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Migrating files for Firefox 33

# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

goBackToCurrentConversation.button=Volver a la conversación actual
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (startAConversationWith.button):
#  %S is replaced with the display name of a contact.
startAConversationWith.button=Iniciar una conversación con %S

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (defaultGroup):
#  this is used in the addBuddies dialog if the list of existing groups is empty

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (buddy.authRequest.label):
# This string appears in a notification bar at the
# top of the Contacts window when someone added the user to his/her
# contact list, to request the permission from the user to share
# status information with this potential new contact.
# %S is replaced with the user name of the potential new contact.
buddy.authRequest.label=%S wants to chat with you

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (buddy.deletePrompt.title):
# %S here will be replaced by the alias (or username) of a buddy about
# to be removed from the buddy list.
buddy.deletePrompt.title=¿Borrar %S?

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (buddy.deletePrompt.message):
# %1$S will be replaced by the name of a buddy (either the alias
# followed by the username between parenthesis if an alias is set, or
# only the username otherwise).
# %2$S will be the name of the protocol on which this buddy is removed
# (for example: AIM, MSN, Google Talk).
# Please find a wording that will keep the username as close as
# possible to the beginning of the string, because this is the
# important information that an user should see when looking quickly
# at this prompt.
buddy.deletePrompt.message=%1$S will be permanently removed from your %2$S buddy list if you continue.

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (buddy.deletePrompt.displayName):
# This is used to format the display name inserted in buddy.deletePrompt.message
# %1$S is the alias, %2$S is the username.
buddy.deletePrompt.displayName=%1$S (%2$S)

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (buddy.deletePrompt.button):
# the & symbol indicates the position of the character that should be
# used as the accesskey for this button.

displayNameEmptyText=Display Name
userIconFilePickerTitle=Seleccionar el nuevo ícono…

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (chat.isTyping, chat.hasStoppedTyping):
# The contact display name is displayed with a big font on a first
# line and these two strings are displayed on a second line with a
# smaller font. Please try to find a wording that make this look
# almost like a sentence.
chat.isTyping=está escribiendo…
chat.hasStoppedTyping=ha dejado de escribir.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (chat.contactIsTyping, chat.contactHasStoppedTyping):
#  These strings are displayed in a tooltip when hovering the status type icon.
#  %S is replaced with the display name of the contact.
chat.contactIsTyping=%S está escribiendo.
chat.contactHasStoppedTyping=%S ha dejado de escribir.

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (unknownCommand):
# This is shown when an unknown command (/foo) is attempted. %S is the command.
unknownCommand=%S no es un comando soportado. Ingrese /help para ver una lista de comandos.

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (today, yesterday):
# These 3 strings are used to display when previous conversations happened.
# In 'today' and 'yesterday', %S is replaced with the time.
today=Hoy %S
yesterday=Ayer %S
# %1$S is the date, %2$S is the date.
dateTime=%1$S %2$S

# These are special groups in the log tree for the last 3-7 days and
# the last 8-14 days.
log.currentWeek=Esta semana
log.previousWeek=La semana pasada

messagePreview=Nuevo mensaje de chat