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<!ENTITY event.title.label       "Edita l'element" >

<!ENTITY newevent.before.label       "abans" >
<!ENTITY newevent.after.label        "després" >

<!ENTITY newevent.from.label         "Des de" >
<!ENTITY           "fins a" >
<!ENTITY newevent.attendees.notify.label "Invita als assistents">

<!ENTITY newevent.status.label 		   "Estat">
<!ENTITY newevent.status.accesskey 	   "s" >
<!ENTITY newevent.status.none.label        "Sense especificar" >
<!ENTITY newevent.status.cancelled.label   "Canceŀlada" >
<!ENTITY newevent.status.tentative.label   "Provisional" >
<!ENTITY newevent.status.confirmed.label   "Confirmada" >
<!ENTITY newevent.status.needsaction.label "Necessita una acció" >
<!ENTITY newevent.status.inprogress.label  "En procés" >
<!ENTITY newevent.status.completed.label   "Finalitzada el dia" >

<!-- The following entity is for New Task dialog only -->
<!ENTITY newtodo.percentcomplete.label "&#37; realitzat">

<!-- Menubar -->
<!ENTITY                           "Fitxer">
<!ENTITY                       "F">
<!ENTITY                       "Nou">
<!ENTITY                   "N">
<!ENTITY                 "Cita">
<!ENTITY             "C">
<!ENTITY               "Missatge">
<!ENTITY           "M">
<!ENTITY               "Targeta de la llibreta d'adreces">
<!ENTITY           "g">
<!ENTITY                     "Tanca">
<!ENTITY                 "T">
<!ENTITY                      "Desa">
<!ENTITY                  "D">
<!ENTITY                "Configuració de la pàgina">
<!ENTITY            "u">
<!ENTITY                     "Imprimeix">
<!ENTITY                 "I">
<!ENTITY                      "Surt">
<!ENTITY                  "S">

<!ENTITY                           "Edita">
<!ENTITY                       "E">
<!ENTITY                      "Desfés">
<!ENTITY                  "D">
<!ENTITY                      "Refés">
<!ENTITY                  "R">
<!ENTITY                       "Retalla">
<!ENTITY                   "t">
<!ENTITY                      "Copia">
<!ENTITY                  "C">
<!ENTITY                     "Enganxa">
<!ENTITY                 "x">
<!ENTITY                "Selecciona-ho tot">
<!ENTITY            "o">

<!ENTITY                           "Visualitza">
<!ENTITY                       "V">
<!ENTITY                  "Barres d'eines">
<!ENTITY              "B">
<!ENTITY            "Barra de cites">
<!ENTITY        "c">
<!ENTITY        "Personalitza">
<!ENTITY    "P">
<!ENTITY                  "Mostra l'enllaç relacionat">
<!ENTITY              "r">

<!ENTITY                        "Opcions">
<!ENTITY                    "O">
<!ENTITY                "Adjunta una pàgina web…">
<!ENTITY            "w">
<!ENTITY              "Invita els assistents…">
<!ENTITY          "I">
<!ENTITY             "Comprova l'ortografia…">
<!ENTITY         "o">
<!ENTITY      "Comprova l'ortografia mentre s'escriu">
<!ENTITY  "s">
<!ENTITY                   "Afegeix un enllaç…">
<!ENTITY               "l">
<!ENTITY               "Fus horari">
<!ENTITY           "F">
<!ENTITY              "Prioritat">
<!ENTITY          "P">
<!ENTITY      "No especificada">
<!ENTITY  "o">
<!ENTITY           "Baixa">
<!ENTITY       "B">
<!ENTITY        "Normal">
<!ENTITY    "N">
<!ENTITY          "Alta">
<!ENTITY      "A">
<!ENTITY                "Privadesa">
<!ENTITY            "v">
<!ENTITY         "Cita pública">
<!ENTITY     "b">
<!ENTITY   "Mostra només la data i l'hora">
<!ENTITY "s">
<!ENTITY        "Cita privada">
<!ENTITY    "r">
<!ENTITY              "Mostra l'hora com">
<!ENTITY          "t">
<!ENTITY         "Ocupada">
<!ENTITY     "O">
<!ENTITY         "Lliure">
<!ENTITY     "L">

<!ENTITY                                 "Ajuda">
<!ENTITY                             "A">
<!ENTITY                   "Notes de la versió">
<!ENTITY               "r">
<!ENTITY                            "Ajuda del &brandShortName;">
<!ENTITY                        "A">
<!ENTITY                           "Quant al &brandShortName;">
<!ENTITY                       "Q">

<!ENTITY event.invite.attendees.label                     "Invita als assistents…">
<!ENTITY event.invite.attendees.accesskey                 "I">
<!ENTITY                      "Escriu un correu a tots els assistents…">
<!ENTITY                  "t">
<!ENTITY            "Escriu un correu a tots els assistents indecisos…">
<!ENTITY        "i">

<!-- Toolbar -->
<!ENTITY                        "Desa i tanca">
<!ENTITY  event.toolbar.attendees.label                   "Convida als assistents">
<!ENTITY  event.toolbar.spellcheck.label                  "Verficació ortogràfica">
<!ENTITY  event.toolbar.privacy.label                     "Privadesa">
<!ENTITY  event.toolbar.attachments.label                 "Adjunta">

<!-- Main page -->
<!ENTITY event.title.textbox.label                        "Títol:" >
<!ENTITY event.title.textbox.accesskey                    "T">
<!ENTITY event.location.label                             "Ubicació:" >
<!ENTITY event.location.accesskey                         "U">
<!ENTITY event.categories.label                           "Categoria:">
<!ENTITY event.categories.accesskey                       "g">
<!ENTITY event.calendar.label                             "Calendari:" >
<!ENTITY event.calendar.accesskey                         "C">
<!ENTITY event.attendees.label                            "Assistents:" >
<!ENTITY event.attendees.accesskey                        "A" >
<!ENTITY event.alldayevent.label                          "Cita de tot el dia" >
<!ENTITY event.alldayevent.accesskey                      "d">
<!ENTITY event.from.label                                 "Inici:" >
<!ENTITY event.from.accesskey                             "I">
<!ENTITY task.from.label                                  "Inici:" >
<!ENTITY task.from.accesskey                              "I">
<!ENTITY                                   "Fi:" >
<!ENTITY                               "F">
<!ENTITY                                    "Fi:" >
<!ENTITY                                "F">
<!ENTITY task.status.label                                "Estat:" >
<!ENTITY task.status.accesskey                            "E">
<!ENTITY event.repeat.label                               "Repetició:" >
<!ENTITY event.repeat.accesskey                           "R">
<!ENTITY event.reminder.label                             "Recordatori:" >
<!ENTITY event.reminder.accesskey                         "e">
<!ENTITY event.description.label                          "Descripció:" >
<!ENTITY event.description.accesskey                      "p">
<!ENTITY event.attachments.label                          "Adjuncions:" >
<!ENTITY event.attachments.accesskey                      "j" >
<!ENTITY event.attachments.popup.remove.label             "Suprimeix" >
<!ENTITY event.attachments.popup.remove.accesskey         "S" >
<!ENTITY               "Obre" >
<!ENTITY           "O" >
<!ENTITY event.attachments.popup.removeAll.label          "Suprimeix-les totes" >
<!ENTITY event.attachments.popup.removeAll.accesskey      "t" >
<!ENTITY event.attachments.popup.attachPage.label         "Adjunta una pàgina web…" >
<!ENTITY event.attachments.popup.attachPage.accesskey     "w" >
<!ENTITY event.url.label                                  "Enllaç relacionat:" >
<!ENTITY event.priority2.label    "Prioritat:">

<!ENTITY event.reminder.none.label                        "Cap recordatori " >
<!ENTITY event.reminder.5minutes.before.label             "5 minuts abans" >
<!ENTITY event.reminder.10minutes.before.label            "10 minuts abans" >
<!ENTITY event.reminder.15minutes.before.label            "15 minuts abans" >
<!ENTITY event.reminder.30minutes.before.label            "30 minuts abans" >
<!ENTITY event.reminder.45minutes.before.label            "45 minuts abans" >
<!ENTITY event.reminder.1hour.before.label                "1 hora abans" >
<!ENTITY event.reminder.2hours.before.label               "2 hores abans" >
<!ENTITY event.reminder.5hours.before.label               "5 hores abans" >
<!ENTITY event.reminder.15hours.before.label              "15 hores abans" >
<!ENTITY event.reminder.1day.before.label                 "1 dia abans" >
<!ENTITY event.reminder.2days.before.label                "2 dies abans" >
<!ENTITY event.reminder.1week.before.label                "1 setmana abans" >
<!ENTITY event.reminder.custom.label                      "Personalitzat…" >

<!ENTITY event.reminder.multiple.label                    "Recordatoris múltiples…" >

<!-- Recurrence dialog -->
<!ENTITY event.repeat.does.not.repeat.label             "No es repeteix mai">
<!ENTITY event.repeat.daily.label                       "Diàriament">
<!ENTITY event.repeat.weekly.label                      "Setmanalment">
<!ENTITY event.repeat.every.weekday.label               "Cada dia laboral">
<!ENTITY                   "Cada dues setmanes">
<!ENTITY event.repeat.monthly.label                     "Mensualment">
<!ENTITY event.repeat.yearly.label                      "Anualment">
<!ENTITY event.repeat.custom.label                      "Personalitzat…">

<!ENTITY recurrence.title.label                         "Edita la repetició">

<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.label                 "Patró de repetició">
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.occurs.label                  "Es repeteix" >
<!ENTITY                     "diàriament" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.week.label                    "setmanalment" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.month.label                   "mensualment" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.year.label                    "anualment" >

<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.every.label           "Cada" >
<!ENTITY repeat.units.days.both          		"Dia/es" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.every.weekday.label   "Cada dia de la setmana" >

<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.weekly.every.label    "Cada" >
<!ENTITY repeat.units.weeks.both         		"Setmana/es" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.on.label                      "Al:" >

<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.monthly.every.label   "Cada" >
<!ENTITY repeat.units.months.both        		"Mes/os" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.the.label                     "El" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.repeat.first.label            "Primer">
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.repeat.second.label           "Segon">
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.repeat.third.label            "Tercer">
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.repeat.fourth.label           "Quart">
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.repeat.fifth.label            "Cinquè">
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.repeat.last.label             "Darrer ">
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.monthly.week.1.label  "Diumenge" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.monthly.week.2.label  "Dilluns" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.monthly.week.3.label  "Dimarts" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.monthly.week.4.label  "Dimecres" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.monthly.week.5.label  "Dijous" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.monthly.week.6.label  "Divendres" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.monthly.week.7.label  "Dissabte" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.repeat.dayofmonth.label       "Dia del mes">
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.repeat.recur.label            "Es repeteix els dies">

<!ENTITY event.recurrence.every.label                   "Cada:" >
<!ENTITY repeat.units.years.both         		"Any/s" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.yearly.every.month.label   "Cada" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.yearly.every.weekday.label "Cada" >

     Some languages use a preposition when describing dates:
     Portuguese: 6 de Setembro
     English: 6 [of] September
     event.recurrence.pattern.yearly.of.label is "of" in
     Edit recurrence window -> Recurrence pattern -> Repeat yearly
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.yearly.of.label       "de" >

<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.yearly.month.1.label       "Gener" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.yearly.month.2.label       "Febrer" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.yearly.month.3.label       "Març" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.yearly.month.4.label       "Abril" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.yearly.month.5.label       "Maig" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.yearly.month.6.label       "Juny" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.yearly.month.7.label       "Juliol" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.yearly.month.8.label       "Agost" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.yearly.month.9.label       "Setembre" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.yearly.month.10.label      "Octubre" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.yearly.month.11.label      "Novembre" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.yearly.month.12.label      "Desembre" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.yearly.first.label         "Primer">
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.yearly.second.label        "Segon">
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.yearly.third.label         "Tercer">
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.yearly.fourth.label        "Quart">
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.yearly.fifth.label         "Cinquè">
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.yearly.last.label          "Últim">
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.yearly.week.1.label        "Diumenge" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.yearly.week.2.label        "Dilluns" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.yearly.week.3.label        "Dimarts" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.yearly.week.4.label        "Dimecres" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.yearly.week.5.label        "Dijous" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.yearly.week.6.label        "Divendres" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.yearly.week.7.label        "Dissabte" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.of.label                      "de" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.yearly.month2.1.label      "Gener" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.yearly.month2.2.label      "Febrer" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.yearly.month2.3.label      "Març" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.yearly.month2.4.label      "Abril" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.yearly.month2.5.label      "Maig" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.yearly.month2.6.label      "Juny" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.yearly.month2.7.label      "Juliol" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.yearly.month2.8.label      "Agost" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.yearly.month2.9.label      "Setembre" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.yearly.month2.10.label     "Octubre" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.yearly.month2.11.label     "Novembre" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.pattern.yearly.month2.12.label     "Desembre" >

<!ENTITY event.recurrence.range.label                   "Marge de repetició">
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.forever.label                 "Sense data de finalització" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.repeat.for.label              "Crea" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.appointments.label            "Cites" >
<!ENTITY event.repeat.until.label                       "Es repeteixen fins" >
<!ENTITY event.recurrence.preview.label                 "Visualització prèvia">

<!-- Reminder dialog -->
<!ENTITY alarm.units.minutes                "minuts" >
<!ENTITY alarm.units.hours                  "hores" >
<!ENTITY alarm.units.days                   "dies" >

<!ENTITY reminder.title.label                           "Recordatori personalitzat">
<!ENTITY reminder.dialogtitle.label                     "Configura els recordatoris">
<!ENTITY reminder.reminderDetails.label                 "Detalls del recordatori">
<!ENTITY reminder.action.label                          "Escull una acció de recordatori">
<!ENTITY reminder.action.alert.label                    "Mostra un avís">
<!ENTITY                    "Envia un missatge electrònic">
<!ENTITY                             "Nou">
<!ENTITY reminder.delete.label                          "Suprimeix">
<!ENTITY reminder.relation.start.label                  "de l'inici de la cita">
<!ENTITY reminder.relation.end.label                    "de la fi de la cita">
<!ENTITY reminder.add.label                             "Afegeix">
<!ENTITY reminder.add.accesskey                         "A">
<!ENTITY reminder.remove.label                          "Suprimeix">
<!ENTITY reminder.remove.accesskey                      "S">

<!-- Attendees dialog -->
<!ENTITY invite.title.label              "Invita assistents">
<!ENTITY event.organizer.label          "Organitzador">
<!ENTITY event.freebusy.suggest.slot     "Franja horària suggerida:">
<!ENTITY        "Franja següent" >
<!ENTITY event.freebusy.previous.slot    "Franja anterior" >
<!ENTITY event.freebusy.zoom             "Escala:">
<!ENTITY             "Hora següent" >
<!ENTITY event.freebusy.minus            "Hora anterior" >
<!ENTITY      "Lliure" >
<!ENTITY event.freebusy.legend.busy      "Ocupada" >
<!ENTITY event.freebusy.legend.unknown   "Sense informació" >

<!-- Timezone dialog -->

<!ENTITY timezone.title.label            "Especifiqueu el fus horari">

<!-- Read-Only dialog -->

<!ENTITY read.only.general.label         "General">
<!ENTITY read.only.title.label           "Títol:">
<!ENTITY read.only.repeat.label          "Repetició:">
<!ENTITY read.only.location.label        "Ubicació:">
<!ENTITY read.only.category.label        "Categoria:">
<!ENTITY read.only.organizer.label       "organitzador/a:">
<!ENTITY read.only.reply.label           "Respon:">
<!ENTITY read.only.accept.label          "Hi assistiré">
<!ENTITY read.only.decline.label         "No hi assistiré">
<!ENTITY read.only.tentative.label 		 "Potser hi assistiré">
<!ENTITY read.only.needs.action.label    "Ho confirmaré més tard">
<!ENTITY read.only.reminder.label        "Recorda-m'ho:">
<!ENTITY read.only.attendees.label       "Assistents">
<!ENTITY read.only.description.label     "Descripció">
<!ENTITY read.only.documents.label       "Documents">
<!ENTITY 		"Enllaç relacionat">