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update mail
--- a/mail/chrome/messenger/AccountWizard.dtd
+++ b/mail/chrome/messenger/AccountWizard.dtd
@@ -49,16 +49,18 @@
 <!ENTITY newsServerLabel.label "Servidor de grup de missatges:">
 <!ENTITY newsServerLabel.accesskey "S">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (imapType.label) : Do not translate "IMAP" in below line -->
 <!ENTITY imapType.label "IMAP">
 <!ENTITY imapType.accesskey "I">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (popType.label) : Do not translate "POP" in below line -->
 <!ENTITY popType.label "POP">
 <!ENTITY popType.accesskey "P">
+<!ENTITY leaveMsgsOnSrvr.label "Deixa els missatges al servidor">
+<!ENTITY leaveMsgsOnSrvr.accesskey "l">
 <!-- for when the user has an SMTP server pre-configured -->
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (currentSmtpBefore.label) : Do not translate "SMTP" and "&quot;" in
      this variable. Also, translate currentSmtpBefore.label and currentSmtpAfter.label as a single sentence,
 	  inserting text after the "&quot;" entity in currentSmtpAfter.label, if required grammatically
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (haveSmtp1.prefix and haveSmtp1.suffix) : Do not translate "SMTP" and "&quot;" in
      these variables. Also, translate haveSmtp1.prefix and haveSmtp1.suffix as a single sentence, inserting
--- a/mail/chrome/messenger/messengercompose/composeMsgs.properties
+++ b/mail/chrome/messenger/messengercompose/composeMsgs.properties
@@ -336,16 +336,22 @@ attachmentCount=#1 fitxer adjunt;#1 fitx
 # item in the attachment list. %1$S is the attachment's filename, and %2$S is
 # the attachment's size
 attachmentNameAndSize=%1$S (%2$S)
 ## String used by the Initialization Error dialog
 initErrorDlogTitle=Redacció del missatge
 initErrorDlgMessage=S'ha produït un error en crear una finestra per redactar el missatge. Torneu a provar-ho.
+## String used if a file to attach does not exist when passed as
+## a command line argument
+errorFileAttachTitle=Adjunció de fitxer
+## LOCALIZATION NOTE (errorFileAttachMessage): %1$S will be replaced by the non-existent file name. Do not translate
+errorFileAttachMessage=El fitxer %1$S no existeix, per tant, no s'ha pogut adjuntar al missatge.
 ## Strings used by Save as Draft/Template dialog
 SaveDialogTitle=Desa el missatge
 ## LOCALIZATION NOTE (SaveDialogMsg): %1$S is folder name, %2$S is host name
 SaveDialogMsg=El missatge s'ha desat a la carpeta %1$S a %2$S.
 CheckMsg=No em tornis a mostrar aquest quadre de diàleg.
 ## Strings used by prompt when Quitting while in progress
 quitComposeWindowTitle=Tanca la finestra de la Missatgeria