Removing encodings
authorMarcelo Poli <>
Sun, 14 Nov 2010 14:35:23 -0300
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Removing encodings
--- a/toolkit/chrome/global/
+++ b/toolkit/chrome/global/
@@ -18,21 +18,16 @@ pluralRule=1
 # menuitems in the "selectLangs" menulist in
 # browser/components/preferences/fonts.xul = x-western
 # Localization Note: Add the code for your language at the front of this entry,
 # leaving "en-us, en" for fallback. It's recommended to use the same form, e.g.
 # "ja-jp, ja, en-us, en"
 intl.accept_languages = es-ar, es, en-us, en
 intl.charsetmenu.browser.static = ISO-8859-1, UTF-8
-intl.charsetmenu.browser.more1 = ISO-8859-1, ISO-8859-15, IBM850, x-mac-roman, windows-1252, ISO-8859-14, ISO-8859-7, x-mac-greek, windows-1253, x-mac-icelandic, ISO-8859-10, ISO-8859-3
-intl.charsetmenu.browser.more2 = ISO-8859-4, ISO-8859-13, windows-1257, IBM852, ISO-8859-2, x-mac-ce, windows-1250, x-mac-croatian, IBM855, ISO-8859-5, ISO-IR-111, KOI8-R, x-mac-cyrillic, windows-1251, IBM866, KOI8-U, x-mac-ukrainian, ISO-8859-16, x-mac-romanian
-intl.charsetmenu.browser.more3 = GB2312, x-gbk, gb18030, HZ-GB-2312, ISO-2022-CN, Big5, Big5-HKSCS, x-euc-tw, EUC-JP, ISO-2022-JP, Shift_JIS, EUC-KR, x-windows-949, x-johab, ISO-2022-KR
-intl.charsetmenu.browser.more4 = armscii-8, GEOSTD8, TIS-620, ISO-8859-11, windows-874, IBM857, ISO-8859-9, x-mac-turkish, windows-1254, x-viet-tcvn5712, VISCII, x-viet-vps, windows-1258, x-mac-devanagari, x-mac-gujarati, x-mac-gurmukhi
-intl.charsetmenu.browser.more5 = ISO-8859-6, windows-1256, IBM864, x-mac-arabic, x-mac-farsi, ISO-8859-8-I, windows-1255, ISO-8859-8, IBM862, x-mac-hebrew
 # Localization Note: Never change the following entry.
 intl.charset.default = ISO-8859-1
 intl.charset.detector = 
 intl.charsetmenu.mailedit = ISO-8859-1, ISO-8859-15, ISO-8859-6, armscii-8, geostd8, ISO-8859-13, ISO-8859-14, ISO-8859-2, GB2312, GB18030, Big5, KOI8-R, windows-1251, KOI8-U, ISO-8859-7, ISO-8859-8-I, windows-1255, ISO-2022-JP, EUC-KR, ISO-8859-10, ISO-8859-3, TIS-620, ISO-8859-9, UTF-8, VISCII
 # valid intl.menuitems.appendedacceskeys are: true or false, <empty string> (missing or empty preference equals false)
 intl.menuitems.alwaysappendaccesskeys = 
 # valid intl.menuitems.insertseparatorbeforeaccesskeys are: true or false, <empty string> (missing or empty preference equals false)
 intl.menuitems.insertseparatorbeforeaccesskeys = true