Fixing missing strings
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Fixing missing strings
--- a/browser/chrome/browser-region/
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser-region/
@@ -12,16 +12,22 @@ browser.contentHandlers.types.0.uri=http
 browser.contentHandlers.types.1.title=My Yahoo
 # Keyword URL (for location bar searches)
+# URL for site-specific search engines
+# TRANSLATION NOTE: {moz:domain} and {searchTerms} are placeholders for the site
+# to be searched and the user's search query. Place them in the appropriate location
+# for your locale's URL but do not translate them.{moz:domain}+{searchTerms}
 # increment this number when anything gets changed in the list below.  This will
 # cause Firefox to re-read these prefs and inject any new handlers into the 
 # profile database.  Note that "new" is defined as "has a different URL"; this
 # means that it's not possible to update the name of existing handler, so 
 # don't make any spelling errors here.
 # The default set of protocol handlers for webcal
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/aboutSessionRestore.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/aboutSessionRestore.dtd
@@ -1,18 +1,18 @@
 <!ENTITY restorepage.tabtitle       "Restaurar sesión previa">
-<!ENTITY restorepage.pagetitle      "¿Desea restaurar su sesión?">
-<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE: If "closed unexpectedly" sounds too awkward in the translation,
-                        you may translate "crash" instead (even though it's IT-speak) -->
-<!ENTITY restorepage.issueDesc      "Su sesión anterior de &brandShortName; se ha cerrado inesperadamente. Nuestras disculpas por los inconvenientes ocasionados. Puede restaurar las pestañas y ventanas de su sesión anterior o iniciar una nueva si no las necesita más.">
-<!ENTITY restorepage.remedies       "Si &brandShortName; se cierra repetidamente:">
-<!ENTITY restorepage.dueToChrome    "Intente deshabilitar cualquier extensión agregada recientemente en el Administrador de agregados.">
-<!ENTITY restorepage.dueToContent   "Intente restaurar su sesión sin las páginas web que sospeche que estén causando el problema:">
+<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE: The title is intended to be apologetic and disarming, expressing dismay
+     and regret that we are unable to restore the session for the user -->
+<!ENTITY restorepage.errorTitle     "Bueno, esto es vergonzoso.">
+<!ENTITY restorepage.problemDesc    "&brandShortName; tiene problemas recuperando sus ventanas y pestañas. Ésto es causado usualmente por una página web abierta recientemente.">
+<!ENTITY restorepage.tryThis        "Puede intentar:">
+<!ENTITY restorepage.restoreSome    "Eliminar ua o más pestañas que piense que puedan estar causando el problema">
+<!ENTITY restorepage.startNew       "Iniciando una sesión de navegación completamente nueva">
-<!ENTITY restorepage.restoreButton  "Restaurar sesión previa">
+<!ENTITY restorepage.tryagainButton "Restaurar">
 <!ENTITY restorepage.restore.access "R">
 <!ENTITY restorepage.cancelButton   "Iniciar nueva sesión">
 <!ENTITY restorepage.cancel.access  "S">
 <!ENTITY restorepage.restoreHeader  "Restaurar">
 <!ENTITY restorepage.listHeader     "Ventanas y pestañas">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE: %S will be replaced with a number. -->
 <!ENTITY restorepage.windowLabel    "Ventana #&#37;S">
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/browser.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/browser.dtd
@@ -2,19 +2,21 @@
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE : FILE Do not translate commandkeys --> 
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (mainWindow.title): DONT_TRANSLATE -->
 <!ENTITY mainWindow.title "&brandFullName;">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (mainWindow.titlemodifier) : DONT_TRANSLATE -->
 <!ENTITY mainWindow.titlemodifier "&brandFullName;">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (mainWindow.titlemodifiermenuseparator): DONT_TRANSLATE -->
 <!ENTITY mainWindow.titlemodifiermenuseparator " - ">
- <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (mainWindow.titlePrivateBrowsingSuffix): This will be appended to the window's title
+<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (mainWindow.titlePrivateBrowsingSuffix): This will be appended to the window's title
                                                                 inside the private browsing mode -->
 <!ENTITY mainWindow.titlePrivateBrowsingSuffix "(Navegación privada)">
+<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (mainWindowPrivateBrowsing.titlemodifier): DONT_TRANSLATE -->
+<!ENTITY mainWindow.titlemodifierPrivateBrowsing "&mainWindow.titlemodifier; &mainWindow.titlePrivateBrowsingSuffix;">
 <!ENTITY tabCmd.label "Nueva pestaña">
 <!ENTITY tabCmd.accesskey "t">
 <!ENTITY tabCmd.commandkey "t">
 <!ENTITY openLocationCmd.label "Abrir dirección…">
 <!ENTITY openLocationCmd.accesskey "d">
 <!ENTITY openFileCmd.label "Abrir archivo…">
 <!ENTITY openFileCmd.accesskey "o">
@@ -81,32 +83,35 @@
 <!ENTITY reloadCmd.label "Recargar">
 <!ENTITY reloadCmd.accesskey "R">
 <!ENTITY reloadButton.tooltip "Recargar la página actual">
 <!ENTITY stopCmd.label "Detener">
 <!ENTITY stopCmd.accesskey "t">
 <!ENTITY stopCmd.macCommandKey ".">
 <!ENTITY stopButton.tooltip "Detener la carga de la página">
 <!ENTITY goEndCap.tooltip "Ir a la dirección de la barra de direcciones">
-<!ENTITY feedButton.tooltip           "Suscribirse a esta página…">
 <!ENTITY printButton.label "Imprimir">
 <!ENTITY printButton.tooltip "Imprimir esta página">
 <!ENTITY locationItem.title "Dirección">
 <!ENTITY searchItem.title "Buscar">
 <!ENTITY throbberItem.title "Progreso">
 <!ENTITY bookmarksItem.title "Marcadores">
 <!-- Toolbar items --> 
 <!ENTITY homeButton.label "Inicio">
 <!ENTITY bookmarksButton.label "Marcadores">
 <!ENTITY bookmarksButton.tooltip "Mostrar sus marcadores">
 <!ENTITY bookmarksSidebarCmd.accesskey "M">
 <!ENTITY bookmarksSidebarCmd.commandkey "b">
+<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (bookmarksSidebarGtkCmd.commandkey): This command
+  -  key should not contain the letters A-F, since these are reserved
+  -  shortcut keys on Linux. -->
+<!ENTITY bookmarksSidebarGtkCmd.commandkey "o">
 <!ENTITY bookmarksSidebarWinCmd.commandkey "i">
 <!ENTITY historyButton.label "Historial">
 <!ENTITY historyButton.tooltip "Mostrar páginas que se visitaron recientemente">
 <!ENTITY historySidebarCmd.accesskey "s">
 <!ENTITY historySidebarCmd.commandKey "h">
 <!ENTITY toolsMenu.label "Herramientas">
@@ -180,23 +185,29 @@
 <!ENTITY viewSidebarMenu.label "Barra lateral">
 <!ENTITY viewSidebarMenu.accesskey "e">
 <!ENTITY viewCustomizeToolbar.label "Personalizar…">
 <!ENTITY viewCustomizeToolbar.accesskey "P">
 <!ENTITY historyMenu.label "Historial">
 <!ENTITY historyMenu.accesskey "H">
 <!ENTITY historyUndoMenu.label "Pestañas cerradas recientemente">
+<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (historyUndoWindowMenu): see bug 394759 -->
+<!ENTITY historyUndoWindowMenu.label "Ventanas cerradas recientemente">
 <!ENTITY historyHomeCmd.label "Inicio">
 <!ENTITY showAllHistoryCmd2.label "Mostrar todo el historial">
 <!ENTITY showAllHistoryCmd.commandkey "h">
 <!ENTITY openCmd.commandkey "l">
 <!ENTITY urlbar.emptyText             "Buscar marcadores e historial">
+<!ENTITY urlbar.bookmarkhistory.emptyText "Buscar marcadores e historial">
+<!ENTITY urlbar.bookmark.emptyText    "Buscar marcadores">
+<!ENTITY urlbar.history.emptyText     "Buscar historial">
+<!ENTITY urlbar.none.emptyText        "Ingresar una dirección web">
 <!ENTITY urlbar.accesskey "d">
   Comment duplicated from
   Search Command Key Logic works like this:
   Unix: Ctrl+J (0.8, 0.9 support)
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/preferences.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/preferences.dtd
@@ -1,16 +1,16 @@
 <!ENTITY  prefWindow.titleWin     "Opciones">
 <!ENTITY  prefWindow.titleGNOME   "Preferencias de &brandShortName;">
 <!-- When making changes to prefWindow.styleWin test both Windows Classic and
      Luna since widget heights are different based on the OS theme -->
-<!ENTITY  prefWinMinSize.styleWin       "width: 42em; min-height: 39em;">
-<!ENTITY  prefWinMinSize.styleMac       "width: 47em; min-height: 40em;">
-<!ENTITY  prefWinMinSize.styleGNOME     "width: 45.5em; min-height: 40.5em;">
+<!ENTITY  prefWin.styleWin3       "width: 42em; min-height: 39em;">
+<!ENTITY  prefWin.styleMac2       "width: 47em; min-height: 40em;">
+<!ENTITY  prefWin.styleGNOME2     "width: 42em; min-height: 39.5em;">
-<!ENTITY  paneGeneral.title       "General">
+<!ENTITY  paneMain.title          "Principal">
 <!ENTITY  paneTabs.title          "Pestañas">
 <!ENTITY  paneContent.title       "Contenido">
 <!ENTITY  paneApplications.title  "Aplicaciones">
 <!ENTITY  panePrivacy.title       "Privacidad">
 <!ENTITY  paneSecurity.title      "Seguridad">
 <!ENTITY  paneAdvanced.title      "Avanzadas">
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/privacy.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/privacy.dtd
@@ -4,26 +4,25 @@
 <!ENTITY  locbar.pre.accessKey          "l">
 <!ENTITY             "">
 <!ENTITY  locbar.both.label             "Historial y marcadores">
 <!ENTITY  locbar.history.label          "Historial">
 <!ENTITY  locbar.bookmarks.label        "Marcadores">
 <!ENTITY  locbar.nothing.label          "Nada">
-  The entities rememberDaysBefore.label and rememberDaysAfter.label appear on a single
+  The entities rememberDaysBefore.label and rememberDaysAfter2.label appear on a single
   line in preferences as follows:
-  &rememberDaysBefore.label  [ textbox for number of days ]   &rememberDaysAfter.label;
+  &rememberDaysBefore.label  [ textbox for number of days ]  &rememberDaysAfter2.label;
-<!ENTITY  rememberDaysBefore.label          "Mantener mi historial por al menos">
+<!ENTITY  rememberDaysBefore.label          "Mantener mi historial durante al menos">
 <!ENTITY  rememberDaysBefore.accesskey      "h">
 <!ENTITY  rememberDaysAfter2.label           "días">
 <!ENTITY  rememberForms.label           "Recordar lo que haya ingresado en formularios y en la barra de búsqueda">
 <!ENTITY  rememberForms.accesskey       "f">
 <!ENTITY  rememberDownloads.label       "Recordar lo que haya descargado">
 <!ENTITY  rememberDownloads.accesskey   "d">
 <!ENTITY  cookies.label                 "Cookies">
@@ -33,25 +32,79 @@
 <!ENTITY  acceptThirdParty.label        "Aceptar cookies de terceros">
 <!ENTITY  acceptThirdParty.accesskey    "p">
 <!ENTITY  keepUntil.label               "Conservar hasta:">
 <!ENTITY  keepUntil.accesskey           "n">
 <!ENTITY  expire.label                  "que expiren">
-<!ENTITY  close.label                   "cierre &brandShortName;">
-<!ENTITY  askEachTime.label             "preguntarme cada vez">
+<!ENTITY  close.label                   "que cierre &brandShortName;">
+<!ENTITY  askEachTime.label             "preguntarme siempre">
 <!ENTITY  cookieExceptions.label        "Excepciones…">
 <!ENTITY  cookieExceptions.accesskey    "E">
-<!ENTITY  showCookies.label             "Mostrar Cookies…">
+<!ENTITY  showCookies.label             "Mostrar cookies…">
 <!ENTITY  showCookies.accesskey         "S">
-<!ENTITY  privateData.label             "Datos Privados">
+<!ENTITY  privateData.label             "Datos privados">
 <!ENTITY  alwaysClear.label              "Siempre borrar mis datos privados cuando cierre &brandShortName;">
 <!ENTITY  alwaysClear.accesskey          "b">
 <!ENTITY  clearDataSettings.label        "Opciones…">
 <!ENTITY  clearDataSettings.accesskey    "O">
+<!ENTITY  historyHeader.pre.label          "&brandShortName;:">
+<!ENTITY  historyHeader.pre.accesskey      "F">
+<!ENTITY  historyHeader.remember.label     "recordará el historial">
+<!ENTITY  historyHeader.dontremember.label "nunca recordará el historial">
+<!ENTITY  historyHeader.custom.label       "usará la configuración predeterminada para el historial">
+<!ENTITY         "">
+<!ENTITY  rememberDescription.label      "&brandShortName; recordará las búsquedas, las descargas, los formularios y el historial de descargas y además, almacenará las cookies de los sitios web que visite.">
+<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (rememberActions.pre.label): include a trailing space as needed -->
+<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (rememberActions.middle.label): include a starting and trailing space as needed -->
+<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE ( include a starting space as needed -->
+<!ENTITY  rememberActions.pre.label           "Quizás desee ">
+<!ENTITY  rememberActions.clearHistory.label  "eliminar el historial reciente">
+<!ENTITY  rememberActions.middle.label        " o ">
+<!ENTITY  rememberActions.removeCookies.label "eliminar determinadas cookies">
+<!ENTITY          ".">
+<!ENTITY  dontrememberDescription.label  "&brandShortName; utilizará la misma configuración que para las búsquedas privadas y no recordará el historial mientras navegue por la Web.">
+<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (dontrememberActions.pre.label): include a trailing space as needed -->
+<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE ( include a starting space as needed -->
+<!ENTITY  dontrememberActions.pre.label          "Quizás también desee ">
+<!ENTITY  dontrememberActions.clearHistory.label "eliminar el historial actual">
+<!ENTITY         ".">
+<!ENTITY  privateBrowsingAutoStart.label "Iniciar &brandShortName; automáticamente en una sesión de navegación privada">
+<!ENTITY  privateBrowsingAutoStart.accesskey "A">
+  The entities rememberHistory.pre.label and appear on a single
+  line in preferences as follows:
+  &rememberHistory.pre.label  [ textbox for number of days ]  &;
+<!ENTITY  rememberHistory.pre.label      "Recordar mi historial de navegación durante al menos">
+<!ENTITY  rememberHistory.pre.accesskey  "h">
+<!ENTITY     "días">
+<!ENTITY  rememberDownload.label         "Recordar mi historial de descargas">
+<!ENTITY  rememberDownload.accesskey     "d">
+<!ENTITY  rememberSearchForm.label       "Recordar lo que haya ingresado en formularios y en la barra de búsqueda">
+<!ENTITY  rememberSearchForm.accesskey   "f">
+<!ENTITY  clearOnClose.label             "Elimimar el historial cuando cierre &brandShortName;">
+<!ENTITY  clearOnClose.accesskey         "E">
+<!ENTITY  clearOnCloseSettings.label     "Opciones…">
+<!ENTITY  clearOnCloseSettings.accesskey "O">
+<!ENTITY  clearDataNow.label             "Borrar ahora…">
+<!ENTITY  clearDataNow.accesskey         "B">
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/sanitize.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/sanitize.dtd
@@ -1,43 +1,62 @@
-<!ENTITY sanitizePrefs.title           "Borrar datos privados">
+<!ENTITY sanitizePrefs2.title          "Opciones de borrado del historial">
 <!ENTITY sanitizeDialog2.title         "Borrar historial reciente">
-<!ENTITY sanitizeItems.label          "Limpiar los siguientes ítems ahora:">
+<!ENTITY sanitizeItems.label          "Borrar los siguientes ítems ahora:">
 <!ENTITY clearDataSettings2.label     "Cuando salga de &brandShortName;, debería borrar automáticamente:">
 <!-- XXX rearrange entities to match physical layout when l10n isn't an issue -->
+<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (clearTimeDuration.*): "Time range to clear" dropdown.
+     See UI mockup at bug 480169 -->
+<!ENTITY clearTimeDuration.label          "Intervalo de tiempo para borrar: ">
+<!ENTITY clearTimeDuration.accesskey      "T">
+<!ENTITY clearTimeDuration.lastHour       "la última hora">
+<!ENTITY clearTimeDuration.last2Hours     "las últimas 2 horas">
+<!ENTITY clearTimeDuration.last4Hours     "las últimas 4 horas">
+<!ENTITY          "Hoy">
+<!ENTITY clearTimeDuration.everything     "Todo">
+<!-- Localization note (clearTimeDuration.suffix) - trailing entity for languages
+that require it.  -->
+<!ENTITY clearTimeDuration.suffix         "">
+<!ENTITY clearTimeDuration.dateColumn     "Día en que se visitó">
+<!ENTITY clearTimeDuration.nameColumn     "Nombre">
-<!ENTITY clearDuration.label          "Eliminar ">
-<!ENTITY clearDuration.accesskey      "r">
-<!ENTITY clearDuration.lastHour       "la última hora">
-<!ENTITY clearDuration.last2Hours     "las últimas 2 horas">
-<!ENTITY clearDuration.last4Hours     "las últimas 4 horas">
-<!ENTITY          "mi historial de hoy">
-<!ENTITY clearDuration.everything     "mi historial completo">
-<!-- Localization note (clearDuration.suffix) - trailing entity for languages
-that require it.  -->
-<!ENTITY clearDuration.suffix         "">
+<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (detailsProgressiveDisclosure.*): Labels and accesskeys
+     of the "Details" progressive disclosure button.  See UI mockup at bug
+     480169 -->
+<!ENTITY detailsProgressiveDisclosure.label     "Detalles">
+<!ENTITY detailsProgressiveDisclosure.accesskey "e">
 <!ENTITY historySection.label         "Historial">
 <!ENTITY dataSection.label            "Datos">
-<!ENTITY itemVisitedPages.label       "Páginas visitadas">
-<!ENTITY itemVisitedPages.accesskey   "V">
-<!ENTITY itemFormSearchEntries.label  "Información de formularios y búsquedas">
-<!ENTITY itemFormSearchEntries.accesskey "f">
-<!ENTITY itemPasswords.label          "Contraseñas guardadas">
-<!ENTITY itemPasswords.accesskey      "g">
-<!ENTITY itemCookies.label            "Cookies">
-<!ENTITY itemCookies.accesskey        "C">
-<!ENTITY itemWebCache.label           "Caché web">
-<!ENTITY itemWebCache.accesskey       "a">
-<!ENTITY itemOfflineApps.label        "Datos de sitios web sin conexión">
-<!ENTITY itemOfflineApps.accesskey    "o">
-<!ENTITY itemDownloadList.label       "Listado de descargas">
-<!ENTITY itemDownloadList.accesskey   "d">
-<!ENTITY itemActiveLogins.label       "Sesiones activas">
-<!ENTITY itemActiveLogins.accesskey   "S">
-<!ENTITY itemSiteSettings.label       "Opciones específicas del sitio">
-<!ENTITY itemSiteSettings.accesskey   "e">
+<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (item*): itemHistoryAndDownloads.* and
+     itemBrowsingHistory.* will never be used at the same time, so they can
+     have the same accesskey. -->
+<!ENTITY itemHistoryAndDownloads.label     "Historial de descargas y navegación">
+<!ENTITY itemHistoryAndDownloads.accesskey "B">
+<!ENTITY itemBrowsingHistory.label         "Historial de navegación">
+<!ENTITY itemBrowsingHistory.accesskey     "B">
+<!ENTITY itemFormSearchHistory.label       "Historial de búsquedas y formularios">
+<!ENTITY itemFormSearchHistory.accesskey   "F">
+<!ENTITY itemPasswords.label               "Contraseñas guardadas">
+<!ENTITY itemPasswords.accesskey           "P">
+<!ENTITY itemCookies.label                 "Cookies">
+<!ENTITY itemCookies.accesskey             "C">
+<!ENTITY itemCache.label                   "Caché">
+<!ENTITY itemCache.accesskey               "A">
+<!ENTITY itemOfflineApps.label             "Datos de sitios web sin conexión">
+<!ENTITY itemOfflineApps.accesskey         "O">
+<!ENTITY itemDownloadHistory.label         "Historial de descargas">
+<!ENTITY itemDownloadHistory.accesskey     "D">
+<!ENTITY itemActiveLogins.label            "Sesiones activas">
+<!ENTITY itemActiveLogins.accesskey        "L">
+<!ENTITY itemSitePreferences.label         "Configuración específica del sitio">
+<!ENTITY itemSitePreferences.accesskey     "S">
-<!ENTITY window.width                 "30em">
+<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (sanitizeEverythingUndoWarning): Second warning paragraph
+     that appears when "Time range to clear" is set to "Everything".  See UI
+     mockup at bug 480169 -->
+<!ENTITY sanitizeEverythingUndoWarning     "Esta acción no puede deshacerse.">
+<!ENTITY dialog.width                 "30em">
 <!ENTITY column.width                 "14em">
--- a/toolkit/chrome/places/
+++ b/toolkit/chrome/places/
@@ -18,9 +18,8 @@ finduri-AgeInMonths-isgreater=Más de %S meses
 localhost=(archivos locales)
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (bookmarksArchiveFilename):
 # Do not change this string! It's used only to
 # detect older localized bookmark archives from
 # before bug 445704 was fixed. It will be removed
 # in a subsequent release.