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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (connection.*)
#   These will be displayed in the account manager in order to show the progress
#   of the connection.
#   (These will be displayed in account.connection.progress from
#, which adds … at the end, so do not include
#    periods at the end of these messages.)
connection.initializingStream=Initializing stream
connection.initializingEncryption=Inicializando cifrado
connection.gettingResource=Getting resource
connection.downloadingRoster=Descargando lista de contactos

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (connection.error.*)
#   These will show in the account manager if an error occurs during the
#   connection attempt.
connection.error.invalidUsername=Nombre de usuario inválido (el nombre de usuario debería contener una '@')
connection.error.failedToCreateASocket=Failed to create a socket (Are you offline?)
connection.error.serverClosedConnection=El servidor cerró la conexión
connection.error.resetByPeer=Connection reset by peer
connection.error.timedOut=The connection timed out
connection.error.receivedUnexpectedData=Se recibieron datos inesperados
connection.error.incorrectResponse=Se recibió una respuesta incorrecta
connection.error.startTLSRequired=El servidor requiere cifrado pero está deshabilitado
connection.error.startTLSNotSupported=El servidor no soporta cifrado pero la configuración lo requiere
connection.error.failedToStartTLS=No se pudo iniciar el cifrado
connection.error.noAuthMec=El sevidor no ofrece mencanismo de autenticación
connection.error.noCompatibleAuthMec=Ninguno de los mecanismos de autenticación ofrecidos por el servidor es soportado
connection.error.notSendingPasswordInClear=The server only supports authentication by sending the password in cleartext
connection.error.authenticationFailure=Falla de autenticación
connection.error.notAuthorized=No autorizado (¿Ingresó la contraseña incorrecta?)
connection.error.failedToGetAResource=Failed to get a resource

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (conversation.error.notDelivered):
#   This is displayed in a conversation as an error message when a message
#   the user has sent wasn't delivered.
#   %S is replaced by the text of the message that wasn't delivered.
conversation.error.notDelivered=Este mensaje no pudo ser entregado: %S

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (tooltip.*):
#   These are the titles of lines of information that will appear in
#   the tooltip showing details about a contact or conversation.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (tooltip.status):
#   %S will be replaced by the XMPP resource identifier
tooltip.status=Status (%S)

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (chatRoomField.*):
#   These are the name of fields displayed in the 'Join Chat' dialog
#   for XMPP accounts.
#   The _ character won't be displayed; it indicates the next
#   character of the string should be used as the access key for this
#   field.

#  Buddies that aren't in any group on the server will appear in this group.
#  Try to use the same translation as for defaultGroup in

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (options.*):
#   These are the protocol specific options shown in the account manager and
#   account wizard windows.
options.connectionSecurity=Seguridad de la conexión
options.connectionSecurity.requireEncryption=Requiere cifrado
options.connectionSecurity.opportunisticTLS=Usar cifrado si está disponible
options.connectionSecurity.allowUnencryptedAuth=Permitir enviar la contraseña sin cifrar

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (gtalk.usernameHint):
#  This is displayed inside the accountUsernameInfoWithDescription
#  string defined in when the user is
#  configuring a Google Talk account.
gtalk.usernameHint=correo electrónico

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (vkontakte.usernameHint):
#  This is displayed inside the accountUsernameInfoWithDescription
#  string defined in when the user is
#  configuring a Vkontakte account.
vkontakte.usernameHint=ID del perfil

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (odnoklassniki.usernameHint):
#  This is displayed inside the accountUsernameInfoWithDescription
#  string defined in when the user is
#  configuring a Odnoklassniki account.
odnoklassniki.usernameHint=ID del perfil