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Some fixes, lot of work to do to reach green status

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<!-- Event Menu -->
<!ENTITY "Nuevo evento…">

<!ENTITY "Nueva tarea…">

<!ENTITY "Nuevo calendario…">
<!ENTITY "l">

<!ENTITY calendar.print.label "Imprimir…">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.key "P">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.accesskey "p">

<!ENTITY calendar.import.label "Importar…">
<!ENTITY calendar.import.key "I">
<!ENTITY calendar.import.accesskey "I">

<!ENTITY calendar.export.label                  "Exportar…">
<!ENTITY calendar.export.accesskey              "E">
<!ENTITY calendar.export.selection.label "Exportar selección…">
<!ENTITY calendar.export.selection.accesskey "x">

<!ENTITY calendar.publish.label "Publicar…">
<!ENTITY calendar.publish.accesskey "b">

<!ENTITY calendar.deletecalendar.label          "Borrar calendario seleccionado…">
<!ENTITY calendar.deletecalendar.accesskey      "d">

<!ENTITY "Personalizar…">

<!ENTITY showUnifinderCmd.label                 "Buscar eventos">
<!ENTITY showUnifinderCmd.accesskey             "v">

<!ENTITY calendar.displaytodos.checkbox.label "Mostrar tareas en calendario">
<!ENTITY calendar.displaytodos.checkbox.accesskey "T">

<!ENTITY "Tamaño de vista multisemana">
<!ENTITY "Dos semanas">
<!ENTITY "Tres semanas">
<!ENTITY "Cuatro semanas">
<!ENTITY "Cinco semanas">
<!ENTITY "Seis semanas">

<!ENTITY goTodayCmd.label "Hoy">
<!ENTITY goTodayCmd.accesskey "H">

<!ENTITY showCurrentView.label                  "Vista actual">
<!ENTITY showCurrentView.accesskey              "V">

<!ENTITY              "Propiedades del calendario…">
<!ENTITY          "C">