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New and obsolete strings. New files.

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# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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ChildCountIncorrect=Invalid markup: Incorrect number of children for <%1$S/> tag.
DuplicateMprescripts=Invalid markup: More than one <mprescripts/> in <mmultiscripts/>.
NoSubSup=Invalid markup: Expected at least one subscript/superscript pair in <mmultiscripts/>.  Found none.
SubSupMismatch=Invalid markup: Incomplete subscript/superscript pair in <mmultiscripts/>.

# LOCALIZATION NOTE:  When localizing the single quotes ('), follow the conventions in for your target locale.
AttributeParsingError=Error in parsing the value '%1$S' for '%2$S' attribute of <%3$S/>.  Attribute ignored.
AttributeParsingErrorNoTag=Error in parsing the value '%1$S' for '%2$S' attribute.  Attribute ignored.
LengthParsingError=Error in parsing MathML attribute value '%1$S' as length.  Attribute ignored.
DeprecatedSupersededBy='%1$S' is deprecated in MathML 3, superseded by '%2$S'.
UnitlessValuesAreDeprecated=Unitless values are deprecated in MathML 3.