Some more fixes
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Some more fixes
--- a/browser/feedback/
+++ b/browser/feedback/
@@ -22,68 +22,67 @@ testpilot.studiesWindow.proposeStudy = P
 # for pages = Comentarios y discusiones &raquo; = Proponga un test &raquo; = @MozTestPilot en Twitter &raquo;
 # status page
 testpilot.statusPage.uploadingData = Ahora subiendo datos...
-testpilot.statusPage.uploadError =
-  Oops! There was an error connecting to the Mozilla servers.  Maybe your network connection is down?</p><p>Test Pilot will retry automatically, so it's OK to close this page now.
+testpilot.statusPage.uploadError = Oops! There was an error connecting to the Mozilla servers.  Maybe your network connection is down?</p><p>Test Pilot will retry automatically, so it's OK to close this page now.
 testpilot.statusPage.endedAlready = (It has already ended and you should not be seeing this page)
 testpilot.statusPage.todayAt =  hoy, a las %S
 testpilot.statusPage.endOn = el %S
 testpilot.statusPage.extension = 1 extensión
 testpilot.statusPage.extensions = %S extensiones
 testpilot.statusPage.recursEveryNumberOfDays = This test recurs every %S days. Each time it completes:
 testpilot.statusPage.askMeBeforeSubmitData = Ask me whether I want to submit my data.
 testpilot.statusPage.alwaysSubmitData = Always submit my data, and don't ask me about it.
 testpilot.statusPage.neverSubmitData = Never submit my data, and don't ask me about it.
 testpilot.statusPage.loading = Loading, please wait a moment...
 # quit page
 testpilot.quitPage.aboutToQuit = You are about to quit the "%S" study.
 testpilot.quitPage.optionalMessage = (Optional) If you have a minute, please let us know why you have chosen to quit the study.
-testpilot.quitPage.reason = Reason:
+testpilot.quitPage.reason = Razón:
 testpilot.quitPage.recurringStudy = This is a recurring study. Normally we will let you know the next time we run the study.  If you never want to hear about this study again, check the box below:
-testpilot.quitPage.quitFoever = Quit this recurring study.
-testpilot.quitPage.quitStudy = Quit the Study &raquo;
+testpilot.quitPage.quitFoever = Salir de este estudio recurrente.
+testpilot.quitPage.quitStudy = Salir del estudio &raquo;
 # welcome page
 testpilot.welcomePage.thankYou = Thank You for Joining the Test Pilot Team!
 testpilot.welcomePage.gettingStarted = Getting Started
 testpilot.welcomePage.pleaseTake = Please take the
 testpilot.welcomePage.backgroundSurvey = Pilot Background Survey
 testpilot.welcomePage.clickToOpenStudiesWindow = Click here to see the studies that are currently running.
-testpilot.welcomePage.testpilotAddon = Test Pilot Add-on
-testpilot.welcomePage.iconExplanation = &laquo; look for this icon in the bottom right of the browser window.
+testpilot.welcomePage.testpilotAddon = Complemento Test Pilot
+testpilot.welcomePage.iconExplanation = &laquo; mire este ícono en la esquina inferior derecha de la ventana del navegador.
 testpilot.welcomePage.moreIconExplanation = You can click on it to get the main Test Pilot menu.
 testpilot.welcomePage.notificationInfo = The icon will pop up a notification when a study needs your attention.
-testpilot.welcomePage.copyright = Copyright &copy; 2005-2009 Mozilla. All rights reserved.
-testpilot.welcomePage.privacyPolicy = Privacy Policy
-testpilot.welcomePage.legalNotices = Legal Notices
+testpilot.welcomePage.copyright = Copyright &copy; 2005-2009 Mozilla. Todos los derechos reservados.
+testpilot.welcomePage.privacyPolicy = Política de privacidad
+testpilot.welcomePage.legalNotices = Notas legales
 # survey page
-testpilot.surveyPage.saveAnswers = Save Answers
-testpilot.surveyPage.submitAnswers = Submit Answers
-testpilot.surveyPage.changeAnswers = Change Answers
-testpilot.surveyPage.loading = Loading, please wait a moment...
+testpilot.surveyPage.saveAnswers = Guardar respuestas
+testpilot.surveyPage.submitAnswers = Enviar respuestas
+testpilot.surveyPage.changeAnswers = Cambiar respuestas
+testpilot.surveyPage.loading = Cargando, espere un momento...
 testpilot.surveyPage.thankYouForFinishingSurvey = Thank you for finishing this survey. Your answers will be uploaded along with the next set of experimental data.
 testpilot.surveyPage.reviewOrChangeYourAnswers = If you would like to review or change your answers, you can do so at any time using the button below.
 # modules/task.js
 testpilot.finishedTask.finishedStudy = Excellent! You finished the %S Study!
 testpilot.finishedTask.allRelatedDataDeleted = All data related to this study has been removed from your computer.
 # modules/setup.js
-testpilot.notification.update = Update...
-testpilot.notification.thankYouForUploadingData = Thanks!
+testpilot.notification.update = Actualizar...
+testpilot.notification.thankYouForUploadingData = ¡Gracias!
 testpilot.notification.thankYouForUploadingData.message = Thank you for uploading your data.
-testpilot.notification.readyToSubmit = Ready to Submit
+testpilot.notification.readyToSubmit = Listo para enviar
 testpilot.notification.readyToSubmit.message = The Test Pilot "%S" study is finished gathering data and is ready to submit.
 testpilot.notification.newTestPilotStudy = New Test Pilot Study
 testpilot.notification.newTestPilotStudy.message = The Test Pilot "%S" study is now beginning.
 testpilot.notification.newTestPilotSurvey = New Test Pilot Survey
 testpilot.notification.newTestPilotSurvey.message = The Test Pilot "%S" survey is available.
 testpilot.notification.newTestPilotResults = New Test Pilot Results
 testpilot.notification.newTestPilotResults.message = New results are now available for the Test Pilot "%S" study.
 testpilot.notification.autoUploadedData = Thank you!
--- a/suite/chrome/common/pref/pref-tabs.dtd
+++ b/suite/chrome/common/pref/pref-tabs.dtd
@@ -8,21 +8,8 @@
 <!ENTITY warnOnClose.accesskey "n">
 <!ENTITY loadGroup.label "Al abrir un grupo de marcadores">
 <!ENTITY loadGroupAppend.label "Agregar pestañas">
 <!ENTITY loadGroupAppend.accesskey "A">
 <!ENTITY loadGroupReplace.label "Reemplazar pestañas existentes">
 <!ENTITY loadGroupReplace.accesskey "R">
 <!ENTITY openTabs.label "Abrir pestañas en vez de ventanas para">
-<!ENTITY newWindow.label "Comportamiento al abrir un enlace">
-<!ENTITY newWindowDescription.label "Abrir enlaces que deban abrirse en nueva ventana en">
-<!ENTITY external.label "Enlaces desde otras aplicaciones">
-<!ENTITY externalDescription.label "Abrir enlaces enviados de otras aplicaciones en">
-<!ENTITY openCurrent.label "La pestaña/ventana actual">
-<!ENTITY newWindowGroupCurrent.accesskey "c">
-<!ENTITY externalGroupCurrent.accesskey "u">
-<!ENTITY openTab.label "Una nueva pestaña en la ventana actual">
-<!ENTITY newWindowGroupTab.accesskey "t">
-<!ENTITY externalGroupTab.accesskey "e">
-<!ENTITY openWindow.label "Una nueva ventana">
-<!ENTITY newWindowGroupWindow.accesskey "w">
-<!ENTITY externalGroupWindow.accesskey "o">
--- a/suite/chrome/common/pref/preferences.dtd
+++ b/suite/chrome/common/pref/preferences.dtd
@@ -6,16 +6,17 @@
 <!ENTITY fonts.label "Tipografía">
 <!ENTITY colors.label "Colores">
 <!ENTITY navigator.label "Navegador">
 <!ENTITY history.label "Historial">
 <!ENTITY languages.label "Idiomas">
 <!ENTITY applications.label "Aplicaciones">
 <!ENTITY locationBar.label "Barra de navegación">
 <!ENTITY tabWindows.label "Navegación con pestañas">
+<!ENTITY links.label "Comportamiento de enlaces">
 <!ENTITY offline.label "Sin conexión">
 <!ENTITY security.label "Privacidad y seguridad">
 <!ENTITY cookies.label "Cookies">
 <!ENTITY images.label "Imágenes">
 <!ENTITY popups.label "Ventanas emergentes">
 <!ENTITY passwords.label "Contraseñas">
 <!ENTITY masterpass.label "Contraseña maestra">
 <!ENTITY ssl.label "SSL">