One missing string in editor
authorMarcelo Poli <>
Tue, 15 Mar 2011 22:24:57 -0300
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One missing string in editor
--- a/editor/ui/chrome/composer/editor.dtd
+++ b/editor/ui/chrome/composer/editor.dtd
@@ -59,16 +59,17 @@
 <!ENTITY formatMenu.label "Formato">
 <!ENTITY formatMenu.accesskey "o">
 <!-- Display Mode toolbar and View menu items -->
 <!ENTITY NormalModeTab.label "Normal">
 <!ENTITY NormalMode.label "Modo normal de ediciĆ³n">
 <!ENTITY NormalMode.accesskey "n">
 <!ENTITY NormalMode.tooltip "Mostrar los bordes de las tablas y los enlaces con nombre">
+<!ENTITY AllTagsModeTab.label "Etiquetas HTML">
 <!ENTITY AllTagsMode.label "Etiquetas HTML">
 <!ENTITY AllTagsMode.accesskey "a">
 <!ENTITY AllTagsMode.tooltip "Mostrar iconos para todas las etiquetas HTML">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE: (HTMLSourceModeTab.dir, HTMLSourceModeTab.label)
      Do NOT translate text for 'HTMLSourceModeTab.dir', use latin "ltr" if
      you want the <html> image to left of the 'HTMLSourceModeTab.label' text,
      or use latin "rtl" if you want this image to the right of text. You do
      not need to include HTML in the label 'HTMLSourceModeTab.label' -->