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New and obsolete strings

# Mixed Content Blocker
# LOCALIZATION NOTE: "%1$S" is the URI of the blocked mixed content resource
BlockMixedDisplayContent = Blocked loading mixed display content "%1$S"
BlockMixedActiveContent = Blocked loading mixed active content "%1$S"

ReportOnlyCSPIgnored=Report-only CSP policy will be ignored because there are other non-report-only CSP policies applied.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE: Do not translate "X-Content-Security-Policy", "X-Content-Security-Policy-Report-Only",  "Content-Security-Policy" or "Content-Security-Policy-Report-Only"
OldCSPHeaderDeprecated=The X-Content-Security-Policy and X-Content-Security-Report-Only headers will be deprecated in the future. Please use the Content-Security-Policy and Content-Security-Report-Only headers with CSP spec compliant syntax instead.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE: Do not translate "X-Content-Security-Policy/Report-Only" or "Content-Security-Policy/Report-Only"
BothCSPHeadersPresent=This site specified both an X-Content-Security-Policy/Report-Only header and a Content-Security-Policy/Report-Only header. The X-ContentSecurityPolicy/ReportOnly header(s) will be ignored.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE: Do not translate "Strict-Transport-Security" or "HSTS"
InvalidSTSHeaders=The site specified an invalid Strict-Transport-Security header.