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<!-- General -->
<!ENTITY calendar.calendar.label     "Calendari">
<!ENTITY calendar.calendar.accesskey "C">

<!ENTITY calendar.newtask.button.tooltip          "Crea una nova tasca" >
<!ENTITY calendar.newevent.button.tooltip         "Crea una nova cita" >

<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.todoitems.label       "Tasques" >
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.showcompletedtodos.label "Mostra les tasques finalitzades">

<!ENTITY        "Avui" >
<!ENTITY calendar.tomorrow.button.label       "Demà">
<!ENTITY calendar.soon.button.label           "Aviat">

<!ENTITY "Totes les cites">
<!ENTITY "Cites d'avui">
<!ENTITY "Totes les cites futures">
<!ENTITY "Dia seleccionat actualment">
<!ENTITY "Cites en els propers 7 dies">
<!ENTITY "Cites en els propers 14 dies">
<!ENTITY "Cites en els propers 31 dies">
<!ENTITY "Cites en aquest mes del calendari">

<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.done.label          "Acabada">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.priority.label      "Prioritat">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.title.label         "Títol">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.percentcomplete.label "&#37; realitzat">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.startdate.label     "Inici">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.enddate.label       "Fi">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.duedate.label       "Fi">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.completeddate.label "Finalització">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.categories.label    "Categories">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.location.label      "Ubicació">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.status.label        "Estat">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.calendarname.label  "Nom del calendari">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.duration.label      "Temps restant">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.close.tooltip            "Tanca la llista i la cerca de cites">

<!ENTITY        	"Vés a avui" >
<!ENTITY calendar.todaypane.button.tooltip      "Mostra el plafó d'avui" >

<!ENTITY            "Canvia a vista diària" >
<!ENTITY calendar.week.button.tooltip           "Canvia a vista setmanal" >
<!ENTITY calendar.month.button.tooltip          "Canvia a vista mensual" >
<!ENTITY calendar.multiweek.button.tooltip      "Canvia a vista multisetmanal" >

<!ENTITY calendar.nextday.label                 "Dia següent" >
<!ENTITY calendar.prevday.label                 "Dia anterior" >
<!ENTITY calendar.nextday.accesskey             "s" >
<!ENTITY calendar.prevday.accesskey             "a" >
<!ENTITY calendar.nextweek.label                "Setmana següent" >
<!ENTITY calendar.prevweek.label                "Setmana anterior" >
<!ENTITY calendar.nextweek.accesskey            "s" >
<!ENTITY calendar.prevweek.accesskey            "a" >
<!ENTITY calendar.nextmonth.label               "Mes següent" >
<!ENTITY calendar.prevmonth.label               "Mes anterior" >
<!ENTITY calendar.nextmonth.accesskey           "s" >
<!ENTITY calendar.prevmonth.accesskey           "a" >
  <!ENTITY calendar.nextday.button.tooltip        "Dia següent" >
  <!ENTITY calendar.prevday.button.tooltip        "Dia anterior" >
  <!ENTITY calendar.nextweek.button.tooltip       "Setmana següent" >
  <!ENTITY calendar.prevweek.button.tooltip       "Setmana anterior" >
  <!ENTITY calendar.nextmonth.button.tooltip      "Mes següent" >
  <!ENTITY calendar.prevmonth.button.tooltip      "Mes anterior" >
<!ENTITY calendar.navigation.nextday.tooltip    "Un dia després" >
<!ENTITY calendar.navigation.prevday.tooltip    "Un dia abans" >
<!ENTITY calendar.navigation.nextweek.tooltip   "Una setmana després" >
<!ENTITY calendar.navigation.prevweek.tooltip   "Una setmana abans" >
<!ENTITY calendar.navigation.nextmonth.tooltip  "Un mes després" >
<!ENTITY calendar.navigation.prevmonth.tooltip  "Un mes abans" >

<!ENTITY calendar.newtask.button.label          "Nova tasca" >
<!ENTITY calendar.newevent.button.label         "Nova cita" >

<!ENTITY calendar.print.button.label            "Imprimeix" >

<!ENTITY calendar.export.calendar                "Exporta el calendari…" >

<!ENTITY          "Vista diària" >
<!ENTITY calendar.week.button.label         "Vista setmanal" >
<!ENTITY calendar.month.button.label        "Vista mensual" >
<!ENTITY calendar.multiweek.button.label        "Vista multisetmanal" >
<!ENTITY calendar.onlyworkday.checkbox.label    "Només els dies feiners" >
<!ENTITY calendar.onlyworkday.checkbox.accesskey  "d" >
<!ENTITY calendar.displaytodos.checkbox.label   "Tasques visualitzades" >
<!ENTITY calendar.displaytodos.checkbox.accesskey "q" >
<!ENTITY calendar.completedtasks.checkbox.label     "Mostra les tasques finalitzades" >
<!ENTITY calendar.completedtasks.checkbox.accesskey "f" >

<!ENTITY calendar.orientation.label "Gira la vista" >
<!ENTITY calendar.orientation.accesskey "G" >

<!ENTITY " que continguin">

<!ENTITY calendar.list.header.label                 "Calendari">

<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.title.label           "Mostra">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.all.label             "Totes">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.all.accesskey         "T">
<!ENTITY           "Avui">
<!ENTITY       "A">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.next7days.label       "Els pròxims 7 dies">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.next7days.accesskey   "7">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.notstarted.label      "Tasques sense començar">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.notstarted.accesskey  "c">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.overdue.label         "Tasques sobreposades">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.overdue.accesskey     "s">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.completed.label       "Tasques finalitzades">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.completed.accesskey   "f">
<!ENTITY            "Tasques en procés">
<!ENTITY        "p">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE(calendar.task.filter.current.label)
     "Current Tasks" will show all tasks, except those with a start date set
     that is after today and after the selected date. If a task repeats, a
     separate entry will be shown for each of the occurrences that happen on or
     before today (or the selected date, whichever is later). -->
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.current.label         "Tasques actuals">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.current.accesskey     "u">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.repeating.label       "Tasques repetitives">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.repeating.accesskey   "r">

<!ENTITY calendar.task-details.title.label           "títol">
<!ENTITY calendar.task-details.organizer.label       "des de">
<!ENTITY calendar.task-details.priority.label        "prioritat">
<!ENTITY calendar.task-details.priority.low.label    "Baixa">
<!ENTITY calendar.task-details.priority.normal.label "Normal">
<!ENTITY calendar.task-details.priority.high.label   "Alta">
<!ENTITY calendar.task-details.status.label          "estat">
<!ENTITY calendar.task-details.category.label        "categoria">
<!ENTITY calendar.task-details.repeat.label          "repetició">
<!ENTITY calendar.task-details.attachments.label     "adjuncions">

<!ENTITY calendar.task.category.button.tooltip  "Categorització de tasques">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.complete.button.tooltip  "Marca les tasques seleccionades com a acabades">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.priority.button.tooltip  "Canvia la prioritat">

<!-- Statusbar -->
<!ENTITY statusText.label            "Document: Fet">

<!-- Context Menu -->
<!ENTITY calendar.context.modifyorviewitem.label      "Obre">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.modifyorviewitem.accesskey  "O">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.modifyorviewtask.label      "Obre la tasca…">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.modifyorviewtask.accesskey  "O">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.newevent.label              "Nova cita…">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.newevent.accesskey          "N">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.newtodo.label               "Nova tasca…">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.newtodo.accesskey           "o">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.modifytask.label            "Edita la tasca…">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.modifytask.accesskey        "E">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.modifyitem.label            "Edita l'entrada">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.modifyitem.accesskey        "E">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deletetask.label            "Suprimeix la tasca">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deletetask.accesskey        "S">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deleteitem.label            "Suprimeix l'entrada">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deleteitem.accesskey        "S">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deleteevent.label           "Suprimeix la cita">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deleteevent.accesskey       "S">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deletethisevent.label       "Aquesta cita">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deletethisevent.accesskey   "A">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deletecompleteseries.label  "La sèrie completa">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deletecompleteseries.accesskey   "s">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deletefutureevents.label     "Totes les cites futures">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deletefutureevents.accesskey "f">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deletefuturetasks.label     "Totes les tasques futures">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deletefuturetasks.accesskey "f">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.cutevent.label              "Retalla">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.cutevent.accesskey          "t">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.copyevent.label             "Copia">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.copyevent.accesskey         "C">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.pasteevent.label            "Enganxa">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.pasteevent.accesskey        "x">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.selectall.label             "Selecciona-ho tot">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.selectall.accesskey         "o">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.button.label                "Plafó d'avui" >
<!ENTITY calendar.context.button.accesskey            "a" >

<!-- Task Context Menu -->
<!ENTITY calendar.context.progress.label              "En curs">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.progress.accesskey          "E">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.priority.label              "Prioritat">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.priority.accesskey          "r">

<!ENTITY percnt "&#38;#37;" ><!--=percent sign-->

<!ENTITY calendar.context.markcompleted.label     "Marca finalitzada">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.markcompleted.accesskey "f">

<!ENTITY progress.level.0             "0&percnt; finalitzat">
<!ENTITY progress.level.0.accesskey   "0">
<!ENTITY progress.level.25            "25&percnt; finalitzat">
<!ENTITY progress.level.25.accesskey  "2">
<!ENTITY progress.level.50            "50&percnt; finalitzat">
<!ENTITY progress.level.50.accesskey  "5">
<!ENTITY progress.level.75            "75&percnt; finalitzat">
<!ENTITY progress.level.75.accesskey  "7">
<!ENTITY progress.level.100            "100&percnt; finalitzat">
<!ENTITY progress.level.100.accesskey  "1">

<!ENTITY priority.level.none              "Sense especificar">
<!ENTITY priority.level.none.accesskey    "n">
<!ENTITY priority.level.low               "Baixa">
<!ENTITY priority.level.low.accesskey     "B">                
<!ENTITY priority.level.normal              "Normal">
<!ENTITY priority.level.normal.accesskey    "N">
<!ENTITY priority.level.high              "Alta">
<!ENTITY priority.level.high.accesskey    "A">
<!-- Server Context Menu -->
<!ENTITY calendar.context.newserver.label              "Nou calendari">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.newserver.accesskey          "N">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.findcalendar.label           "Cerca un calendari…" >
<!ENTITY calendar.context.findcalendar.accesskey       "C" >
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deleteserver.label           "Suprimeix el calendari">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deleteserver.accesskey       "S">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.reloadserver.label           "Actualitza els calendaris remots">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.reloadserver.accesskey       "A">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.publish.label                "Publica el calendari…">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.publish.accesskey            "b">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.export.label                 "Exporta el calendari…">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.export.accesskey             "E">
<!ENTITY             "Propietats">
<!ENTITY         "P">

<!ENTITY calendar.context.convertmenu.label              "Converteix en">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.convertmenu.accesskey.mail     "n">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.convertmenu.accesskey.calendar "v">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.convertmenu.event.label        "Cita…">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.convertmenu.event.accesskey    "C">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.convertmenu.message.label      "Missatge…">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.convertmenu.message.accesskey  "M">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.convertmenu.task.label         "Tasca…">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.convertmenu.task.accesskey     "T">

<!ENTITY calendar.tasks.view.minimonth.label           "Mini mes">
<!ENTITY calendar.tasks.view.minimonth.accesskey       "M">

<!ENTITY calendar.tasks.view.calendarlist.label        "Llista de calendaris">
<!ENTITY calendar.tasks.view.calendarlist.accesskey    "L">

<!ENTITY calendar.tasks.view.filtertasks.label           "Filtra les tasques">
<!ENTITY calendar.tasks.view.filtertasks.accesskey       "F">

<!-- Calendar Alarm Dialog -->

<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.location.label              "Lloc:" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.details.label               "Detalls…" >

<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snoozefor.label             "Torna'm a avisar d'aquí " >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snoozeallfor.label          "Torna'm a avisar de tot d'aquí " >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.title.label                "Alarma del calendari" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.dismiss.label               "Para l'alarma" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.dismissall.label            "Para totes les alarmes" >

<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snooze.5minutes.label       "5 minuts" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snooze.10minutes.label      "10 minuts" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snooze.15minutes.label      "15 minuts" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snooze.30minutes.label      "30 minuts" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snooze.45minutes.label      "45 minuts" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snooze.1hour.label          "1 hora" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snooze.2hours.label         "2 hoes" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snooze.1day.label           "1 dia" >

<!-- Calendar Server Dialog -->
<!ENTITY calendar.server.dialog.title.edit          "Edita el calendari">
<!ENTITY          "Nom del calendari:">

<!-- Calendar Properties -->
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.color.label    "Color:">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.webdav.label   "iCalendar (ICS)">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.caldav.label   "CalDAV">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.wcap.label     "Servidor de sistema de calendaris de Java de Sun (WCAP)">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.format.label   "Format:">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.location.label "Ubicació:">
<!ENTITY     "Nom:">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.readonly.label "Només de lectura">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.firealarms.label "Mostra les alertes">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.cache.label    "Memòria cau (EXPERIMENTAL, cal tornar a engegar)">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.enabled.label  "Mostra aquest calendari">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.forceDisabled.label            "No s'ha pogut trobar el proveïdor d'aquest calendari. Això sol passar quan s'han inhabilitat o s'han desinstal·lat complements.">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.unsubscribe.label              "Cancel·la la subscripció">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.unsubscribe.accesskey          "C">

<!-- Calendar Publish Dialog -->
<!ENTITY calendar.publish.dialog.title              "Publica el calendari">
<!ENTITY calendar.publish.url.label                 "URL de publicació">
<!ENTITY calendar.publish.publish.button      "Publica">
<!ENTITY calendar.publish.close.button      "Tanca">

<!ENTITY calendar.publish.example.url.description   "Quelcom semblant a">

<!-- Select Calendar Dialog -->
<!ENTITY    "Selecció d'un calendari">

<!-- Calendar Printing -->
<!ENTITY calendar.print.window.title "Imprimeix un calendari">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.title.label "Títol:">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.layout.label "Format:">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.range.label "Què imprimir:">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.currentView2.label "Vista actual">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.selectedEventsAndTasks.label "Cites i tasques seleccionades">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.tasks.label "Tasques">
<!ENTITY "Cites">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.selected.label "Cites seleccionades">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.custom.label "Interval de dates personalitzat:">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.from.label "De:">
<!ENTITY "Fins:">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.settingsGroup.label "Paràmetres d'impressió">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.optionsGroup.label "Opcions">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.taskswithnoduedate.label "Tasques sense data de venciment">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.completedtasks.label "Tasques acabades">

<!-- Error reporting -->
<!ENTITY calendar.error.detail "Detalls…">
<!ENTITY calendar.error.code "Codi d'error:">
<!ENTITY calendar.error.description "Descripció:">
<!ENTITY calendar.error.title "S'ha produït un error">