">
-<!ENTITY  systemTypeRadio.accesskey     "u">
+<!ENTITY  systemTypeRadio.accesskey     "U">
 <!ENTITY  WPADTypeRadio.label           "Detectar automáticamente la configuración del proxy para esta red">
-<!ENTITY  WPADTypeRadio.accesskey       "y">
+<!ENTITY  WPADTypeRadio.accesskey       "D">
 <!ENTITY  manualTypeRadio.label         "Configuración manual de proxy:">
 <!ENTITY  manualTypeRadio.accesskey     "m">
 <!ENTITY  autoTypeRadio.label           "URL de configuración automática de proxy:">
 <!ENTITY  autoTypeRadio.accesskey       "a">
 <!ENTITY  reload.label                  "Recargar">
-<!ENTITY  reload.accesskey              "l">
+<!ENTITY  reload.accesskey              "R">
 <!ENTITY  ftp.label                     "Proxy FTP:">
 <!ENTITY  ftp.accesskey                 "f">
 <!ENTITY  gopher.label                  "Proxy Gopher:">
 <!ENTITY  gopher.accesskey              "g">
 <!ENTITY  http.label                    "Proxy HTTP:">
 <!ENTITY  http.accesskey                "h">
 <!ENTITY  ssl.label                     "Proxy SSL:">
 <!ENTITY  ssl.accesskey                 "s">
--- a/mail/chrome/messenger/preferences/offline.dtd
+++ b/mail/chrome/messenger/preferences/offline.dtd
@@ -1,24 +1,24 @@
 <!ENTITY offlineDialog.title       "Opciones sin conexión">
 <!ENTITY textStartUp   "Al iniciar:">
 <!ENTITY radioRememberPrevState.label "Recordar el estado anterior de la conexión">
 <!ENTITY radioRememberPrevState.accesskey "R">
 <!ENTITY radioAskMe.label "Preguntarme el estado al iniciar">
 <!ENTITY radioAskMe.accesskey "u">
 <!ENTITY radioAlwaysOnline.label "Siempre iniciar conectado">
-<!ENTITY radioAlwaysOnline.accesskey "l">
+<!ENTITY radioAlwaysOnline.accesskey "c">
 <!ENTITY textGoingOnline "¿Enviar mensajes pendientes al conectarse?">
 <!ENTITY radioAutoSend.label "Si">
-<!ENTITY radioAutoSend.accesskey "Y">
+<!ENTITY radioAutoSend.accesskey "S">
 <!ENTITY radioNotSend.label "No">
 <!ENTITY radioNotSend.accesskey "N">
 <!ENTITY radioAskUnsent.label "Preguntarme">
-<!ENTITY radioAskUnsent.accesskey "s">
+<!ENTITY radioAskUnsent.accesskey "P">
 <!ENTITY textGoingOffline "¿Descargar mensaje para usar cuando no este conectado al desconectarme?">
 <!ENTITY radioAutoDownload.label "Si">
-<!ENTITY radioAutoDownload.accesskey "e">
+<!ENTITY radioAutoDownload.accesskey "i">
 <!ENTITY radioNotDownload.label "No">
 <!ENTITY radioNotDownload.accesskey "o">
 <!ENTITY radioAskDownload.label "Preguntarme">
 <!ENTITY radioAskDownload.accesskey "a">